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Found 12 results

  1. KapitaenvonMueller

    European research tree?

    Now that we have the Pan-Asian research tree with more or less unknown and maritime historically insignificant ships, I wonder if it would be an idea for the developers of WoWs to create a "mixed european" tree. I think of interesting and sometimes well-known ships such as the spanish battleships of the Espana class, the smallest dreadnoughts in the world. Not to mention the heavy cruisers of the Baleares class who played a role in the Spanish Civil War. Or the dutch cruisers and destroyers such as the Tromp, Java, De Ruyter or Korteneer, who, among other things, fought with the Exeter against the japanese in the pacific and indian oceans. If you take the ships of the smaller european states together, you get a nice little fleet together. I would be interested to know how you think about it. Would you like to build such a research tree or at least play one or the other ship as a premium ship? I would be glad, if you would comment on it!
  2. TooSexyForCS

    Viribus Unitis

    Dear Wargaming, I been with you almost from the start. I enjoyed your game very much. There is one wish I have, one thing I desire. As a member of inland nation, there is no chance there ever will be Bohemian navy (Unless that April fools day joke you pulled on us last year - well played). But there is one ship that I feel we have been part of, both by flesh (material) and blood (sailors). That ship is of course Austro-Hungarian empire dreadnaught, SMS Viribus Unitis. When I looked at the ship model at Vieanna Arsenal, ever since then I feel proud about this majestic vessel. Bohemia supplied armor plates, secondary guns and some other parts of the ship, and I felt proud about the time we were part of the Empire. Dear Wargaming, please, add this ship to the game. Yours sincerely, TooSexy
  3. Como habréis podido comprobar en la sección noticias generales de la página principal ( https://thedailybounce.net/2016/08/17/world-of-tanks-gamescom-2016-leaks/ ) , los cruceros británicos han levado anclas y ya navegan camino de introducirse en World of Warships, por ello aquí voy a compartir unas imágenes que se han podido obtener de los mismos para que podáis disfrutar de ellos y alentar el anhelo por incluirlos en la flota personal. TIER I - Black Swan. TIER II - Weymouth. TIER III - Caledon. TIER IV - Danae. TIER V - Emerald. TIER VI - Leander. TIER VII - Fiji. TIER VIII - Edinburgh. TIER IX - Neptune. TIER X - Minotaur. Estoy deseando poder capitanearlos en los océanos del juego. ¡¡Zafarrancho de combate!! Un cordial saludo.
  4. Dear WG, is there any future plans t have a free exp cruiser in the future to wait it. I'm sure many players would love to know
  5. audipower_2013

    dutch ships from holland

    when do the start on dutch battel ships like the zeven provincien ore the ruyter
  6. T0byJug

    New Prem Pre orders

    I understand from some ones post yesterday that these new Ships appier in your port as soon as you buy them! If this is true what they like? Seriously considering the JAP cruiser and would like some opinions by players that have played it.. Main point i would like to now is is it fun!!!
  7. Chernobill27

    New Ships

    Wargaming is obliged to finally introduce to the game HMS Hood,HMS Rodney,HMS King George V and as a little touch we can get the swedish HSwMS Gotland,the HMS Suffolk ,the HMS Prince of Wales ,the HMS Norfolk and the ORP Piorun.
  8. Greetings captains, something crossed my mind earlier, and I thought I'd ask you fine folks what you think about it. So, we're all waiting for new tech trees/ship lines to be released, with varying but generally substantial degrees of impatience (as evidenced by the average one new thread per day about the Royal Navy... ). The new premium ships we get occasionally just don't seem to cut it in terms of keeping the game fresh; I find myself feeling like WoWS is going a little stale these days simply because I'm where I want to be on most lines, which in most cases is T8. Right now I'm only striving for one single ship with any serious intent (Hindenburg), and play the others when the mood strikes me but without much intent to go up further in the tree. Old discussion so far, right? Well, here's a thought that I haven't seen on the forums yet afaik: What if Wargaming decided to release new lines in an incomplete state, for example only up to Tier 6 or 7, with the rest to be added at a later date? That would, depending on the player in question, keep us busy (and thus happy) for at least a couple of days, more often weeks until we'd have elited the last ship in the line. And even once that's done, would the fact that we now have to wait until we can progress further annoy us more than getting to play the earlier ships sooner made us happy? Now, I realize this idea most likely isn't going to get adopted by WG right away, for various reasons. Chief among them probably the fact that new lines probably aren't developed sequentially, as in the ships don't get developed in the order that they will appear in the tree. An even more radical approach that kinda avoids this issue would be to put new ships onto the public test server as they are finished, as a sort of preview where having continuous progression through the tree isn't as important as on the live server. Anyway, let us know what your thoughts are on this approach - good idea, bad idea? Modifications? Issues with it that I missed?
  9. SaleIrnum

    by Italian warships

    when it will be introduced in the game ships of the Italian Navy ?
  10. Greetings all, I've been looking through forums as I've seen a lot of ships being tested on public server, but I haven't had much luck finding the right sub-forum, and even search results came up short: How do I apply for testing the new ships on public servers, for example the new RM BB's and other ships? I'm playing the game alot, and I am interested in trying out the new flavours that are coming into the game, and if I go by any of my previous experiences, I would love to have had my few cents hears and included in final products. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would very much appreciate it. o7
  11. Hey, all. Been a while. Glad to be back. Really like the look of these new ships. Versatile workhorses. Up next, Italian and French cruisers, as well as the re-worked Soviet destroyers. Stay frosty. Cheers.
  12. Valdelomar

    Legend upgrades

    Hi, I am no sure to write this here, but I have a few questions, 1) Will there are New legend upgrades for the New ships as harugumo or daring? Or the legend upgrades are only for the old ships? And 2) if the rework of the CV works, their legend upgrades Will change?