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Found 14 results

  1. Credit where it's due. Thanks for the free Moskva WG!
  2. Hi all, PSA: If you own "Moskva" and/or "Kirov" in your port - don't forget to sell them before WoWs v0.9.5 update in order to get Credits back (at least something)! Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Charger76

    Moskva Permanent Camo

    You sold me permanent camo for a tech tree ship for 5,000 gold. You now tell us that you are converting this ship to a "coal ship" and that those of us who bought gold and used it to but permanent camo can go to hell, you don't care. Not a new attitude from you Wargaming, but the clearest indication of it so far and the one that for me ends any chance of me parting with real money ever again. I have spent over €5K with you over the last 5-6 years and in the last year especially (it was creeping in before that, hence in the last year my spend has been WAY smaller than in previous years) all you have done is give me reasons not to trust you, not to do business with you again and spat in my face as a paying customer. If you decide to replace a ship on the tech tree, your customers who bought a permanent asset for a ship in that position in that tech tree should get the premium camo transferred. Anything less than that is theft and an abuse of your terms and conditions. If you can afford to lose my business and those of others who have acquired in game assets, then good for you, but I suspect the day will come when someone treats their customers with a little more respect and you will have lost out.
  4. wot_2016_gunner

    PSA: Moskva for 244.000 coal

    Again from Flamu Moskva will be for 244k coal. Wasn't it the same price of Smolensk?
  5. nambr9

    Moskva build

    Hello all, Just got Moskva and I am playing around with the ship (testing it) in coop.... and so far I really like it. What build do you guys use / recommend ... I have been considering a few: 1. Full Tank Build http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010100001000100000119 This is the build I am considering the most, since its pretty large ship and is receiving a lot of focus because of being long range radar ship. 2. Gun Protection DE Build http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000100010100001100000000119 Considering taking PM and DE, just because the guns do need some protection, especially if you are brawling a BB. 3. Gun Protection Vigilance Build http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000100010100001010000000119 Not on top of the list ... because I dont think you get torped a lot. DDs tend to stay away from you. This three builds I consider the most. Putting anything in AA seems like a waste of points. I know that in the past Moskva used to excel in longe range AA ... but with the massacre of AA skills WG created, I think its a waste of points. I took radar , rudder , stealth and rate of fire from the mod selection. I really like the play style ... hard hitting AP, amazing shell velocity, good reload, good shell bouncing potential when angled, bow got a buff in 50mm plating in the middle and the main deck is almost HE spammer free. What do you guys think?
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    Legendary Mods

    So I am pretty close to my leg Moskva and from the looks of it, its a simple buff to the range Moskva (which I dont really rate, but understand why people play it). I personally, and I would say the majority of people who play Moskva in randoms and in CW use reload mod, and from this leg, which I have some have grinded for, I find disappointment. By using this mod we are being forced into a type of game style that cuts out many other builds. I will try it out, but I dont see a reason why I should pick it in randoms at all, with maybe a small case being made for comp. As a fix, I would maybe suggest a rework of the leg to maybe improve dispersion a little, reload and range. Instead of range and dispersion, or release a second leg that acts as a improved reload leg.
  7. SoloMessina86

    Consiglio cruiser T10

    Salve ragazzi, vi chiedo consiglio su un argomento sicuramente trito e ritrito, di cui col tasto cerca ho trovato thread di utenti stranieri, ma che non hanno chiarito al 100% i miei dubbi. Posseggo già come cruiser T10 il Des Moines, che gioco stealth riparandomi tra le isole. Vorrei però ricercare un cruiser T10 che permetta un approccio diverso, e la mia attenzione si è soffermata su 2 cruiser: il Moskva e l"Hindenburg. Mi potreste consigliare quale tra i 2 merita di più, andando ad indicare caratteristiche principali di utilizzo, pregi e difetti? Grazie mille anticipatamente
  8. jerkchicken

