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Found 16 results

  1. XxxAgresivaisxxX

    [KES] Killer Elite Squed

    [KES] Killer Elite Squad Requirements Must have 53% Win rate in random battles. Must have T10 ships Must be willing to play competitive games against other clans in tournaments Must have discord to communicate and must use it actively Must be able to speak English Discord https://discord.gg/ZSgHMV In game can find XxxAgresivaisxxX https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500158204,KES-Killer-Elite-Squad/ What we can offer? We, no doubt under dogs as compared to other renowned clans but with your help we can improve Chance to play competitive games against other clans Chance to learn and improve your mistakes to get better at your game Able to receive clan port abilities Able to get rewards for next clan battles missions Able to play in clan wars and future competitive events Helping inexperienced players learn. Friendly members And we actively participate in Clan Battles. We offer clan wars rewards for every single members in our clan.We have played with 4 teams last season just to allow people to get their rewards Be a part of a fun community as well as enjoying your game. If you wish to join us leave your name below. contact to : Agressivais
  2. Der Name sagt alles! Gelegentliches bis häufiges Vorkommen von Ironie, Sarkasmus, doofes Gelaber, Salz und auch Frust sind nicht ausgeschlossen. Zur einfacheren Kommunikation verwenden wir gerne Discord (jedoch keine Pflicht). Der Clan ist neu ziemlich neu gegründet und befindet sich im Aufbau. Ziel ist primär gemeinsames Schiffe versenken ohne Verpflichtungen. Natürlich ist dabei auch der Wille zu gewinnen nicht zu vernachlässigen. Sollte irgendwann mal die Möglichkeit bestehen Clangefechte zu fahren, dann gerne auch, jedoch nicht zu verbissen! Wenn euer Interesse geweckt ist, dann einfach bewerben oder für weitere Infos gerne persönlich per PN an Orcus78 oder auf unserem Discord https://discord.gg/X9tMCDW Aufgrund Job und RL kann es auch mal etwas dauern bis eine Antwort kommt. Dafür schon mal vielen Dank für euer Verständnis.
  3. Hi everyone, So I've started playing wows 8 weeks ago or something like that. I was a bit sceptical on the "depth" of the game at the beginning (having played quite a lot of NavyField back in the days), but I was actually surprised (in a good way), sure the personalisation of you ship is a bit "rudimental" compared to what I'm used to, but I really like some other stuff ( like damage management with angling etc...) . Anyway I'm looking for advices from experimented players on how to actually play well. I think I've been doing okayish but I might have trouble actually helping my team to win. I've been playing CL/CA mainly, but also BB, CV, and DD in that order. I'm an absolutely terrible DD player, bit I'm getting better. I'm kind of confused on what to do/where to go as a DD. Most of the times my torpedoes completely miss my target and if I get spotted by an enemy DD who wants me dead there's almost 90% chance that I'm gonna be dead in the next minute. I'm a bit better in battles with few destroyers. I also try to cap, but most of the time that just leads me to a quick death. i'm not a lot better as a BB... I'm legit happy when my damage exceed 35k. Which is ridiculous. I get A LOT of ricochet but i just refuse to use HE as a BB. Should I ? I tend to be better with cruisers, although i regularly receive extremely high damage from good BB players, then I have to be really careful on when to engage or when not to. I think I'm pretty good as a CV. That might because that's what I mainly used to play in Navyfield. Sorry about that, I hear you guys hate CVs. Although I don't really see why because most of the time they're not really a problem to me. Maybe the problems starts at higher tiers, I don't know... Also is there any website where you can see more detailed stats about your profile than the "official" website ? Thanks to anyone who wants to help a struggling new player. Maybe I should join a clan ? I don't know...
  4. I am a returning player(new account) and I have some problems. I almost forgot everything about this game and I wanted to try it again. After I reached Tier V with the German BB line and Tier III with German CA line my problems started. First my problems with BB: It seems like my shots are going everywhere except on my target. It feels like my enemys have some kind of "shield", so that my shots land right next to them My positioning sucks. Either i die early in the game or i am the last one alive vs 5 opponents I dont know which ammo type to use. It feels like that I have always the wrong ammo type loaded for specific situations. Now my problems with CA: I cant get in range to deal damage. There is always the one dd that spots me and I just die because of barrage or torps If i get in range my damage just sucks. My best game with Königsberg was something like 40k dmg and that just feels bad I don´t know if these are just normal newbie problems or i just suck. I would appreciate some help. And if someone want to play with me and explain to me what I am doing wrong/right I would appreciate it(Preferably in German, but english is fine too).
  5. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    Are you a bad DD player? Are you an average DD player? Are you a new DD player? Are you struggling in your DD to deal with CV's? Apparently CV's are fine. It's your fault and you'll never learn anyway so WG couldn't give a crap about you...
  6. Oases of the Seas looking to recruit. I'm fairly new to the game so a bit wet behind the ears, in need of improvement and guidance. I have 2 other clans members but they are not as active as I'd like (due to IRL matters). You don't have to be a sweat, I'm just looking for a few players to play with and build a mighty clan with. You don't have to be good new comers welcome, as long as you communicate and take it a little serious at times that's all I ask. English speaking only (that doesn't mean if you don't speak much English you can't join, it just means that's all I speak lol) I already have Tiers I-VIII clan upgrades across the board
  7. LoveYouTooBuddy

