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Found 6 results

  1. Ah_Jae

    Cannot Buy Module Mutsuki

    Yesterday, after earning enough experience I was finally able to purchase the MUTSUKI, but to my surprise, I kept pressing the buy modules icon but kept seeing three letters of the (MON) of the MONARCH instead of the Module. So I could not but the module. I logged out and logged in and could get to buy the module. For the record, I have been playing this game since alpha testing period, and I do have the alpha tester black flag in my original account. So don't tell meI don't know about how the game works! Funny thing is, I do have fast internet and I do play all the servers including the steam, so fix this problem. Please fix this!
  2. laBanshee

    how do i mutsuki?

    guys i have had a very difficult time in the IJN T6 mutsuki. I am an average dd player. I have high-caliber quite often with my isozaki and K R. However, i do not know how to drive the mutsuki. I often end up no contribution at all except capping in her. any advise please (beside to free XP her)?
  3. JapLance

    [] IJN Destroyer Mutsuki

    While browsing www.the-blueprints.com for something not related to WoWs I came across a curious profile for Mutsuki. It caught my attention because I thought all Japanese destroyers were painted grey, with no camo patterns. I investigated a bit and found out that this may be not a 1944 pattern, but an experimental one developed by the Imperial Japanese Navy before the attack on Pearl Harbor. As usually Japanese ships are in uniform grey colour, I decided to try to do this one to give some variety to the game. So, this is the resulting work. I used the original skin to represent the Japanese destroyer Mutsuki in 1941 a few months prior to the start of the Pacific war. It may be inaccurate, and I don't think Mutsuki went to war with it, but... who cares :-p. Hope you like it. IJN Destroyer Mutsuki v2.0 v2.0 Updated to fit changes in WoWs patch 0.5.15 v1.0 1st release version 140 views and not a single comment...
  4. Cmd_exe

    Mutsuki oder Minekaze?

    Grüss Gott ihr wackeren Kapitäne Ich habe eine sehr lange WoWs Pause gemacht und als Wiedereinsteiger stehe ich nun vor der Frage welchen japanischen Zerstörer ich zuerst erforschen soll. Zur Auswahl stehen die Mutsuki und die Minekaze. Welche davon würdet ihr mir empfehlen? Freundliche Grüsse, Cmd_exe
  5. Llevo un poco jugando y estoy desarrollando la rama de destructores japoneses, ya que me gusta el gran alcance de sus torpedos y poder tirarlos sin ser detectado. Tengo suficientes puntos con el isokaze como para desarrollar el tier v, sin embargo, no se que rama de destructores es mejor. ¿Aconsejan desarrollar el minekaze o el mutsuki?.
  6. OttoKretschmer


    En vue du nerf qui va faire perdre son 2e set de TLT, je me suis dis que je vais retester pour voir ce que ca donne (et pour remplir ma mission quotidienne de torp). Et en fait je crois que c'est ma meilleure partie sur ce navire ! Le gain de vitesse des torps à 7km fait que c'est plus facile de viser, il y a moins de proba que la cible ai eu envie de changer de direction entre temps. Ce qui pose plus pb c le +300m de détectabilité par contre, parce qu'il m'arrive régulièrement d'être un peu juste, me faire détecter avant de disparaitre à nouveau