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Found 12 results

  1. BlackYeti

    155mm Mogami turret angles

    I noticed that the 155mm turrets on the Mogami have way worse angles (sometimes as bad as 45') than 203mm. Is this intentional or a legacy setting bug of the 155s being tied to A hull (i think 203s+A hull also share these bad angles)? EDIT I checked and you can't mount 203 on A hull, duh, heres screenshots though, I'd say there's room for at least 5 degrees more on the back turret:
  2. haha_ufail

    Mogami AP is un usable??

    So far ive made it though to the mogami in alittle under a week, and having played the atago and the following IJN cruisers regularly im pritty familiar with the playstyle used with these cruisers, but so far in CA vs CA combat ive had nothing but trouble doing any damage to other players with AP, even though everyone says "shoot AP at a cruisers waterline and deal huge damage" i do it quite often in other ships but with this ship it doesnt seem to work at all, the past few games ive tryed swiching to AP in CA engagments and its almost like shooting 2 year old damp bamboo sticks at solid 10ft concrete walls with little to no effect, and then i get totaly deleted by a random shot into the bow of my ship with no citadel hits being posible where they landed their shots.... am i missing something, do i need to unlock some kinda of inner peace and learn the martial arts of their people tp make it work?
  3. Elleriel

    Japanese cruisers

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem, I reached tiers 8 on japanese cruisers and it's just impossible to play : 1/ I'm nearly always lowest tiers. 2/ Japanese cruisers have a really short shooting range (15,7 km) and nothing to protect them (like smoke or something else). So or I keep out of detection of ennemy ships or I come in shooting range and can be really quickly destroyed. Can you give me some advices how to play them ? Thank you.
  4. With the old poll being almost a year old, I'd like to know how people now think about the Mogami. Just some (standard) statistics: (I know you'll never do the maximum damage per salvo or reach the full dpm, and you're probably able to do more damage per salvo with the 203mm AP due to the higher calibre and penetration, but these are just statistics.) 155m 203mm gun layout 5x3 (15) 5x2 (10) reload time 10.0 s 15.0 s 180° turn time 51.4 s 30.0 s HE / AP max dmg 2600 / 3300 3300 / 4700 max dmg per salvo 39k / 49.5k 33k / 47k max dpm 234k / 297k 132k / 188k fire chance per shell 10% 17% fire chance per salvo ~79,4 % ~84,5 % initial shell velocity 925.0 m/s 840 m/s I think the choice between 155mm and 203mm depends heavily on your style of playing. I prefer the 155mm guns mainly due to the number of guns and their ROF. The higher amount of guns and higher shell velocity makes it easier to hit destroyers. At long distance the 155mm AP shells are really underperforming but in CQC they're as good as the 203mm AP shells (against cruisers). The only time I really wish I had the 203mm guns is when a nearby battleship is showing broadside (in this situation I'd probably try to use my torpedoes but this is not without danger). But this is just my opinion and I'll be glad to hear yours.
  5. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Some help needed : Mogami IFHE and DE bug ?

