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Found 45 results

  1. Cvs_Need_Buff

    Montana buff when?

    In the actual meta Montana is a really bad BB, every "comtier" BB have something better, the only remaining thing that montana has better are the gun accuracy, but in the most of the cases it just results in some shatter and overpens, i think will be good to give her super heavy shells then a special ricochet angle, maybe the same as stalingrad
  2. Cvs_Need_Buff

    Montana buff when?

    In the actual meta Montana is a really bad BB, every "comtier" BB have something better, the only remaining thing that montana has better are the gun accuracy, but in the most of the cases it just results in some shatter and overpens, i think will be good to give her super heavy shells then a special ricochet angle, maybe the same as stalingrad
  3. Why the USS Montana is perfectly fine as she is and does not need a buff ​I am bound to stir quite an argument with this, I am sure, but let me first present my arguments as to why I believe this. One thing is certain, the Montana is certainly not noob friendly, a welcome thing, in my eyes, in a game that is becoming increasingly noob friendly and bland. In continuation of this, the Montana caters to a different playstyle than her famed competitor - a playstyle which is far more dynamic than the dull bow-tanking playstyle of the top tiers. When taking apart the arguments most often thrown around on why she needs to be buffed, it becomes apparent that she is in no way inferior to Yamato. Neither does she seem to be to her german counterpart, though it should be said that I have no experience playing said ship. ​Like many battleship players, the first line I completed in the game was the Japanese battleship line, culminating in the Yamato. This was partly because the Yamato is undoubtedly one of the most famous battleships ever built, but also partly because more or less every forum post concerning the T10 battleships agree that the Yamato is a beast, albeit with weaknesses, as with all ships, and vastly superior to the dreadful Montana which is in dire need of a buff. (This was quite a while before the release of German battleships.) Thus I never bothered purchasing the Montana until recently, after having researched and played most ships in the game, and though I've had her researched for quite some time. The following arguments all assume that you're playing with a concealment build, which is in my opinion, playing to her strengths. Many of the points also tie in with each other. "I receive citadel hits too easily in my Montana" There is a reason for this. You are not playing her right. You should at no point show your broadside to the enemy when detected. Montana plays quite similar to the Amagi, a ship that I remember thoroughly enjoying. You have a menacing broadside, but it comes with a weakness. If you've reached Tier 10, there is no excuse whatsoever for not knowing this information already, as well as being more than competent at angling your ship. When angled, the Montana is surprisingly sturdy, taking minimal damage, even from a Yamato. Counter-arguments to this are of course that you're not able to fire your rear turrets when angling. Again, you've made it all the way to Tier 10, you should be familiar with wiggling your ship at this point. This is why the concealment build is so potent on the Montana: while undetected, you are able to show enough side to release your devastating broadside and being able to angle back before the enemy has a chance to return fire. Playing with the concealment build, get the rudder shift upgrade to aid in this - you don't need reduced repair on fire and flooding. If there are enemy battleships that have the opportunity to return fire instantly, let them fire off their salvos before you reveal your location with a deadly barrage of shells not even the Yamato can match. "The Yamatos guns are more accurate than mine" Yes, the Yamato has the most accurate battleship guns in the game, but the Yamato never really goes for a stealth build and often spends large portions of the game bow-tanking. Thus, the Yamato can only fire six shells at the time. That means that even with laser accuracy (which no battleships have), the Yamato is completely reliant on a substantial part of those six shells to hit. The stealth Montana on the other hand, doesn't have to depend on only six shells. Yes, she has worse dispersion, but the sheer volume of shells she puts out counters that. If you are bow-tanking in a Montana and only using your two forward turrets, or three turrets in case you're slightly angled, for the majority of the game, you're not playing her right. "Yamato is more manoeuvrable" Montana is actually quite comparable in terms of rudder shift and turning radius. This is assuming you're using the rudder shift mod as mentioned earlier. What mitigates the difference in favour of Montana is her detectability as well as speed. She has a much easier time disengaging and can trust her concealment to the point where she can turn undetected if not in the middle of the action (where you shouldn't strictly be as this leaves you vulnerable to flanking as well). The Yamato, for reasons unknown, is often more frequently targeted by enemy ships, including