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Found 3 results

  1. Playing these tier 3 and 4 ships having to chance against a CV really needs to buff up this AA on the ships. These low tier ships don't even have a chance against a CV what so ever with AA guns that might as well shoot marshmellows at the planes. This new AA really doesn't do a damn thing against these planes and if your a new player you don't even have a chance specially when getting constant 2 or 3 CV games. Along with players that have well over 2k games that just come to a tier 4 CV to seal club. Honestly wheres the fun for people that are brand new to this game? when 3 sets of CV's is attacking one tier 4 battle ship that has a rating of 13 for AA and cant even shoot down the planes. Where is the chance? You don't have one..... This should be changed because I would guarantee that this has made new players not want to have anything to do with this game.
  2. Palubarac

    WOWs - Motivation for New Players

    I've been thinking a bit... and I'll try to reflect those thoughts... Is WG too focused on the veteran players owning most of the ships? Seeing the updates, competitions and rewards seems like that's exactly the case. The 'Research Bureau' for example is focused only on those players, who own most of the ships and can afford to reset a few lines while still keeping a good amount of ships of various tiers for certain events such as 'Ranked', 'Clan Battles' etc. There are many more besides the RB but that's like the most recent and the 'big one'. How many changes/events/competitions/rewards are focused on new players? None, huh? While I understand that WG is looking at their spreadsheets which say that those veteran players are the ones spending most real money on the game... if you don't give the new players motivation and reason to stay and like the game, you'll never get any 'fresh blood' into the game (you can read that as 'fresh money' as well). And just to be clear... I don't expect an update to WOW introducing "Ranked season, Tier 2". Those 'events' would not be something to brag about in news articles, YT videos etc. They would be just an additional motivation and fun for new players. Rewards would be simply credits/freeXP/whatever which means a lot to those new players. Or camos/flags that brings a bit more of those things after each battle and makes obtaining next ships in the branch faster and less frustrating. I'm sure those new players would be excited about it, definitely much more than seeing all those grinds and events they cannot be a part of. I don't see why those things cannot coexist in WOWs. Hell, you could even limit those events for players who are either not older than XX days in the game or have no more than XX ships or have no more than X vessels of Y tier. You get the point. Then the veterans wouldn't care about those events at all, the prizes would be silly and not worth the time as far as they are concerned. But the new players would have some fun and 'tasks' other than pure grind for the next vessels in the 'Tech Tree' and just reading about all the events, competitions, directives etc. they cannot participate at all. By all this, I don't mean to switch focus from 'bigger events' to the 'smaller ones' but again - bringing something fresh and fun for new players while keeping all planned updates for the 'big guys'... What are your thoughts?
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recruitment Open ____________________________________________________________ Little Intro Triple X Gaming (TXG) has been around since 2010 the first game that effectively made the clan in to a community was World Of Tanks, Some of you old timers will remember us and were back, and here to stay for as long as World Of Warships wants us here. Our Aim Primary focus is we need more members, over the nine years of gaming we are spread thin these days, hit around 10 to 12 players a day, so we are active but we need some more new players, yes we are a tight bunch of dude's but in total there's roughly 35 of us left from the old days Were not looking for die hard gamer's, players that want to just do clan wars and reap the rewards may not apply, At this moment in time we can not offer you clan wars although as the numbers increase then we maybe will look at doing clan wars, We are simply just looking for causal players, Requirement The only requirement we have is that you are logged in to discord when playing World Of Warships and are 18 years of age or older, we are a mature clan where most of us are old timers Disclosure As you are aware, we are actively seeking players that are causal, we are a friendly bunch of guys and maybe dip in to clan wars if and when were able, If you wish to speak to contact us ingame here is our ingame names: Rampy, RedMistRage, Strazza, Choppa or simply jump on to our discord channel :- https://discord.gg/TR6yggA (Please Note When Joining Discord In The Welcome Lobby State Your Reason For Joining In The TXG Lobby Public So We Can Register You To The Discord) Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon TXG - Rampy