    I need some help from you, my friends; I recently changed my skipper skill points on Mogami, and change the stealth 4 points for IFHE - to get some more consistent damage from those 155 ; To compensate the loss of -3% of fire chances, when you choose the Inertia Fuse for HE, I put the 3 points on Demolition Expert . For my surprise, after that seems the extra 2% fire chances for DE do not work. My fire chances for 155mm Mogami guns are stuck at 9%... I mean, before that, with no IFHE , the fire chances per shell where 12% (14 % with DE perk). On SHCORHS are 14% with DE and no IFHE, on Clevi 12% with none of those. So, my question and problem is; WHY I get only 9% fire chances and not 11% ? ( 12 % less 3% penalty, then add 2% from DE perk should give 11%, not 9%...) Or, on other words: if with DE my fire chances where 14%, then why after putting 4 skill points on IFHE the percentage drop not by 3 but by 5 % ?? Thanks in advance for replays.
  6. After reading a lot of complaints about the same stuff over and over i felt like sharing my opinion as well. Maybe influenced by the sentence "IJN Destroyers, rejoyce...", captains that say "buffs to DDs" are wrong say stuff like this: "and now, the shimakaze gonna be too OP, the kagero with 16km torps with 72knots and the torpedoes reload faster, omg we all gonna die, this will kill the balance" 1 - Torpedo Reload Booster - i can't think of one reason to loose the Smoke Screen in behalf of a one-time-per-battle faster torpedo reload speed. That's an option that won't change any balance at all as it's only for Hatsuharo and Kagero. Maybe i would take it as ONE faster reload in exchange for ONE smoke screen, but i'ts not like that i guess. 2 - The Torpedo Acceleration skill. Now the complains here are simply ridiculous. I believe some captains may have reasons to complain, the problem is they are complaining about the wrong ships. Kageros 12 or 15km, 16 or 20km range. The only factor that changes in this ranges is more km means more chances of getting luck or... not, thats about the only "advantage". The speed? Plus 5 knots? You worried that Kagero now has 72km/h torpedoes instead of 67? Really? if you think this is a problem don't get near the 81knots Zao torps. You should also be equally worried about Russian DDs because - being true they don't have the range - some have 75knots torpedoes. The game isn't only made of High Tier ships so other ships you really should be watching out are Isokazes (already a hyperOP ship) or Minekazes, now both capable of 6km range with 73knots torpedoes at Tier IV and V. I can only imagine a Umikaze with +-7km range torps at 53km/h with a 2.5 reload rate in Tier II... What about CVs? isn't it a buff to all CV torpedo bombers? Shouldn't BB or CA captains be more worried about +5knots on torps that are launched from planes at such small distances? It may be harder for torpedo bombers to get close to some ships now but if they do, their torpedoes will be faster than usual. I think the most benefited (in higher tiers) with the Torpedo Acceleration skill are US DDs, with 8km+ range, because they have really slow torpedoes and in this case i think it can make a difference. CAs with torpedoes can also benefit from this skill. Now on the "Now the Myoko is better than Mogami" movement, it's funny how Mogami captains agreed (a while ago) that the Mogami was such an OP ship, i was flamed to hell because i said the Atago was better than Mogami, so everyone came saying no way, Mogami rules, is so OP, it's on top of leaderboards, you are an idiot, whatever, so i accepted all of that. Now, with one single change in a freaking skill, looks like it became worse than a Myoko... Do you really think you had a really bad ship that was only good because of one captain skill? That couple or whatever missing kms in range "tranformed" the Mogami from "So OP, much better than Atago!" into "It's a really bad ship, worst than Myoko"? you might think that HE spamming from 18km is a good tactic but you are just fooling yourselves. In the end, you spent 10 minutes so focused on sucking a few K HP from a BB that you didn't even realize that a battle was going on. This also goes to some Cleveland captains that soon will learn that most of their effectivness isn't at 18km range. I don't think this is such a big nerf for these CAs. The ships are still very capable and effective, even without the long range random hits. The difference is that now some captains have to actually use more than one tactic in battle. Where's the rule that says that Mogami captains must have a better CA, did you forget that there are worse CAs and people don't complain about it? They just try to play with it. Last time i checked, Mogami wasn't supposed to be more "special" than other CAs. About BB captains that are always so afraid of High Tier IJN DDs. "Now i can't even one shot DDs! What have you done with dispersion?" - This one is real. "Torpedoes are too fast, it's impossible to dodge!" - Try not to put yourself in a situation where you have to dodge it in the first place. "Smoke favour DDs too much!" - Unless the smoke screen is saving your ship... "Now it's easier to get Last Stand! It's not fair, i can't hit them if they don't stand still!" - No comments "They can launch torpedoes from 20km! It's too easy for them, they don't have to get close!" - You try it champ Some of you High Tier BB captains must have this idea that getting hit "ocasionally" by a DD torpedo is something "unacceptable" when in reality, most of your problems are related to the fact that you don't like being tormented by the possibility of getting hit by a torpedo, for 20 minutes. You really really wanted all DDs to be visible, so you could take out your Montana, relax, light up a cigarrette and lay back on your chair while you do you damage but that's not the way it should work. If you have to spend an entire battle fearing DDs with your backs closed really tight then do it, it's part of the battle, just get on with it. That akward moment when some captain is insulting you and asking you for help at the same time: "That bloody DD took away 4K HP from my "without-a-scratch" BB with those torps! Help! There's a DD here! Somebody kill that freaking bug! Any DD that can help me?"... Most probably some other ship will end up sinking this BB but the only ship that comes to that captains mind is the freaking DD so he goes into the foruns and tries to finish the DD race, even though DDs must be the ships that sink BBs the less... (surely it must be BBs or CVs). When i play BB i worry about torpedo bombers, about other BBs and fleets of CAs with BBs. With DDs i always try to keep track of them and try to make sure i don't run into their possible torpedo paths. Sometimes i may get surprised by some nice DD manouver and get sunk but even there, most of the times, i would probably take a few torps and dodge the rest. From that moment on i have more than one minute to finish that DD and that's not a hard thing to do as you know. If i don't finish him, someone else will because DDs always get focused by everyone when they get detected. Even if he manages to launch another spread, he will probably miss because i'm alerted now. Usually this ends up with a DD sunk in seconds, or maybe he will get another set set of -10% repair expenses (that's one Flag DD captains have a lot...). I think WG will get it right with this update. Maybe the only players who have some reason to complain are US CV captains in Tier 8, 9 but there i can't really speak from experience with CVs because i have little experience with this class. This time i think WG did a lot of stuff that people asked before but you cannot expect instant action from WG, that's not how it works. I'm really glad that WG is not making gameplay changes based on the opinion of noobs or one individual. Don't get me wrong, i'm not upset. I'm just giving voice to my captains. They think that 90% of the time you can solve "your nerf issues" by learning different tactics and play better. Don't limit yourself to that "special skill" you like so much. If you start a battle thinking your ship sucks, that battle will never go right for you pretty much in the same way that a salesman that doesn't believe in his product will never sell it sucessfully. Sorry for the long post.
  7. DeleteCV

