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Found 7 results

  1. As the title, is AFT still recommended after all the changes to AA and carriers? (for any AA cruiser, but specifically RN - Neptune and Minotaur) I'm sceptical it's as much use as Radio Location would be, especially if radar is used now and again.. Any thoughts?
  2. Ace42X

    Ugh, Neptune

    Is it me, or is this ship a massive liability? I saw a Jingles vid, which gave me a bit more confidence, but I still find this ship a disaster to play. Yeah, I get that it has excellent *potential* DPS, but there's just so many obstacles to dealing that. Firstly: I'm scared to fire the guns on the damned thing. The armour's so bad and the citadel so vulnerable that the ~15 secs of visibility is plenty time for any BB to take a snap-shot / blind fire and potentially devastate me from any angle and distance, and that's if I just risk one salvo - to make use of the DPS you're adding nearly 5 secs to that per salvo. If I fire from my (increased radius, thanks to CO skill, but still too few puffs to keep the enemy guessing) smoke, I get still blind-fired and devastated. I can't move forwards-and-backwards in smoke as if it were a DD because the deceleraton on it is so sluggish that it takes forever to shift direction. If there's an enemy within ~7km, my smoke is redundant anyway, and I'm a sitting duck. And that's before you get to yoloing hydros and radar cruisers making smoke temporarily redundant. Okay, so we can adopt the most boring and unsatisfactory tactic in the game - island camping - to try and deal with this. That helps a fair bit, although it is incredibly passive and leaves your big pig super-exposed to anyone who can get an angle / vision on you - but it introduces you to some new problems: The enemy can simply angle against you, because no HE, at which point two-thirds of your shells turn into ricochets or shatters and the rest are subject to damage saturation problems ; and you can't control the range to your target, at which point your floaty shells take so long to reach the enemy that only someone determined to not change course one tiny bit will get hit by them. This is exacerbated by the fact that often your team will opt to use you as a human shield and move directly behind you - thereby guaranteeing that an angle against them is an angle against you and vice-versa. This is how I survive games, but with a crappy 90k damage output at best, which at Tier9 is just not good enough value; and the average is even worse if my team-mates just gift the enemy an angle on the islands and I end up getting pinned down and blapped, or if the action just doesn't fold out in my favour and I just get whiffed long-range shots and non-pens. Secondly: I'm scared to fire the Torpedoes on the damned thing. If I'm trying to keep to a second line and support my team, I'm pretty damned sure that they can and will randomly jink into any torpedoes I let loose. This is aggravated by friendly DDs' habit of picking a point about 3km in front of my smokescreen to smoke up - at which point any attempt for them to move forward or backwards in their smokescreen completely shuts down my field of fire. We all know that a friendly DD *will* do a 180 and activate their speedboost for no other reason than to catch a friendly torp or two; but even aside from the risk of killing them, I don't want to accidentally deny them area if they're trying to dodge and weave incoming enemy fire. Thirdly: I'm scared to drive the damned thing. It's feels so big and exposed that trying to kite in it seems doomed to failure - especially given the terrible gun-handling at long-range, and its vulnerability to cits from pretty much any angle. It's detection's bad enough that it's easy for the enemy to get the jump on you (especially without a 16cp captain for me to get RPF on it), at which point you're on the back foot trying to avoid getting deleted rather than trying to use the DPS to out-trade any given enemy. The angles on it just seem bad too, with you having to offer a horrible amount of broadside to get all your guns uncovered. If you're at a speed you can manouvre, you're not at a speed you can smoke up and vice versa. It's a massive ballache. Even at 30+ kts the thing just feels cumbersome and awkward even though it's notionally faster than my Eugen / Hipper and shouldn' be losing speed in turns. Fourthly: I'm scared to sit still in the damned thing. It supposedly has improved acceleration, but I can't seem to get any value out of it, the deceleration seems particularly bad. It's so damned big that the enemy has to torpedo it from miles away and at a favourable angle in order to miss you. I had a Colbert spamming continuous HE on me while I was in smoke, I was scared to return fire (aside from the fact I wasn't confident of hitting him at max range) because even without giving him continual tracers to go on, he was able to predict and lead my undetected ship's movement in the smoke before I could shift between forward and reverse to try and juke. The bad angles are even more frustrating in smoke because it's that much harder to keep an enemy ship you're targeting out of your blindspot and thus cutting your DPS in half and denying you torps on them - unless you want to offer up a broadside, at which point you're insta-deleted to blindfire. The thing just seems like a big ball of suck that relies on the enemy ignoring you and / or walking blindly into an ambush you've set up in order to achieve anything. I could see there being more value to it in a div where you can co-ordinate smokes, spotting, and having a big BB bully anyone who tries to evict you from a position - but in randoms it just feels like an exercise in futility. I've watched several youtube videos, and I really can't see what they're doing to create value other than have the enemy just ignore the totally immobile broadside Neptune sitting in a tiny puddle of smoke spamming continous damage on them - something which just doesn't happen in the games I'm playing in.
  3. Wie kann es sein das eine Alaska eine Neptune mit einer Salve komplett zerstört. wer bei WG hat sich den scheiß ausgedacht sie ist zwar nicht die best gepanzerte Schiff´, aber trotzdem ist das nicht der Grund dafür ein Schiff welches so schon anspruchsvoll zuspielen ist einfach von einem Premium der mal um eine Ecke schaut vernichtet zu werden. Bitte WG macht da was das kann einfach nicht sein. LG LordGregor
  4. Favuz

