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Found 2 results

  1. nambr9

    Missions kill team play

    Dear WG, How much thought are you putting into mission requirements? They kill team play and selfish players are sponsored by you to kill the game for the entire team. Yesterday I had multiple occasions, where games (and my time + signals) were thrown away, because people were "doing missions". Can you please put more thoughts into the missions, so people dont do this to their own team? Its worse than TK in my opinion.... This is a screen of a guy admitting ... he did not cap, did not spot, ignored every objective (he left the cap at 99%, because he went chasing a Shima) ... actually he almost ruined the game for us ... and he admits it, because he had your blessing for it. Just stupid.
  2. nambr9

    Why even bother?

    Seriously, why do I even bother.... I usually do not rant at games, but this is just too much. Last couple of days I am being constantly either bottom tiered or matched with bots. I used to not believe that bots existed in WoWs, but this game opened my eyes. No matter what I wrote in the chat or pinged on the map - my team just went full bot and ignored everything. They sailed some predefined invisible line ignoring ALL game objectives. Why do I even bother wining? Why do I care about my stats? Its pointless, because I have no influence on them. It is all in my teams hands. You say carry harder? Sorry, but there is a limit and carrying 10 players is impossible. In this game I was playing with my buddy and I was denying B to the enemy while he tried C. I got pinned down by Atlanta and Belfast combining radar but I managed to kill the Shiratsuyu. My team ALL went all A and even if I removed the Shira (their biggest threat) they still refused to help me out on B. All they would need to do is push into B and kill the Atlanta and Belfast. Instead they went sailing the Caribbean even tho that Morten was spotting the enemy team and fighting them - ALONE ! I died within first couple of minutes of the game and I ended up in top 4 players. That is just sad. And frankly this is happening way more often than I can manage. I am constantly thrown into 100% "throw away" games where I can have little or no influence at all. And this is supposed to be fun? Arent I playing games in order to have FUN? To be honest I am close to abandoning the game completely. Dont get me wrong ... I love the game. Love it. I love watching vids, love hanging in the forums and with my fellow scrubs. It is the only game I play. But this? I rather go watch Project Runway with my wife.