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Found 71 results

  1. I am very pleased that I am allowed to present a special Mod-Pack on wirsinken.de (my Blog, but in german only, sorry), that combines some well know mods but still, in my opinion, does not look overloaded. It started out with atmaxx putting togehter a mods i wanted to have and this tradition is carried on by Juger65. A big thank you to him for all the efforts! He supports the Mod-Pack and delivers the updates to me, most times faster then I am able to patch my client. The installation of the Mod-Pack should be as easy as the download and is described below. All that is left is a overview what is in it: alternative dynamic crosshair (default: white) by juger65 (original by W03L0BED) compact battleloading screen by juger6 (original by Roslich) SP-bar in the new player panels (customizable) by juger65 (original by Roslich) shipnames (white), ... on the minimap by juger65, atmaxx (original by W03L0BED) spotted- and storm warning-Icons by atmaxx chat-Mod (on/off, position and size adjustable, ...) by juger65 (original by Autospy) damage panels with detailed damage log by juger65 (original by Monstrofil) techtree and sesssion-stats in harbour by juger65 (original by Arnak_76RUS, BADoBEST, STL1te) Consumables and more zoom in the harbour by juger65 (original by BADoBEST) Main Commander for easy Commander change in the harour by juger65 and OlliN (original by Monstrofil) Filters for camoflages in the harbour by juger65 and OlliN Needed experience for next ship in harbour by juger65 and OlliN Win% per ship colored shown in the harbour by juger65 (original by DragonTM) Here a small picture how the mods look in game: Download is at the end of the article about Mods: http://www.wirsinken.de/mods-was-brauch-ich/ Installation in two steps: save the res_mods folder that is found in your WoWS folder (optional) unpack the .zip file you downloaded into your WoWS folder Hints: To deactivate the crosshair, pleas close the game, and delete the crosshairs.xml in your \res_mods\\alt_hud folder that is found in your WoWS folder. You can change the color of the crosshair by exchanging the crosshairs.xml in your \res_mods\\alt_hud folder that is found in your WoWS folder with the one out of the color folders that are found there as well.
  2. [] Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" This content is still in constructing. Some of Interface still displays normal version of WoWs. For quick error reporting, please use the discord server link at the bottom. Special Theme for 0.8.4 Scherzo of Iron and Blood (EN) 검은 철 악장 맹세의 바다 (JP) 메탈 블러드, 음표 & 맹세 (KR) Join my Discord Server! https://discord.gg/tt9A76D Download ARASHI Mod JP based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) EN based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) KR based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) All-in-one "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) How can I apply this mod into my game? Screenshot of ARASHI Mod : Video of ARASHI Mod : https://youtu.be/OFjTYRK_dO0 In this Mods .... Various types of Login Screens Modified Loading icon Modified "Battle!"Interface (which mean top part at the port that you can check your credits, free exp, etc.) Modified Premium account screen Modified 'TECH TREE'screen Modified 'CAMPAIGNS'screen & task screens (WIP) Modified Battle queue screens Modified profile screens Modified browser screen Etc ...
  3. working in 0.8.4.# (last edited 30.05.2019) This mods is based on a prework from @iJoby who did this with former Seagal and Dunkirk. My intention was it to replace the appearance to a more distinctive one. Meaning I was looking for white dress pictures of historical commanders of that era if possible. If not found, I picked a more modern admiral in withe dress and hat. The mod contains two parts: The pictures (in the folder) and the names (in the folder). The latter one contains the global.mo file which has to be specific for each client version. The pictures are version independent and can be used (copy&paste) without client restrictions. Since 0.8.2 this mod supports all possible languages for the EU-client: english čeština français deutsch polski español türkçe italiano nederlands I merged all language files into one download archive and the mod works with whatever language you picked to play with. One archive is easier to handle for me, creates lesser traffic and you do not have any problems if you like to switch languages. The mod will still work. France unique Commanders Germany unique Commanders Japan unique Commanders Pan Asia unique Commanders Russia unique Commanders United Kingdom unique Commanders USA unique Commanders Attached you will find the Commanders_[version].rar file (size ~7.4MB). Just extract and paste or copy it in your current /res_mods/ folder Commanders_0.8.4.0.rar Additional download link in spoiler below. This archive contains all languages files for all nine EU languages (see above)
