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Found 10 results

  1. [SPAM-] Sexy Pantsu Armored Militia Ce clan est un clan orienté FUN avec un minimum de niveau où on ne fera aucune compétition de façon sérieuse. On jouera comme on le souhaite et sans prise de tête. Liste des Responsables du clan Commandant : Youti_God_of_Pantsu Second : Elitefatal / In_the_Navy / UnicornGall / Nardof /NoSkill_All_Luck/redspirit69 Notre hymne Faits d'armes Clan battle : 6 ligue typhon ,1 ligue tempête sur 6 saisons Bagarre de clan : 3 top 100 Objectif du clan Pour le FFA/opération/coop : Play for fun Division loufoque Aucun entrainement Aucun style/méta de jeux imposé Pour CB : Clan battle : récompense ligue tempête Les bonus Critère de recrutement - Discord obligatoire Il est recommandé pour une meilleure intégration dans le clan d'avoir : - stat en progression - 3500 partie mini - 5 tier 8 non premium - Présence discord 2 jours mini - Pour participer au CB avoir un Tier 10 croiseur ou CA + stat moyenne (53%) Période d’essai 2 semaines pour avoir le tag ingame Toutes les autres candidatures seront étudiées Diplomatie / extérieur Pour infos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de nous proposer des entrainements . - Nous accepterons toute confrontation fun avec règle drôle ou autre. Sinon le discord reste ouvert a tous les autres tant qu'ils respectent les règles établies du discord de clan. Conclusions Nous ne pouvons pas croire ce que nous ressentons quand nous sommes sur wows, Nos folies font disparaître la tristesse, Alors prenez vos navires, n'ayez pas peur de montrer votre talent, Spamons le monde avec les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, Propageons nos créations et noyez le forum de nos délires, N'ayez pas peur d'essayer un angle différent, Parfois, les idées peuvent provenir des yolostyle, Nous serons votre guide, suivez-nous dans une aventure, Nous allons conquérir les esprits et étonner le monde ensemble, Nos bêtises ressemblent au paradis, Un tel yolo skill est un joli cadeau à voir, J'espère qu'un jour nous partagerons des souvenirs, Tu spam le monde et nous jouerons nos mélodies.
  2. blooddog1

    Jsem rajče

    Čau v tomhle topicu máte možnost se vyzpovídat a promluvit o tom jaké jste rajčata - noobové. Je tady i určitá šance že vám s vaším problémem někdo pomúže a když už nic jiného tak vás nikdo nebude soudit a vy si tady múžete uvolnit vztek podle libosti jen nezapomeňte hvězdičkovat zdar kapitáni s prúmérným damage 20 000
  3. Hi there, i'm Jethro, a passionate WoWS player and Twitch Affiliate. I only started streaming early October 2019, but it's fun and i hope my viewers enjoy it too. I stream mostly WoWS, but also WoT and WoWP (yes, really^^). You might not believe it, but WoWP is actualkly a tons more fun the WoT could ever be. World of Warships is and will stay however be the main title i'll be streaming (70%), while WoWP and WoT make only 30% as of now. Both other WG titles might receive a dedicated day, just not sure which one. The occasional non WG titles include, in no particular order, Mechwarrior Online, Diaspora - Shattered Armistice, Cold Waters, Subnautica, Atlantik Fleet, FreeSpace Open, the Blue Planet series. Apart from that, various older Star Wars games might make an appearance, when i feel like it. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Assassins Creed: Odyssey might make an appearance in the future. I stream every weekend, and occasionally on Thursday afternoon, but i hope to be able to stream on other days too. In the week from 25th November to 1st december, i should be able to stream daily for a few hours. Starting 16th December, i'll be Streaming daily until 12th January. Come join me and let's have some fun! Currently working on Sub Badges and emotes, and on a Discord server of my own (spread sheet says, you'll have fun without them for now…). Follow my Twitter to stay up to date! See you on the high seas, high up in the air, on the ground, in SPAAAACE, under the ocean, in times long gone and in a galaxy far far away…or in chat. ^^ May my streamer career last longer then my career as member of the diplomatic corps.
  4. Should I farm XP for the upcoming German/US submarines in their respective tech tree? Or should I stockpile XP for the upcoming subs? What shall I do?
  5. Hello, I'm pretty new at this game I used to play a couple of years ago and I had a blast winning games after games but now when I picked it up I've been pulling my hair out in frustration. I lose games after games and I don't see how I'm doing anything wrong, I think I play great with high hit rate from my main battery and decent average damage per battle. However I've been matched with team8s who all die within 5 min half of us remain and there is nothing I can do to change the course of the match in our favour. And being a WG game, I'm victim to "tomato" and other elitist crap. It's extremely frustrating, is there something you can see from my statistics what I'm doing wrong because I can't see it.
  6. Jethro_Grey