DDs, and suffers from worse concealment and might find turning and showing the side towards the enemy significantly more punishing. Not even the Yamato is immune from devastating blows to its sides. The Montana is 3 knots faster than the Yamato. This may not sound like much, and this might be slightly subjective on my part, but I find that I have a much greater ability to support my team in the Montana, owing to the superior speed, and I am less likely to be left behind by my cruisers (who often have an inclination towards advancing in the opposite direction the moment an enemy ship is detected on the horizon). This speed also lets you choose between more targets and as a Montana, nearly always on the move, you have a far greater selection of targets than the stationary bow-tanking Yamato, to which a torpedo attack or rain of fire is often inevitable. Fun-factor Finally, perhaps the most important point, the Montana is, in my opinion, infinitely more fun to play. She is a throwback to the fun of lower tier battleships while packing a significantly bigger punch. She offers an alternative to the boring and frustrating gameplay you often get with the Yamato, her vulnerable sides only offering more excitement, punishing the lousy players who shouldn't be sailing battleships in the first place. (It is also very satisfying to watch her shred enemy planes, though how she compares to the Yamato in terms of surviving aircraft carriers is debatable.) As you've probably noticed, none of the points above deal with one on one duels with Montana's counterparts. The thing to understand is that in many ways, the Montana plays similar to a Japanese cruiser or a stealth Missouri/Iowa. You are very vulnerable from the sides and you don't want to be caught brawling. Montana plays much more as a supporting ship and can play a much more significant role in aiding your team (by taking out cruisers and lower tier battleships more effectively than the Yamato). Your sea legs and concealment allow you to traverse the maps without too much difficulty helping your team secure capture points and strategic positions. However, and any tips are welcome to add to this, if you do find yourself in a one on one duel with the Yamato, your best bet is to close the distance and do a drive-by. This will negate the Yamato's superior armor and her turrets will be unable to keep up. As soon as you get close, lock your turrets to one side, pointing out from the middle of the ship, and as you pass the Yamato's citadel, let Montana's twelve guns tear her apart. This usually, if not always, results in a one-shot. I cannot give any advice against the Grosser Kürfurst as I have yet to end up in a pure one on one with one, but your best bet is probably to keep your distance and let your superior dispersion tip the battle in your favour. I have on numerous occasions completely wrecked enemy Grosser Kürfursts (including citadels at around 16 km range) by staying at range and angling between volleys, taking almost no damage in return. Again, any tips are welcome! Disclaimers: There are without doubt players out there far more capable than I am. I only play ranked to earn the commemorative flag every season. Playing intelligently and aiding my team are things I find more important than anything else. I have a 58% win rate in my Yamato and a 67% win rate in my Montana (along with a 2.5 destruction ratio and 1996 average XP). I have completed both the Japanese and U.S. battleship lines and I have the Bismarck from the German line without much interest in getting the Grosser Kürfurst for now. (I have also completed the US DD line, the IJN cruiser line and I am tier 8-9 in all other lines with the exception of the Russian and RN cruiser lines.) This post was not meant to say that the Montana is superior to the Yamato, but I would argue that she is not inferior either and can hold her own quite well when in the hands of a capable player (which I think everyone sailing a tier 10 should be). Also, a point often overlooked is that different ships suit different people and playing styles. If you are unable to make a ship work, you either stick at it or find another ship to play. It would be a shame if they buffed the Montana and that the fun of playing her somehow got lost in order to satisfy those who have no business sailing battleships at all.
  4. Hey everyone! Last week, I got my 2nd T10: Worcester. Such an amazing ship, I love her so much. The thing is: I don't know what line I should grind next. I'm doubting between these ships: Montana (currently at T7 Colorado) Conqueror (currently at T7 King George V) Minotaur (currently at T8 Edinburgh) Harugumo (currently at T8 Akizuki) Gearing (currently at T8 Benson) Midway (currently at T7 Ranger) Here is a link to my stats page, so you guys can see what ship class I like most and what ship class I perform best in (https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/). I like cruisers most, but I now own 2 T10 cruisers so I wanna try to get a BB, DD or CV next. Please answer the poll so I can see what you guys think of it :D. If there is another ship you think I should grind and didn't include it in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance, I'm really struggling on deciding :/ ~TheRedboss
  5. Webley_Mark

