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Found 4 results

  1. I am very pleased that I am allowed to present a special Mod-Pack on wirsinken.de (my Blog, but in german only, sorry), that combines some well know mods but still, in my opinion, does not look overloaded. It started out with atmaxx putting togehter a mods i wanted to have and this tradition is carried on by Juger65. A big thank you to him for all the efforts! He supports the Mod-Pack and delivers the updates to me, most times faster then I am able to patch my client. The installation of the Mod-Pack should be as easy as the download and is described below. All that is left is a overview what is in it: alternative dynamic crosshair "Smart Horizon" (default: white) by BADoBEST compact battleloading screen by juger6 (original by Roslich) SP-bar in the new player panels (customizable) by juger65 (original by Roslich) shipnames (white), ... on the minimap by juger65, atmaxx (original by W03L0BED) spotted- and storm warning-Icons "Sonne" by Mebius_LW chat-Mod (on/off, position and size adjustable, ...) by juger65 (original by Autospy) damage panels with detailed damage log by juger65 (original by Monstrofil) techtree and sesssion-stats in harbour by juger65 (original by Arnak_76RUS, BADoBEST, STL1te) Consumables and more zoom in the harbour by juger65 (original by BADoBEST) Main Commander for easy Commander change in the harour by juger65 and OlliN (original by Monstrofil) Needed experience for next ship in harbour by juger65 and OlliN Win% per ship colored shown in the harbour by juger65 (original by DragonTM) “News" marker in the harbour can be deactivated (Original von Capt_Oveur) Save and load signals for each gamemode (Original von OlliN) Filter for signals and camos (Original von OlliN) Advanced Minimap settings from AutoSpy, modified by juger65 Here a small picture how the mods look in game: Download is at the end of the article about Mods: http://www.wirsinken.de/mods-was-brauch-ich/ Installation in two steps: save the res_mods folder that is found in your WoWS folder (optional) unpack the .zip file you downloaded into your WoWS folder Hints: To deactivate the crosshair, pleas close the game, and delete the crosshairs.xml in your \res_mods\\alt_hud folder that is found in your WoWS folder. You can change the color of the crosshair by exchanging the crosshairs.xml in your \res_mods\\alt_hud folder that is found in your WoWS folder with the one out of the color folders that are found there as well. Changelog - V1 02.06.2020 - path updated for update - V2 30.05.2020 - bug fixes, submarine icon fixed
  2. xxxDiavoloxxx

    Error when i install modpack

    Hi, all and happy new year to all of you btw, just install mods and get an error when the battle its started any help plz. I am playing the game via steam.
  3. Hi and "Ahoy" your Seamen I made an new UI-Mod for you. Hope u like it a lttle bit. It's far more for DDs, Cruisers and BBs....expect for CVs. Maybe, sure for them, but their sight could/would be a little bit limited, i think. But anyway, have fun to use it and always good Luck and happy Hunting. Greetings Bowser (sorry for the wrong language in the discription, i'll try to fix it tomorrow, but i think u know what the arrows will say) Click HERE to download The Installation is very simple, it is discriped in the read_me.txt.
  4. May the Force be with you, young Padawans I want to introduce to you modpack by RU-team Darkside. It includes famous popular mods from different servers and themed mods for fans of Star Wars, Star trek and My Little Pony. Now everyone can create his own crosshair! List of mods Previews of mods DOWNLOAD ENGLISH VERSION If you wanna to support this project: RU-version of ModPack Live long and prosper!