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Found 11 results

  1. I am very pleased that I am allowed to present a special Mod-Pack on wirsinken.de (my Blog, but in german only, sorry), that combines some well know mods but still, in my opinion, does not look overloaded. It started out with atmaxx putting togehter a mods i wanted to have and this tradition is carried on by Juger65. A big thank you to him for all the efforts! He supports the Mod-Pack and delivers the updates to me, most times faster then I am able to patch my client. The installation of the Mod-Pack should be as easy as the download and is described below. All that is left is a overview what is in it: alternative dynamic crosshair "Smart Horizon" (default: white) by BADoBEST compact battleloading screen by juger6 (original by Roslich) SP-bar in the new player panels (customizable) by juger65 (original by Roslich) shipnames (white), ... on the minimap by juger65, atmaxx (original by W03L0BED) spotted- and storm warning-Icons "Sonne" by Mebius_LW chat-Mod (on/off, position and size adjustable, ...) by juger65 (original by Autospy) damage panels with detailed damage log by juger65 (original by Monstrofil) techtree and sesssion-stats in harbour by juger65 (original by Arnak_76RUS, BADoBEST, STL1te) Consumables and more zoom in the harbour by juger65 (original by BADoBEST) Main Commander for easy Commander change in the harour by juger65 and OlliN (original by Monstrofil) Needed experience for next ship in harbour by juger65 and OlliN Win% per ship colored shown in the harbour by juger65 (original by DragonTM) “News" marker in the harbour can be deactivated (Original von Capt_Oveur) Save and load signals for each gamemode (Original von OlliN) Filter for signals and camos (Original von OlliN) Advanced Minimap settings from AutoSpy, modified by juger65 Here a small picture how the mods look in game: Download is at the end of the article about Mods: http://www.wirsinken.de/mods-was-brauch-ich/ Installation in two steps: save the res_mods folder that is found in your WoWS folder (optional) unpack the .zip file you downloaded into your WoWS folder Hints: To deactivate the crosshair, pleas close the game, and delete the crosshairs.xml in your \res_mods\\alt_hud folder that is found in your WoWS folder. You can change the color of the crosshair by exchanging the crosshairs.xml in your \res_mods\\alt_hud folder that is found in your WoWS folder with the one out of the color folders that are found there as well.
  2. "Fading Transparent Minimap MOD for WoWS" helps players expand the minimap in low-resolution screens. This MOD will be useful when stream/post gameplay video. ●Download WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_08B0.zip (17,068,950 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image Please watch this video for details. (Please pardon my poor English.) ●Change Log (2019) ●Change Log (2016-2018) ●for MOD pack editors _
  3. updated to client version 0.8.11.# (last edited 12.12.2019) This mods is based on a prework from @iJoby who did this with former Seagal and Dunkirk. My intention was to replace the appearance to a more distinctive one. Meaning I was looking for white dress pictures of historical commanders of that era if possible. If not found, I picked a more modern admiral in withe dress and hat. The mod contains two parts: The pictures (in the folder) and the names (in the folder). The latter one contains the global.mo file which has to be specific for each client version. The pictures are version independent and can be used (copy&paste) without client restrictions. Since this mod supports all possible languages for the EU-client: english čeština français deutsch polski español türkçe italiano nederlands I merged all language files into one download archive and the mod works with whatever language you picked to play with. One archive is easier to handle for me, creates lesser traffic and you do not have any problems if you like to switch languages. The mod will still work. In Update Wargaming introduced five historical commanders (without any improved skills) to buy for 1,500 doubloons in the Armory: Theodore E. Chandler Matsuji Ijūin Vladimir Trubetskoy Friedrich Bonte Horace Hood As these five are already historical commanders this mod will not change their appearance nor will it use their names or pictures for other replacements. France unique Commanders Germany unique Commanders Italian unique Commanders Japan unique Commanders Pan Asia unique Commanders Russia unique Commanders United Kingdom unique Commanders USA unique Commanders Attached you will find the Commanders_[version].rar file (size ~8.3 MB). Just extract and paste or copy it in your current /res_mods/ folder Commanders_0.8.11.0.rar Additional download link in spoiler below. This archive contains all languages files for all nine EU languages (see above)
  4. This is the camouflage of Tirpitz at June 1942. I wanted this camo since i saw this: It's a WIP and when i have time i will finish it (deck/gun camo sucks :P), but even as it is, it's very passable :D *WARNING* This mod is changing your camouflage.xml, so it conflicts with any other mod that edits this file. Also it's replacing the premium camo of Tirpitz (Type 10) and affects all camouflages for Tirpitz, even commons (but i don't think that anyone will use a common camo anyway). DOWNLOAD HERE and extract it to res_mods/0.8.X.X I hope you like it
  5. Jethro_Grey