    Concours Wiki : Montana

    Chers Membres très honorés du Forum, Moi, Webley_Mark, j'annonce et déclare sur l'honneur que le navire de la semaine pour le concours hebdomadaire du Wiki sera le célèbre, l'incontournable, l'original cuirassé américain de Tier X, l'USS Montana. L'équipe et moi-même vous souhaitons dore et déjà une bonne participation et que le meilleure gagne ! Participation ici : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSev68_W620iTnxV9URUyyfN4EgvpOYxDukrJ29MKC8cLg52fA/viewform De plus, le gagnant du navire, au nom imprononçable, de la semaine dernière est notre cher et très estimé collègue chat : @gobolino ! Bravo à lui. Veuillez noter que comme nous avons tous une vie, il est possible que les heures de déclarations et de limite soit légèrement déplacer afin d'éviter une journée de perdue aux participants. Noter aussi qu'avec la fin de l'anniversaire de WoWs et l'arrivée de la 7.9 ce jeudi, le lot des 15 conteneurs d'anniversaire seront remplacé par un lot de valeur équivalente. Très certainement un lot de conteneur de la Royal Navy, mais ce n'est qu'une supposition. Sur ce, bonne fin de journée.
  6. Bonjour tout le monde, Je dépose ici trois vidéos d'une série que j'ai mise en place pour commenter certaines stratégies, étrangetés de batailles et autres parties juste amusantes à regarder. La série continuera avec d'autres navires, dépendant de la matière que j'aurais moissonnée ou que d'autres joueurs m'auront envoyée. Bon visionnage à ceux et celles que ça intéresse. 1. Deux épisodes des mésaventures du Conqueror. Une bataille au nombre incongru, puis une autre avec une quasi destruction qui occasionne une vengeance - et dans ce cas, c'est un plat qui se mange... grillé :) 2. Deux épisodes modestes sur le cuirassé République, les deux premiers, où on se demande si les Lemmings sont aussi bêtes qu'on le dit, et où une autre bataille nous montre un mouvement en pinces assez fascinant. 3. Et tout nouveau tout chaud, deux épisodes de la série sur le Cuirassé MONTANA, où un joueur nommé N7Falcon nous montre sa maîtrise du Montana en bataillées classées dans deux cas où des erreurs peuvent entraîner des victoires :) A bientôt pour de nouvelles vidéos :) ... ou pas Starkadd :D
  7. Introduction Hello! This is my third guide in my "how to" series. Links to my other guides: -> How to play Großer Kurfürst -> General guide on how to play Battleships -> How to play Yamato Today I'd like to take a moment to share my experiences and tips on how to play my favourite tier X battleship: Montana. I'm making this guide with some tips from my clanmates from |OP|. Captain's Skillbuild Montana is a very versatile Battleship compared to Yamato and Großer Kurfürst and that gets reflected in the numerous skillbuilds you can take for your captain. While it is versatile I would like to say that certain skillbuilds are definitely better for randoms and less so for clanbattles and/or ranked. Skillbuild 1: AA A skillbuild I would almost exclusively use in random battles because of its niche. This build is very good to use when platooning up with Aircraft Carriers as it's AA damage per second can get quite absurd (for a Battleship) Although this is an AA spec I would like to adres some of my choices here. I did opt to pick Concealment Expert because this skill is a must in almost every Battleship if you want to have a tool to disengage (not fleeing, disengaging) When you have been under sustained HE fire from enemy cruisers it is always nice to have the option to stop firing for a while to get undetected, and while being undetected you can heal up. Very often new battleship drivers keep unloading,even on low HP and thus throwing their ship (and remaining heals) overboard by getting sunk. This choice does limit your other choices because it costs 4 points to take. Forcing me to drop Basic Firing Training(BFT) which gives you a 20% AA dps buff. The AA range upgrade you get from Advanced Firing Training works better with Manual Fire Control for AA Armament than BFT does. Super intendent is another one of those skills which you can't go without on Battleships. The remaining points I spent into Direction Center and Preventive maintenance. The first skill gives your AA and Main batteries more sustainability and the second skill gives you an extra plane to spot torpedoes with. Expert Marksman is something I put on all my ships because I like to manoeuvre quite a lot, EM will allow your guns to be trained on target faster. Skillbuild 2: Endurance build This build is a build I'd recommend for ranked play and solo-randoms. It's a build that will greatly improve your survivability and thus also will increase your damage (in most cases) This build shows some similarities with skillbuild 1 namely Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Superintendent and Concealment Expert. These skills are in my opinion all a must have although Preventive Maintenance could be switched out for something else because it is the least important one on that list. Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention together with Concealment Expert will work to limit damage taken by High Explosive shells and especially the fires resulting from it. While Adrenaline Rush will help you to increase your damage output even when your ship gets damaged. Ship Upgrades Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Or for AA Slot 4 Or for Manoeuvrability (Which I prefer) Slot 5 Slot 6 Or for DPS A lot of these Upgrades are up to personal preference. For example in Slot 6 I prefer Artillery Plotting Room because it makes Montana surprisingly accurate. And in my opinion the Main Battery Mod 3 slows down your turrets a bit too much. But the decision is up to you, my play style is a bit too aggressive to slow down my turrets. General Playstyle Montana is a Battleship which can be played a lot more aggressive than it's tier 9 predecessor the Iowa. It shares the same slow shell velocity but gains an extra turret. The slow shell velocity means that you will need to lead your targets more and although you would think a slow shell velocity is bad, it does have its perks. Your shells dip a lot faster making it easier to hit the citadels of some cruisers and your super heavy American Armour Piercing shells do a lot of damage even when you don't hit the citadel. An added effect of your slow shells is that hitting ships behind islands is easier since the shell arc is quite high. Your great firing angles allow you to use all your 12 406 millimeter guns without having to show a lot of your broadside, giving you an advantage when pushing in to some other Battleships. And your great accuracy (especially with Artillery Plotting Room 2) will make cruisers wish they didn't risk giving you their broadside. Montana is fairly resilient but don't get fooled! You have great armour and it is generally hard to citadel a Montana but when you give broadside it gets a lot easier to get citadelled, especially when you are in a turn. But don't get fooled! You have great armour and it is generally hard to citadel a Montana but when you give broadside it gets a lot easier to get citadelled, especially when you are in a turn. On the AA, even when you are using the Endurance built I described earlier, your AA is still very powerful and you will notice that Aircraft Carriers tend to avoid your AA. When they finally notice you are not running an AA heavy spec it might happen that they will come after you anyway, although they will still lose quite a lot of planes it will definitely make it a lot harder to survive. Again, it depends on your own preference what skill build you run, just keep in mind to stay a lot closer to your friendly neighbourhood AA cruiser when you pick the endurance build over the AA build. You have great stealth so getting close to caps and suddenly surprising enemy cruisers who flash you their belly is quite funny (well it's funny for you at least) Other than that just try to keep your destroyers safe, a living DD between you and the enemy is valuable because they are one of your only ways of knowing where the enemy DDs and/or torps are. Since you don't have hydro-acoustic search like the Großer Kurfürst that means keeping your DD safe is even more important for Montana. Don't hesitate to shoot enemy DDs either, your slow shells+ big volume of accurate shells will cause massive damage to Destroyers if they get unlucky. In short: Don't give broadside, when you are running an endurance build and there's a cv stick close to AA cruisers and whine that you are not running a AA build, use your great stealth to go closer to caps than a GK would and provide support for your Destroyers. Outro As all my other guides I will try to keep updating these, if you have any points you would like to see added, please do leave them in the comments. Have a nice day! Kathy.
  8. Mikhail__