    Neptune small advices

    Hello guys, Since this week British cruiser are on discount, i decided to push a little my Edinburgh grind and buy Neptune (i'm 20k xp away, with some flags and camos it shouldn't be a problem). So i got some questions for experienced RN cruisers player. 1- Should i sell Edinburgh after sale ends? while I liked it, i'm a little short on credits, i kept Fiji and Leander and MM isn't nice with it. I got also Kutuzov Amagi and Bismarck at that tier if i have to div sometimes. 2- Which 3m upgrade should i put on Neptune? If he's similar to Edinburgh, range is useless and reload is already good, i don't want to slow my turrets. Maybe AA? 3- I got a 13 point captain (No Dunkirk) on Edinburgh that i'll translate to Neptune, basic build (Priority target, adrenaline rush, superintendent and Concealment expert). Which 4 point skill should i choose? From what i read Neptune benefits more from MAA while Minotaur is better with AFT. Keep in mind that i'll probably move this captain to Minotaur. Any other advice for last 5 points (from 14 to 19)? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi Guys Reaching out here for a bit of advise, last week i unlocked the Minotaur and i was so pleased as i loved my time in the Neptune, i had a 60% win rating in her (and the really enjoyed her) Average damage for the server (53k) Edinburgh was similar with a 57% win rating (although not as much damage) and Fiji was the same when i unlocked the Edinburgh (although when i decided to keep her and train a new captain my win rating went down as i was not able to use her as efficiently due to lower skill captain) However my experience in the Minotaur has not been good, 25 games played in her so far and i have a win rate of just 28% and below average damage (although still higher than my Neptune) Yes there has been some great games and and generally i am in the top 4 in my team in terms of scores (other than the 2 of the 3 detonations i have had) I have been playing her pretty much the same as my Neptune due to the similar speed and Armour layout. Basically get close to an island angle and position towards the enemy, pop smoke if required and open fire, hold fire and re-position rinse and repeat as standard. Am i doing anything wrong or have i just had the fastest reversal in fortune in terms of luck team wise in a good long while because although i am having fun in majority of games and scoring 60k-70k damage quite often it just gets depressing with the losses piling up. Am i doing it wrong or am i just incredibly unlucky at the moment? Cheers JaiFoh
  6. nooberg

    Should I keep them ?