    Moskva HE buff

    The moskva need for real a HE buff... Its just terrible compared to the other T10 CL's. Some comparisons (not all T10): Hindenburg: 4 main turrets, 202mm devided by 4: 50,5mm of penetration and excellent fire change. And great DPM! Zao: 4 main turrets, high HE damage, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and the best fire change (~19%) Des Moines: 3 main turrets, heavy HE shells, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and high change of fire per minute. Moskva really needs a HE buff because the way the HE is right now is just really bad. Moskva hits because his arcs alot of the belt armor which in the most case will ''recesse'' (break) = No damage. Moskva now has 220mm of main armament guns which will be devided by 6, so we will come out of 36,7mm of penetration. This can't pen the deck armor of a Yamato, Großer Kurfürst and even the Khabarovsk. While the hindenburg can do this with 4 guns and better reload! And yes why only the moskva? and not the Des moines: Des moines has better arcs that can hit the superstructure better then the moskva can do. Most of the time in the moskva you will use only 2 main guns on the front and not the rear gun. Moskva get focused alot these days, it had worst consealment among all cruisers + bad ruddershift and the worst of all bad belt armor and can get citadeld all over the time with sailing at the weirdest angles. So what does the moskva needs to make the HE useable? Just devide it by 4. So we can atleast pen more then before, because the HE right now is in bad shape real bad shape...
  9. 28/m/moscow I like long walks along the map border and taking it in the broadside. Text me! On a more serious note i am looking for a clan in Gale I or higher. I have only recently came back to wows, mostly for CB. My only T10 ship is Moskva, the plan is Z-52 (this year) and DM (after the split) but i also have a Bismarck and Ognevoi. Also enjoy casualing it up in randoms and generally hanging out in TS shooting the crap. What i don't want: rampant animes/ponies, chat rage and hardcore statwanking.
  10. Been meaning to post a Moskva commentary for a while, as it's the only cruiser I haven't covered since after it got released. Finally got around to it so decided to share it here.
  11. Fionia_DK

    What is cruisers role in high tier?

    Hi Here is something I been thinking about: I have a hard time to see cruisers role in high tier. I am here talking about Hindenburg and Moskva. Both ships are big and easy to hit, so life expectensy is short. The role as DD hunter is out of the question. Nearly all DDs hunt under the umbrella of the BBs and other CAs. The role as support for BB is also very difficult. As soon as you are spottet U have Yamatoes and Montanaes hammering on the ship, because the know the are easy to kill. 1 salvoe from a Super BB reduces U to 30% or less. And when U try to flee it is over. To turn around U cant avoid showing your broadside and the dead is certain. It is a development I have seen the last couple of month. Maybe there are more BBs now and the maps are so small that U cant avoid to have broadside to a BB. So when U fire the guns, every BB on the map can see U. I often take citadel hits from 20 km distance. In such enviroment it is very hard to drive a CA. The only role I can see them doing is AA support to CVs, but they have now got their own defencive AA, so not necessary. Dear wargaming and others seeing this. If U realize its a problem I have thought of some things that can be done: Better turn radius. Better acceleration. Less BBs. 1 emergency fast smoke. Around 30 seconds. Just to getaway, not for firing in. Reduce size of citadel.. Reduce the penetration angel. I think it is unrealistic big right now. I hope it will get better, I love playing cruiser, but for now my Moskva is in drydock until it gets better. My Hindenburg may be going same way. Instead I use my Khabarovsk :-) Happy gaming Fionia
  12. At first glance it's easy to assume that the ship will be OP. It's Russian, it has a huge hp pool and amazing range. Yet when you actually delve into the ship you realize the weaknesses it has are very obvious. Terrible concealment, huge size, mediocre rudder shift and a ship that sails very high in the water, all of these combined making you the favorite target of every BB on the server.
  13. Crucero MOSKVA tier x ( Video gameplay ) Algunos datos tecnicos ; http://shipcomrade.com/ships/moskva