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Found 7 results

  1. Apologies to @Ocsimano18 but I too was busy clipping these images as a digest. New "Predator" Camo for Somers IJN Hizen announced as the main Dockyard reward for New Year. 26 stages, 22 can be completed in missions/Directives. Stages can be unlocked for 1,950 Doubloons each. Dockyard will span two updates 0.9.12 and 0.10.0 and will remain until 0.10.1. 7,800 Doubloons but might be early adoption discounts. IJN Yahagi will be the intermediate reward at stage 15. IJN Tachibana will be initial reward at Stage 5. 1,425,000 credits compensation for Tachibana 4,000 Doubloons compensation for Yahagi This is all supposed to be in the dev blog soon. Edit: missed this one. New expendable camo "Winter Patterns".
  2. HI all, [Poll]: How many Directives (0-7) will you be able to finish in WoWs v0.8.11 (Christmas / New Year) ? I didn't buy "Gorizia" beforehand and I managed to finish the 3rd Directive (it was huge task due to Christmas / New Year family obligations and very limited time to play)... that will be my maximum effort... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Captain_Strawberry

    Lunar Missions

    So the lunar missions are out. What is this S. Dragon? Looks like another Myōkō clone to me.
  4. What do you want for wows in 2017? These poll results will be interesting.
  5. As I know that some of you are waiting to midnight, I have decided to give you something to do: a reverse elimination thread. Quick Rules change to speed things along: 1: 1 vote per person every 10 minutes 2: all ships start on 15 points 3: as this is reversed, you add one to the worst ship and take away three from the best ship. 4: At midnight, ships still with points are ranked based on remaining points The list: Mikasa: 15 Smith: 15 Emerald: 15 Kazny Krym: 15 All fighter setup CVs: 15 Pensacola: 15 Campbeltown: 15 Nurnburg: 15 Happy New Year! (add any bad ships I missed in as we go along)
  6. who_dares_wins

    New year achievements

    Good start: Win one battle Hoarder 2017: Get all the other achievements Break the bank: Earn 2,017,000 credits An epic journey: Travel 201.7 km Tin Can: Open 17 containers Aiming? Too much effort; 25 secondary hits To the bottom: hit one Cruiser, one destroyer, one battleship and one aircraft carrier with torpedoes Feeling good: 17 battles with signal flags
  7. Zamuchryshkin

    The Navygaming.team congratulates you!

    Fellows! Guys! Friends! Sailors and Captains! The Navygaming.team congratulates you with such great and important holidays (the first one - Christmas - was already celebrated without us =( ). We wish you to spend the New Year's time (this is 8760 hours!) on implementation all your wishes, on making your life more helpful for others. You would probably ask why our team does not any magazines for you as we promised some time ago. We are still working on our projects including not only unique magazine issues but even videos! Also, we need your help to realize all the things mentioned. You will have a unique opportunity to join us very soon! And now I have a qusetion for you guys... Do you have a Christmas-tree nearby? Yes? Go and find the present that Santa-sailor brought you from the Navygaming's santacraft carrier! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Navygaming.team