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Found 5 results

  1. Furius_Marius

    Problem with japanese Premium BBs

    Hello to everybody! I consider myself an average player. I'm playing from may 2019. I mainly play battleships, but sometimes cruisers and CVs too. I have the full line of Japanese BB, Soviet BB, American till N.Carolina and German till FDG. Cruisers I have full Soviet cruisers and Japanese and Italian till VII. British till VI. I love the design of japanese ships. But i think the japanese premium Battleships are in general very bad. Some good. Any great. The proof of that its that you see very few of them in randoms. Japan got: Ishizuchi: at most a good ship. Nothing more Mutsu: Okeish. quite average. Ashitaka: Great guns (but with some of the new ships more complex armour designs tends to overpen a lot.) at mid-close range sometimes dispersion gets weird, paper armour (you can get deleted by accident). Non existent AA. Kii: In my opinion its a worst Amagi. Musashi: The best premium jap BB. But just a worst Yamato (and Yamato have nowadays a lot of problems) a tier less. You will burn a lot. But still a good ship. (.But one i cant get anymore) Yashima: without changes seems like a really worst Yamato. Same long list of yamato weak points. And less shells, worst reload, worst shell speed. Soviets got: Lenin as a Great premium bb. British got: Thunderer as a great premium BB. And Nelson as a very good BB Americans got: Georgia: Great ship. Missouri: Very good. Ohio: GREAT ship. Massachusetts: Very good ship. Alabama: Very good ship. French got: Jean Bart: Great ship. Bourgogne: Great ship. Well... you got the idea.
  2. I just thought it might be interesting to see if anyone actually get these ships that are dangeled in front of us to tease us to buy any of the Christmas containers. Of the whole list I choosen these four (Missouri, Musashi, Benham and Belfast) since imho I think these are what the mayority of the playerbase would consider the "Jackpot win" out of them all. Many of these are considered really rare and in some cases a bit OP. For instance I didnt include Kutuzov since its not really that OP/broken any more with likes of Colberts and Smolensks in the game. So I just wanna know, in the name of transparancy, who if any have actually gotten these mighty four out of the boxes. And I would like to see either a picture of when you got the ship (im guessing many would take a screenshot of a thing like that) or atleast a screenshot from the ship in your port with close to none XP on it. Thanks!
  3. SLiguykyle

    Musashi *EVER* coming back?

    Hey guys, not sure where to ask this, as this is legitimately my first post here, but i'm thinkin' about grabbing the HSF "all that musashi needs" pack, BUT only if there's a way to actually obtain musashi at some point. i'm not asking for a date, just a confirmation on it being POSSIBLE to obtain the ship. is it???? will it be?? cheers! hoping to get a reply before the camo disappears from the shop as well!
  4. wot_2016_gunner

    MUSASHI, bring her back

    Disclaimer: I'm not starting this discussion just because I want the Musashi, it's something more than that. I'll try to be as logical as possible. So, since i registered, which is almost one year now, there has been only one thing that i'm still disappoints me (besides the Research Bureau): The Musashi removal "because of it's popularity". As support I'll link Notser's video about it, and i agree with everything he says, at the end of the topic. I don't think that the Musashi removal made sense from the start, because you don't remove a ship because it's popular; whith this way of thinking, then why are ships like Tirpitz, Sharnhorst, Massachusetts, and others, still available? I think they are quite popular, so why aren't they removed? (i'm just being ironic) Sure, the Musashi was really popular, as said by Notser, because she was a ship that players really felt powerfull in; and the only smart thing that WG did was to annouce the remouval a couple of months earlier (i wouldn't have had enought coal anyway). Seriously, I still don't think that the Musashi had any reason to be removed, that however, the other "removed" ships have, here they are: - Missouri: The only battleship with radar and a god level of credit earning; - Belfast: Has literally everything - HE, radar, smoke, hydro; - Imperator Nikolai I: A tiny bit OP for her Tier; - Kamikaze R: It still has a broken concealment; But the Musashi, as Yuro said, is an handicapped version instead of the other way around, because she has colse to zero AA, the guns have 0.3 sigma less than Yamato, i literally think that the popularity was an awful reason for removing her. Also, with the CV Rework now fully Implemented, the popularity will decrease. I don't think that she's OP, as I was able to singlehandedly sunk a Musashi from almost full HP (it was like 90%) to 0 with a... Gneisenau, i didn't ever had to ram him, I just knew where to shoot (the cheeks), I went to basically point blank range and i threw everything i had to her and killed her (4 citadelles and three torp hits). It's also true that Georgia took (very honorably) her place, not that Georgia is anywhere bad, she's a really good sihp, but she isn't the Musashi. Also, if they would bring back Musashi, adjusting the price to 228.000 coal, the same price of Georgia and Jean Bart, players will have acutally more variety to choose from: You want a fast battleship with small but fast firing guns ==> Jean Bart You want a fast battleship with few but hard hitting guns, good secondaries and good AA ==> Georgia You want a not too slow ship, with the best guns in the game and great accuracy ==> Musashi In the end, I, as Notser, have a feeling that she's not going to be available any more, but it's worth to try to bring her back. Please, WG, bring her back
  5. iJoby

    HSF Musashi 4K Wallaper

    Just FXP'd the Musashi and the HSF Perm Camo for 5K Dblns, so I thought I would mess about with Photoshop and make a nice 4K wallpaper for my desktop. Free to anyone that wants it.