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Found 12 results

  1. After 15K games of WoT, I had come to understand the errors that I had made at the lower tiers. Example: (1) getting the intuition perk as one of the first perks. (That was very dumb.); (2) not knowing which skills my crew/commander should have depending on the type of tank. I just came over from WoT and have not begun play on WoW. What mistakes did you make in Wow that you would avoid if you were starting over?
  2. anonym_jRNsHFlzpHCL

    Clan, maybe?

    Hello guyse, My name is kalapihv and im looking reason to keep playing WoWs in EU server. Is there any clan with older members and relaxed attitude? I can promise that: 1) Im not always no 1 in teamdamage. 2) I did not mean torping you. 3) It was your fault driving front of my torps. 4) I try to be funny in chat sometimes. 5) I try my best to give you exclusive pink colored camo. What im not looking for: 1) Serious clans 2) Playing BBs or CVs 3) Acting mature 4) Being online You can send me these invites now
  3. anonym_jRNsHFlzpHCL

    Funny WoWs player names

    Lets share all the funny player names you have seen in your battles. I did couple days ago see player named Luttsex_Bover
  4. Eh oui ! Il est enfin arrivé, le drapeau que l'on attendait tous, celui qui vous permettra de gagner sans trop vous prendre la tête en 12 contre 4, celui qui vous exemptera de capturer les bases en domination car ça fait longtemps que cette mécanique de jeu devient désuète, celui qui vous permettra d'enfin vous déplacer sur la carte comme vous l'entendez sans même dépendre de qui que ce soit dans votre équipe ! Bientôt en jeu voici la mission permettant de l’obtenir révélée a l'avance via une fuite de 4chan.
  5. Legend1466

    Top 1's problem

    One of the biggest problems in the World of Warships is: Noobs or newbies simply. I recently played and won a battle with 3 sank cruisers and destroyers but one thing i noticed: cowards. They camped at base and one player was afk. there were more lost ally ships camping in a base than battling with pros. god why
  6. D0dger_1

    Ingame chat

    There needs to be some decorum within in-game chat. Granted not a lot of chat occurs in World of Warships Beta currently, but it's only a matter of time before the intolerant and antagonistic players ruin the online gaming experience for newcomers as in World of Tanks. I'm amazed at the lack of common courtesy and respect players extend to one another within the War-gaming franchise. Those players that insult others frankly need to grow-up, after all it is suppose to be an enjoyable gaming experience; not a platform for you to abuse others. For the record, everyone at some point began as a beginner and yet the cowardly minority hide behind their computers and make derisive comments without thinking about consequences. I fail to understand the acrimonious behaviour of insulting chat. What are they hoping to gain? Inspiration...more like a desperate plea to gravitate negative attention to themselves which is frankly pathetic and their actions utterly deplorable. And for all this, the War-gaming community has volumes of informative content available online to improve the playing abilities of new players. (So it isn't all bad..neh) I would like to see more condemnation from team players in retaliation to insulting players.
  7. The_Great_SCH

    Yet Another Ranked Rant

    "Oh look, another noob whining about other noobs, because he is a noob" you will probably say. Partly, you are right. The reason i write this post, is to rant and try to help people who still needs to break the chains of this enslaving mode we call Ranked Battles. By the time I am writing this, have too many battles in this ranked season, and still sit at R4, and I am starting to wonder if I will ever be able to rank out. Most of the unicorns are over with this nightmare already, some made it under 200 games, and the rest of us, the noobs, scrubs, plebs, call us whatever you want, still need to feed this monster. Here are some basic pointers everyone should f*ucking learn, before even starting the f*cking season in the first place. 1. If you agree on a cap and agree to stick together, cap it fast! - DD's tend to let one in and others just sail around, not to get radared. 2. If there is one capable player in a DD or Belfast, please try and contest the enemy cap from SAFETY! - contesting is important to get the lead early 3. If you have point lead, F*CKING STAY TOGETHER AND DEFEND YOUR POINTS! - even 9 extra points is enough to win a f*cking game 4. If you are a DD, your job is to screen for torps and possibly spot - do not yolo rush just to get one kill (idiots) 5. If you're a BB, camp in a safe place, ONLY IF YOU HAVE TARGETS TO SHOOT AT! - also, you know you are allowed to shoot DD's rght? 6. Cruisers, I get that you have smoke, but please use the f*cking hydro if you plan on sitting in smoke, and don't stop your f*cking engine, especially if you're in a Belfast. 7. NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO PUSH IF YOU LEAD, STAND IN GOOD POSITIONS, AND DEFEND, THEY WILL PROBABLY PUSH 1 BY 1 AND YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE!!! So, I made it into 7 noob tips, maybe some pro's could add some more, to help those, who are struggling to reach R1, or R5 even. I am sick and tired of playing one good game, getting a star, and then losing it after, because my team cannot manage certain situations and point leads. Gentlemen, this mode is about winning, not about "getting that one kill".
  8. JapLance

