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Found 41 results

  1. Nokori_Timido

    Looking for a specific OST

    So... I really like the music that plays when your on the Collection screen while using the Hamburg port. Ive tried to find it but to no avail. If anyone knows what OST it is or what its called please tell me.
  2. _Thor_Odinson_

    Port Music request

    I love most of the WoWS ports, but one or two are my favorites and i switch regularly between them. One thing that irks me tho is, the my two favoritest ports have rather annoying/uninteresting music. I'd like to request to add a music changer to the ports, so i can play the music from other ports, i.e. Hawaii/ Halloween port on the Fjords port. Pls gib WeeGee! @Crysantos and @Tuccy, pls forward this idea to the DEVs. I know there are other priorities atm (like finishing the CV rework^^), but i'm sure, if they set their minds to it, they can squeeze some time in for this to happen. It's a minor change, but can improve the game experience. regards Thor
  3. Hi all I'm a really big fan of the wows music so I decided to extract them from the game and convert them into mp3 files for you to enjoy! Some of the songs I couldn't find in the game files so I had to look them up online. Download is here (V2.2): https://mega.nz/#!p8l3mQhB!vVIeeW0V7oTs3Pz2NDN0WolKc3LsME31amQhtz5Zi0s Version 2.0 mainly changes the order of all the songs, as well as adding new tracks and offering you a better quality version of older tracks. Part 0 are all the songs you hear in-game when no threat is present yet (Approaching Enemy). Part 1 includes all the songs you hear when battling. They also include some of the old and removed songs from the game. Part 2 are the loading screen themes. Part 3 are the port themes. Part 4 are the trivial tracks, such as the victory and defeat theme, as well as some examples of modular soundtracks. I'll try and update the album as soon as there are new soundtracks in the game, so stay tuned for that. Enjoy listening! New in version 2.2: - New musician on board! Svetlana Zubova! - Added the Christmas port special songs '808', as well as 'OST 0-65 - Echoes of War' and 'OST 3-300 - Edmond'. - Rearranged some music files.
  4. panzer2222panzer

    Just a hopeless question

    I am searching for the song at the end of the guilio's armada video ( here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDsFREeeSiA&feature=youtu.be&t=290) If someone knows it , I would be so damn happy! (hoping Im at the right place for asking such things) Best regards.
  5. czaki222

    Music to go with WoWS

    I am trying to find more music that would fit the gameplay of WoWS. I am giving some examples of what I am looking for. Bear McCreary - Battle: Bear McCreary - Prelude to War: Bear McCreary - Storming New Caprica: Bear McCreary - Battle On The Asteroid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ljN7eqmkVg Bear McCreary - Mandala In The Clouds: Cris Velasco - Valkyrie Run: Paul Ruskay - Homeworld 2 - Battle 1: John Williams: The Battle of Hoth: Starlancer OST - Black Sun: Haegemonia OST - Battle 2: John Williams - The Asteroid Field (fits some fast DD play): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVycvLAFXmc There's also an article on Kotaku that recently showed up: http://thebests.kotaku.com/the-13-best-world-war-two-movies-1698127728 I've seen some of those movies but don't recall the music. Anyone remembers something noteworthy? Maybe some never movies like Crimson Tide, Hunt for the Red October or even pirate movies. If you listen to the Battlestar Galactica OST you may feel this music fits the IJN ships. I remember that there were some tracks from older movies that sounded alike. What about some movies with Japanese themes? Even those that aren't connected to WWII? The Last Samurai? I need some input here guys!
  6. Tellsson