  4. This is the camouflage of Tirpitz at June 1942. I wanted this camo since i saw this: It's a WIP and when i have time i will finish it (deck/gun camo sucks :P), but even as it is, it's very passable :D *WARNING* This mod is changing your camouflage.xml, so it conflicts with any other mod that edits this file. Also it's replacing the premium camo of Tirpitz (Type 10) and affects all camouflages for Tirpitz, even commons (but i don't think that anyone will use a common camo anyway). DOWNLOAD HERE and extract it to res_mods/0.8.X.X I hope you like it
  5. Hello guys, With the patch 0.8.3 WG changed the position of the small yellow bar indication an unique commander from the top right to the bottom right corner of the ingame portrait. Examples (pics from my commanders mod) pre-0.8.3 (old) post- (new) I really like the old version much more, because it was much more distinguishably. So I want to change the appearance. But how?! The file (icon_crew_unique.png) is located in the subfolder .../gui/crew_commander/. The really problem is, I do not how where the parameters are located that define the position of that specific UI element. Please help me, fellow modders. There are alot of xml-files in the subfolder .../gui/unbound/. But there are 17 (!) files including the mentioned file: So, are that enough hints for a more capable modder then me tp help me?
  6. "Much Better Than Any Anime Mod Out There, Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Internets Back" By WhiskeyWolf WHAT'S THIS MOD ABOUT? Basically, this modification for World of Warships aims to convert as much as possible the UI and text descriptions of the game, in order to make WoWs photorealistic (I've used real photos in high resolution of the WW2 conflict) and historically correct. Without forget to mention the documentary like flavour I've given to the art style of WoWs. FOR WHAT KIND OF PLAYER IS THIS MOD FOR? This mod aims to compel whoever loves the naval history behind World of Warships. Poeple that would love to see realistic pictures of their favorite warships implemented in the game client. People with much knowledge regarding the naval battles exploded inside the atlantic, mediterranean and pacific theatres. "If this was any more realistic you would have Japanese Kamikaze flying out of your monitor." By WhiskeyWolf WHO IS WORKING ON THIS PROJECT? Sys7ema (Ex. Founder of Team 20.3cm and Rising Sun), one of the very first modders during the Alpha of the game, also known in the global WoWs community for his great Kantai Collection modifications. Examples of his past works: WHO IS ADVISING THIS PROJECT? Chamorro, probably one of the most knowledgeable persons and contributors that Tsukotaku ever met, especially in this community. Wihtout his help and information, this project wouldn't be able to take off. WHAT'S THE STATUS OF THIS MOD? I've covered only 5% of the total GUI and 3% of the text descriptions as per 27/11/17, with much more to come during the following weeks! The results are incredible already: WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD? Since the mod is in very early stage of delevopement the download is NOT AVAILABLE yet. I need first to rebalance the contrast of certain in-battles elements to make it actually playable by everyone in grayscale tones. Once this is done, I'll submit everything to WG in order to publish a working version with the lastest build of the game. This topic is just a showcase of the work that me and Chamorro are doing, to let know the community that such project is happening. HOW CAN YOU HELP US? Simple! By providing us with feedbacks and comments! What's better than having you, the users (The final target of this mod), express your thoughts about this "Photorealistic WW2 Total UI Conversion"? "MAN UP!" By WhiskeyWolf
  7. *edited* Ich würde mal sagen mache haben sich beim Modden wieder Mühe gegeben. Hat auch schon reichlich Kommentare bekommen 113 !!! Vielleicht wird da unerlaub Zielhilfe benutzt und dadurch kommt es vor das ein CV Spieler alles und jeden trifft auch mit verkürztem Angriff!!! Oder er benutzt es nur gegen Bots zum üben... Oder es ist einfach nur ein Fake kann auch sein. Aber ich selbster hab schon den verdacht gehabt der kann mich doch nicht schon wieder treffen "WASD" Flak an/aus alles beachtet, diagonal postioniert u.s.w. ... und der [edited] triff mich trozdem jedesmal 100% Hit Vielleicht Wargaming mal paar unerlaubte mods user wieder bannen hilft denke ich.
  8. Hello, Est-ce normal qu'avec l'arbre technologique étendu du pack de mods officiel j'arrive à cette page sans aucun soucis ? Parce que bon, le Belfast n'est plus en vente... Toutefois, je n'ai pas essayé d'aller au bout, pas envie de prendre le risque de perdre des doublons sur une action qui serait jugé malhonnête
  9. The in-game colorblind settings are not very useful. I can now see who did team damage, but I can't spot enemy torps. Funnily enough friendly torps are easy to see. Does anyone know of a mod that changes the color of torps or torp trails? It's really frustrating if you hear the torp alarm, hear the torp voice message, but can't see the enemy torps that are coming your way.
  10. AxelMeyer

