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Found 4 results

  1. luca0483

    Movement/Position Desync

    I just reinstalled the game and i have got this problem that i have seen many people talk about back in the days of the beta, but nothing for quite a while. The problem is that slowly over the course of a game, all the ships' position on my screen differs more and more from the serverside postion, including my own in relation to the map. This has made me dump 6 torps at 1.6 km range, only for me to discover that the ship isn't actually physically there, sail straight through the ship model, and continue on to hit a friendly who had no idea that those were coming. I am now pink in the garage. I have platooned with friends over voice-comms and had to have them tell me by mouth where the ships were so i could hit them because it was so far off, sometimes more than twice the length of the ships i was firing at. But when firing at where they said i should, i did manage to score hits, even though it was just empty waters on my screen. When they died, the ships jumped to where they actually were, where i had been shooting. Ingame ping is at ~38, FPS at 50-60, all graphics settings set to low just to see if that helped, it did not. Any known causes for this issue?
  2. I have noticed that when you are in the binoculars view and you spot a ship, the ship renders as static and then proceeds to move to where its supposed to be at a rapid movement speed. I was in Ichase's channel discussing it and he also confirmed that is happening. I havent found another post regarding this, and its not listed in the known bugs.
  3. destroyer100

    Camera problem

    I pressed some key, and now i can only move the camera by dragging the mouse to the side of the screen. I can't even shoot with clicking, i can only use some auto mode by clicking on enemy ships. I haven't found a way to turn it off. PLEASE HELP!!
  4. Rekre4tor

    Desync, movement delay

    Hello, my ping in game still shows values between 30ms and 50ms, but some things in game are delayed for me like the ping is much higher. I see all enemy ships delayed for cca 2-3 seconds. When I hit back of enemy ship, shell just go through it, and hits the water. As well when I shoot too forward, I dont hit water but the "invisible" ship. I belive this happens because of irregularities between my computer and server. This occur also when I am turning my ship. I set my rudder for some side, but the ship starts to turn after 2-3 seconds, even when the rudder is already sloped. This really affects my gameplay, for example long range firing (or firing small and fast tragets) or avoiding shells by wiggling. Its impossible to hit a destroyer. Other online games works fine (as well as other WG products) without any conncetion problems, so why I have them in this game? I attach PingPlotter report.