    MOD request

    Hi, can someone pls help me with a mod? I want to replace the Dasha captain pics with custom ones. Could someone pls tell me how to set up the folder structure, naming convention, file format for the pic of the Dasha captains and so forth? There doesn't seem to be a mod request section so i post it here. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Guten Morgen zusammen. Letztens ist mir in einem Gefecht ein North Carolina-Spieler aufgefallen, der sich nicht so einfach treffen lies wie ich es erwartet hatte. Bei den ersten Salven auf ihn bei ca. 12km fiel mir zunächst nichts auf. Einige Minuten später war er dann auf mittlere einstellige Kilometerzahlen heran gekommen. Ich stand hinter einer Insel mit meiner Edin und konnte so unentdeckt auf ihn schießen. Die Kugeln gingen jedoch durch die Textur der N.C. durch! Auf die selbe hatte ich kurze Zeit später bei einer Wladi keine Probleme! Die N.C. hatte den Halloween-Skin, vllt war es auch ein Bug des Skins oder so. Ich habe auch bewusst nicht "Cheat" oder "Hack" in den Mund genommen, da es ja auch einfach ein Fehler in der Einschlagsberechnung sein kann. Aber seht selbst, hier ist ja Replay! 20191103_081443_PBSC108-Edinburgh_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay Und bitte nicht über meine Spielweise diskutieren, ich weis selber das ich in den Gefecht schei*e gewesen bin. Viele Grüße, Paul
  7. SnSKiller

    Royal Navy Fleet (EU)

    Newly found start-up fleet. The Royal Navy Fleet is a casual fun oriented fleet for now. We use Discord and Steam for contact purposes. No drama, just play. Do you have what it takes to be part of The Royal Navy Fleet? Enroll now! (We are looking for young, old and funny people!) We offer: a voice server to chat or play; a friendly player base; Friday evenings ship cleaning; (and tea.) We require: some form of maturity (age 16+, but with a sponsor it can be discussed.) English speaking; to be active (at least show your face every now and then.) you not to be or become a snowflake.. humor is inbound... We can't offer: swimming vests; sodexo canteens in Discord (yet...) Discord: https://discord.gg/RwKdGzV Contact me for questions of inquiries!
  8. Hello everyone, with a lot of help form @juger65 the German voicemods are Updated. in the next Verionson of @Aslain modpack, they will be avialible in a valid version, too if you cannot wait: Download the Latest verions here including Maria Carmen (german with spanish accent) Shalvea (neutral German verions)
  9. Hello, I just got my tax returns and started spending them on unnecessary stuff like the premium CV Graf Zeppelin, my first ever CV. (Yea, I know I'm a "tier VIII premium n00b pls uninstall game!!11!!") One thing that really bothers me is the reticle of the torpedo bombers. It is so grey and transparent that it is (at least for me) often very hard to see. Especially when I execute a hard 180º turn to re-engage a target and also if it's worst case scenario, I'm flying towards the sun. The light makes the sea grey-ish, basically exactly the same color as the reticle. There are tons of UI mods for WoWS, I use some of them myself but I haven't been able to find a mod that changes the reticle of the aircraft to more visible and easier to see. So now I'm asking you fellow captains, can you link me to one or tell me the name of such mod if there is any? I would be grateful!
  10. Tank_TEC

    FPS Limit funktioniert nicht

    Hallo, ich habe über Google einen FPS Limiter auf der WOWS Seite gefunden. Den habe ich für Version 0.8.7 heruntergeladen und in den entsprechenden Ordner unter res_mods kopiert (also eine der Dateien im Archiv). Danach startet aber WoWS nicht mehr bzw. man kann sich nicht einloggen. Es kommt immer nur der Dialog zum Verbinden. Ich haeb den Verdacht, das Teil funktioniert nur in Verbindung mit dem RU-Server. Kennt sich jemand damit aus? Ich wollte auf meinem Laptop die FPS auf 40 begrenzen, damit die GPU nicht so heiss wird. Mfg Tank_TEC
  11. Hey there, I need a way to mute or disable the sinking sound of my ship. If my ship sinks I still being caught up in the battle and what I could have done better. The sound however makes it unbearable, at least for myself. All guids I found could alter the captains voice or bullets/torps shot from your ship. But I cant find a clue to disable/replace the sinking ship sound. And I want the other sounds best untouched. I also use modstation which changes the folder path I think. Thanks in advance.