    No dedicated Montana topic? This ship is awesome!
  9. Bracciofortebraccio

    Corazzate tier 10 (anche per ranked)

    Buongiorno, per chi usa le corazzate nelle ranked, quale tier 10 preferisce? Lo chiedo perchè sono al rank 10, e devo decidere quale corazzata acquistare (usando buona parte della mia free Xp): Yamato o Montana? Con inglesi e tedesche sono indietro, non le posso sbloccare. Con le francesi sono addirittura alla Courbet... Però se queste sono migliori delle statunitensi o giapponesi, ditemelo, che non spreco frre Xp e resto rank 10 a guardare gli altri che scalano la classifica...
  10. Captain_Riley

    American battleships' Gun Director bug

    Why do the Mark 37 gun directors (4 can be found on most battleships and on destroyers like the Fletcher, Benson, etc.) on American battleships turn with the main batteries? The Mark 37s guided the dual purpose 5" guns. It was only the Mark 38s that guided the main batteries (the ones on the two highest points of US BBs: can be observed on Iowa-class, Montana-class, North Carolina-class, South Dakota-class). Wargaming only got the Alabama's directors right as they don't turn with the main batteries, only the Mark 38s do. Although it would be cool if the Mark 37s did turn with the Mark 28 5" dual turrets on BBs.
  11. Leo13131313

    10 citadels in Montana

    Hi, if you want you can take a look on a game had in Montana though I'm by no means a good Montana player. 10cits and a brawl with another Montana. Of course we lost!
  12. MuddyMo

    Dreadnought bug

    So after taking over 162k damage and surviving the battle in my montana i did somehow not receive a dreadnought. i hope this is a bug because this is [edited]
  13. chummierleek

    How to win in Montana

    Just a something I made for fun, would be nice if u guys gave it a look :p
  14. gekkehenkie50

    Montana or Taiho?

    So, due to the absence of a Missouri in my port I do not have a huge amount of credits. Or I manage to spend them somehow or other. Just researched Taiho, and she costs 15mil. Montana should be availible in about 20 games or so~. My question to the more experienced players out there is this: Which should I buy first? I enjoy Shokaku and Iowa about equally, in different ways of course. My concerns are these; Taiho is a tier IX CV, so matchmaking times might take a while, also, even more tier X games than in Shokaku, so rip planes to AA. Montana, tier X BB, so nothing really to fault, but with Conqueror on the way + Montana being even brickier when it comes to handling compared to Iowa, Im not sure this is the best time to buy her. And she does cost more.
  15. EnterpriseNL

    Ocean soul camo on Montana

    Hi, fellow Captains/Admirals :P I just got the Montana and mounted the Ocean soul camouflage on it, but it doesn't look good on the Montana, as you can see in the middle of the ship its pattern isn't in line with the forward pattern See screenshot for better view what I mean Is this intentional or a bug? PS: Right side is forward pattern Thanks Best regards EnterpriseNL
  16. Sure they got buffed at their citadel to make them less like pinatas and less paranoid, but now that Conqueror is coming with good or better AA, fire chance accuracy and concealment, is there any point to playing with Montana anymore? Sure you can still perform well on Montana as a good player, but aren't you just essentially handicapping yourself when you could pick the other superior Tier X BBs instead? When I try to make good points why picking Montana would be preferable, I feel like I am only grasping at straws. Can someone convince me otherwise, or is Montana ...dare I say it... simply and objectively inferior?
  17. PhantomSailor

