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Found 4 results

  1. Full Metal Poi! - Yuudachi kawai desu~! Discord: FMP About us: We are a casual clan that has arisen from the depths of the seas a year ago, founded by Ichikun98. It was a stick up of people met in battles as well as those who got sucked in by Ichis awesomeness on in-game chat channel "Battle results and discussion" and joined him on his adventure. Up till now it had its best and worst moments. Now we are freshly after redesigning of the clans core, so that people can integrate more and enjoy the game together to the fullest. Our clans objective is to get better at the game as well as develop new tactics that can be implemented into the randoms and clan wars. Due to the nature of our clan, that has a weeb connection due to name. We also possess quite a lot of human resources called weebs at our disposal and facilities keeping them in tip-top condition. What FMP offers: # +54% WR , 36/50 members # A friendly community consisting of members from all over the world # Clan benefits from facilities # Mates to division with. Requirements: Being casual clan means we are not going to watch over your WR that much (At least keep it above 50%). The only general number on your profile we care is if you have over 1k battles in randoms. You need to have at least 1 T10 ship with good stats respectable to the ship type. Also we need to pump out that oil from the containers to donate to our American friends so that they wont invade us (One container a day, keeps US army away). One of other requirements is using discord as voice communicator as well as text one, to keep up to date with clan matters. ( Discord ) Also due to being open to the world, being in the clan requires you to use mostly english and understand it. What to do once on discord? Hit up the Chief (Ichi) or one of the Admirals (Bonta3000, Cr4zy, Tjntin, Panzer_FTW) to evaluate your application. Spread the poi! To the non-poilievers! Heres a small treat.
  2. Hello fellow japanese BB enthusiasts, So with the recent Izumo buffs (it is actually playable now and dare I say it, somehow... decent?) I think we can all agree that now, the most important buff this ship needs is a buff to its appearance. I just so happened to stumble upon this picture here: This thing actually looks not half bad. It still is unique and retains the basic WG-design but looks just way better than the ingame-version of Izumo. The layered secondaries (now they are in a straight line, which does not only look bad, but is also functionally bad), the more pronounced and curved bow area, the superstructure that doesn't look like Thaddeus's house, the Yamato-like turret design, etc... What do you think guys? I would really love to see this design in the game. Cheers
  3. NyronGT

    Praise the Tachi!

    I feel almost obligated to set this topic up in the name of Tachibana! This ship deserves attention! Essencially, you can treat this topic as a...group? sub-community? for praising Tachibana. "But it's such a rip-ofF, U cloning Dauntless' topic! U no original!" No one said i was...Tha hell am i doing with my life? Answering made up accusations...whatevs, i lost my sanity long ago. ... Where was i? Ah, yes - more ripping-off. So, to whomever's got the ship: prove your loyalty to Tachi by posting an image assuring your ownership of this destroyer and your name shall be honoured by expanding the following list! Tachi Bros: zFireWyvern Spellfire40 Kurbain KL_7 creamgravy Sonic_157 ZombieCheeze Trainspite Shaka_D Egoleter SBS Ictogan Allied_Winter _Alie_ Agantas FM6a WolfGewehr Stribog2033 Wargael GeorgeT1012_gt Praise the Tachi!
  4. SovietFury43

    A guide to playing Battleships.

    This comprehensive guide will (hopefully) help you become the undisputed ruler of the oceans, one of the elite few (or some 60+% of the playerbase depending on the server), the legendary unsinkable steel fortresses! Cruisers will cower in terror at the sight of your massive main battery, Destroyers will not dare venture into range of your numerous secondary guns and hydrophones/radar, and Carriers (provided you ever encounter this rare breed of self-loathing sadomasochistic player) will have their planes swatted out of the sky by an endless barrage of AA fire from you guns! The first step is to pick a tech tree. Unfortunately there is not much choice here as there is only one tree in the game that is worthy of the glorious title "Battleship" and that is the German tree! Forget all those underpowered US and IJN ships that can't even spot DDs by themselves. In order to become the true terror of the oceans you need to equip yourself with the best possible tools. And every non [edited], unbiased historian knows that there can't possibly be anything better then glorious Kruppen Stahl German engineering! And of course no true Battleship player can play without the absolute best Battleship ever built, the Bismarck! Now that we have picked a tree lets move on to gameplay. Now sadly since World of Warships is such a terrible historically inaccurate game Battleships can actually be sunk (i know, right?!?!). Thankfully small bastions if realism still exist so Battleships have the longest main battery range in the game. This allows you to shoot at ranges where most other ships can't shoot back. So make sure that you are ALWAYS at least 20km away from the enemy because god knows there could be a wall of OP torps coming around every island or capture point! Always keep in mind that capture points are none of your concern! Your job is to get those juicy citadel hits on cruisers, everything else is only distracts you from that purpose! Your team is obsolete, they are just there to distract the enemy so you can citadel them. You are a team of one, and you are all that team needs to win! Never look at the map! Much like capture points it is just there to distract you. The precious seconds you spend looking at the map a cruiser could be showing his citadel somewhere. Never look around you for torpedoes or Destroyers! As a legendary Battleship if you do not spend most of the match in full zoom you are not doing it right. Never change course or shift your attack in any way! Dodging and maneuvering is for cowardly Cruisers and Destroyers, you are a floating fortress and your only job is to shoot citadels. Remember that as a Battleship you are an unsinkable fortress, and in the off chance that somebody kills you they are most likely hacking or abusing an OP ship. Make sure to call them out on it in the in-game chat, and of course don't forget to point out how unbalanced their ship is on the forum. Carry the legacy of legendary Battleships like the Bismarck and become the ultimate terror of the seas! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Keep those citadel hits coming!