    Günther Lütjens

    Hello. What happened to the Günther Lütjens? If someone have information/speculation about Günther Lütjens I will be happy to read them. For me I want my Lütjens to be awarded upon completion some sort of Bismarck focused campaign. Oh and if you don't know what unique traits to use: Master Adrenaline Rush Master Advanced Firing Training Master Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament And every secondary kill to give fireworks!! (And maybe heal you a bit ^^) I like fireworks... Edit2: Added a Poll. Edit: Here is all the info I found so far: Announced at Gamescom 2019. "Günther Lütjens - Kriegsmarine admiral. During World War II he both commanded Scharnhorst and Gneisenau’s successful raid in Atlantic, and lead the last operation of the legendary Bismarck. He went down with his ship in May of 1941 fighting the British Royal Navy." Wikipedia link. Drawing vs Picture of him: Traits info: "We will share the details about these commanders’ traits later in the development blog." Comment about campaigns and captains from MrFingers: Final edit In conclusion: As some people predicted, WG released extremely weak (and expensive) german commander. I feel disappointed, but it serves me right for thinking that this time it was going to be different, even after witnessing all of WG's scams, bias and all around shitty practices. Well done, great job, 2019 made me lose the last shreds of good faith I had in your company.
  8. hi guys, so I just finished updating wows to and my game has been freezing ever since. so every time I get to a position, the game would always say "not responding". my ping and fps are fine btw. suggestions?
  9. LordBodoM