    Montana Changes for Public Test

    So logged on Public Test today and to see the changes to USS Montana. These are the changes I saw, didn't look too deep if there could be other changes. But citadel has been lowered and here are the other changes. Citadel Deck Changed from 150mm to 19mm ​Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead Changed from 45mm to 110mm​ PUBLIC TEST: LIVE:
  18. So... If you have played all the Tier 10 BBs, which is the best? Großer Kurfürst came out and most of the players saying that: "Kurfürst is the anti-Yamato BB", "Montana is now useless" ecc ecc. I've seen videos about Kurfürst vs Montana then vs Yamato (between BOTS), but I think that BOTS can't decide which is the best because every player has his own gameplay, knowing how to angle and so on. I've tried every T10 battleship and nothing can replace the queen... So my vote goes for the YAMATO. Its still the Queen of the Seas having 545,874 battles in total and keeping its dmg avg around 86k. It has the best torpedo belt, it has enough stock range, you can tank (not as much as the Kurfurst but depends on the player that's sailing it) and its guns are the best (if known where to aim at even showing bow). What's yours? I personally think that Kurfürst isn't the "anti-Yamato BB", because even having those 420mm you hardly penetrate the Yamato not showing the full broadside and the shells are bouncing also on other ships. At T10 battles its hard to give the best out from this Battleship because in the most battles the players are "camping" so you have only a range of 20k (without Range Upgrade) and the game finishes winning by points and without damage. Also I've notice that almost all German Battleships are burning quite easily. Shooting with all 4 turrets = BROADSIDE. (My stats: Großer Kurfürst avg dmg 132k with 40+ battles) For some other players Montana is now useless, but for me its more accurate than all the T10 BBs, even being a 406mm you can penetrate every battleship in the game, to shoot with all 4 turrets you don't have to show your full broadside and you have 23km of range (without range upgrade) in case you have to shoot on campers. Even not having the Hydro, most of the time you can avoid the torps with a torpedo beat being smaller than the Kurfurst. (Montana avg dmg 120k with 100+ battles)
  19. Hey folks, Figured I'd leave two of my videos here. They're basically my 2 best games so far, and I hope you enjoy One is a 241k damage game in the Bismarck which is mostly brawling with enemy battleships towards the end during a cyclone which ends up with 7 kills and a kraken, 2 close quarters expert, a dreadnought, 2 dev strikes, high caliber and confederate, and over 200 secondary hits without manual fire control for the secondaries.. Second one is brand spanking new, uploaded last night and it's my highest damage game so far. 272k damage in the Montana, yet only getting one kill as I focus on wearing down enemies showing broadside and posing a major threat to my teammates, which results in 10 citadels (3 of them are on a Moskva relatively early on, and the rest are mostly at enemy BBs showing broadside at close range) Again, I hope you enjoy! Hellfire_dk (or iFartz on Youtube and.. everything else really. Old WG account, old name..)
  20. Hey! I have for some time now thought about doing some World of Warships videos and after this game in my Montana I figured its about damn time. So please do enjoy a 373k dmg game in a Montana and my first attempt of a WoWS video! More videos will come in the future. There are some who say that there are too many german BBs. - I have to agree
  21. Hello there With this post I try to say what needs to be changed in my opinion. As of now (5.15.1) there are some illogical things (Normal for WG) and unbalanced ships (especially at higher Tiers). I will start with the current Tier 10 Battleship Balance since that is one of the biggest problems right now. I will only talk about the Tier 10's since that is what matters me the most. Battleships Yamato is the absolute god of them all, Kurfürst is a playable but mostly inferior ship and Montana can't even be called a proper T10 BB. I'd buff the Montana in the following ways: -Increase maximum speed to 33kts -Increase secondary gun range to 7km (same for Iowa, keep 6km on North Carolina because reason) -Reinforce citadel front armor -Lower the citadel by a bit -Increase accuracy a bit more (just a tiny bit) Changes I'd make to the Yamato: -Decrease accuracy by a bit -Add the AA guns it had in 1945 (on the second turret for example) Kurfürst: -Increase accuracy -Decrease reload of 406mm guns to 28 seconds -Increase reload of 420mm guns to 35 seconds Some of these ideas are most likely controversial, but I think it would make the Montana a much more viable option when it comes to playing a BB. As of now the Yamato is superior to both the other BBs in so many ways. Cruisers Hindenburg -Increase secondary range to 5km (standard for cruisers, except Moskva) Des Moines -Decrease reload time to 7,5 seconds -Shorten citadel -Increase deck armor to 30mm -Decrease detection range by sea to 13,1 Zao -Decrease fire chance from 19% to 15% -Increase detection range by sea to 12,9km -Increase detection range by air to 9,7km Moskva -Increase reload time of main armament to 12 seconds -Increase secondary gun range to 7km Minotaur -Decrease AA damage -Allow for Radar+Smoke combination Destroyers I don't know much about them so I will keep my mouth shut. Aircraft carriers (Economy) This deserves an own forum, too many changes needed in order for good balance. The fixed repair costs should be removed from CVs since they don't take any damage in most games. At least lower it. Commander Skills -Remove/Rework Air supremacy -Fire prevention reduces the actual fire chance by actual 3% -Decrease the XP needed for the 19th skill point to a human level (like 450K) -Expert Loader allows to load different shells in different guns instead of faster loading when guns are loaded -Incoming fire alert triggers at 4 second shell travel time instead of 6 -Jack of all trades reduction increased to 25% -Preventive Maintenance reduces the chance of incapacitation by 70% instead of 50% That's about it. I will (probably) edit this post later on and add new ideas and changes I'd make. These are my personal thoughts, neither I know how WG agrees on them (probably not in a single way, because WG logic) and some changes are most likely controversial. Feel free to share your personal opinion below. Have a nice day.
  22. vaskemaskina