    Tellys WoWs-Videos

    Jo Leute, einige kennen mich schon von der WoT-Community, wo ich aktiv Videos mache. Nun, da ich jetzt auch WoWs spiele mache ich natürlich auch hier Videos. Meine Videos sind Action-Music-Videos, meist mit Metal- oder Epic-Musik. Ich mache keine Erklärbär-Videos oder lets play und How to, sondern schlicht und einfach Action-Videos in denen man aber auch so das eine oder andere abschauen kann. Am Ende der Videos werden auch immer die Band(s) und Musiktitel erwähnt. (Ausser im CATS Werbevideo) CATS Clan-Werbe-Video 2017 (nicht ganz soooo Ernst): CATS Clan-Werbe-Video 2015: Video Liste: 1: Telly is playing WoWs (CLOSED BETA) 2: Action Stations (CLOSED BETA) 3: Special: Telly Haxx (CLOSED BETA) 4: Steelgods (CLOSED BETA) 5: King Kongo 6: Nagato, the Citadel-Hunter 7: Just luck... 8: Amagi, the Beast 9: Izumo, the [edited](Leider hats GEMA geblockt, nutzt Proxtube oder so) 10: North Carolina, the Piercer 11: Fuso, the Pirate 12: Yamato, the Queen 13: Funny WoWs 14: WoWs WTF Moments 15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVQYzdER_uU Russian BBQ 16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqJZvh58dwo Special: Merry Christmas 17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er3DuWnykuU Fuso the Pirate Part II 18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2X_U7xh5IM Leviathan: North Carolina (Special Video) 19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxPsX4IUwxI Telly in a DD 20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_PmWhSsqzY The Battle of the Giants 21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fHrLvV9xpg The Art of War 22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQwl_zY3iFk Special: Pool Party 1.April Event (ein absolut spezielles Video!) 23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3cVxq4RJrA Fight for Life 24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il7XoVWkCQA Special: The Pro`s (Telly Haxx!!11!) 25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=symUSxu-Oh0 Special: WoWs Yolo Porn (Adults only ) 26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_pPznrQMmM some Shorties 27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKc4xkU1ZkQ This is OUR Cap 28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gBOort-AKs Torpedo Tango 29. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqE6L-D1fI8 Fubuki Warrior 30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxGQTbRxXaU Special: Meowwy Christmas 2016 31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSlBYuIM2n8 Special: Funny WoWs II 32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BRyugmGEeA The Moneymaker (Missouri) 33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP3g-l5QvzY It Hurts 34. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jEbEhPwFaM Deadly Battleships 35. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi1OTGTnBFw Never give up 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. (Schöne Weihnachten 2017) 41. Fuso the Pirate III (eine schöne CATS-Division) 42. Vive la France 43. Torps FTW (Shima Torps only) 44. For the Lose Nr. 45 Russian Fun Schaut die Videos Fullscreen und 1080p ;) viel Spass, greetz Telly ^^ Edit: Ich werde immer wieder mal ein Video hochladen und dann in Posts in diesem Thread posten.
  7. DaViking_


    Hello all! I've recently been hearing an ost that I like a lot. I do however, not know its name. I recently found a video where it is featured at 1:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuG4qFXPMmk&t=1m10s Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello Seabears and Mermaids About me: Yo, i`m Tellsson (Telly), an almost 50 Years old Guy from Switzerland. So, pls dont blame me for my bad English. Some ppls knows me perhaps from WoT, or knows my WoT-Videos. I dont make "how to do" or "lets play" Videos, my Style is more like Action-Music-Videos. I like Metal and Epic Music, and so, i use mostly this kind of Music in my Videos. Now, i started with WoWs Videos too.... here is my Youtube-Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/1b2en?feature=results_main And now the Videos, watch it on 1080p and Fullscreen, have Fun: my first Video-Tryout, not that awesome but i guess its ok (i try to make the Videos in the same "Telly-Style" as my WoT-Videos) Video No.2 i tried a new Crosshair and some Skins Video No.3 I made that Video for a guy who accused me of using Aimbot. Video No. 4: Some nice Shots Video No.5: A "Kongo-Special" Video No. 6 The Nagato Video No.7 Some short Scenes and a nice Fight with my Kongo Video No.8: Amagi, the Beast. A few short Scenes and a good Battle, all with Amagi. Video No 9: Izumo, the [edited]. (the Video is blocked in some Countries, use Proxtube for watching) Video No. 10 North Carolina, the Piercer 2 short Scenes and a nice Battle Video No: 11 Fuso, the Pirate Video No.12. Yamato, the Queen No.13: Funny WoWs No.14: WoWs WTF Moments No. 15: Russian BBQ No. 16: Merry Christmas (thx to all Players) No 17. Fuso the Pirate Part II No.18: Leviathan: North Carolina 19: Telly in a DD Video No.20: Battle of the Giants Video No. 21: The Art of War 22. Pool Party!! (1st April Event) Video No. 23: Fight for Life Video No.24: The Pro`s (or Telly Haxx!11!!) Video Nr.26: WoWs Yolo Porn (Adults only.... roflmao!!) Video No.27 some Shorties Video No. 28 This is OUR Cap Video No. 29; Fubuki Warrior Video No.30: Meowwy Christmas 2016 Video No: 31. Funny WoWs II Video No. 32: The Moneymaker (Missouri) Video No. 33: It Hurts No 34: Deadly Battleships Video No. 35: Never give up Video No. 36: The Hunter No 37: Destroyer Action No 38: No.39 Video No. 40: (Christmas Special) Video No 41: Video No 42. Video No. 43 I`ll make some more, add them to this Thread or post it in this Thread, thx for watching, greetz Telly ^^
  9. Bonsoir tout le monde, Je viens vous présenter mon Twitch. Je stream du World Of Warships avec un fond musical. Parfois je serai en vocal et vous aurez peut-être même l'occasion d'entendre d'autres membres de la Team Delta ! Je vais essayer d'être présent en Live un petit peu tous les jours ! Et j'essaye de mettre une ambiance précise différente en fonction de mon humeur. J'espère que vous prendrez plaisir à venir ! Je stream à travers de l'ADSL en 480p NTSC ^^ Le rendu est moyen mais j'essaye de faire de mon mieux pour le montage et le son ! https://www.twitch.tv/anotherdevdelta Joueur de Battleship (BB) au sein de la LineUp 1 de la Team Delta. Infos et recrutement sur http://forum.teamdelta.fr/ section World Of Warships. Vous pourrez potentiellement me trouver en train de streamer d'autres jeux comme Euro Truck Simulator 2, Project Cars 2, Ride 2, Civilization 6...
  10. Grandorf