    Neptune and Donskoi - should I keep them once I have Minotaur and Moskva ? I've just unlocked them and I'm not sure what to do about tier IX's Both 9's are good cruisers in their own right. Neptune - is a bit easier to answer, I think - too similar to Minotaur in just about everything. Why play it when you have the better version. Only to save a bit of silver, perhaps ? A bit better MM ? I once asked the same question about Roon and the answer was clear - no point. Donskoi is a curious beast - more similar to Chapaev than Moskva. The guns are...odd. Less fire rate than Chappy with bigger caliber, which should make up for that, but they fail to do enough damage. Also less stealth that Chapaev. Slapping IFHE still don't make them more damaging that Chapaev's. AP is better, but the opportunities to use are scarce. Most of the time I find myself spamming HE from long range. I prefer to do that in Chapaev even against T10 MM - IFHE helped him a lot. In the end I'm also not sure why should I keep Donskoi when I have Moskva and Chapaev. Anny suggestions ?
  7. Charger76

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    Dear Wargaming, You have for some reason, with two years to have thought this through better, released a terrible line of ships that you are ascribing to the Royal Navy despite the absolute supremeacy of the Royal Navy throughout the period on which World of Warships focuses on up to about 1944 when the USN overtook them. Now many Warships fans will not be Brits and therefore will not take this as a personal insult given that the worst Navy (if indeed it could be called such) of the same period is well represented in game (Russian of course) when the Royal Navy is a joke. They will however likely still be very disappointed that a Nation to whom the Navy were so important and whose lines of ships so diverse that you came with the rubbish you did. Now here is the thing: I actually get your idea as Kandly put it of "these ships will highlight the rock-paper-scissors principle more than others". I applaud this. No HE but AP that will work on thin skinned ships? Fine, very interesting, forces a different play style for sure, no spamming HE from behind / over smoke / cover, I like this, forces people to engage. "On the whole, the ships in the new branch are excellent for hunting destroyers. Their low detectability and rapid-firing guns with unique AP shells make them efficient in encounters with destroyers, the “natural” opponents of cruisers." Fantastic! Sounds like lots of fun! But in fact, complete rubbish in terms of what you have actually delivered. The thing is for "rock, paper, scissors" to apply, you must have strengths that allow you to be the paper to someone else's rock. These ships have no strengths and for the role you have ascribded for them are useless. Take "Fast firing guns"; they are not in effect fast firing at all because: 1. Turret turn speed is slow. 2. Round velocity is low. 3. Round flight arc is high. 4. Range is low. 5. Accuracy is poor. You can stick a gun firing at 1,000 RPM on deck but if it cannot turn to target and reliably put rounds on a moving and twisting target (such as the DD / CL that this line is dedicated to fight) then it's RPM / DPM is irrelevant. If I am driving a DD and see a RN CL for your idea to be working I should be at the very least wary of how I engage. Only I don't. In fact, in a Russian, Polish or American DD I laugh, switch to AP, close in (easy when enemy turret is slow turning and round velocity low) and unleash a stream of citadels: The US DD can get so many rounds in on target at 8Km or less with ease because their turret turn fast. At 6Km or less their shell's are flying pretty flat and the high rate of real world fire that fast turrets and high RPM create decimates your RN CL. The Russian DD (tier 5 up) / Polish Blys just eats RN CL's. Roughly the same or better turret rotation speed but much faster flying rounds thus much greater accuracy of fire and much harder hitting. In one game I got jumped by 3 Leanders in my Blys. About 45 seconds later I had 50% HP left and 3 full HP Leanders dead. In another took a full health Edniburgh with a near dead Benson because I could out turn him and my turrets could outturn him so I ambushed, drove counter to his line and switched to AP then put salvo after salvo into him at 4Km range for citadel heaven. I am not that good a player, the RN CL is just that unsuited to task as I hope you can understand - if you can't you should perhaps look to sell off this game as you have no hope of sustaining this. Your customers understand, hence the forums are filled with fury and there are relatively few RN ships in any given game. So how to fix this whilst actually REALLY implementing your excellent idea of creating a "rock, paper, scissors" game play and making a line that acts like a very capable DD hunter who can also ambush other harder hitting Crusiers without making the RN line OP? Simple: 1. Increase turret turn speed substantially. 2. Increase shell velocity to 950m/s so shell arc is nice & flat, round to target time is low. 3. Keep or marginally reduce the hit value. 4. Reduce range down to 14Km at most. 5. Remove smoke. It is useless anyway for the purposes of escaping as short puffs ensure that 270 - 300 dgrees of view can still spot you if you use it to cover an exit. Given the awful inertia of these ships, even at 10Kts and braking you will overshoot your smoke if the idea is to hide. 6. Increase rudder repsonse time but keep turning circle 7. Increase speed - 36 Kts for a DD hunter minimum.