    [17PRO] rekruteert

    Ahoi shipmates, Na enkele clans waarbij de commanders 70+ dagen niet online geweest zijn, de olie nutteloos lag te vergaren en niemand ooit initiatief nam, heb ik besloten om er zelf maar eentje op te richten. Primair doel: FUN! Graag stel ik u bij deze dus een nieuwe clan voor: De 17 Provinciën [17PRO] Voor zij die opgelet hebben tijdens de lessen geschiedenis zal deze naam bekend in de oren klinken. Mijn idee is om een groepje (Nederlandstalige) spelers bij elkaar te krijgen die het spel vooral voor de fun spelen. Er zijn genoeg clans waar de (semi)professionele spelers terecht kunnen dus ligt de focus van deze clan vooral op de 'chille' gamers onder ons. *Kun je maar 1 keer per week het ruime sop kiezen? No Problem! *Speel je liever solo? No Problem! *Zuig je zo hard dat je niet eens kan winnen van een stelletje ongeopende mosselen? No Problem! Het is en blijft een spel en moet vooral entertainend blijven. Divisions starten en/of joinen is louter vrijblijvend. Merk je dat je goed en leuk kan samenspelen met mede-clanleden en wil je deelnemen aan clanbattles en -brawls, go for it! Wat wij vragen: - Respecteer ieders' speel-ritme - Gedraag u als een volwassen persoon - Have Fun! Wat wij bieden: - (nog) niet veel, sorry :-/ - Een easy-peasy omgeving waar niks moet en alles kan - Ondersteuning voor zij die willen samenwerken Hopelijk krijgen we enkele leuke mensen bij elkaar die af en toe plezier kunnen maken zonder al te veel verplichtingen. Tot aan de kade! LordBodoM
  10. Hello, I'm pretty new at this game I used to play a couple of years ago and I had a blast winning games after games but now when I picked it up I've been pulling my hair out in frustration. I lose games after games and I don't see how I'm doing anything wrong, I think I play great with high hit rate from my main battery and decent average damage per battle. However I've been matched with team8s who all die within 5 min half of us remain and there is nothing I can do to change the course of the match in our favour. And being a WG game, I'm victim to "tomato" and other elitist crap. It's extremely frustrating, is there something you can see from my statistics what I'm doing wrong because I can't see it.
  11. Hello, I'm not the one to rant on the forums, but yesterday in 2 consecutive games i've encountered every decent random player's nightmare. 1. T7 game, a Mutsu in my team launched torps from behind me, 2 salvos in a few minutes, towards the enemy. The first hit me, and the second killed me as I was not looking at his torps. The person in the Mutsu had 500 games, no T2 silver ship unlocked but a T7 Premium in the port. 2. T7 game, an Atlanta was suspiciously out of position in Neighbors, after checking his stats, he had a total of 28 games, and a T7 premium to play in random games. I have asked the person, why doesn't he play lower tears until he learns the mechanics, because he will just get owned and dislike/hate the game. His answer was "Because i like to blow sh*t up" - in an Atlanta out of range of everything... I understand that WG is a business and generates revenue by selling ships, and with the Steam release we will see more and more of these players, who more often than not, are our team-mates. Wouldn't it be possible that WG actually implements a system where, if a person doesn't have at least a T5 silver ship for example, they can only play their payed for premiums in COOP? So they keep playing the game, and the other part is selling ships. Because something has to be done. And not to mention, that MM is so bad that some games end faster than a WoWs Blitz game.
  12. Hiya folks, New clan here, called the "Night Witches". Well, we are relatively new, just 3 months actually, but already about 15 strong. We're a casual group, so dont take ourselves to seriously, but help towards naval battles is always an advantage, so we do ask that you are an active player and participant! We play regular games most nights of the week and have two live streams on twitch.tv/natswright, one on Tuesday evenings from around 4pm BST/GMT, the other 4pm BST/GMT on Sundays. We have our own discord and teamspeak servers too, details on application to the group will be provided. Most battles are Randoms or Operations, so that we can involve as many clan members as possible in games. We're a friendly bunch and welcome like minded players. Our aim is to build a fun and friendly community for all members to enjoy. Before you join, please do pop into one of my Twitch streams and our Discord, introduce yourself. Once we get to know you a bit, we can get you involved in the clan! You may notice that we are called the "Night Witches", a fearsome groups of female Russian pilots who flew night missions. The struck fear into the hearts of there foe's and had a formidable reputation. Of course this doesnt mean we are a CV focused group, or and exclusively female player group either! All are welcome to join! Thanks Natalie
  13. Hiya folks, Just thought I'd mention that i'm a new WoW streamer, and i'd be grateful if you'd check my channel out! I'm a small streamer, looking to branch out from being a single game streamer. I'm new to the game and still learning, so happy to take advice from viewers. Who are you? I'm Natalie and my twitch channel is twitch.tv/natswright, I'm new to the game. I'm an established Elite Dangerous streamer, but have recently moved to playing World of Warships, so am relatively unknown in this game. When do you stream? I'm a part time streamer, but do try to stick to a regular schedule, which I work around my full time job! Tuesdays 7pm to midnight GMT (not always ships, sometimes Elite Dangerous) Wednesdays 7pm to midnight GMT Sundays 4pm to 7pm GMT (this occasionally varies between 10am and 4pm start times) I'm looking to stream more if I can, but it can be tricky to find the time, extra broadcasts are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm GMT. Where can you find me? @natsrambles (twitter) twitch.tv/natswright (twitch) youtube.com/natswright (youtube) discord.io/KuQ5KpQ (discord) Feel free to join the discord or discuss the streams here! Do you have a Clan Yes! We are called the "Night Witches", and welcome new members What other games do you play or stream? Among others, these... Elite Dangerous & other space games World of Tanks Rainbow Six Siege Supreme commander to name but a few... Thanks for reading this, your support means a lot! I'm hoping to become a CC, but need to grow my channel sufficiently, so please check it out!
  14. ProjectX2


