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Found 3 results

  1. Johnny_Moneto

    The sky's the limit

    Problems with aiming correctly? Tired of old gameplay style? Say no more - here comes "sky shooting". Oh, this has nothing to do with carriers or planes whatsoever.
  2. The premise of the boycott concept and the discord server supporting the cause is quite simple: We enjoy warships and would hate to see WG disregard overall game and CB balance by forcing CVs into the mode unchanged. The time for this action is NOW. We have no more patience. Recently, many players have become incredibly burnt out and we firmly believe that if CVs are placed in CB next season then an alarming number of players will quit and clans will die. This would be very unhealthy for the game and its community. We have waited 1.5 years to see if CVs would ever become balanced, yet that is still very very far from being the case. In their current state, CVs are simply not ready for the next season of Clan Battles. We would ultimately like to see an overhaul of CV balancing after being removed from CBs for the next season at least. More testing is required and appropriate changes must be implemented. CVs have great potential to provide fresh, fun, competitive gameplay, but in their current state they do the exact opposite. As we saw with this recent CB season’s extremely dull and unvarying meta of Venezia, Stalingrad, and Hakuryu, numerous clans quit early or did not play at all. Even old-guard competitive clans have moved on or are now crumbling because of WG’s refusal to listen to the competitive community. WG’s desire to inject a still unbalanced & unready class into CBs creates a stale atmosphere that almost encourages player departure. Alongside our mass boycott, we intend to have a direct discussion with WG by providing a thorough analysis of CVs and their current impact on gameplay. This includes determining a thorough list of their issues and how we think WG could solve the more problematic ones. Many of these viable solutions have been suggested for over a year now, and this is our best opportunity to make a real difference. Our Issues With CVs: Our sub-community may have many varying issues with the current state and direction of the game, but all seem to pale in comparison to the problems associated with CVs and their game-breaking presence in CBs and all other modes. To us and many others, CVs have ruined the experience of the game we all love. Gone are the days where CVs could be countered properly through a 2-way skill-based interaction. If you wanted to counter an RTS CV, there were tools available that could achieve that: Skills and upgrades such as Manual AA and various AA range buffs could catch even a Super-Unicum CV player by surprise, and cause serious damage and attrition. Not so with reworked CVs: There is no fighting for vision control of the map between opposing CVs, there is no viable protection for a CV’s allies, and there is no balanced interaction between CVs and their targets, nor any combination of abilities which can make the target safe or allow the target any semblance of counterplay besides “just dodging.” While RTS CVs were a far cry from being balanced themselves, they at least provided a number of counterplay options and were far closer to being balanced than reworked CVs ever have been. We understand that game developers everywhere just like Lesta (WG) have to make difficult decisions that they believe would benefit the majority at the cost of the community’s minority groups (like the competitive community), yet we fail to see how CVs provide an enjoyable experience for the majority when the product provided is fundamentally dysfunctional and oppressive to play against. WG have been told time and time again that CVs are broken, and after months of incredibly negligible tweaks, they *finally* nerfed CVs with a universal APDB damage nerf. While it was a significant 17% nerf, it only scratches the surface when compared to other issues a CV brings to the battle. The problem with CB Season 9 was not Venezia or Hakuryu APDBs - which were in fact the symptoms of the overarching problem. Carrier spotting at will and the lack of carrier vs. carrier counterplay were more central problems to CVs than any numerical balancing changes WG can make. On our discord server, we have already identified issues with CVs and developed solutions to many of them. Not all suggestions we provide should make it into the game as they would simply make CVs unplayable. We want CVs to be fair and balanced for all game modes and team sizes, and we do not believe the game is on the proper path to making CVs the class we all know it can be. Rebuttal: There has predictably been backlash directed towards our movement. The most common response is to suggest players “just adapt” to the new CVs. Well, we have “adapted.” We have the mechanical skill, team chemistry, coordination, and game knowledge to adapt to the new CVs and remain comfortably at the top of the CB points ladder and atop tournament podiums. Competitive clans and players forge metas, counter-strategies, and anything in between because of our min-max nature and competitive