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Found 12 results

  1. southjn

    Missing Premium time

    Since 8.0 went live I have been having an issue with my premium time. I had a not insignificant amount of premium left on what I purchased then this I won 2 crates giving me extra premium time from the mission rewards but the first for 3 days premium then an additional 1 day of premium however instead of adding this additional time to the premium time I paid for it has completly replaced it. Thus I now have less than one day of premium time on my account I have submitted a ticket but was effectively told to F#@ OFF and have not had my premium time recredited back to me could you please reimburse me with my premium time if it is not done by midday tomorrow I will be left with no choice but to formally request that my bank recover the money I paid as under European Consumer protection law you have not provided the good or services required and are liable
  2. Brainzzzzz

    Economy nerfed in 0.5.3.?

    Hi all, I am not sure if my assumption is correct, so I would like to hear your opinion or maybe someone can even back it up what I have been witnessing. With 0.5.3. I am starting to loose money. And I don't mean like a few %, but a ton of credits. I have attached a screen to tell you what I mean. I know that reps are costly, but that is getting insane if you win and are top player. And the repair costs seem to have been skyrocketing as well, boosting the effect of not getting credits anymore. I mean, even a win on this game and without premium you are in the red ones. Even Tirpitz and Atago don't seem to be the money trains they have been before So before anyone jumpstarts on me, I just want to remind you that I am asking for your experience, opinion or similar feedback. Thanks for keeping this thread flame-free
  3. I tried my best to make it as neutral and unbiased as possible. While I can't force anyone to partake in it, I gladly invite everyone to participate, so we can have an idea about how the average WOWS-forum user thinks about these topics. If there are any comments or things that could be done better, please let me know. Votes are anonymous, not even I can see who voted what, so you can be fully honest.
  4. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.
  5. Shaka_D

    Ingame economy

    I know we have quite a few mega richies out there with massive credit balances, so perhaps you don't care (or notice) the final credit tally after each game but I'm really struggling of late to see good credit returns, even after some really good games. Different ships. A simple example is a game I just had in my tirpitz. I thought I had played a reasonably good game. I was upfront a lot of the time and did a paltry 120k damage, but all to tier 9's and 10's and got a single kill. Shot down a few planes and capped even. After the game I only made 350k credits....not what I was expecting from what I felt was a pretty intense game in which I took on a g kurfurst and yamato and did massive damage to both of then from reasonably close. This seemed very underwhelming. I've seen similar lowish returns on my kutuzov to against higher tier opponents and also not really playing that passively either. The only ship I tend to make relatively good returns on is my missouri. I'm trying to get the balance right in terms of my playstyle, but seem to be lagging on the credit making front and lately making far less credits than I am accustomed to. It's not my expectations that have risen. To be honest I seem to be making similar figures to what I used to make without signal flags but this time using the zulu and wyvern flags. I know it's hard to analyse my playstyle (definitely dont want that - i are noobish), but perhaps you could answer what actions reap the most credits / xp in this game, i.e. damage, kills, spotting, capping, etc? Help an old fool out will you?
  6. LastButterfly

    How do bad player enjoy the game ?

    So this is a free to play, right ? As long as anyone is nice (not resorting to insults that is), respecting basic rules (like no teamkilling and let others enjoy their games too) and willing to improve, anyone should be allowed to play whatever they like, isn't it true ? Then let's just consider that situation. I'm a casual player who really enjoys aircraft carriers and higher tier game. So far, this is my right. So let's say I manage over monthes to grind slowely toward tier 8/9. At some point, I won't have anymore lower tier, which won't bother me because I dislike thgem compared to higher ones. Then, add that factor : I am actually a bad player. Most of my games end up in failures at least from me, which explains why it took me so long to grind all the way up to tier 8/9/10. I am willing to improve but haven't been able to really achieve anything. From tier 8 on, with those factors taken in consideration, it is clear that my money gain ratio will be negative. At some point, I will eventually find myself with 0 money and all my ships requesting to get repaired. So in order to play what I like, I have to do something I don't like (playing lower tier) which cost time and effort and isn't funny at all (kinda like work), or to spend IRL cash (which is also mostly produced by a more or less effort-demanding and not funny work). So to enjoy the game I have to work. Can we then really consider that high tier is free to play for bad players ? I am not trying to point out anything unfair because this is just a policy wargaming adopted and it's as valid as any other. I'm also not complaining about said policy because, as I said, it's valid and even clever from wargaming, since it might spur players into frustration which, as we know, make them either leave the game or spend money to compensate, and the latter is the goal of any capitalist company so it's just legit. I just want to share my thoughts about how the game servicing system of the game makes it a "free to play but to some extend only" and get the opinion of others about the question.
  7. gekkehenkie50