    Fix F(insert random F word) Montana. Turning radius o fa cow. Gets citadelled by a pencil hitting the broadside. Did the USA really plan on winning at seas with this? I highly doubt it. Imagine if the japs would have had snowballs. Reacts to commands like my ex, maybe after the 3-4th call it will react(ie turn, or speed up). AA isnt anything impressive compared to Iowa or NC - Yes ive heard BUT ITS GOOD AGAINST LOWER TIER, yes im comparing to tierX, whats the point of comparing to t8? YES 12 guns but shells bounce off non stop or just do nothing at all. Now i have 300k XP with this and i can say i have had some real high results with it 160k+ dmg with 3-4-5-6-7 kills but that would mean a lucky game or completely muppet opponents. This ship can say it clearly is forgotten or just left like this on purpose. Worst of tier 10 BB's. A broadside exchange with a kurfurst would end up with montana being hit for 60k+ while kurfust at max 22k. Taking bow damage like hell as well (unlike the other two). I've heard comebacks like OH but its good against cruisers. Yes even cruisers are good against cruisers and basically any other BB is. Big deal. At least reduce the chance of being set on fire? Considering its FULLY steel? maybe? Torp protection can be thrown into the wastebin as well as i have both the target acq system mod and vigilance, which sounds nice, however at tier9 every submarine(ie destroyer) will launch more than 10+ torps at you, and given your 950m turning radius you will have a very good chance of doding a few but you'll surely be stuck. Just do SOMETHING with it as for the time being it's a lackluster and a waste of slot. You would need at least, in every game around 100k+ damage to gain any profit, given the current gameplay circumstances, it is rather annoying to achieve (No, challenging is not a word i'd use).
  23. El2aZeR

