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Found 2 results

  1. Hurricane_tb

    A short story

    " You're a new worker in this company. It's your first day in the office, you're walking inside the huge complex, trying to memorize where is where. The decoration and the general atmosphere is pretty great, admitting to yourself while even letting a small smile to appear on your face. As you're wandering around, something catches your attention. It's a strange paper put on a billboard. You shrug your shoulders and say "Why not, let's check it!". As you're approaching the billboard, you stumble upon someone. - "Ohhh, my bad, I'm terribly sorry!" - you apologize. - No worries! Are you new here? - "Actually I am! I thought I'll check that over th...." - There? Oh yeah, it's called: "How to earn a ton of money. A brief summary for novices in our company". I will summarize it for you, what do you say? - "Ehhm, oookay, I guess..." - you say faintly. - Wonderful! I'll be quick because I have a meeting in 4 minutes. Ok, so here we go: Ever wondered, how to earn a lot of money easily? First, use hideous psychological ways (fear of missing out, sunken cost fallacy, etc.) to manipulate a lot of people into buying your currency Second, when people realize they had been lied to and being scammed, they will outrage, so you remain silent. Acting surprised and acquitting yourself (sugar-coating it as an apology is plus point!) is an optional but effective way to add more fuel to the fire. Strongly advised. Third, shortly after they will ask for a refund, you'll happily oblige and giving them back their money. Except you don't. You see, our currency is an artificial, fictional currency. It's price is completely determined by our company, it's not based on any real resource, product or service. There isn't a "Fort Knox" where we're keeping a finite amount of it, we can "create" as much as we want. Conclusion: you take a lot of real money , while offering in exchange something entirely virtual, something that you can just throw at those folks. It's doesn't matter, you can just "create" that currency running a script or even by typing the amount with your own hand using a keyboard. See? Easy-peazy. We create the problem, let the fire ravaging a bit, then offering a solution. Classic. At the end these folks will be somewhat content that it's finally over, plus at least they got something for their money. For their hard-earned, real money. Which we will happily transfer to our bank account of course. Then rinse-and-repeat. You remain silent while scratching your head, but then finally gather the courage to ask the instructor: - "Yes, but what about our self-respect and trustworthiness?" - Oh, my sweet summer child. Don't worry. Money talks. " Disclaimer: this tiny story is completely fictional and not intended to portrait any person, individual, company or any group of people in any bad or contemptuous way. It was created for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance with reality or actual fact is a complete coincidence.
  2. O3EE

    Steam DLCs and VIP program

    Hello! I have two questions: 1. Are you guys planning on changing DLCs on steam? Because they haven't been changed in the past few months. (probably 3-4 months or more) 2. As you can probably see or check, i spend/spent/invested a lot of money into the game :) Like a lot... :D Many hundred/Few thousands of euros :/ (jeez) Are you guys planning on doing some program like CCs for the guys like me? Who spent a lot of money in the game, and helped the making/developing WoWs. I thought some VIP program or something. Just like twitch done in the last few months with VIP badges. Or what you've done to ship collectors badges. Are there any plan to do something like this? Like after some amount of money spent in the game you can get in-game goodies or flags, or discounts, or something, i don't know :) Just like you did with this recruit program. Just done the math from my e-mail account (i searched for all the purchases i made since 2018.01.) I've spent: 530.536 HUF thats about 1634 EUR in 1 year and 7 months. Now that's a lot... :D Thank you for your answer in advance guys!