    Hello E1 DR34D is the name of the clan The point with this clan, is to help people in this game So if you need someone to play division with, or need help with how to play your ship Cap points modules and so on, you are more then welcome to join Easy going, no hard cap or skill limited You are more then welcome to check my stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/550738642,ProjectX2/ Come on Discord for a talk https://discord.gg/yHJfAME
  15. Slajov

    T8 OGNEVOI 2.0

    Vous remarquerez l'extrême pauvreté de mon arsenal. Ça y est, je viens de le débloquer ! Des conseils ? Où placer mes points de commandent ? Quelles améliorations acheter ?Graphiquement, il est plutôt joli, comme la plupart des navires russe passé le Tier V j'ai envie de dire, et ressemble au niveau des statistiques à peu près à son prédécesseur. Il est plus robuste que le Gnevny, et la rotation des tourelles (au nombre désormais de deux) a été considérablement réduit ! 18s contre presque 30s ! Question maniabilité, on y perd beaucoup, un nœud de moins, soit 37 contre 38, 6,6s pour le basculement du gouvernail, 4,8s quand amélioré contre 4,4, mais bon, ça ne va pas s'améliorer avec les tiers suivant : 6,7s pour le Kiev, 8,5s pour le Tashkent. La dissimulation aussi en pâtit, passant ainsi de 6,8km à 7,5km. Les plus, c'est la défense antiaérienne et l'impressionnante vitesse des torpilles, avec 70 nœuds, il surpasse aisément ses homologues japonais (63n) et américains (64) de même tiers.
  16. anonym_sngxMubCbqzo

    Freedom Containers, Level 4, Missions.

    EDIT, _________________________________________________________ As answered in the thread, the chance for missions was removed, so anyone stumbling upon this thread, you wont get missions from Freedom Containers. My problem was that I watched Youtube videos of these containers being opened, saw each and everyone one get missions with far lesser quantities, they also mentioned the missions themselves was not in the description of the item. So I naturally and completely logically as a new player who as entirely expected did not thoroughly read every patch note before him, got those containers with the expectations to receive the same rewards, I did not, the chance were removed. I'm fully aware that it is far-fetched of me to expect them to have considered this scenario, it was just after all an UNFORTUNATE situation, so I will recommend a small description to be added notifying any future costumers of it. As it so happens I'm a first time costumer in WoWS and hopefully my feedback will be helpful. _________________________________________________________ OP, Hello, I was gifted some $$ by a family member to help boost my start in our World of Warships adventures, among them 25 Freedom containers, few problems, but it's late so I thought I'd turn here for some guidance. It was mentioned to me they should contain a chance at some missions for Ships of various tiers and classes, having nothing better to do this late I opened them. To my dismay as I opened container after container I did not see a single mission. I understood later that I needed to progress my "Level" to use the other items which is fine, but fact remains not a single mission was to be seen in those containers, from my googling adventures it seems they should have a pretty high chance to "drop". So I'm wondering, by opening them at such a low level (level 4) did I inadvertently reduced my chance of getting the missions to zero? All the best Hanikamu