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Found 52 results

  1. So since update 0.7.4 I have not been able to join a division or create one as when I do my game freezes for 5 seconds then closes itself with no "Critical Error" window or even a "World of Warships has stopped working" window. This is confusing as it has never done this before (but has with critical error message) and has something to do with the Aslains Modpack I use, I have tried reinstalling mod or waiting for it to be updated and install but that's no use. I can create and join a division without the mod but its such a shame as I dont enjoy the game unless I have the modpack, so I cant play with friends. I hoped that the new 0.7.5 update would solve this issue but it has not and is frustrating. What would anyone recommend doing ?
  2. Gute Mods und deren Nutzen?

    Hi Leute, ich spiele bislang vanilla und vermisse an sich nichts. Aber.... Was man nicht kennt, kann man nicht vermissen! Gibt es denn nützliche Mods? Und was können die genau? Danke fürs reinschauen!
  3. I just think that the ship view is a little too close, I want to know if anyone knows of a mod that can zoom the camera out a bit while in battle. I want to be able to appreciate my ship, but from a distance lol. I want to be able to zoom out more (Extra zoom). Kind of like Flamu's ship view in his old commentaries. Examples: Flamus first ever Hindenburg commentary and his first Yamato commentary. Thanks for any feedback. And please tell me if this type of mod isnt allowed, because I dont want to get banned. In short: Is there a way to increase the FoV (Field of View)/ Zoom?
  4. @MrConway, @Crysantos, @Tuccy@Hateshinaku I have a Question about the Ports, i know i asked that a bit Time ago. Can you please re-add or better said "fix" this Port and maybe swap it with the "actually" NewYork Port or give the Players an Option to switch between Night and Day (only in the Ports) This Pictures are actually from a Mod Pack (which i installed) but there are Problems with the Dynamic Lightning as you can see on the 2nd Picture with the Moon the Skyscrapers on the Backround are a bit well... also you have this Problem here : I rly would like to have this Port back working, even the Backround Music as it was before: Is there a Way to make this Work again? By what ever Reason the Music is gone... and the Port itself is gone too. (Thats one of the Reasons, why i tagged 2 Supertesters here) or maybe someone can figure out what that is and make this work again. Sorry but i know many Players who lived in the US and had this Port with the awesome Theme in the Backround, a Iowa (like me) or other Battleships and just sit and listen to Music. I cant do more then asking, but i hope there is something possible to do.
  5. Just wanted to throw this in, as a warning. The response of Radar_X, a WG employee, shows that they are effectively backtracking on the issue of using @Aslain modpack. If you are using mods from that modpack, mods which have been posted here on the forum, or even mods from the official modpack, you are at risk of getting your account permanently banned. And forget about customer service being helpful as the thread on reddit shows. I'm scared since this is opposite to a functioning mod policy.
  6. WGs Mod-Strafsystem

    Moin Moin! Mit 0.6.14 (Danke juger fürs berichtigen ;) ) ist ja nun dieses neue Strafsystem für Verwendung von nicht "systemkonformen", sprich verbotenen, Mods installiert worden. Dagegen ist ja erst mal nichts einzuwenden. Verbotene Mods gehören verboten und auch bestraft - nur das wir uns nicht falsch verstehen. Nun habe ich nicht so die Ahnung vom Modden und verlasse mich da auf den "Modder meines Vertrauens". Das hat auch prima funktioniert. Lustigerweise hat mir "mein" Modder immer einen geschrieben, dessen Elemente ich auch im offiziellen WG-Mod-Paket wieder finde. Nach 0.6.15 habe ich also das offizielle Teil verwendet. Und ihr werdet es erraten: Ich bekam eine Verwarnung! Ich erst mal: "Hä? ich benutze doch das offizielle Teil! Wie das?" Hier im Forum bekam ich dann Aufklärung, dass ich alte SweetFX-Dateien löschen sollte. Also habe ich alles gelöscht und mir einen neuen sauberen Clienten gezogen. Gleichzeitig habe ich mal ein Ticket aufgemacht. Und da war nach einem längeren Schriftwechsel eine Aussage dabei, die mich echt vom Hocker gehauen hat: Zitat: "Bitte beachte, dass die Überprüfung alle Gefechte, die zwei Monate zurückliegen umfasst. Sehr wahrscheinlich hast du in diesem Zeitraum noch Mods verwendet und unsere Spezialisten haben das entdeckt." Die Hervorhebung ist natürlich von mir. ;) Das heißt also, dass WG Regeln ändert (was ja auch ihr gutes Recht ist und im Falle von verbotenen Mods auch sinnvoll ist), aber dann im Zeitraum vor der Veröffentlichung dieser Regeln Dateien absucht, um Bestrafungen auszusprechen. Ich habe ja Verständnis, wenn WG sagt: "Ab Tag X ist dieses oder jenes verboten!" Aber ich habe kein Verständnis, wenn WG sagt: "Ab Tag X ist dieses oder jenes verboten!" und anschließend "in der Zeit zurück geht" und sozusagen die Vergangenheit bestraft. Das soll kein Mimimi sein, sondern eine ehrliche Empörung über eine Verfahrensweise! Grüße vom (inzwischen nicht mehr so aufgeregtem) Rudy
  7. The limitation of modding

