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Found 4 results

  1. So, I've been thinking about the little nerfs accumulating on Kremlin. It's good that it's getting attention, but what if curbing Kremlin was approached in a different way? What if, in addition to the next nerf which lowers the sigma, we raise the model? At the moment, Kremlin's model sits very low in the water at the midsection, and is not in line with most other BBs at this tier. Only Kurfurst is comparable, and even then its higher up than Kremlin. Yama GK Conq Repu Monty Krem and GK from another angle Not perfect screens, but I tried to get them right. You get the idea and you can also view the same in port. Right now, People complain about not being able to punish Kremlin in the side properly. If we raise the model, it should make the citadel and upper armour belt even more accessible, which would be emphasising the weakness of Kremlin to damage from the flanks, like other RU BBs. In this way, the ship keeps what is strong about it, while magnifying it's weaknesses and making it less forgiving to bad plays. It becomes easier to punish. After this and the sigma nerf, we sit on it for a while and see what happens. Though, a concealment nerf to at least 14, maybe 14.1km with full concealment build I would not be opposed to on top of these as well. Thoughts?
  2. Amis velus bonjour. Le clan RAC Raccoons As Captains recrute. Qu'est que le RAC? C'est un clan à l'esprit familial, un lieu de retrouvailles pour celles et ceux qui prennent la mer quand ils en ont le temps, un endroit où l'on discute autant que l'on joue. RAC n'est pas un clan compétitif, pas pour les acharnés, on ne vous demandera pas tout votre précieux temps libre. C'est aussi et surtout un clan d'adultes, même si aucun minimum d'age n'est imposé on attend une certaine maturité de la part des membres. Comment rejoindre le RAC ? Une petite candidature à votre serviteur par message privé in game, on discute en faisant des ronds dans l'eau en PVE et on avise. Oui, au RAC on aime bien le PVE, un bot n'est pas injurieux, un bot est reposant, un bot est un ami sur lequel on peut compter tout en lui collant des tartes. Mais le RAC ne propose pas que du PVE, d'ailleurs l'idée de monter un clan vient de l'envie de castagner en PVP un peu plus souvent entre copains. Dans l'immédiat un navire tier 5 est le minimum syndical. Raccoons ? Il n'y a donc que les ratons qui sont acceptés ? Non, bien entendu. Mais si vous avez un pseudonyme d'animal velu et sympathique alors vous devriez être admis d'office dans le RAC. Et franchement, les ratons domineront le Monde, tout le monde le sait. Même les chats en ont peur. Bien à vous. U.R
  3. Hello! A couple of patches ago, the Chung Mu got nerfed very hard. Torp reload was increased by some 16 seconds, gun reload by 0.2 seconds. This made the Chung Mu a lot less fun to play. But it's still capable as a torp boat. However, the nerf hit its ability to fight other DDs pretty hard. Pan Asian DDs already suffer in DD vs DD fights because of deep water torps. So nerfing their gun power is not a nice thing at all. Chung Mu is a fletcher class ship, it should at least have the same gun characteristics. I played the Chung Mu both before and after the nerf, and I really miss the old one. But most of all I find the DPM lacking now, especially given the lower fire chance and higher shell arcs. TLDR: Please make gun reload 3.3s again. Thanks
  4. Poitato_desu

    Nerf RU BBs

    Just nerf that crap to the ground, no ship should be imune to dmg from the front while having bs dispersion. eigher give ru BBs normal armor (aka 25mm from t5-t7 and 32mm from t-t10) or reduce the dispersion to german BB lvls, or reduce the max fiering range to 15km. alternatively give the superstructure 50k hp before it gets saturated.