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Found 4 results

  1. koshua

    Bug or New Player Limit?

    Greetings all, I have a friend who just started WoWS, the problem is that he can't access Modules, Exterior and the Tech Tree? Is this a new thing in the 5.3 update that I missed in the patch notes or is this a bug? Thanks all for the reply's.
  2. (Posting this in 'gameplay' since this is the place where I've seen it the most) Hi all It seems to me the community has degenerated into a bunch of nit-picking know-it-alls who NEVER pass up on an opportunity to bash or make fun of other posters or their opinions. Any post with a question or concern (legitimate or not), invariably degrades into 'L2P' and 'I wouldn't worry about that with _those_ stats in Kagero' etc. And by nitpicking on a minuscule detail of the OP's text, inconsequential to the actual question, the thread is effectively derailed as long as the nitpicking is provocative enough to evoke an answer. This is a surefire way to make this forum obsolete and not rebuild playerbase. Especially if said playerbase comes to the forum with questions or concerns because they have just been sealclubbed. Read this again; Player is sealclubbed. Player posts in forum. Player is ridiculed. Which is more likely: Continue or quit? This is not a long-term effective way to build a community. However, it isn't just new players that get the stick. People like Skybuckflying get bashed for _everything_, even when posting sane stuff. Basically he gets bashed because he got bashed before. This is bullying. There's no other way to put it. It's pure and simple bullying. What do you say we try to improve and, for example, not look at other people's stats before answering their questions? I know I can improve too, so I promise to try to do so. Will you too?
  3. If I have understood correctly there is no way to redeem the invite code if you are already playing the game. That is why I have decided to make a post for the generous people who want to give away their codes for new players. If this post gets a lot of attention I will be giving away my own code as well! So if you have a spare code share it! lets make the world of warships community larger by giving a bonus for the new players! -JH275 EDIT: Also if this does get a lot of attention I might make a google sheets file with the gifted codes inside. 2ND EDIT: I have decided to already share my own code since not sharing it might slow the possible spreading of this post. Also to stop comments like (no offense) Arakus' which I have realized there will be lots of. But thankyou for sharing your opinion Arakus! Code: T59MD-NBH73-W374E-UWFUT