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Found 27 results

  1. [W-C] WAR CRIMINALS Are you one of those people who just don't give a flying skybuck about anything? Are you perhaps looking for a clan but you don't want to participate in anything clan related? Don't have anywhere to waste your oil? Perhaps you just want some piece of quiet but still enjoy the benefits of being in a clan? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER What do we offer? Absolutely nothing... ....Other than clan upgrade benefits ofcourse. No mandatory clan matches or activities, and no skill requirements. Want to play some divisions with other people in the clan? By all means go ahead. Oh you don't? Well I don't really care, go find your own fun then, it's not like it matters to us. Play whatever you want, whenever you want. Enjoy the game you want to. REQUIREMENTS Just play a game every now and then and contribute a little to the society by mining some oil every now and then. The more you contribute, the longer you can stay in the clan. If you want to join, apply here or better yet, just send an application in the game itself. CLAN BATTLES If you happen to want to play clan battles however, be sure to let us know, as we'd like to try them out in a semi-casual way. In case we gather enough players interested for casual clan battles here's a discord link: https://discord.gg/t2vMXFw
  2. redlockk

    Oil in clan base

    We did all upgrade in clan base and now we have 230000 oil in stock .Something else to build in future? Can we trade oil in change for coal in exchange for dooblons?Its a waste to have that much and dont used .I notice nobody cares about naval battle now.
  3. Hi all, Someone calculated (thread on Reddit) the cost of fully upgrading the Clan Base with all new bells-and-whistles =782.300 Oil: And here is the spreadsheet itself: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ix8GH60J7cI0SUXiNqO6jqzOWmTXA8RkjeKUA2rvly8/edit#gid=0 This is tremendous amount of oil required and it would take months (if not years) even for big Clans to build everything... the small(er) clans will have very very hard time with this... Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi! I am personally a very "plan early - do relaxed" kind of a guy, so as a Clan Leader I am already in the planning phase in the question of redoing the oil thingy, in the new update of the Naval Base... So I made a google document, it is just a basic table, linsting all the benefits and prices of them. Maybe i will add graphs too, but defenetly want to keep it updated, at least until we get the final relese of the values. (You can comment into it too, if i made a mistake or something // Here and there i used my language too, ignore it) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bdRbFJn9ydQGEVK9dgWCp_mJcbtXjzp5_k2IoNrRyu4/edit?usp=sharing
  5. cpt_sparrow_jack

    supply lines

    hey guys do u have any idea what the new wg plans about the new port bonuses could be?
  6. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    [DD445] Recruitment: Member benefits!

    Hi all, We at DD445 are always willing to take in new members. Basically i got 0 demands except that you play every once in a while & are a bit nice to the rest. We offer a couple of clan based discounts: - tier 5/6/7 ship purchase - destroyer/ cruiser/ battleship repairs Eventually wed like to play CW but currently we are too small for that. We do play in divs & training if wanted. Just apply if you see what you like & ill let you in. Isoruku_Yamamoto Languages info: - English fully supported - good number of dutch members - Other languages totally welcome, but we cant guarantee smooth communication if you dont speak english (or dutch)
  7. Griva

    What to do with oil...

    Simple question - any plans to naval base improvement? Currently our clan (probably not only ours) have a lot of oil but we can't use it in any way because there is nothing to build in base and we can't trade it for anything else. Is there any plan to add some buildings SOON? or other option to spend collected oil?
  8. MrWastee

