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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Wargaming, I played the game for many years, I played during all the metas and during all clan battles seasons, it's time we have this talk about the recent one and discuss the good, the bad and the ugly about it. Now it’s not a mystery that every season has something special about it, new ships get added, new trends appear, people either try to play the meta or counter it, and it was working just fine. However, in the past couple of seasons, you started messing with it, season 8 you introduced cyclone to the mix, which turned half of the games into close range brawls, but it was playable, there were some options at least. Now, season 9, the introduction of CVs in clan battles. What's the ugly about it: the spotting: now you get spotted in spawn before you get the chance to move anywhere and of course the cv keeps you spotted so there is no sneaking around or making plays or trying to surprise your opponent, so that’s the strats aspect of clan battles out of the window and its nothing but a trade show featuring a 20km campfest. What’s bad about it: the choice is between a CV or a BB, may RNG have mercy on whoever decides to run a BB, it will be mostly useless, it’s gonna be perma spotted so all the cruisers know where the shots are coming from and at the extreme ranges this season is played on, it’s not particularly a hard dodge, and if the BB tries to make a play it’s very likely to overextend and get focused by the CV and the rest of the cruisers, so if 2 equally skilled teams meet, one running a BB and the other running a CV, the one running a CV will almost always come out on top, obviously, everyone wants to win so everyone will run a CV and that means that DDs will simply get shafted, only a few DDs can fight back against CVs but none will survive, so introducing CVs removed 2 classes from CBs. Now we get to the “FUN” part, the CV drops, Haku is the most popular this season, its ability to deal with most heavy cruisers puts it on top, when the CV is going for a drop, he will get the drop off and unless you have half of your team sitting on top of each other no AA perks/mods/consumables or “JUST DODGE” will save you, and in the case of the famous Haku DBs, you get the 25.5k slap, soon to be 24,6k (huge change, not), that’s about 50% of Des Moines HP, some might argue that in RTS it would’ve been 100% of the Des Moines HP (not at all as DM would have MUCH more effective AA to defend itself with), but ofc after the rework, the CVs have multiple drops and yes he will get some of them off on the DM because AA and AA builds were neutered and defAA is just close to useless and you can”t even use terrain to your advantage in a cruiser because the carrier will use it against you and will drop you with almost no planes lost, so bottom line, to suffer less from the CV it’s better to have some sort of an invisibility cloak, let’s say a “don’t touch me” button of some sort that makes you go insta stealth, which is what made Venizia the go to cruiser this season and this leads to the next point, we have 41 T10 ships in the game and we are only using only 3-4 of them, Haku, Stalingrad, Venizia and sometimes you will witness a Halland for a short period of time before it gets spotted by the CV and sent to port by SAP. some screenshots about the variety of this season: basically this every game Finally what’s good about this season: In all honesty, the only good thing that I can think of about this season is that it is over, it surely made a mark on the community, made people rage, made people quit playing CBs or even worse some quit playing the game completely. I hope what happened this season never happens again. @MrConway @Crysantos you guys are the messengers, the community will be speaking here. an extra screenshot that I found amusing, competing for the season doesn't mean enjoying the season
  2. Hello tout le monde. Bon voila depuis le début du confinement, je ressent une très forte proportions de partie "on sided" aussi appeler "stomp". Si avant on avais 1 stomp pour une dizaine de games joué ,là.. 9 games en 2 jours pour moi 9 stomp Et je n'ai fait le compte que depuis hier ,mais depuis le début du confinement c'est comme ça. Ce genre de partie est détestables, que l'on soit chez les perdant ou les gagnant. Il serrait vraiment temps que Wg face quelque chose pour faire des partie équilibré, ou chacune des équipes est une chance de gagner, histoire que l'on puisse s'amusé. Ne me demander pas comment faire ,c'est pas mon métier ,Wg a normalement des Game designer pour y réfléchir et il serrait temps qu'ils y réfléchisse. Enfin bref j'invite tout autres joueurs qui a le même ressenti a faire comme moi, faire la proportions de partie "on sided" gagner ou perdus sur le nombre de game jouer et a en faire le report ici pour WG réalise a quel point leur jeu est désagréable a joué en ce moment.
  3. Had no luck or fun in this. I average about 35K damage, seem only able to finish off low HP ships. The average is 58K from WoWs stats. I seem to get mostly tier 8, and 10 matches, never seen a mostly 6 or 7 yet! In tier 8 and 10, my squadrons often get annihilated attacking a solitary battleship. If they are in a group, the attack fails completely before a run is made. People say scout, but they see my planes before I see them, and long range AA still shreds them. I've tried weaving about, but it just delays the inevitable shredding. Even if going after DDs, I spot but cannot attack on the same run, not enough time to aim. It either requires a very high skill ceiling, or the rework requires tweaking, or I need to get good? Any hints or tips from good HMS Implacable players welcome