    Port music

    Hi Every port have their own music but after a battle that music becomes the standard boring music. If I change port again I get that ports music but after a battle it resets to "vanilla" music. A bug or some setting off?
  11. Hallo zusammen, vor Kurzem hat Wargaming ein Musikvideo mit dem Titel "Torpedo" veröffentlicht: Ich habe den Song in ein Cinematic Video verpackt und hoffe, dass er euch gefällt: Ich würde mich über euer Feedback freuen :-) !
  12. AxelMeyer

    Musiques du jeu

    Re à la communauté Warship. Je cherche à implémenter mes propres musiques au jeu, mais de façon à ce les musiques CHANGENT EN FONCTION DE L'AMBIANCE DU COMBAT, comme le fait déjà warship pour les siennes (dites-moi pas que l'on peut les mettre dans res, puis userMusic, je le sais déjà). Dites-moi si par exemple, il existe un mod permettant de le faire, si il faut renommer les fichiers musicaux (du genre "login" pour le lancement, "docks" pour le menu principal), ou si il faut convertir les fichiers en tel format (si oui, me fournir un lien pour le logiciel, svp!) Merci d'avance à tous ceux qui se creuseront la tête pour moi. Ca rendra le jeu encore plus passionnant qu'il ne l'est déjà (^u^)!!!
  13. NothingButTheRain

    Ingame music

    Hi. Occasionally I will play a battle and hear the music and find the track that is being played very pleasing to the ears! But I discovered that WOWS has a gigantic number of songs and wading through all of these is very painstaking when doing this with any regularity. Is there some list of which maps have which songs so I can at least find out what the song is called that I'm looking for?
  14. rykzet

    Artwork: Soul of Armada

    Hi everyone, this was just an artwork of mine that i shared recently.. Germans was kinda successful.. Then people wanted Japanese Navy! Here you go... Japan!
  15. Hey Guys! Just opening up my new Warships YouTube channel! World of Warships Gameplay with Epic Music. Will try out commentary as soon as i got a decent microphone. http://www.youtube.com/TheSnakerino Since Im just starting this channel every Feedback, Like, Comment and Subcription is very much appreciated! Thank you all very much! :) Your friendly Neighbourhood Snake ;) Hope you enjoy! ;)
  16. Hi, Working on a creative video and I would like to use some WOWS theme musics. I would like to upload the video on youtube. Would I get any copyright issues? Would my video be monetized? Thanks
  17. So this game got me hooked pretty good so I made a WOWS song for my kongo. https://soundcloud.com/n2077/kongo Just wanted to share. Good luck and fair seas!
  18. Ok, I am bored. And as most bored people do when they are bored. They do random crap. World of Warships has a Soundtrack that is in its top class. And half of the enjoyment I get from playing world of warships is from the soundtrack itself. It makes slow paces normally boring battles feel much more intense and actionspacked. And then it's that style of music. something that breathes Epicness into it. And mostly it takes form of orchestral music. But it dosnt have to be pure orchestral. But there is hard to come with such emotional impact that a really well made orchester manage to do. So I'm going through my massive music library of stuff trying to find suitors for such. But since going through my many of my external harddrives a pain in the [edited], I'm going through stockpiles of different Groups i know are capable of making good music that would be fitting in such a naval game like this. Here are so far my list of songs that I've dug up. There are many other good ones, but theese are my personal handpicked ones that I personally find perfectly fitting for a naval battle game. Now many people arent fan of anime and might be discourage seing bunch of random anime girls on the pictures, but if you can ignore those and just enjoy and evaluate the music by itself. And to be completely honest, I only like this specific Touhou series for its music in all honesty. I dunno, something about its music that makes it wide, diverse and very memmorable, and not to mention the endless amount of remixes of all music genres that its been spread into. Now there arent just Touhou orchestral music that i have in totality. But I gotta begin somewhere. I'll be throwing updates for every batch of 10 songs I can find that would fit World of Warships. Following list is sorted out by what i personally imagine type of ships the songs would fit by. So far, here is the first list: DD, CA, BB DD, CA CA BB, CV DD, CV CA, BB, CV (Personal favourite, especially starting at the 1 minute marker) IJN DD, IJN BB (Warning, this one is abit quiet in the beginning, but thats just a intro, so dont turn your volume up more than you normally have it) IJN CA, IJN CV CA, BB DD, CA CA, BB BB Tell me in the comments below if any of them fancied your taste. And do post your own songs that you think would fit straight into a Naval Battle Game.
  19. Hi there, i just want to ask if its already reported with the Sound Issues since the New Patch. While it plays "Defeat" Music while you press Exit Battle Button (if you died do early) or it plays Random "Victory" Sound somehow even if you are defeated. And the same goes for the Port Music. I can switch to every possible Port but i still got the same Music (for me it sounds like CBT Port Music - while der was only one Track without a Prem Account) guess that will be fixed in the next Patch?
  20. valoaa