drive. We spend hours trying to develop counters to basically anything in the game, whether it’s a specific island position or team composition. If anybody can find an effective counter strategy, it’s basically guaranteed to be someone within the competitive community. Despite this, a truly effective counter to CVs has not been found. As previously mentioned, there is no way whatsoever to prevent a CV’s spotting ability. There is no reasonable way to counter a CV’s striking ability. Rocket aircraft by their very nature act as “guaranteed damage,” meaning there is functionally no way to effectively counter them. We don’t necessarily want CB and the meta to stay the same (to be honest it has gotten stale). Changes can be very refreshing but CVs only serve to degrade the experience. So we are seeking changes to CVs that will make the entire game more enjoyable by starting this community boycott movement. CVs being in a balanced state for CBs almost guarantees balance for the other modes. We simply want WG to implement opportunities for skilled play and counterplay. We obviously don’t expect everyone to get involved or to support us, but the more the merrier. A unified community is what’s needed to get issues solved. It has worked in the past to enact significant changes, albeit to varying degrees, as we’ve seen most notably with the NTC/RB disaster and the PR grind. About The Discord Server: The discord server facilitates discussion about CVs, their direction, and the game’s overall balance. There are dedicated sections for clan representatives, content creators (you don’t need to be a CC) and offtopic/meme channels. We have an international admin & moderator team that is very active, passionate, and diplomatic. We have created polls to gather data, a channel to list and “upvote” the more popular ideas that the community has developed or held, and we plan on presenting this directly to WG. I’d like to invite you all to join us in discussing CVs and their current state on our group’s discord server at discord.gg/Uf6w4Fw. We look forward to seeing you all and hopefully you’ll even join hands with us in our boycott. Initial Results: Our Clan representative survey received 110 clan responses from the time it was announced until today. There were a total of 66 clans that confirmed willingness to partake in a boycott action in Clan Battles 10. 3 New clans, 1 Squall Clan, 3 Gale Clans, 27 Storm Clans, 19 Typhoon Clans, and 13 Hurricane Clans have agreed to partake. Our survey responses included 50 EU clans, 56 NA clans, and 4 SEA clans. Of the members of polled clans, there are some 1660 individual members that are willing to participate in this boycott. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/hmed5e/clan_battle_cv_boycott/
  3. Decido di prendere la Yueyang e prendo qualche rischio in più montando il radar al posto dello smoke. Si parte, tutti navi di livello 10 e la ormai immancabile CV, una Midway per parte. Mi avvio verso il cap esterno, il mio team di supporto rimane dietro, 2 Battleships e 2 Crusiers. A metà via tra il cap e il mio team vengo spottato dalla Midway. Niente panico, nessun altra nave mi punta i cannoni, comincio qualche manovra di evasione: viro, contro viro, rallento, accelero. Boooom, i missili degli aerei al primo lancio mi tolgono il 70% dei miei HP . Cerco di avvicinarmi al mio team di supporto che è rimasto esattamente la dietro dove li avevo lasciati per un disperato supporto AA . Gli aerei della Midway ritornano sopra il mio ponte, tento ancora qualche manovra evasiva., secondo lancio di missili...BOOOM, AFFONDATO. STOP CON QUESTO SCHIFO DI CV. Mi appello a tutti i giocatori di DD (che sono sempre meno) e suggerisco di: - Smettere di giocare i DD e usare navi con la migliore AA possibile: Minotauro, Des Moines, Worcester, ecc. Facciamo in modo che le partite siano senza DD (già sono sempre di più rispetto al passato le partite con un solo DD). - Se proprio amate i DD come me, è necessario un urgente cambio di stile di gioco. Finita la pacchia del DD nave di prima linea che deve andare in cap e spottare (molti stanno per pensare che questa cosa era finita da tempo con i tanti radar e che tanti giocatori di DD abbandonano già cap e spot, cose però che per il mio stile non mi sono appartenute) . No No No, stop. In caso di presenza di CV, specie quelle T10, o il DD è affiancato da 1 o 2 crusier o ciao ciao cap e nave di prima linea, la primi linea diventa quella dei Crusier e del team di supporto. NO AA SUPPORT --> NO CAP, NO SPOT. Qualsiasi altro suggerimento e azione per cambiare questo SCHIFO prima di abbandonare il gioco verso altri titoli sono ben accettati. Tengo a sottolineare inoltre che questo post non ha nessun intendo critico verso i giocatori di CV ne verso qualsiasi altro giocatore ma la critica va invece a quelle persone che hanno ideato e hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questa nuova logica delle CV's a cui dico un bel BRAVO/BRAVI (sarcastico). Ciao Ciao capitani. Edit: di seguito il video registrato dell'accaduto, perdonatemi se nella narrazione scritta le navi non corrispondo con esattezza al video, ho scritto il post andando a memoria il giorno dopo la partita: