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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter de destroyer russe de rang 5 en premium. Il est vraiment phénoménal avec ses 7 canons puissants , ses torpilles et sa vitesse de pointe. D'accord il est moins manoeuvrable que les autres destroyers et plus long, mais quelle puissance de feu de ses canons principaux! En plus il a des cano,ns AA asez utiles. J'ai pulvérisé déjà plusieurs autres destroyers et croiseurs surpris par ma puissance de feu. Il faut dire que 7 canons qui crachent de concert, et pas trop dispersé, ca fait mal, très mal! Quant aux torpilles, elle sont correctes. 4,5kms de portée seulement, mais au détour d'une ile en embuscade ca fait le boulot. Je sens que je vais beaucoup m'amuser avec de destroyer qui fait plus croiseur en termes de puissance de feu, mais plus facilement furtif qu'un croiseur standard.
  2. Since no one opened a thread about the ship and I am torn as to buy yet another premium ship or not I like to hear your thoughts about it are you going to buy it, is it a must have for you? Did you already play it? Do you think it is OP or not or to long to be good? Looking at video's about it it seems pritty good.. Edit: Did not know it was on sale before but since it has been around it is good to know what your expieriences are so far would you buy it again even with 'the package'?
  3. Hello everyone! In celebration of 10k Twitch followers and already approaching 30k subs on youtube I decided to host another competition, this time in the form of landing torpedo hits! Send in your entries at http://flamu10k.hscampaigns.com before 18/03/2017 12:00 CET and have a chance to win an Okhotnik, Halloween camos, or both! All the details can be found in the rules section http://flamu10k.hscampaigns.com/#rules ! Reminder, no co-op battles please! I chose the Okhotnik as the prize as NO ONE has it yet, so everyone will want to add it to their collection, not to mention it's straight up one of the most fun Premiums WG have released in a long time! Good luck! Also I'll probably be playing some of the top entries(replays) live on my stream next Saturday (18/03), will make sure to youtube highlight it as well for those that miss it!
  4. greetings captains. i'm wonder when the Okhotnik is coming back on sale? In marsh when it was for sale i was out of town on a work order from my workplace, i noticed this sale 3 days before it was taken off sale when i got back home from the work trip. i started stressing and started arrange all my papirwork didn't even go too sleep the first night home just so i could get the papirwork in order too get money for the ship, becuase i really want this ship. my boss agreed too transfer my salary as fast as possible and i was just waiting for my salary too come into my account. i was sitting with the buy page up, just waiting. i didn't get the money in time, sadly got the money 2 hours after the ship was removed from sale. i did write a " ticket" too WG, had hopes they would let my buy the ship, but they were unable too help me get this ship. i was just 2 hours late. 2 hours. why can't WG just let pepole buy it when they are so close too buying it. just 2 hours.... there was no way in this world i could get my money any faster. i arrange with my boss too get my money transferd as fast as possible, but that was the best he could do. so here i am now without the Okhotnik. and i really want that ship so much. i would go as far as say i'm a collecter and i have put alot of money into WG. both in WOT and WOWS . and when you are 2 hours late on a special ship sale becuase of banking systems, a little "understanding" would go a far way when a customer is on his knees begging too buy this ship when its not his/her fault that they didn't make it in time. Back too my question. anyone knows when Okhotnik is coming back on sale? i'll be heart broken if never. just like the T-69 medium tank on WoT. i missed that one too becuase of work=( thank you hoping for good answers