    Clan Evolution

    lo peeps :), as it seems quite some time to me now that we heard anything on it i'd liked to ask if there's any news i may missed, or if anyone might have ideas on how to evolve clans in whole and for what personal oil should be good. what i yet have heard/read is like there's no facility planned atm to get added and personal oil might be used for rewards one could get through other means (like rank 1 rewards). also rostersize is likely to get increased in future, but no statements i'd be aware of there as well. as it's quite some time now since clanbases got added i'd really would like to see some progression there, in particular for personal oil.... oh, and a clanbank (with setable permissions per clanrank) where clanmembers could shift and gift credits/cam/signals! ...oh, and ofc the introduction of more ranks with setable permissions for clans, so f.e. a rank that is not allowed to recruit new members, but to start clanbattles! (hey @Loran_Battle, i'm already filling up )... ...... and while we're at it may a trainingroom-like window before clanbattle-matchstart where u can choose ships/setup depending on map played (call it "foyer").... ... and me personally would love to buy special premium ships or any special things like modules, camos and stuff for the few oil i collected . .... armada system for related clangroups, to f.e. fill in missing players on cb's in need. or, on a further step of a possible bank, to share ressources..... ..AAAND..... a selectable clanharbour (ofc from a bit more elevated viewpoint), in which u can see which player from clan is on atm with selected ship. so, what u would like to get added for clans or personal oil use, and how u'd ike to evolve clanbattles? thx and good hunting ! CHAAAARGE (edit: not necessarily my ideas here, but dont ask me from where i have that crap !) other dropped proposals (feel free to insist on clarification if u not think i'm hitting ur nail here ): (- introduction of AntiPotatoePony shells ) - clan patches/emblems/tag on ships/camos/flags (+clanflag on pole in ports) - clan messageboard (+dumbed down infos, f.e. about cb roster, important news, etc.) - further upgrades on existing facilities - new facility to reduce ammount pricetag on consumables and camos - new signalflag for oil earning on wins/in randoms... - facility: oilrig - increase oil earned on opened containers (or above signals), and on a win in a cb' match - clanbank --> monetized clanbank - several skill-/module sets for solo- and clanmodes (--> monetized unlock) - finally addition of the "earned-oil-wallet" - unique flags from premiumships in admirals edition obtainable for oil - "oil-exclusive-special(/perma)camos" news: - new shop for endgame will be added and hold stuff up to ships like the flint, black and stalingrad - working title for 2 new currencies is "coal" and "steel" (not necessarily clan related at all!) - next cb season will be 8vs.8 format, 2 bb's allowed - global clanwars are coming! outside primtimes a team's gonna get matched against clans from other clusters (whatever primetime is goin atm)
  9. Hi, der Clan VEBA sucht noch Mitglieder, wir sind ein Fun-Clan für den es keine besonderen Anforderungen oder Pflichten gibt! Hauptsächlich werden Boni gesammelt, später auf Wunsch auch Teamgefechte oder ähnliches möglich. Bei Fragen wird gern geholfen, auch neue Spieler sind herzlich Willkommen. Bewerbungen über PM oder am besten über die integrierte Clansuche. Have Fun!
  10. S3ALC Basisdemokratische Ölsammel- und Investitionsautokratie zur einvernehmlichen Anlage in Produktivitäts-, Ökonomie- und Effizienzsteigerungserweiterungen. Unsere Boni: Clanstufe VI 10% verringerte Anschaffungskosten für Schiffe der Stufe V 10% verringerte Anschaffungskosten für Schiffe der Stufe VI 10% verringerte Anschaffungskosten für Schiffe der Stufe VII 10% verringerte Anschaffungskosten für Schiffe der Stufe VIII -10% BB Reparaturkosten -10% DD Reperaturkosten -10% CC Reperaturkosten + 3% XP deutsche Schiffe + 3% XP japanische Schiffe + 3% XP amerikanische Schiffe + 3% XP englische Schiffe +10 Mitglieder Erweitertes HQ auf 40 Spieler Unter uns: Alle Clanbescheibungen beinhalten immer wieder die gleichen Phrasen: "Fun-Clan mit TS...blabalbal...", "...wir suchen AKTIVE Spieler... blabla..., " Winrate von 55% blabla...", "Wir sind ein toller Haufen und sind so lieb zu einander, mögen Blümchen und fluchen nicht.... BLABLA!..." Lassen wir das mal weg. Spielt hier, spielt gut. Keiner wird vorschreiben was und wann Ihr zu fahren habt - flucht und schimpft im Spiel, wünscht dem Randomgesochse die Pest an den Hals oder "ruhige Wasser!"; egal. Fahrt alleine oder mit hochmotivierten Mitgliedern - schafft Öl ran und profitiert von Eurem Ertrag. Voraussetzungen: KEINE Kinder, KEINE Fruitarier. Veganer und Frauen werden toleriert. ausgereiftes Schimpfwortvokabular erwünscht. leichte Geistesstörungen (z.B. Paranoia, Agoraphobie, Komorbidität...) sind akzeptabel. keine Anorexiker und Fragiles X-Chromosom Träger; Touretteler bei gemutetem TS sind o.k. IQ über Körpertemperatur yvan eht nioj! Weitere (nicht so ganz ernst gemeinte) Informationen unter: https://s3alc.jimdosite.com/
  11. Leo_Apollo11

    Further Clan base development?

