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Found 54 results

  1. i used to make some PnF mods for the game but i tried to recently updated them i used to use this method below UPDATE (for modders) A short manual for Content SDK. Sorry for my English and good modding Content SDK allows modders to alter ship visual models and textures. Content SDK suggests that master resources for the ship are prepared prior to modding. To do this, you need to: 1. Download ModsSDK_<update number>.zip. 2. Unpack it to "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>". 3. Open the file "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods/ModsSDKExport/Main.py" with Notepad and in the line contentSdk.extractSources('SuperYamato', 'JSB018_Yamato_1944') Change 'SuperYamato' to your mod name, and change 'JSB018_Yamato_1944' to the modded ship ID. 4. Save changes and launch the game. 5. After the game is loaded "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods/" will contain a new folder with your mod name (from stage 3), and it will contain all files neccessary for modding. 6. Delete "ModsSDKExport" folder from "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods/". 7. Add to your new mod folder a text file with Main.py name. It should contain API_VERSION = 'API_v1.0' contentSdk.registerShipMod('JSB018_Yamato_1944') Of course, you should insert the modded ship ID instead of 'JSB018_Yamato_1944'. 8. Done! Now, your modded textures and models will be shown in the game! but for some reason when i do this the game doesn't create the mod folder this is what my main.py file looks like can anyone help me?
  2. phixor

    WoWS ModStation

    Witam, na wstępie przepraszam jeśli wybrałem zły dział, na sekcji "mody" nie było możliwości utworzenia nowego tematu. Pobrałem dziś najnowszą wersję ModStation (, usłyszawszy, że ta platforma oferuje kompresję tekstur i dodatkowe zmniejszenie efektów wody oraz ognia (gram na dziesięcioletnim laptopie, który ledwo wyciąga na zwyczajnych, minimalnych ustawieniach). Zainstalowałem ją w folderze innym niż sama gra, po uruchomieniu wybrałem klienta i ściągnąłem interesujące mnie mody. W oknie wyborze klienta widzę, że dana ilość modów jest pobrana i zainstalowana na interesującym mnie kliencie, jednak po uruchomieniu gry przez platformę, żaden z modów nie działał w grze. Ot działała ona zwyczajnie, jakbym nie poczynił żadnych ruchów. Na anglojęzycznym forum znalazłem podobny problem, pomogła tam reinstalacja pobranych modów do bodajże innego folderu. Problem w tym, że chodziło tam o brak występowania modów w grze, przy czym użyty był Steamowski klient gry, osobiście nie gram przez Steam, lecz oryginalnie, przez WG Game Center. Co można zrobić z tym fantem? Pozdrawiam
  3. I think the Zeiss Field of View (FOV) mod from the official Modpack is broken; regardless of whether I set it to x15, x20 or x25 the FOV stays the same i.e. vanilla Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance
  4. I am very pleased that I am allowed to present a special Mod-Pack on wirsinken.de (my Blog, but in german only, sorry), that combines some well know mods but still, in my opinion, does not look overloaded. It started out with atmaxx putting togehter a mods i wanted to have and this tradition is carried on by Juger65. A big thank you to him for all the efforts! He supports the Mod-Pack and delivers the updates to me, most times faster then I am able to patch my client. The installation of the Mod-Pack should be as easy as the download and is described below. All that is left is a overview what is in it: alternative dynamic crosshair "Smart Horizon" (default: white) by BADoBEST compact battleloading screen by juger6 (original by Roslich) SP-bar in the new player panels (customizable) by juger65 (original by Roslich) shipnames (white), ... on the minimap by juger65, atmaxx (original by W03L0BED) spotted- and storm warning-Icons "Sonne" by Mebius_LW chat-Mod (on/off, position and size adjustable, ...) by juger65 (original by Autospy) damage panels with detailed damage log by juger65 (original by Monstrofil) techtree and sesssion-stats in harbour by juger65 (original by Arnak_76RUS, BADoBEST, STL1te) Consumables and more zoom in the harbour by juger65 (original by BADoBEST) Main Commander for easy Commander change in the harour by juger65 and OlliN (original by Monstrofil) Needed experience for next ship in harbour by juger65 and OlliN Win% per ship colored shown in the harbour by juger65 (original by DragonTM) “News" marker in the harbour can be deactivated (Original von Capt_Oveur) Save and load signals for each gamemode (Original von OlliN) Filter for signals and camos (Original von OlliN) Advanced Minimap settings from AutoSpy, modified by juger65 Here a small picture how the mods look in game: Download is at the end of the article about Mods: http://www.wirsinken.de/mods-was-brauch-ich/ Installation in two steps: (optional) save the \bin\2744482\res_mods\ folder that is found in your WoWS folder unpack the .zip file you downloaded into your WoWS folder Hints: To deactivate the crosshair, pleas close the game, and delete the crosshairs.xml in your \bin\2744482\res_mods\\gui folder that is found in your WoWS folder. Changelog - V1 06.08.2020 - adjustments for the new update - V1 22.07.2020 - path changed for update - V3 17.07.2020 - filter removed from harbour, minimap can now be hidden when opening tactical map - V2 12.07.2020 - add missing parts, add ship name to module window - V1 09.07.2020 - adjustments for update and the new file structure - V2 28.06.2020 - some fixes, clock in game now toogleable - V1 26.06.2020 - adjustments for update - V2 13.06.2020 - spelling fixes, size reduced - V1 11.06.2020 - update for patch, damage panel can be moved again - V1 02.06.2020 - path updated for update - V2 30.05.2020 - bug fixes, submarine icon fixed
  5. Hey everyone, So i installed the Team HP modification to the game (via ModStation) but when I'm in game the top bar isn't showing any numbers (it should show the total HP pools of each team). I don't know how to fix this, so I genuinely need some help :) thx in advance !
  6. Hey everyone, So i installed the Team HP modification to the game (via ModStation) but when I'm in game the top bar isn't showing any numbers (it should show the total HP pools of each team). I don't know how to fix this, so I genuinely need some help :) thx in advance !
  7. Lebedjev