    CV players - need advise

    Seeing as the first rank in sprint is one where nobody loses a star, i decided to give CVs a go and dusted my Enterprise off, which i played only once in randoms after the REEEwork ( and sucked hard in that TX game). Now, i know i'm a CV noob, always was and always will be, as i simply don't like this class. That being said, that doesn't mean i refuse to learn how to play CVs and take dumps on unsuspecting loli boats. My only experience with CVs is the RN TVI which i played so often in OPS that i managed to unlock the TVIII. Anyways, here's a replay, fresh and still steaming hot of my attempt of being useful and failing. https://replayswows.com/replay/65429#stats I also, did notice i'm surface spotted but i assumed i have a bit of time before the DD gets too close. So my question are: What did i do wrong? What did i do horribly wrong? What could i have done better? What did i do right? Where and what can i improve? What would have you done differently? Pls share your opinion, things you noticed, give advise on how to do things differently! Attached are my ship/ captain builds which i thankfully got provided by a lot of forumites in another thread.
  7. Hiya folks, Just thought I'd mention that i'm a new WoW streamer, and i'd be grateful if you'd check my channel out! I'm a small streamer, looking to branch out from being a single game streamer. I'm new to the game and still learning, so happy to take advice from viewers. Who are you? I'm Natalie and my twitch channel is twitch.tv/natswright, I'm new to the game. I'm an established Elite Dangerous streamer, but have recently moved to playing World of Warships, so am relatively unknown in this game. When do you stream? I'm a part time streamer, but do try to stick to a regular schedule, which I work around my full time job! Tuesdays 7pm to midnight GMT (not always ships, sometimes Elite Dangerous) Wednesdays 7pm to midnight GMT Sundays 4pm to 7pm GMT (this occasionally varies between 10am and 4pm start times) I'm looking to stream more if I can, but it can be tricky to find the time, extra broadcasts are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm GMT. Where can you find me? @natsrambles (twitter) twitch.tv/natswright (twitch) youtube.com/natswright (youtube) discord.io/KuQ5KpQ (discord) Feel free to join the discord or discuss the streams here! Do you have a Clan Yes! We are called the "Night Witches", and welcome new members What other games do you play or stream? Among others, these... Elite Dangerous & other space games World of Tanks Rainbow Six Siege Supreme commander to name but a few... Thanks for reading this, your support means a lot! I'm hoping to become a CC, but need to grow my channel sufficiently, so please check it out!
  8. I don't how many times i said on these very Forums, that i don't give a rats a$$ about stats. It's way too easy to pad stats in lower tiers and by farming damage in higher tiers. Despite that, i put a stats banner in my sig, cause knowing the internet, there's always someone dragging stats into a discussion, and having mine handy in my sig, saves them time looking them up. And since i haven't played in almost a year, i was expecting my stats to be horrible for quite some time. When i accidently looked at my own sig while replying in another thread i was somewhat surprised and it made me think about the olden times when i started playing this game. Ohhh, the olden days of glory... Iirc, i had around 24% WR and 17k average damage after 1k - 1.5k (maybe even 2.5k) games, and i dare say that i improved quite a bit, which makes me kinda proud. It was a long journey with lots of ups and downs, but i'm still improving, and that is all that matters to me. That being said, while i do remember quite a lot about the past 4 years of WoWS, certain games, certain forumites (who vanished), certain lines i rushed up like an idiot just to get to TX (ignoring upgrades and modules just to save money), certain WG frak-ups (and WG keeps on delivering...), certain $hitstorms and certain random players who left a lasting impression by either being stupid or just toxic AF. One thing i can't remember to save my life are my stats of the past, mostly because i diodn't give a flying frak, but also because i was too lazy to look them up. And now that i bored you to death with the story of my WoWS life, i'd like to know whether there is a stat tracking site that kept track of my stats over the past 4+years? I know that there are stats tracking sites, but i can't seem to go all the way back... I'd like to see how much i really improved and take it as motivation ( not that i need anymore of it) to improve even further. Pls Halp!
  9. geekomono

    Présentation geekomono

    Bonjour à tous, Je me présente, geekomono. Je suis sur WoWs depuis 2018, je crois, quand j'ai cliquer sur une pub steam. Par défaut, les trucs WG, je me disais, c'est cheaté, c'est russe :) mais j'ai découvert un jeu que j'apprécie beaucoup. Je joue solo plus ou moins assidûment, rien n'est optimisé mais ça m'amuse. Au plaisir de se croiser sur des mers turquoises et bien chaudes (car je coule souvent).
  10. anonym_2hneAFaIyP4T

    Starting to play CV's

    Hi All So, I'm just about to research my first CV (going USN, so the Langley) and was wanting to sense-check my understanding of carrier play! Be grateful of any and all feedback on the below thoughts. Research: My understanding of gameplay: Anything else I have missed or should consider? Or have I got my priorities mixed up? Also, I notice there is discussion re AP and HE bombs on DB's - is this a higher tier thing (like alt attacks) or will I get a choice at low tiers? If so, which should I prioritise? edit: don't forget to stave off enemy strikes and keep our DD's un-spotted - that is joint priority 1 with spotting their DD's I guess! Many Thanks!