    Mogami Commentary [180k damage]

    This has probably been the one ship I have been requested to re-visit the most, so with the recent surge of German BBs I decided to do just that. Ended up being quite long since I decided to include one of those nightmare MM games at the start, where I'm literally thrown against almost purely T10 ships. With how skewed MM have felt recently I thought it was relevant enough to be included. A more normal game starts at 13:50, where I'm up against mostly T8s. As usual you can skip to 29:30 for modules, upgrades and captain perks.
  8. Bisher habe ich keinen Beitrag zu diesem Problem finden können und werde einfach mal mein Glück versuchen. Ich war mir ein wenig uneinig wo ich das Problem überhaupt posten soll. 1. Beschreibung Ich habe vor genau zwei Tagen den Yamamoto Isoroku freigespielt. Den habe ich dann als Kapitän auf die gute Mogami gepackt. Der Yamamoto ist komplett auf das Schiff eingespielt. Damit meine ich, dass keine Skills in ihrer Funktion beinträchtigt werden. Das Problem beschränkt sich jetzt auf die Gun Tracer, die bei der 155 mm Version nicht funktionieren, wenn ich die 155 mm Variante verwende. Bei AP werden die Tracer angezeigt. Bei HE sieht man keine. 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu beheben Ich habe folgendes vesucht: Yamamoto Gun Tracer Skill in seinem Skill-Baum an und abgeschaltet. Mit einem Freund in ein Zufallsgefecht und er sieht daselbe wie ich. AP mit Tracern. HE ohne Tracer. Yamamoto auf die Atago gepackt. Bei beiden Munitionsarten funktionieren die Tracer. Wieder zurück auf die 155 mm Mogami. Bei HE immer noch keine Tracer. Mogami mit der 203 mm Variante ausprobiert. Beide Munitionsarten zeigen die Tracer. 3. Erwartetes Ergebnis Eigentlich sollte auch bei der 155 mm Version der Mogami bei beiden Munitionsarten, die Tracer angezeigt weden. Auf der Suche nach einer Lösung bin ich auf einen Post im NA Forum gestoßen. Die Person hat bisher nur keinen Antworten erhalten und hat genau daselbe Problem. Sein Post: Yamamoto-Tracers-Not-Working-Properly-On-My-Mogami
  9. While i have no problems with range skills as i prefer 203mm guns i find amazing how any ship can citadel me so easy, no matter what angle i am. Almost every battle ends with someone sinking me with one salvo, having 100% HP or 50% doesn't really matter. I also tried German CAs ships and even those, while they get damage fast it happens in a "normal way". I even use Survivability skill but it doesn't make any diference at all... If i was WG i would review the angle calculations for this ship because, in my opinion, something is messed up, and i did saw a few topics about similar stuff as well. I like the ship any way but this is annoying as it puts an early end to a lot of battles. I think it's normal to get hit in the citadel once in a while, but in this case is just ridiculous.
  10. bungo7

