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Found 16 results

  1. jamespurs

    In need of a new Mouse

    I currently have the Razer Deathadder Elite for my Desktop, and when I travel I use my Logitech MX Master as I couldn't go a day without it. Even have 3 MX masters for different needs. I am looking for a new mouse with extra buttons as I feel that I can do more from just a mouse instead of messing around with keyboards. Layout of Mac and Windows keyboards are slightly different. I have looked at the Razer Naga Trinity, but wanted to see what other people had. I'm not biased to any company. Appreciate the help James Topic moved to offtopic from gameplay Excavatus
  2. hedgehog_s

    Mouse pointer

    OK since the patch 0.8 Ive been having from time to time an issue where my guns or torps become "inactive" due to the WoW mouse pointer from the Port screen appearing mid game and rendering guns/torps useless because the mouse is controlling the pointer not them. The keyboard therefore movement is fine. There is no consistency to this error except it never happens before Ive fired the guns at least once in game. The "fix" is to click windows button on keyboard then reclick game button on task bar. It can happen multiple times per game or not at all. Any ideas guys ??
  3. Jammin_2019

    Comandi da tastiera

    Buongiorno a tutti, è da poco che gioco e, ringraziando tutti gli utenti che hanno postato delle ottime guide di strategia, vorrei che vengano anche postati i comandi da tastiera/mouse rapidi. Nelle partite vedo gente che indica quale bersaglio colpire, quale base prendere, ecc.. ma pur cercando nel forum e sui vari siti internet non ho trovato quali comandi/tasti/combinazione tastiera-mouse bisogna usare per tali segnalazioni. Qualche Comandante gentilmente potrebbe indicare quali sono questi comandi?. Grazie.
  4. Es kommt bei mir immer wieder vor, dass bei einem CV Spiel plötzlich die Linke Maustaste nicht mehr reagiert. Mehr schlecht als recht spiele ich dann mit Tastenbefehlen und der rechten Maustaste zu Ende. Selbst nach Ende der Runde funktioniert die Maustaste weiterhin bis zu einem Spielneustart nicht. Außerhalb des Spiels ist alles ok. Im Hafenmenü wird durch die Linke Maustaste nach dem Fehler eine dauerhafte Sicht zur Rotation des Schiffes aktiv. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem oder vieleicht eine Lösung ... ggf. habe ich ja nur einen alternativen Linke Maustastenmodus aktiviert, den ich nicht mehr deaktiviert bekomme ...
  5. Immortal_Pete

    I can't aim with my mouse

    Yesterday everything was functioning, but for some reason when I logged on this morning and started playing, my cannons wouldn't lock onto where my mouse was aiming. I can shoot, but I cant choose where I shoot, I have to hold the shoot button and move the cannons to where I want to shoot, but then I have to wait for the reload and I've already given away my position. Please help me!!!
  6. SPIKER602

    Mouse won't Click on anything

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new to all this forum stuff. Have been playing WoWS for a few weeks/couple months now without any issues whatsoever (Default settings, never change anything). That was until I logged in today and the mouse will not allow me to click on anything. The mouse works perfectly on any other program (including WoT) but once I have loaded the login page for WoWS I cannot click Login. I can, occasionally, press Enter to move to the Port Page (the main page once you log in) however this doesn't change anything as I still cannot click anything. It was working perfectly fine when I was online yesterday. I have had a look on Google (and these forums) but the only recommendations I have seen are all 'wait for patch' etc. Thanks for any help!
  7. In un paio di occasioni WoW ha crashato all'avvio. Il crash sono sempre riuscito a risolverlo grazie al WGCheck_EN.exe . Dopo questo intervento, purtroppo, il click del mouse non produceva più alcun effetto. Nulla da fare col riavvio del PC. La prima delle due volte, tutto si è sistemato da solo il giorno successivo (avviato il pc, lanciato il gioco e tutto filava liscio). Non sono mai risucito a capire il perchè ed il come. La seconda delle due volte, ho addirittura reinstallato il gioco. Nulla da fare. Il click del mouse non produceva alcun effetto. Ho ribaltato il web ed i vari forum di WoW, ma nulla da fare. Ovviamente ho già tentato TUTTE le possibili soluzioni prospettate. Ovviamente senza successo. Ho aperto un ticket col supporto proprio oggi. Di certo non mi risponderanno domani (domenica). Qualcuno ha mai incontrato problemi analoghi e li ha risolti? Aggiornamento al 22/10/2017: nel forum in inglese ho trovato che, per una situazione comparabile, il problema si era risolto quando la schermata di login richiedeva di inserire ID e password, invece di trovarsi già precompliata (quest'ultimo, il mio caso - vedi immagine 1). Ed è proprio a partire da questa schermata che il click del mouse non ha effetto. Non posso dunque neppure deselezionare il "salva password". Sigh...! Qualcuno sa come resettare ID e password in maniera che la pagina di login appaia con i campi ID e password vuoti (vedi immagine 2)?
  8. mart998