    About the Iowa/Montana

    Browsing the American Forums, I've stumbled upon this thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/99212-confirmed-iowamontana-citadel-modeling-error/ For those of you too lazy to click that, it basically shows that the citadel model on both the Iowa and the Montana include a splinter deck which (obviously) should not be a part of it. This makes the citadel on both ships extend far above the waterline and is one of the reasons why they're so vulnerable compared to their contemporaries. Separating the splinter deck from the citadel would make them similar to the North Carolina and therefore much harder to hit at closer ranges. The official answer was: First of all, according to people in the thread (and I have no reason to believe they are lying) both Iowa and Montana are the only battleships in the game whose citadels are modeled to include the splinter deck (apparently the Yamato as well, but that is arguable). And I believe it is widely accepted that the Montana at least is the worst performing T10 battleship, being outclassed by both the Yamato and the G.Kurfürst in almost every category. Publicly available data supports this, showing that the Montana comes in dead last by a good amo in every relevant category across almost every server (a common trend for USN ships). The Russian server stands out as an anomaly, on which it on average sports slightly better damage and survival rates than the Yamato during the last two weeks. (I'm basing this off of warships.today, as wows-numbers is currently down, but I believe other stat sites will draw a similar picture) Of course, there are also things that will never be reflected in stats. Assuming a similar skill level, I think everyone will agree with me that a Yamato or a G.Kurfürst will usually win a fight against a Monty barring any divine intervention from RNGesus. The Montana simply doesn't have enough strengths to make up for it, most of her former ones taken away by the G.Kurfürst when it was introduced. Even some of the things it has going for it can be argued upon (for example Yamato is arguably better at weathering air strikes thanks to its absurd TDS value, as neither will be capable of wiping out a significant portion of T10 planes before they drop their payloads). This raises several questions: If being the most underperforming ship in its bracket is not enough to warrant a buff, what is? Sure, Monty deletes cruisers real good, but so do both the Yamato and the G.Kurfürst in addition to not being comparatively useless at everything else. And Monty is the most vulnerable to cruiser AP shells out of the 3. Does this perhaps mean that the game is only balanced based on statistics available on the Russian server? I've read otherwise, but WG employees are apparently no stranger to lying to the community as evidenced above. Is WG happy with the current state of US ships? If so, doesn't this validate everyone crying about "anti-US bias"? Including other facts like STS plating not being considered as armor (for those that don't know, that's 114mm of armor missing on the turret faceplate for the Montana alone), it'd be rather difficult to argue against that. It may just be that WG is waiting on how much the recent armor buff will affect the statistics before making further changes. Separating the splinter deck from the citadel would of course be a rather big survivability buff to the Iowa and the Montana, but the reasons given do seem rather questionable to say the least. Thoughts? PS: Well, this sure turned into a wall of text. It's my first post here, too *sigh*.
  24. I have spent the last few weeks or so alternating between the Kurfurst and Montana, trying to make the Montana feel relevant. I have failed. My opinion is that sadly the Montana has simply been rendered obsolete by the Grosser Kurfurst. I see no reason to play the Montana over the GK, as the only advantages the Montana has are weak and generally irrelevant. You feel like a T9.5 BB taking on the GK or Yammy in the Monty.
  25. The anatomy of a high-tier loss. I shame the battleships in this match, all of whom are utter pussies who are a disgrace to battleship captains everywhere. Pushed up supporting my team's destroyers, briefly got a break in C cap and I could have exploited it further if it wasn't just me in the Montana and two DDs working together (smoke concealment, torpedo runs, the works), against the enemy Montana, one DD and two cruisers. Us three ships took B cap on our own, and moved in to force C cap afterwards. Extremely infuriating to see my team's Montana camp at max range, and I reserve a special fury for my team's Yamato who ran away from the enemy team for the better half of 10 minutes at FULL HEALTH. Kudos to my team's CV, he tried his best to carry but what's there to do when you're stuck on a team that is comprised of potatoes and bankrupt [edited]? If you don't have the money nor the guts, please don't get the Montana or worse still the Yamato. If you're going to camp at max range and just let the enemy CV torp you to hell (as happened with my team's Yamato) I hope your game crashes every time you start it up and you go back to playing tetris on your black-and-white gameboy. Wish I saved a copy of my chat log in this game, it was one of my most furious and profanity-laden rants against assholes who always complain that "battleship captains do not dare to push up and shoot". Because when you get one such captain on your team who plays a battleship the way it's supposed to be played, you just throw it all away by running away from the fight. I was second ship to die in this match. Look at the [edited]score. I still made TOP THREE. I curse the battleships on my team (other than the Tirpitz) for all eternity. If you are a member of this forum, I hope you see this rant. ...Because if I catch you on the enemy team you are going to be first to die. *angry rant over*