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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! Can anybody tell me what is the biggest secondary range in this game and which ship has it? In a competition we must collect the most of ribbons in T10, and somebody suggested me to collect them by secondaries...
  2. jerkchicken

    Big Mo, DPM or Accuracy?

    For my last modification I always used APR (Accuracy), But I was considering to switch to MBM (DPM/Reload). I used APR Because you can only use it on USN BB's (T9+), which Missouri is the only one I've got. Always loved the disersion on the Big Mo <3 DPM over Accuracy?
  3. MrConway

    World of Warships Mod Section

    Captains, As you may have seen on our portal, we have changed our approach to modifications on the forums from reactive to active moderation. The good news is that this will mean that all mods you will be able to find on our Forums will be "safe". The bad news? All mod sections will be pre-moderated from now on, and modification threads will be checked by the WG team before being made visible, which will necessarily cause delays. This will be especially noticeable in the first weeks - but once we have gone through all initial submissions, this should get better. Additionally we will be creating a new Forum group - Mod Makers - to which we will be adding the authors of popular mods to facilitate their contact with our Developers. Action Stations!
  4. TL;DR: PM2 DOES help at all speeds, WHEN YOU CHANGE THE THROTTLE. I set out to disprove this post on the NA forums: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/87597-propulsion-mod-2-precise-effects/page__hl__propulsion__fromsearch__1 Because while that post seems thorough, it is wrong. PM2 DOES help at all speeds, contrary to the seemingly thorough test in that thread. I put my CL at half speed(17.4 knots), and then noted the time it took to get to 30 knots from 17.4 knots. With the upgrade, 15 seconds, without it well above 20. While this is known to those of us who use it a lot of players seem to think it is useless, according to the above link.In short, the upgrade allows the ship to adjust its speed to the setting on the speed meter faster, however, there are a few situations where it doesnt help. For example:If you have your speed set to full, and you do a sharp turn but keep the throttle at full, the ship will already be at "full" speed even when bleeding and the benefit isn't activated. Concerning deceleration: From 35 knots (full speed) to 17 knots (half speed), it takes 11-12 seconds with PM2. Without it, it takes the same amount of time or slightly more (hard to tell) BUT the weird thing I discovered is that the ship keeps decelerating to 16.3 knots without it, while it stops at 17 knots if you ahve it installed. To get down to 16.3 takes another second or so, and then the ship has to accelerate up to 17 knots half speed) again. Clearly, the PM2 makes the ship more responsive to speed changes, even decelerations although not nearly as much as when increasing the throttle. *edit* none of the above has anything to do with the engine boost it gives you below 6 knots, that is just a pure Horsepower boost unrelated to this post. (but very useful, too)
  5. Verdius


    I would like to open this thread for the discussion of Modifications Firstly I would like to say that a do like the fact that some of the modifications actually have a trade off where they can actually influence your playstyle like the battery modifications that slow down/speed up reload while having an opposite effect on turret turn time. I personally think that it is a good idea that modifications should not just give you a flat bonus and I would actually personally like to see this expanded as I find this more interesting than many of the modules in World of Tanks like the gun rammer which is basically a must have for every tank that can mount it which limits your freedom of choice since there is a clear optimal choice. If there is a negative side to a modification then the choice of upgrades will be far more dependant on personal taste and would likely increase the gameplay variety as some could really change the way you need to use a certain ship or have a risk attached to them which you would have to take into account. One of my issues with how it is currently implemented is that some ships would benefit from modifications that are not available to its tier. The other issue is that some modifications, like the detectatbility modification which lowers detection range by 10%/12%, might make balancing more difficult since it means that ships of tier VIII have a significant advantage over ships of tier VII and lower, especially when it comes to destroyers and cruisers. In these cases when you are bottom tier you are at an disadvantage not just because your ship is a lower tier and probably has lower stats, but also because your opposition might have modifications which you cannot mount. I am also quite curious if people like the World of Warships modification system in which you chose a modifictaion in every category more than the World of Tanks one where you can just get 3 modules but can chose any module that they would like for every slot. Please state why you made your choice or if you have a different idea to the ones already listed on how you would implement the modification/upgrade system.
  6. P.S. The "black" censorship is for the IJN flags that I'm not allowed to show on the forum, if the policy didn't change during the last weeks. Edit: I'm really dumb.