    Research costs

    I notice that there is a sale on high tier ships at the moment so I thought I would invest in the Roon and grind to the Hindenberg. But the Tech tree research cost is 168 000 stars and when I clicked to research it said a different cost of over 200 000. The same happens to the Mogami. Am I doing something wrong? Steve.
  11. Major_Damage225

    BBV/CAV implementation idea?

    So before you all go ''major is drunk again'' i have a idea i had today i would like to share with all you wonderfull skippers here and get your opinion on, so please bare with me on this. So i had this idea pop into mind, CV's gameplay is getting a 180 right, Tone was in the game long ago right, and i know some CV players will miss the RTS style of gameplay those had, we also know WG has a hardon for gimicks yeah, well how about these few ships mix all of those things together, now...before you ask me ''da heck you on about''. A new way to implement IJN Tone, IJN Ise, IJN Mogami CVA (renamed as one of her systers of course) in my mind would be to give these ship the ''gimmick'' of being able to choose from first person ship use via M into the soon to be old RTS style of gameplay, so you use you ship normally blasting away then tap M and go top down using you squadron/s(a example of it being in WoWs Blitz the Ise) So you get a few new ships with a gimmick that would give you a window into the old CV gameplay and since they cant field a crapton of aircraft it wouldnt make them OP or gamebraking. I was thinking: Ise BBV - one squadron of 3 fighters and one squadron of 4 DB's Tone - 1 Squad of 4 Fighters and 2 squads of one or 1 squad of two scouts. Mogami CVA - ''insert your idea here'' Now how mutch time this kind of thing would take to program and code i dont have a clue since im no expert (my idea of programing is plugging the comp into the socket ) I would love to hear your ideas of squadron/deck setups, how you thing about sutch a thing, would it be good or not? (or should i go back to fishing ) Sound like a win win for all to me. I'll go hide now just in case
  12. BigWoodFarmer

    Building my Mogami

    Hello fellow Captains, so today I finally unlocked my Mogami, and I am happy to say, it's a very fun ship. I have read, that you should use the smaller caliber primary batteries since the DPS is higher, because of the faster reload and the current necessity to fire HE at long range. Seems fine, I will definitely try the other guns at a later time, but with the captains level 4 secondary armament skill, I will have great range on the smaller guns as well, so i would probably stick with those. My questions is, which module to get as a second upgrade? I have bought the Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 on other ships before, but I don't really feel like I need it on the Mogami. The main batteries seem accurate enough and I am able to score a lot of hits. I was therefor considering the Main Battery Modification 2, which increases my reload time by 1 second but decreases the slow turn speed of my turrets by 6 seconds, which seems like a great trade off. What are your opinions on the matter? It is quite the investment of 500k Credits, but again, seems worth it. Also, what other modules did you guys get? Concealment System seems great, as my Range will already be decent. Thanks for your help!