    A typical weekend battle

    *CLICK* Random Battle Map: Straits Spawn point: North wwww, here we go to cap A. Friendly cruisers follow, Battleship in the back. friendly DD... AFK, we'll have to sail further to get contacts. Spotted. Enemy DD is close. First enemy cruisers appear on screen. Our DD is still in spawn point. Open fire!!! A few hits. Our DD finally comes alive, just to head to the South part of the map, because... why help in your side when you can waste some time changing sides? Enemy DD spotted behind the island at A. He won't move from there until the end of the battle. Enemy cruiser starts to cap, set it as target and decap. Notice salvoes from a friendly cruiser, they all miss ahead of target. Someone types in chat "the South flank is lost". Our lowest tier cruiser in the North is sunk... Game over. Total Duration of battle: 4min 41sec. [edited] Friendly ships sunk in less than 5 minutes: 6 Enemy ships sunk in less than 5 minutes: 0 Hits received by my cruiser in those less than 5 minutes: 1 Welcome to WoWs weekend Edition!
  9. edit: -> excellent follow up thread with well written proposal which would improve upon this system a lot -> http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/71032-revised-report-system-suggestion-from-a-programmer/ Every game today there was some 'player' who behaved like a moron. And as that affects my own enjoyment I will try and coach them into being less of a baddie. Sadly, Dunning-Kruger effect makes them blind to their own stupidity so in return they just feel 'offended' how I can't see what kind of great players they in fact are. Now WG has lied in the past that chat bans are not automated, that reports are manually checked. But as I said that's a clear lie. If they were I wouldn't get a chat ban for telling a Gneisenau who spend the entire game around the blue line he was useless. Yes useless. That's not an insult, it's an accurate description of a blue line hugging German BB. And his buddy in the Nurnberg who was shooting torpedo's from 10km away, with me in my DD between him and his 'targets' was someone who I should be able to describe as an utter uninformed/clueless player without getting a ffin chat ban for it. Don't believe the lies, WG does NOT check reports manually. And trying to appeal something as utterly ffin broken as this 'system' to support has no chance as the bans only last one day which means support won't even get to look at it while it's active. Karma system removed from forums because +-1 was 'toxic' as community couldn't self moderate ( their own words, NOT MINE ). Next move -> introduce system where 'really bad players' who don't like learning the game / the game mechanics can crap all day in game and if someone says something they don't like -> -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 Thanks for reading, I'll be playing some other game for now ffs... edit: I said this further down the thread but I think it should have been in my opening post as it would have been easier for people to get why I feel it's broken.
  10. Why so many BB's lately spam HE instead of AP? Is that because so many noob joined this game lately or what? There is not a single battle without some high tier BB trying to burn me alive, and those BB's are all nations exept RN who do have HE purpose. This game went from dumb to dumber...
  11. If you want to deal with bad players/noobs efficiency there is easy way without any punishment!!! (which is unfair for me). So most noobs plays random battles not co-op due low amount of XP which it get in co-op. Because everyone want to have high level ships which is icons of naval history and this is reason why ALL players play random battles. Without icons it game game will be much less popular! I suggest this make TWO research trees for ships ONE for co-op mode vs PC boots and few difficult levels in it and SECOND tree for random battles mode. In every mode payers will get same amount of XP so you eliminate reason way bad players play random battles. On this way bad players will be happy with co-op because it also can get Iowas/Bismarcks/Yamatos but in co-op and good players will be happy with cleaner random battles. Everyone will be happy on this way! Expect will be premium ships which will become unlocked on both trees and Missouri. Also game devs should made better in game tutorials how to do better aims! Cheers PS I am bad player too!
  12. MS_Surface

    Anyone else getting bored lately?