    Azure Lane spam voiceover ?

    I remember the good old day, the one with the magic "sound". Is there any way to have it back ? A mod ? :x
  8. I see many excellent mods on the modding section on this and forum of other servers, but.... Why are there so little to no plane model swap mods? Historical air groups for Kaga? Ju-87 for Graf Zeppelin? Why are there almost no guides on how to do it? Of course, I mean only model swap with models already present in the game(of which there are plenty, and most unused). Why are these kinds of mods so unpopular? Texture and skin mods are fine, but seriously, I bet there are so many people that would want these kinds of mods...
  9. Hello everyone, with a lot of help form @juger65 the German voicemods are Updated. in the next Verionson of @Aslain modpack, they will be avialible in a valid version, too if you cannot wait: Download the Latest verions here including Maria Carmen (german with spanish accent) Shalvea (neutral German verions)
  10. naked_bird


    LINK REMOVED. I came across this In my opinion Wargaming MUST do something about this. Create an update that check if the player had this installed and BANN them for life. Who ever uses this don t deserve to be on a gaming comunity. I m a premium player but if this keeps going WG won t see one more euro from me. Remember guys, if this is around we ll never know if the guy who has just deleted our ship is really good or if he just using a cheat
  11. th3_m0l3

    Aslain & MM Monitor & Steam

    Hallo zusammen! Haltet mich für doof, aber ich komme mit Aslain und dem MM Monitor für die Steam Edition nicht klar. Sprich bei der Installation hapert es bereit, dort den richtige Ordner auszuwählen. Die letzte Build-Nummer bzw. der zuletzt erstelle Ordner ist der "1491147". Dort habe ich Aslains Modpack hininstalliert und auch den Pfad für den MM Monitor angegeben. Nichts passiert. Was mache ich falsch? Bonusfrage: In dem Build Ordner ist ein bin32 und ein bin64 Ordner, letzterer enthält die WorldOfWarships64.exe. Will ich die ausführen, kommt die Meldung Client läuft bereits. Mache ich das mit der 32er Version, startet das Spiel. Wie komme ich an die 64 Bit-Version des Spiels? Sorry für die blöden Fragen... MfG Mole
  12. Hi, I have had the game for about a year and i wanted to see if i could download mods for the game, I downloaded the game from the microsoft store so i know that I don't have the res_ mods folder to save mod files into. I would like to know if there is a way for me to download mods for the microsoft version, or even a way to transfer my account (i use my microsoft ID to log in) to the non Microsoft/Steam version of the game so that i can start putting mods in the res_mods folder.
  13. schwimson