    I am nearly broke!

    I have been playing in the closed beta, reached tier 8 in the japanese dds, and then everything got wiped (which i knew was coming). However after reaching tier 3 (again) in nearly all the lines I now have exactly 124 coins . I must say the the way economics work on wows has changed alot! 3 000 000 for the best upgrade in the game... For example in WoT you would pay 600 000 for the most expensive upgrade, thats about 30 games on a non premium account (after subtracting repair costs, and dont tell me that "ow well im a MUCH better player than you so for me its different" i have totally average stats In WoWS 3 000 000 is about 75 games! Thats more than double the amount. And even upgrades on tier 3 ships cost up to 1 000 000, while i get games when i earn 30 000- 100 000 in them I remember just before the wipe i was also losing money after battles in my tier 8 ships. So firstly, please DO something about the economics at the moment, and secondly, how can i build up my ingame piggy bank again? (PS) The game itself is great, and just like other users on this forum, I WANT TO PLAY IT. The problem is just these little frustrating issues. (there are full topics with that name)
  8. ReapingKnight

    What is with the different tier premiums?

    Hi all, I'm curious about this and the thought that goes behind it...It is something I've wondered about for both WoT and WoWs. What is the deal with the premium tier spread....initially I thought it was 6 & 8 not paying any mind to the Christmas gifts of tier 1-3 as they don't make any impact. But now there are premiums at 4, 5 & 7...are these meant to fill in some sort of gap for players that will spend money on tier 6 prem but can't afford tier 8 or something like this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Mangrey

    Economic Changes (CV)

    Based on the analysis of collected statistics concerning profitability of all ships and having reviewed feedback received from players, we decided to adjust the reward system for aircraft carriers for greater consideration of individual achievements in combat. Now, fans of carriers who perform well in battle will earn more credits and XP as compared with Update 0.6.2. Now, fans of carriers who perform well in battle will earn more credits and XP as compared with Update 0.6.2. On average, a decent battle should bring 10%-25% more XP and credits as compared with the economics in effect previously, while a poor battle should bring on average 10%-25% fewer rewards in XP and credits. Example performance results for a good battle and a poor one: Poor battle: deal less than 30% damage to one enemy ship. Good battle: deal damage to enemy ships constituting at least 300% of their total standard HP, and sink at least three enemy ships. This is taken from the Main EU wows site ..... I read the text but i dont understand how the procentage works .... mang
  10. Hi there. Is there somewhere Experience and Cash gain mechanics ? I know some ppl. say that when you do % dmg to ship then u get experience, same for cash... Can anyone tell me where i can read this ? I was looking in this forum but cant find anything about this. If anyone knows it be cool. Regards Boold
  11. PPKinguin

    How credits are earned

    Question time What influences how much money I get for a match. Is it based on XP gained or dmg done? Do caps play a role or plane kills? Pls drop some math on me if the numbers are common knowledge Also why do I have to spend money on repairs when I havent taken a scratch?
  12. Braunschweige

    Play the Game on Steam.

    Hi, I downloaded the game from Steam and i play from there. Will it remove from the Steam? What will happen to our accounts if removed? I spent a lot of money on the game.Thanks for your answers.