    Disclaimer: This thread does NOT aim to discredit, shame, or in any other way harass players and/or clans. It aims to discuss how far modding should go. Hello everyone. It was late last night that I watched the following video: The game itself is not what caught my attention, but what I saw on the minimap did. There was a mod installed that showed the point a player was aiming at with a fine white x on the map. While probably everyone of us has tried blind shooting at targets, using the bearing indicator at some point in time, I think this mod goes a little too far. Yes, you can use different means (gun range, torp range, spotting range indicators) to assume the distance between you and your target. The mod, however, eliminates the assumption part, saves mental capacity and time, and thus provides an unfair advantage to players using it when shooting at smokes or in cyclones. Again: This thread does not serve to criticise any clan or player, but I think such mods should either be banned, or their features introduced in the base game (please don't). Cheers, Ad
  8. Hello Ship captains here is the new Unique IRONMAN blue gui Ship skin for World of WarshipsCLEMSON tier IV. Created by DRACAXBRO. Just download this mod and follow the below instructions to install and have fun with Batman World of warships Skin mod. Steps to Install : Download the mod. Unzip the file with winrar or 7zip. Copy the files to game folder. C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.6.x.x Thats it open the game and enjoy. Download http://www.worldofwarshipsmod.com/dracaxbro-ironman-blue-gui-skin-for-uss-clemson-tier-iv-destroyer/ La galissonniere Skin mod by Dracaxbro Download Link : LA GALISSONNIERE SKIN USA Colorado Skin by Dracaxbro Download:http://www.worldofwarshipsmod.com/usa-colorado-skin-mod-by-dracaxbro Ship captains here is the new Unique Batman Ship skin for World of Warships WYOMING tier IV. Created by DRACAXBRO. Just download this mod and follow the below instructions to install and have fun with Batman World of warships Skin mod. Steps to Install : Download the mod. Unzip the file with winrar or 7zip. Copy the files to game folder. C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.6.x.x Thats it open the game and enjoy. Screenshots: Download links: https://goo.gl/P1sigg http://www.worldofwarshipsmod.com/batman-ship-skin-for-uss-wyoming-tier-iv/ Thanks, Dracaxbro- Author at Worldofwarshipsmod.com
  9. pls can anybody make Akeno Misaki don't shout??? or speaking in controled English (!!!) I accept even subtitles... thank you
  10. Hi I been watch streams of some players and I noticed some hade a hud add on that show target speed and direction when ask in chat say it legal mod pack. why we allowing players to get such a advance? so my question is are these mod allowed ?
  11. Mods und Co.

    Nabend... Da es mir mittlerweile zu häufig passiert das ich mit der gneisenau oder anderen schiffen regelrecht von unteren tier cruisern auseinandergenommen werde ... und zwar so das wirköcih 90 % aller granaten treffen .... also hab ich mal an bissle rumgeschaut und doch einiges an "mods" gefunden unter anderem den "Aim Assist" .... mich interessiert mal wer nutzt alles diesen mod oder andere und was bringen euch diese "mods". Und das andere was mich interessiert ... sind die Clientseitigen mods denn erlaubt ?? und Bitte keine sinnlosen Kommentare geschjweige den Beleidigende ... Danke
  12. A few good mods

    It is 100 percent legal. The popular mini-map mod, which is included in the official WG mod pack, got a new useful feature. A cross that shows the range of the main guns on the map. This mod help shooting targets in smoke. A target in smoke is difficult to hit for several reasons. You need to find the correct range, lateral position and have a lot of luck since without a target set the salvo will be very inaccurate. Now you can reliably get the range, especially if the target was spotted before disappearing in smoke. Just superimpose the range cross on the last known location and hope that the RNG is on your side. With a stationary large target (say a British cruiser), you chances to hit increase significantly. I will try it out. How about you? Other mods that I recommend: navigator, running lights, and especially the one showing who just used which consumable (nice for carriers and HE cruisers for permanent-fires, salty quits guaranteed). EDIT: Ok, useless because it works on allies only. The mod shows fires on enemies. Not really usefull either cause you can see them anyway. Russian video: https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/89845-мод-на-прострел-дымов/ Sorry if this is well-known.
  13. Lei's Fleetgirl skins

    Hi I'm new to using the forums really not sure if this is the right area showcase my skins but if so i wll start posting preveiws of my skins here and when done the skins them selfs ^_^.
  14. Sgt_Taube`s Video Ecke

    Hier von mir einige Videos die ich auf Youtube gelegentlich reinstelle....Viel Spaß bei der Unterhaltung!
  15. So you do not only play here?