    Hey guys, Theres a new in-battle theme song which seemed to be introduced since 0.5.14 which I really like. To best describe it... It's like a woman humming some kind epic rhythm. haha. I've tried to look on the world of warships soundcloud but it looks like they months out of date. (Or where do i find the game music files?)
  21. Slurky

    No sound during battle

    Hey guys, i haven't played world of warships in a year and i installed again although this time on a different pc. Game working great and all but when the game loads and the battle starts the music/soundtrack stops there, like there are 0 themes running. Yes i'm pretty sure all sounds are enabled excluding the player. Is it a Directx thing or a general bug?
  22. First of all - great feature! Yet... it feels incomplete. I believe everybody would enjoy more immersive experience where music actually corresponds to the situation. I was playing today having some ACDC in the background and this continuous solution ain't really what I would imagine. So, here is my proposal: 1) Separate music folders for: - Port (possibly even enabling unique soundtracks for each...) - Matchmaker + preparation for the battle - Game (possibly even separate playlists for classes/nations) - Victory/Defeat screen Folder structure could look like this Music - Port (play that while in ANY port. Play Music if empty) -- Port 1 (play that in Port 1. Play Port if empty) -- Port 2 (play that in Port 2. Play Port if empty) - Matchmaker (play that on the MM screen and during battle warm up. Play current port if empty.) - Battle (Play after battle start) --BB (Play when playing BB. Play Battle if empty) ---USA (Play when american BB is played. Play BB if empty) ----Iowa (Play when Iowa is played. Play USA if empty) ---Japan.... ---.... --DD (Play when playing DD. Play Battle if empty) --CV (Play when playing CV. Play Battle if empty) --CA (Play when playing CA. Play Battle if empty) - Victory (Play when Victory screen is shown) - Defeat (Play when Defeat screen is shown) This way if somebody doesn't want to 'customize' soundtracks simply drop stuff to music folder and have it current way. If however one feels like having Imperial March playing battleships and some oriental stuff particularly for Yamato - here you go. What do you think guys? I guess this is like few minutes to implement and could possibly be very cool.
  23. Hi all, First of all I like the effort in constantly adding music to the soundtrack of this game, some tracks are just great and immersive. The only thing I really miss is the "old" (pre-0.5.5 patch) music themes for victory, specifically the port one, the tech-tree/modules one, and the profile one (Well, mainly the first two). I feel they suit more for a nice battle that went into an epic victory, while the new themes are a little bit too relaxed. So, I prefer these old themes over the new ones. A LOT. I would really like to have them again, maybe together with the new ones? Just like now, in the login screen, two different music soundtracks and two different videos are randomly chosen. I don't see music mods around, nor I do know wheter or not it is possible at all to change soundtracks at one's own pleasure, so I am leaving my feedback here. I know this may look just a personal request, but if others too would like this...
  24. Fluphs

    Updated Soundtrack

    Once again, I've extracted the files and put them in a zip file as of update Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b3yo75e23nzrk9e/World_of_Warships_EST.zip Will post a new one whenever there's an update.
  25. Fluphs

    Here be the soundtrack

    I decided to so extract all the music files as of and then put them all in a zip file. They're all .mp3s by the way. I'll try and update it every update. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/taorloz9ltxvkkh/World_of_Warships_OST.zip (takes about 3 hours to upload a 1GB file on my network .-.) (May contain weird alien-like sound files - idk why WG puts them in) Will be updating to (They've re-arranged the files .-.)