    If you recently bought a Schannhorst or Atago or whatever, and if you have 50 battles on this game and you're just "firing at ships", skip this post, it's not for you. If not please take some time to read it. Sorry for it being so long but i guess WG is happy that i won't create any more topics any time soon, I know there's a bunch of players that are gonna hate this post but they are exactly the kind of player i will talk about. As time passes, WG is feeling the need to have a bigger playerbase. Instead of making the game more exciting and slowly build a bigger but solid and happy playerbase, they just make it easier so that every noob can play it. Fast money. COD kids like to shoot stuff and daddy can pay Premium ships so they just go ahead, buy a Schanhorst and go "fire at ships". They don't care about the result of the battle, they don't care about tactics, they don't look at minimap, they don't look at chat, they think it's your fault that you got hit by their torpedos. They just grab a ship and try to survive with as much HP as they can. That's todays typical gameplay. While in the past i could say that this happened at lower tiers, today i can say without no doubt that i find more quality of play in Tier III or IV than in Tier X. I see things in higher tiers that amaze me. People with Yamatos, Moskvas or Gearings that aren't even aware of the rules(!?) or types of battles... Last night, playing a DD (Tier IX/X battle), i set up a smoke to protect a nearby CA from being focused. Instead of hiding on it, the guy turns away from smoke (it was not a "rsisky" smoke...) and sends all is torpedos to my smoke and hits me, leaving me with 10% HP. I tried to speak to him in the chat but by the look of it, he wasn't even aware that he almost team killed me, let alone looking at the chat. While i was trying to talk to him in the chat, he almost killed another friendly DD with torpedos, beached himself and than, in complete panic, launched torpedos at that island by mistake. This kind of situations are happening too much times for my taste. I know that in every game there will always be noobs but lately almost every single battle has like 95% players just "firing at ships", going chasing ships to the end of the world, while 5% are trying to play and getting sunk trying to cap with no support. It's hard to have the will to play when a Tier X battle starts and half of your BBs turn around and go as far as they range will allow to "stay safe" during all the battle. Allowing everyone to be able to play the game is great and fair. Allowing everybody to start playing the game almost at Tier X is only good if WG estrategy is to get rid of all good players and make the game as dumb as possible. It's easier to attract new players if you give them access to "the end of the game" from the moment they start to play. Radars, Radio Location and other "skills" are dumbening the game to a point where battles are either random or decided on MM. There's no balance whatsoever, i'll give you a couple of examples that i can easily prove. - Atlanta, no role in gameplay. A tier VII ship with 13mm armour. Less than any DD... and with a citadel, making it even worst. If you play against Tier V you are OP as hell. If you play against Tier VIII you are dead with 1 or 2 shells from any ship (!?). Even here WG is dumbing the game... i don't know if you noticed but Atlantas never get matched with CVs. If i play any other Tier VII ship, i get matched with CVs like 8 out of 10 battles, When i play Atlanta i get like one battle with CVs every 20 or more battles (if someone thinks this is not true, i'll prove it with my replays. Last time i was matched with CVs was almost a week ago...). In a battle with CVs, when there's a decent enemy CV captain, i usually don't get to kill any CV plane but sometimes (almost never) i get to kill like 40 or more (dumb CVs focusing Atlantas...). WG goes ahead and decides it's bad for CV players to get matched with Atlantas so let's make things easier instead of making CV players learn to avoid certain ships. - Akizuki. weird role. WG says Inertia Fuse is "great" for this ship... really? First they nerf Akizukis HE pen from 19mm to 17mm so you can't pen any tier VIII DD (since they all have 19mm armour) then they say "you can always use Inertia Fuse....". The thing is that HE pen works the same way as AP pens (i guess). If the enemy ship is angled, you won't pen it with AP so why would you pen it with HE that has less pen, even with the skill? You would use HE instead of AP on angled ships because they are