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Found 6 results

  1. SteamTanker

    Atlanta Modification Question

    The AA Modification 1 that increases your AA guns health by 20%, since the Atlanta's main battery guns double as AA guns, does that mean that they get 20% more health as well? If so, you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. By taking that instead of the Main battery modification 1. You'd lose the detonation chance and reduced repair time, but you'd keep the 20% less incapacitation chance, because you get 20% more health. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Hallo zusammen! Ich habe ein bisschen gesucht, und bisher leider noch nichts dazu gefunden - vielleicht gibt es ja schon eine Liste mit Modulen/Modifikationen nebst Überlegungen dazu, welche welchen Effekt haben bzw. welchen Nutzen. Für die Slots 1-4 ist es ja noch relativ einfach, finde ich, aber ab Slot 5 (und höhere Tier bekommen ja noch mehr .. ich bin selbst erst bei t8 mit meiner Amagi) ist mir nicht so ganz klar, welchen Effekt die Module genau haben, bzw. welche es überhaupt gibt. Wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, dann sind die zwei Module in slot 5 entweder als "Tarneffekt" - das eigene Schiff wird weniger leicht gespottet, oder als "Aufdeckeffekt" - das eigene Schiff kann weiter entfernt entdecken gedacht. Welches würdet Ihr auf einem Schlachtschiff nutzen? Und warum? (wenn das so überhaupt stimmt ;) ) Vielen Dank für Eure Antworten und viel Spaß beim Fahren VaL Trantor
  3. Hi everyone! I have questions about the slot 5+ modifications for ships (higher tier ships get more modification-slots than the low tier ones). I tried to search the forum already but did not find any helpful Information about this topic, so i decided to post a new thread. If there is already something like a list or description, I would be happy to get a link as an answer in this thread, so other captains have a more easy time to find something about this topic. I am absolutely not sure if the slot 5 upgrades are worth it on a battleship, and how they work. Since I have tier 8 as max, I do not have an idea about the higher tier slot possibilities, and would like to learn more about that too (what kind of modifications are available, what do they do, for which kind of ship are they useful). As far as I understand things the consensus is for BB you would use slot 1/ No. 3 , slot 3 / No. 1 and slot 4 / No. 2, and only with slot 2 its a bit unclear wether to buff AA, secondaries, precision or turret rotation (although the last will also make your reload more slow). For the slots 5+ I have no idea and appreciate all input - what do you use, and why, and how do you feel about the improvements for your gameplay? thanks in advance ... sail safe! VaL Trantor
  4. Has anyone tried the fire control modification (increased accuracy on main battery)? I fitted it to the kongo, and while the others have values (+20% etc) this is rather vague. In the interest of testing I fitted this to try it out.... and im not really seeing any difference. The max dispersion remains the same, I cant say that I can see any real difference between having it and not. In hind sight I'd rather have the extra 20% range on AA or secondary, but interested if anyone else has tried it, and what their opinion of it is?
  5. Hi folks, short question about the Upgrade module : Target Acquisition System Modification 1 - it says in the description that it increases maximum acquisition range by 20% What exactly does that mean, that I can target ships 20% farther out even tho my guns wont go that far? Thanks Dbaron
  6. It would be great if players could set their country's flag on their ship and then they would sail with it with more pride and valiancy !!! For example : I'm from Greece and i would LOVE to play with my flag behind me .... there would be so emotionally "charged" moments that i personally like to have, in this type of games!!!! But of course this type of item would be not free-of-charge..... pretty much the same feature as WoT has . I believe this is a MUST feature for the players !!!!!!! What do you think about it ?