    Werden die 3 Verstöße gegen die Modrichtlinien als 3. Verstoß in Folge gesehen und das wird wieder aufgehoben oder wird das dauerhaft gesehen ? Ich meine so wenn ich schonmal zeitweise ausgeschlossen wurde, und dann nach längerer Zeit aus Versehen wieder einen Verstoß begehe, wird dann mein Account für immer gesperrt ? (Sry falls ich das hier im falschen Bereich poste)
  14. Hallo Seit 0.7.12 funktionieren die Ship Panels bei mir nicht mehr. Beide von BADoBEST (werden in ModStation in Pos 1 und 2 angezeigt) werden gar nicht im Spiel angezeigt. Bei den beiden anderen friert der Ladebildschirm beim Gefechtsbeginn ein. Wenn ich den Client über Task Manager beende und nochmals ins Spiele gehe, funktionieren die Panels und ich lande sogar wieder im Gefecht. Hat jmd eine Idee?? Ich nutze die ModStation.
  15. Lord_Solidus

    Aslain mod pack dont work

    Hello I am using Aslain mods pack (and have us it a long time) BUT on this update it dosent work, not a singel mods is working?, I have tried to reinstall the mods, removed the mods and then reinstalling them, Just delete older mods and the install new ones BUt nothing work?? Do anyone have the same problem ore have any ide how to fix it?
  16. Fimbulvetr_


    Hi there. I've tried to mod WOWS using two packs : the Aslain , and the Hakabase but both give me the same error Instead of the 'new' UI ( or even the old one) I get nothing ( see screenshot). Other elements of the MOD do work ( new ports and captain skins, sounds and others) For exemple, you can see the name on top of the enemy ship indicator. There should be a new and improved tchat, icons on the top part of the screen . Any clue?
  17. Just wanted to throw this in, as a warning. The response of Radar_X, a WG employee, shows that they are effectively backtracking on the issue of using @Aslain modpack. If you are using mods from that modpack, mods which have been posted here on the forum, or even mods from the official modpack, you are at risk of getting your account permanently banned. And forget about customer service being helpful as the thread on reddit shows. I'm scared since this is opposite to a functioning mod policy.
  18. So since update 0.7.4 I have not been able to join a division or create one as when I do my game freezes for 5 seconds then closes itself with no "Critical Error" window or even a "World of Warships has stopped working" window. This is confusing as it has never done this before (but has with critical error message) and has something to do with the Aslains Modpack I use, I have tried reinstalling mod or waiting for it to be updated and install but that's no use. I can create and join a division without the mod but its such a shame as I dont enjoy the game unless I have the modpack, so I cant play with friends. I hoped that the new 0.7.5 update would solve this issue but it has not and is frustrating. What would anyone recommend doing ?
  19. Hi Leute, ich spiele bislang vanilla und vermisse an sich nichts. Aber.... Was man nicht kennt, kann man nicht vermissen! Gibt es denn nützliche Mods? Und was können die genau? Danke fürs reinschauen!
  20. I just think that the ship view is a little too close, I want to know if anyone knows of a mod that can zoom the camera out a bit while in battle. I want to be able to appreciate my ship, but from a distance lol. I want to be able to zoom out more (Extra zoom). Kind of like Flamu's ship view in his old commentaries. Examples: Flamus first ever Hindenburg commentary and his first Yamato commentary. Thanks for any feedback. And please tell me if this type of mod isnt allowed, because I dont want to get banned. In short: Is there a way to increase the FoV (Field of View)/ Zoom?
  21. @MrConway, @Crysantos, @Tuccy@Hateshinaku I have a Question about the Ports, i know i asked that a bit Time ago. Can you please re-add or better said "fix" this Port and maybe swap it with the "actually" NewYork Port or give the Players an Option to switch between Night and Day (only in the Ports) This Pictures are actually from a Mod Pack (which i installed) but there are Problems with the Dynamic Lightning as you can see on the 2nd Picture with the Moon the Skyscrapers on the Backround are a bit well... also you have this Problem here : I rly would like to have this Port back working, even the Backround Music as it was before: Is there a Way to make this Work again? By what ever Reason the Music is gone... and the Port itself is gone too. (Thats one of the Reasons, why i tagged 2 Supertesters here) or maybe someone can figure out what that is and make this work again. Sorry but i know many Players who lived in the US and had this Port with the awesome Theme in the Backround, a Iowa (like me) or other Battleships and just sit and listen to Music. I cant do more then asking, but i hope there is something possible to do.
  22. Hier von mir einige Videos die ich auf Youtube gelegentlich reinstelle....Viel Spaß bei der Unterhaltung!
  23. Rudy_3485

