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Found 1 result

  1. (So what we know from a gameplay perspective is that it will be a cruiser. This is important as it lets us know how much HP it will have.) Hull Displacement (full load): 42 300 metric tons HP: 86 900 (calculated from displacement at full load) Size: L273.6m, B32m, D9.2m Engine: 280 000 shp, 35.5 knots max speed Armor: 180mm belt, 50mm upper deck plating (like Moskva), otherwise most likely 25mm bow and stern since WG treats this like a cruiser Aircraft catapult: n/a Other potential Consumables: AA, Hydro, Radar (you never know with WG), Heal Main Armament 3x3 12"/62 (305mm) SM-33 pattern 1948, http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_12-62_m1948.php RoF: 3.26 RPM, 18.4 second reload Velocity: AP 950m/s, HE 700m/s Alpha: AP 9200 (calculated from shell weight and shell velocity), HE ~4200, ~28% firechance Penetration: 595mm@9140m, 432mm@18290m, 312mm@27430m (click here for penetration curve) Turret: 4.5 degrees per second traverse, 40 second 180 degree turn. 240mm face armor on turret. Range: Most likely over 20km Secondary Armaments 6x2 130mm/60 BL-109A, 167.4dps@5.7km 6x4 45mm SM-20-ZIF, 123.6dps@3.5km 10x4 25mm 4M-120, 84dps@3.1km Torpedoes: n/a Edit: added link to a pen curve Changed AP alpha to a rounded down value rather than rounded up. Found out from my calculation Moskvas alpha was rounded down from 5986 to 5800. My calculation put Stalingrad at 9386 AP alpha so I round it down to 9200 rather than round up to 9400 as I did before edit. Changed health to a value rounded down as close to Moskva's rounded down value as much as possible