    Hello there fellow captains, i have been playing wows now for a while, and using mods ASLAIN came with a feature called region editor (meaning you can play on different servers,if you have an account there) After the recent Santa trail debacle it has not been seen, does anybody knows if it will be back or? Is there maybe a different way i now have all clients installed seperatly, but if i could have it in one place is even better
  16. [MOD] Black Kongo Skins

    Welcome and Discover El Black Kongo! Tarmac Protection, Low Corrosion, High Durability. Best camouflage for nocturnal attacks. New oil protection on the deck's parquet. DOWNLOAD HERE the Normal Kongo Replacement DOWNLOAD HERE the ARP Kongo Replacement
  17. Having problems with installing mods

    So... when i try to download a mod pack, my computer cannot open the file. Is there an app or something you need to download mods on? and how do i add into the game?
  18. Stealth fire circle mod?

    Anyone know mod, that shows circle with "visibility after shot" or let player manualy set circle with xx radius?
  19. Distorsión de Imagen.

    Buenas Noches/Días/Tardes, y ante todo, buen día de la Hispanidad. A lo que voy, me gustaría solucionar un problema de concepto que tengo desde hace tiempo, cuando trasteo con mods, evidentemente, mods legales. El caso es que sigo de cerca el mod de un miembro de la comunidad Americana, Hakabase, no obstante, ninguno de sus mods me dio problemas antes. Pero este nuevo, cuyo launcher ya está adaptado a la 5.12.1 y del cual solo escojo lo de siempre. Al entrar, me sale la imagen del barco y el puerto distorsionada. La duda es ¿ De qué es exactamente por lo que esta distorsión aparece ?. Aprendí yo solo desde el total desconocimiento de qué es un mod y de cómo se instalaban o se buscaban, de ahí estas mini-lagunas que intento día a día rellenar. Gracias de antemano al forero lector que me eche un salvavidas.
  20. Pues eso compañeros foreros, me gustaría hacerme un pack de voces personalizada a mi gusto, pero tengo entendido por parte de este foro : http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/215375-creating-my-own-world-of-tanks-voice-pack-mod/ que con el FMOD designed se puede hacer...pero... no me "fio" de un vídeo explicativo que tiene como último comentario que no sirve por el tema del cambio de sistema de archivos. No tengo problema alguno en coger e ir traduciendo paso por paso.A modo de ayudar, con algún link, estaría agradecido, aunque esté en inglés, pero que funcione y venga explicado. Saludos y Gracias de Antemano. La principal duda reside en lo denominado music template 0.9.2 , en si será o no compatible con wows o si el "susodicho sistema nuevo" lo podrá reconocer. PD: hablo desde el total desconocimiento.
  21. HMS Belfast Question

    So I have been working on HMS Belfast so she can have her camo look Permanently but does anyone know where the Union Jack is that sits on top of the guns? I dont want it there but it isnt in the Belfast and Belfast Deck file nor is in in the Gun File. I have repainted teh guns but its still there yet doesnt show on the Edinburgh which uses teh same guns. Please help if you know or have an Idea where it is or how I can get rid of it.
  22. [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    WG modpack from MedvedevTD (WG developer & supertest manager): WG MultiPack beta for (v.11) is available at: http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.7.2.2.exe The installer has now the choice of language EN/RU Important: As there are sometimes minor differences between RU and EU server versions, it is always a good idea to backup scripts.zip from /res folder: 1. Backup scripts.zip from /res folder 2. Install modpack 3. If the game crashes, replace the scripts.zip with the backed-up version 4. Run the game again Original post for WG modpack can be found on: https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/81767-0721-multipack-beta/
  23. Being a huge fan of Game of Thrones, I made this mod for the show fans, it simply adds all seasons characters to the game as ship captains. How to install : Simply open GP modpack Select your World of Warships folder. Select Commanders Crew section Tick on Game of Thrones Commanders mod. Click next then install Uninstall Follow the same instructions above Select ( None ) in the commander Crew section or simply Tick the clean res_mods folder. Download Battle commander is now added to GP modpack here
  24. Policy of substituting mods

    I like this. We already have (granted I didn't miss anything): extended carousel view different crosshairs ranges at minimap clock in port HP bar over the compass We will (hopefully) have: colours for AP and HE in-battle damage counter I hope some day I won't have to use ships' contours and zoom mods. Cool way to make us throw some mods away, isn't it? And the client itself should be more stable...
  25. Are my beautifully and carefully modded custom skins VISIBLE to other players too, or only myself ??