    cannot fire guns

    I have just spent several hours downloading WOWS and in my first game I left everything as installed. The game works just fine in default but I cannot play with the WASD setup and have to use the arrow buttons as I do in WOT. When I go to settings and change this I can no longer fire my guns. The left mouse button works for everything else but not firing the guns so I have just had to ram ships to death. There is nothing in the settings to solve this that I can see and if its not possible I shall have uninstall the game. If I go back to default the game works again but that's no use to me. Oh and I have had the game before, years ago, and the arrow keys worked then, that's why I have 47 odd games.
  9. philjd

    Mouse freezing

    Issue - mouse stops working When - in battle only Description - keyboard works fine but my mouse stops working entirely, cant turn turrets, cant raise or lower guns, change view etc etc etc. This has only started happening since the last update and only in the battle sandbox, so no problems back in port etc. Frequency - happened 3 times yesterday in my Bayern and twice in my Hood Any ideas welcomed please guys.
  10. LoveBoatCaptain

    cv vs mouse (moving flights)

    hi there, after update I am not able move my flights to the "war zone" i can only move within my local "screen" and in global screen I can move my fligthts only horizontaly (East-West)
  11. So i get a mouse everywhere else on the game (menu, port) but when i'm in game i used to press CTRL and that would bring up the mouse cursor and allow me to ping the minimap and select planes for my AA guns but now that doesn't work anymore the only way i can ping minimap now is pressing M have the map come up, this is the only way i seem to get the mouse cursor up but even then i still can't select planes and ships for my AA and secondaries to focus on. Can anyone help i've already tried deleting my preferences like other threads have said
  12. sprototles

    Nevidno mys na minimape

    hram na dvoch kompoch, na jednom mi minimapa perfektne funguje, na druhom (W Vista) bohuzial nevidim mys takze planovat cesty je prakticky nemozne zobrazi sa len ked ukazem na ostrov
  13. PoetRaptor

    Ship Unresponsive to Keyboard or Mouse

    I was in a battle very late last night (about 10 hours ago). Towards the end of the battle, I was sailing at Full Speed in a straight line, trying to close to within range of the last couple of enemy ships, when, for no apparent reason, my ship stopped responding to the keyboard or mouse (the HUD didn't even show that I was pressing the A/S/D keys). I pressed M to go to Map, which worked. Then, when I exited the Map, the ship began responding to the keyboard and mouse again.
  14. I tried my very first CV mission today in beta (patch but when the battle begins I don't have visible mouse cursor at the tactical map view. It appears at the very edge of the map but disappears at the "play area" of the map. So I cannot do anything with the squadrons! Mouse works 100% fine at the menus and with other type of vessels (battleships, cruisers, destroyers). I had this exactly same bug during closed alpha and I did make a bug report out of it (it was noticed). But now when I try to "report a bug" from the start up screen, it takes me to the Russian (or such) web page where I can't understand anything. My specs are as follows: Core 2 Quad 9650 (3.00Ghz). 8Gb of DDR2 RAM (800mhz). ATI Radeon HD 5870 with latest drivers available for it. Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Logitech G5 laser mouse.
  15. I got into a Random Battle about 12:20 GMT 9 Jun, visuals, minimap and HUD all good, but my ship wouldn't respond to either my keyboard or my mouse. The HUD showed when I was pressing the WSAD, etc. keys, but the ship did nothing.
  16. masek

    Usability Feedback

    Hello, some observations: I cannot play in Fullscreen Mode. In that mode I do not see a mouse pointer and everything becomes difficult to operate (Setup, Selecting ship to play, etc). In Windowed Mode, I have the problem that Windows (8) keeps interfering. The taskbar and other UI elements keep popping up and preventing me e.g. from shooting. In 4K resolution, the GUI is much too small (even on a 32'' monitor) for an old grazer like me. Is there a way to scale the UI. The game crashes, but very rarely (about 1:50 matches). Yours, Martin