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Found 6 results

  1. Perhaps this was discussed before. If you click in the poll will be useful. I have 10k and I was thinking about what could be my best option between these 3 ones: 1) War College -> +1 XP per battle 2) Design Bureau -> +5 free XP per battle 3) Academy -> +2 Commander XP per battle upgrading from level 3 to 4. I was thinking the best option for my clan is the Academy (well, we are only two members , but I can speak in plural) . The commander level will go from 19 to 21, this is in my thoughts.... We have level 4 in DryDock. Will be better to look for level 5 DryDock first (that one cost 20k oil). Thanks in advance for your tips. ==== Update : Thanks for the pool click. I will go with the second option first, Design Bureau. I am surprised nobody wrote something following this comment. Perhaps I configured wrong this ... ) Thanks anyway for the clicks
  2. Please add more buildings in the naval base or make the old ones upgrade-able. Having almost 100k oil in the naval base and not able to spend them is kind of itchy. Same story with the credits, it would be nice to be able to convert credits into coal, maybe 3~5k credits for 1 coal.
  3. Griva

    What to do with oil...

    Simple question - any plans to naval base improvement? Currently our clan (probably not only ours) have a lot of oil but we can't use it in any way because there is nothing to build in base and we can't trade it for anything else. Is there any plan to add some buildings SOON? or other option to spend collected oil?
  4. Hello, I have upgraded my naval base paying the 20000 oil price to can have 40 slots for players.. At the moment we are 30 players but when i try to invite a player i can't it. I dont know why but it says that there are not free slot for invite new players.. how is possible if I still have 10 free slots ? Thank you very much,
  5. Caucasoid_Subterfuge

    New Clan looking for regular players

    Hi all, PMPT (Per Mare Per Terram) is a new clan looking for regular players who want to take part in the future clan wars. At this time there are no joining requirements other than being regular so sign up and join the fun. We have a discord server although for the time being there is no pressure to be on voice chat. You can sign up either in game; just look for PMPT in the clan search, message me or reply on the forums here and one of us will get back to you as son as possible. Happy hunting.
  6. Hallo, ich bin jetzt so bei Tier 4/5 angekommen und hab seit dem neuen Update durchaus Interesse einem Clan beizutreten. Mir geht es dabei hauptsächlich um die Naval Base, nicht so sehr um Divisionskämpfe. Bin ca. 6-Mal pro Woche online und hole dann mindestens einen Container. Ich möchte kein TS nutzen, da meine Familienmirglieder dadurch leicht gestört werden und die wirklich empfindlich bei sowas sind. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn jemand mich in seinem Clan haben will. Mfg, Drehwitz