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Found 7 results

  1. Stribog2033

    American auxiliary Cimarron

    Is there anyone who can tell me what for is this in WoWS ?
  2. TheAngryViking

    Possible Request?

    Just wondering if the developers will support Borderless windowed mode. Since i have a multi-monitor setup, its very frustrating when tabbing out!
  3. Azakeit

    New games modes ala WoWp Conquest

    Hello (again), I played the new WoWp 2.0 recently and I quite enjoyed the new game mode "Conquest". Little summary for those who don't know this gamemode : You have several bases to capture on the map, similar to WoWs maps, but they're protected by AI planes and ground défenses. You have to destroy them to capture the base. Each base have several "benefits" to the team : - earning points - calling missile strikes to enemy bases to help capture them - calling air bombing squadron to enemy bases - different spawn point Do you consider adding this type of gameplay to WoWs someday ? I quite like PvPvE like these. Thnak you for your consideration.
  4. HMCite

    Clan Battles

    I am sure many players are waiting for the Clan Battles. I am hoping Wargaming will consider launching them as soon as possible. please like this post if you want Clan battles to arrive soon.
  5. Jack_Ice

    Autopilot Escort mode

    I was thinking if this would sound interesting to you as it does for me. I was thinking if WoWs could add this into the game where if you click with the autopilot on the a nearby friendly ship you would "link" to it and follow that ship like escort ship and match the speed with the first ship, would be a good way for CA to cover BB with anti air and so on. Way to do that would be haveing little more control of your own ship speed like Ctrl+W would increase speed by 5 knt by each tap like, 5, 10, 15, ect. or just useing autopilot and and click on the next ship and the autopilot would match your ships speed with the ship you are going to follow as long as the other ship is not faster ship then you are, and also it would have few autopilot markers between so to decrease the risk of the lead ship "dragging" you into an island while turning behind them, your ship would just follow the same path. Edit to make text in image batter readable
  6. Last Man Standing Mode: As the title says, you fight till last man(ship), without capture areas - just simple ships against ships. And of course to prevent it from being an everlasting match if there is only 2 left or someone hiding about, there should be a countermeasure to prevent it. The main idea is to let ships fight it out. My suggestions: 1. The match starts with everyone can see each other, no matter where or how far they are. To prevent the long range battleships to shoot right away, everyone could start behind some high island(s) I think this could bring up some interesting tactics. 2. Match starts as normal, where you have to look for the enemy, and no other restrictions, and no capture areas. The only difference is that there could be a 10-15 minutes timer, and when the timer runs out, everyone on the map gets revealed - then the chase can begin. To prevent some fast moving ship hiding/running from a slower ship for eternity is to set a match-over timer. I know there will always be some runners, trying to stay alive until the match timer runs out, nothing much to do about that. And personally, i do not mind if the match is a draw. 3. Match could start as suggestion 1. or 2. but in this match the ship's are able to re-spawn after 30 seconds of being sunk, and rejoin the fight. In this match it's down to how many ships each side can sink before match timer runs out. The side with most sunk ships wins after timer runs out. And to "prevent" camping, re-spawn points could be random spots all over the map. That's it.
  7. Captains, To clear up frequent question: With the release of World of Warships Update 0.7.3 the Space Battles game mode was implemented. To acquire the space ships for this game mode you will need to WIN first a game with a Tier 6 ship of for the corresponding class. This mission is hidden and does not show up in the interface, but it is there. TL:DR: WIN at least 1 battle with a Tier 6 destroyer, cruiser, battleship and carrier to get all the space ships unlocked!