    WGs Mod-Strafsystem

    Moin Moin! Mit 0.6.14 (Danke juger fürs berichtigen ;) ) ist ja nun dieses neue Strafsystem für Verwendung von nicht "systemkonformen", sprich verbotenen, Mods installiert worden. Dagegen ist ja erst mal nichts einzuwenden. Verbotene Mods gehören verboten und auch bestraft - nur das wir uns nicht falsch verstehen. Nun habe ich nicht so die Ahnung vom Modden und verlasse mich da auf den "Modder meines Vertrauens". Das hat auch prima funktioniert. Lustigerweise hat mir "mein" Modder immer einen geschrieben, dessen Elemente ich auch im offiziellen WG-Mod-Paket wieder finde. Nach 0.6.15 habe ich also das offizielle Teil verwendet. Und ihr werdet es erraten: Ich bekam eine Verwarnung! Ich erst mal: "Hä? ich benutze doch das offizielle Teil! Wie das?" Hier im Forum bekam ich dann Aufklärung, dass ich alte SweetFX-Dateien löschen sollte. Also habe ich alles gelöscht und mir einen neuen sauberen Clienten gezogen. Gleichzeitig habe ich mal ein Ticket aufgemacht. Und da war nach einem längeren Schriftwechsel eine Aussage dabei, die mich echt vom Hocker gehauen hat: Zitat: "Bitte beachte, dass die Überprüfung alle Gefechte, die zwei Monate zurückliegen umfasst. Sehr wahrscheinlich hast du in diesem Zeitraum noch Mods verwendet und unsere Spezialisten haben das entdeckt." Die Hervorhebung ist natürlich von mir. ;) Das heißt also, dass WG Regeln ändert (was ja auch ihr gutes Recht ist und im Falle von verbotenen Mods auch sinnvoll ist), aber dann im Zeitraum vor der Veröffentlichung dieser Regeln Dateien absucht, um Bestrafungen auszusprechen. Ich habe ja Verständnis, wenn WG sagt: "Ab Tag X ist dieses oder jenes verboten!" Aber ich habe kein Verständnis, wenn WG sagt: "Ab Tag X ist dieses oder jenes verboten!" und anschließend "in der Zeit zurück geht" und sozusagen die Vergangenheit bestraft. Das soll kein Mimimi sein, sondern eine ehrliche Empörung über eine Verfahrensweise! Grüße vom (inzwischen nicht mehr so aufgeregtem) Rudy
  24. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    The limitation of modding

    Disclaimer: This thread does NOT aim to discredit, shame, or in any other way harass players and/or clans. It aims to discuss how far modding should go. Hello everyone. It was late last night that I watched the following video: The game itself is not what caught my attention, but what I saw on the minimap did. There was a mod installed that showed the point a player was aiming at with a fine white x on the map. While probably everyone of us has tried blind shooting at targets, using the bearing indicator at some point in time, I think this mod goes a little too far. Yes, you can use different means (gun range, torp range, spotting range indicators) to assume the distance between you and your target. The mod, however, eliminates the assumption part, saves mental capacity and time, and thus provides an unfair advantage to players using it when shooting at smokes or in cyclones. Again: This thread does not serve to criticise any clan or player, but I think such mods should either be banned, or their features introduced in the base game (please don't). Cheers, Ad
  25. pls can anybody make Akeno Misaki don't shout??? or speaking in controled English (!!!) I accept even subtitles... thank you