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Found 6 results

  1. anonym_jRNsHFlzpHCL

    Funny WoWs player names

    Lets share all the funny player names you have seen in your battles. I did couple days ago see player named Luttsex_Bover
  2. red_eye1980

    Player's Names

    I know this is only a minor thing for most. Maybe this could even go in the mod section if there is a mod for it. Now that clans have been introduced, some player names have become much longer. So before the mission starts at the loading screen I can no longer read someone's full name, especially if he is part of a clan. Shouldn't WG make the space wider so the full name can be displayed? And/or if it is too long, make the fonts smaller, so that the full name fits? Nothing major really. Also if there is a mod for that could you please point me to the right direction? Thank you.
  3. Hej, Eine Idee, die hier vielleicht schonmal in der ein oder anderen Form gekommen ist. Wieso kann man die Schiffe nicht weiter persönlich anpassen? Damit meine ich die Bemalung und Namen des Schiffes. Ich zum Beispiel wuerde meinen Schiff gerne gerne eigene Namen geben (soll bei Schiffen ja ueblich sein) oder es zumindest in irgendeiner Form anpassen. Die Beflaggung finde ich ehrlich gesagt da nicht sehr reizvoll. Gibt es bereits Pläne in diese Richtung oder irgendeine Form von Entwickler-Feedback? Cheers
  4. licky_2014

    a little help......please

    i know someone is going to say....... wrong forum, it's been asked before, etc can ANYONE tell me how to get the name of the player and/or ship to stay visible during game play permanently, if it is possible. thanks for your answers in advance
  5. Mechanicon

    Ship Names

    Hi All, Just thought an interesting thing to add into game, being able to add ship names and numbers in game. Such as USS Missouri BB-63. Not sure it is possible but it would add "depth" to the game and can increase the customisation option. thank you Mech
  6. RealTanku

    World of Warships - Glossary of Terms

    Hello everyone, Given the date, I believe it's time to put a few chuckles on our faces. Therefore, I've decided to put together a little list of names and references that strives to sum up how each player/ship is seen within the game by the 'friendly' community. These terms are collected and/or invented as they've been encountered, so feel free to add your own to make the list bigger. Note: List contains hefty doses of sarcasm. So, without further ado: Ship Classes - Destroyers / Cheating Noobs A class that absolutely anyone ever can play. They have torpedoes and are always invisible. Anyone can do that if they have this little cheat. Of course you don't need any skill, tactical thinking or planning to do this. I've tried it in my Tier 3 destroyer! It always works! - Cruisers: Regular Noobs Always charge ahead. If you're not charging, you're a camping noob. If you're charging too hard, you're a stupid noob. Stop turning the ship, will you? Just go forward, fight and die! Oh, you died? What a noob... - Battleships: Whining Noobs Waaaah! Torpedoes hit me! They're OP. Nerf them! Waah! Carriers are OP. Nerf them! In fact, just take them out of the game. Take the enemy battleships out too! Just leave only battleships on my team and light cruisers on the enemy's. That's fair! - Carriers: Overpowered Noobs I don't care if they have to manage a hundred things at once, and it takes patience. They're overpowered! Take them out of the game! Replace them with War Dinghies! Player Types - The Admiral "BBs on port side! Set azimuth two-eight-zero! Man the barbettes!" May or may not have any previous knowledge of combat vessels. If they didn't, they do now! And they'll flaunt it! Everyone that doesn't understand their jargon is an ignorant noob! Don't even dare try and call them "skipper" or you won't hear the end of it! - The Too-Later Starts yelling at their team to protect cap when it's already started. Yells that a flank has been lost way after the enemy is in this half of the map. Tells players who or what's shooting at them... after they've been shot. Always complains that their friendly advice isn't taken into consideration. - The Ghost of Nelson (© Jingles) In life, they were nothing but a suiciding cruiser, thinking they're a great match for that battleship one tier higher. In death, however, all their tactical potential is unleashed and they know the one true way to win the game. They will give out individual advice, post-mortem, to each ship. Disobedience means an earful of insults, so be wary! - The World of Tanks Player Noob team! OMG noobs. U suck. Uninstall game! Reported! [edited]noobs! *May or may not attempt to drive their ship like a tank, avoiding broadsides and prefering to attack while facing you. If that won't work, ramming is always a solution! - The Foreigner Cohort Two players, searching for love, share a "Siema PL" in a game... and it's love at first sight. They will chat their life away in their native tongue, their stories, their impression - all instead of playing the game. World of Warships becomes their own personal eHarmony, others be damned! Because nothing makes teamwork better than impressions over 50 Shades of Grey... in bulgarian. And to end my post, a little quote of my own: A good player will tell his team what he intends to do, at the start of the match. A bad player tell his team what they SHOULD HAVE done, at the end.