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Found 2 results

  1. csatahajos

    Introduction and Welcome!

    Dear all, old Warship Projects Forumers and World of Warship players! Welcome to the Warship Projects 4.0 version Forum, this time kindly hosted by Wargaming.net in cooperation with the grand World of Warships project. We hope that this iteration of the Forum will stay for a long long time and in the not too distant future more side projects will be started to create a long lasting archive of information for future reference. A few words for newcomers about WP: our community started as a bunch of warship enthusiast back in 2003-2004 exchanging e-mails about our favourite topic, warships of the XXth century that were projected, designed or even started cunstruction but abandoned for various reasons. After only a short while it just made sense to have a fairly closed but still free for all internet group that shares info among enthusiast and so grew WP 1.0, then after two restarts due to forum providers going down we arrived to version 4.0. After ten years of operation this community got farily large and accumulated a vast amount of information about the subject topics, which unfortunately lost to the cyberspace for the 3rd time (well there is a slight hope we get back data if our old host somehow responds to our queries...). Now learning the lessons the hard way I decided with the founding members to trust ourselves to Wargaming.net's forum system and since the game profited so far from the information we gathered it just made sense to cross our path - what's more a lot of our beloved ships are probable to appear in the game and we would like to contribute to that. Also in the long run we hope to preserve information for the future in some ways (there are ideas already for that). So I'd kindly ask all our old members to contribute again all stuff that they have saved over the years, that would act as a great starting point for discussion. What changes format wise is that we will have only one topic for each and every ship/class so as to have all info in one place - for now at least. And for all the old members wondering what World of Warships is I encourage you to click on the 'Portal' button just below the WoWS banner in the left top ;)! Welcome back everyone and let's get ready to rumble! Akos
  2. I vaguely remember this from alt_naval's old site but can't find anything on the details except that it might have been based on the Goteborg class used by Sweden's own navy. Anybody know anything else? Maybe even alt_naval's pic?