    Hi all, Most of the clans that played "Clan Wars" have already build all they could in their base (i.e. 40 players, all available facilities etc.) and the one and only thing left is 3/3 in Headquarters for 100.000 oil (i.e. 50 players in clan)... Do you guys think that, possibly, the WG should expand the Clan base because some areas on screen are still "undeveloped" (i.e. they show picture but it is not clickable)? Leo "Apollo11"
  12. You know the "drill". Excellent pun intended. If any of the forumites - regular or not - is interested in joining to reap the benefits of oil farming, feel free to contact me. Playing drunk, raging at your team and being overly try-hard are all encouraged but not required. It's just a long term oil farming operation with no obligations. If we're playing anyway why not build it towards some extra's.
  13. DerTueckischeFingo

    [KHARE] Clan just to collect oil

    We are a casual group of lone wolves who just stick together so we can all benefit from each others oil income by building useful infrastructure. Please feel free to join clan KHARE if this appeals to you. and if not: good hunting anyways!
  14. Greetings Capatins. I was just wonmdering what woill happen to the clan base and the oile left from all that farming these days? Will we still be able to build up the base?
  15. DerTueckischeFingo

    [KHARE] Clan just to collect oil

    We are a casual group of lone wolves who just stick together so we can all benefit from each others oil income by building useful infrastructure. Please feel free to join clan KHARE if this appeals to you. and if not: good hunting anyways!
  16. Yoda_OI

    Clan oil issue

    what happen to the oil you personally brought in when you change clan? Does it transfer with you or does it stay with your previous clan?
  17. Erratic72

    Oil counter dissappears

    How can I see how much oil I've collected (not the clan amount)? Previously I've seen it in the upper left of the clan screen, now its disappeared entirely. Not installed any mods that would affect at all.
  18. Hey there captains, Its casual clan, without stress and with a lot of stress... a little bit ...dizzy Actually i need oil for something...but psst ! - old farts are very welcome. join fast its limited time only ;) action stations ! TUUU TUUU !
  19. C13H16N2O2

    Yamamoto containers, no oil?

    Hi! I finished a battle at 00:12, 28.09.17. (CEST /GMT+1 to be sure Budapest summer time) This was the last battle of that day, and the overal result of the day was: about 40k Xp income, and the unlocked and finished (but reward of it not collected) Yamamoto campagin mission4 final task. I checked right after it my current oil value in the clan interface. It showed 320 oil. Then i collected 3 containers for the XP earned, and Collected the Yamamoto mission finale-reward 2 supercontainers. Now my current oil value is 350. Is that what should happen? Sadly no pictures, or video, because i not prepaired to that.
  20. Hello. We are recruiting clan members mostly for collecting oil and enjoying the benefits. You don't have to talk to us, you don't have to play platoons, your stats don't matter to us :) If you want, we can play everyday together, if you don't we respect that. Our first building bought for oil is going to be the one that lowers BB's service by 10% (5000 oil) - so that you know what the first goal is. No pressure, no hard feelings, no stress. It would be nice to play a clan battle or two if we manage to gather some folks, but then again nobody's gonna cry if we don't. Everyone's welcomed, and I hope I'll see you ingame. Applications can be submitted ingame, here in this topic, through PM or whichever way you prefer. I check the game and forum quite often, so you won't wait too long for an acceptation. Regards, Metalheart.
  21. Sinkmall


    Do you play World of Warships regular? Don't let your oil go to waste, join forces, join OLEUM Latin 4 oil Apply now!
  22. Hi all, I have bought yesterday 25x package of Anniversary containers after 0.6.11 was deployed but received 0 oil. I was member of the clan. According to Sub_octavian reply on reddit, these containers should grant oil as any other container. Customer support closed the ticket because no confirmation on "official website". Can someone please adress this issue what can I do ? (I bought the crates not because of oil obviously, but because I know that people are receiving oil, but I did not, this is clearly bug with my account ...) Thank you
  23. Gina_Affogato

    [GINA] Clan for casuals

    Clan specifically formed for casual gamers who want the benefits of the clan bases without the commitment of a competitive clan. Your level of involvement is up to you, just earn oil, contribute and get the bonuses. Will set up discord for those who want to team up. I have only unlocked up to T6 on most nations but play all types. Look me up if you want in.
  24. V_RASK


    Created this Clan for those not in a clan like me wanting to get the benefits of the new clan system. Only requirement is to be fairly active. Looking forward for you to join !!!!
  25. chaparoni

    Recieve Clan Oil

    How do we get oil for Clans? Only via Clan Battles or also via random/ranked/bot?