angled so why more HE pen if you won't pen anything?? To use it when other ships are broadside? Well AP gives you more damage in such situations. The only difference is that you cannot start fires like you did before (if any) unless you have a 19 point captain. So i end up in Akizuki, spamming more than 500 shells during the battle, undetected. It sucks for other players, especially on maps like Ocean where ships like this don't have any adversary. Anyway with 33knots top speed at Tier VIII and with the turning circle of a BB, Akizuki is not really a DD. It's just another spamming CA with excellent concealment. There are other examples of (really) broken ships, like Mogami, Pensacola, Tashkent, Hipper, Roon, some CVs, etc. but that's something already known and that WG doesn't really care much. So in my opinion, with so many new options and choices, strategy is limited as it never was. The only strategies these days (in the 5% of battles where there's one) are: - USN and RN Gunboats: Spend all battle spamming - IJN DDs hide all battle from radars, RL and Hydro and hope that enemy has plenty of noobs, otherwise you won't do much. - CAs in general - Hide behind an island and spam for 10 minutes, then go to other island and spam again or spam from smoke - Cruisers - The majority of BBs won't use any tactic whatsoever but when they do is: IJN BBs - staying away from german BBs, sniping USN BBs - staying away from German BBs, sniping German BBs - Rushing caps and launch torpedos at other BBs. CVs - i really don't like to play it but i'm sure there's not much "tactic" left. About RL... amazingly WG had the "guts" to say that RL is great for "some" DDs. Yes they said "for some". It's good for "some" DDs, obvisously refering to Russian DDs. Isn't this amazing?? They also said that the decision to keep this "skill" was based on the players feedback. Now they just "invent feedback" and accept it as coming from players. I think WG is trying to believe it theirselves. So keep on making the game dumber and dumber at higher levels and make it accessible for even monkeys to play it. Enjoy the money those monkeys give you but remember that even the monkeys will notice that the game is becoming a "low quality arcade shooter" and there a lot of better FPS out there. My opinion? - Nerf DD concealment. - Get rid of 100% effective AAs - Get rid of RL and Radars and every skill that makes the game dumber. - Make smoke shorter duration. - Get rid of lottery detonations. - Make it harder to pen armour on EVERY ship. - Make grinding real. Not the present joke where there's no grinding at all. - Remove torpedos from BBs - Remove hydro from DDs - Remove smoke from CAs - Make high tier CAs more tanky. - Fix "dead ships" - Stop releasing magic skills. - Stop offending me with sentences like "We are spoling players" you can't spoil players. They pay your salary. They pay Victors super car collection. Never say that again. I'm not a kid, who the hell do you think you are? Spoiling me? How offensive is that? Looks exagerated? It's not, it's NOW that it's exagerated. If WG wasn't working so hard on killing their playerbase, they could create some type of "realistic" battles without all the trash features they have been implementing in the game. It would make battles more tactical and exciting (they once kind of were) and new players would have to learn as they grind. Those are my "terms" to keep playing the game. Remember that i didn't decide to "stop playing it". It's just happening. I play less each day as i just get bored after 1 or 2 battles. I also get upset with potatoes almost every battle and as i play games to have a good time and fortunely there's always other games coming out, the will to play World of Warships is "dying" every time i play it. At this time, i think i only play it because i spent (lately it's more like "wasted") so much time and money on it, but even so, i decided to make a pause untill WG fixes they "greed" issues and awful "quick fixes" to save time and get more money out of players. This is long enough and while there so much more to say i'll just finish by saying that the game has never been as boring as it is now. So to those who love casual arcade shootersm have fun! For now, i'm done with this game. See you later, if things change (as if). Cheers! ps. Check the screenshot to see one simple example of how dumb it's becoming. This is not even close to the worst cases, it's just an example where i decided to take a screenshot, i have a lot of recent replays to support what i'm saying about broken gameplay..