    Musiques du jeu

    Re à la communauté Warship. Je cherche à implémenter mes propres musiques au jeu, mais de façon à ce les musiques CHANGENT EN FONCTION DE L'AMBIANCE DU COMBAT, comme le fait déjà warship pour les siennes (dites-moi pas que l'on peut les mettre dans res, puis userMusic, je le sais déjà). Dites-moi si par exemple, il existe un mod permettant de le faire, si il faut renommer les fichiers musicaux (du genre "login" pour le lancement, "docks" pour le menu principal), ou si il faut convertir les fichiers en tel format (si oui, me fournir un lien pour le logiciel, svp!) Merci d'avance à tous ceux qui se creuseront la tête pour moi. Ca rendra le jeu encore plus passionnant qu'il ne l'est déjà (^u^)!!!
  11. Tiguurrr

    Did they change the modding?

    I've been gone for a long time, but last time I played this you could replace the face of the Captain. Have this been changed? Because it doesn't seem to work when I tried it a few weeks ago.
  12. zFireWyvern

    [MOD] Wyvern's Skin Workshop

    Current Version: Hello, if you're familiar with another game - War Thunder and use the live site there you might recognise me from my skinning work there. In this thread I'll be sharing the skins I make with you guys, I'll try to keep them all updated as fast as possible! I plan on doing as many historical skins as I can, I hope you like them! Individual skins will be inside the spoilers in order to save space, just looks nicer. To download simply click the download image below the preview picture which will take you to a direct puush download in a new tab. I have included installation instructions inside the zip file. Historical Naval Ensign and Flags: Shōkaku-Class Aircraft Carrier: Kuma-Class Light Cruiser: Hull (A): Hull (B): Skins continue here.
  13. schwimmson_relog

    Auschluss vom Spiel für 7 Tage

    Hallo ich bin schwimson :D Ich spiele WoWs schon seit 2015 jedoch war ich NIE aktiv im Forum. Ich möchte gleich zum Punkt kommen, dass mein Account gesperrt wurde wegen angeblich "illegalen Mods". Ich habe diese Mods heruntergeladen: Jedoch müssten diese eigentlich legal sein, da sogar in den Spielregeln zu Mods steht sofern diese im Forum gepostet wurden, kann man sich sicher sein, dass man nicht gesperrt wird. Jedoch wurde ich jetzt gesperrt für eine Woche. Im World of Warships-Kundendienst komme ich nicht weit, da wird meine Anfrage direkt geschlossen und nix passiert. Ich finde das schlecht, zumahl diese Mods ja eigentlich legal sein müssten. Und meine Frage war jetzt : Kann ich da noch irgendwas machen oder muss ich wohl oder übel die Woche warten ? Für Antworten über E-Mail bitte an xxtrollloxxletsplay@gmail.com
  14. Ast3lan

    Dat moment...

    ... when i regretted having bought another Premium ship. Reason, sailing in my Atlanta out and being hit at 15Kms , full speed, not in a straight line by someone with an aimbot... err mod.. err whatever you call it these days..., by 1 guy firing salvo after salvo and hitting constantly. So that said, where can i get my money back? I quit WoT the moment WG made Gold ammo available for everyone, in this game im not in agreement with aim mods, sorry its just too gamebreaking and takes the fun away from the game.
  15. Hi all! Change the color of camouflage game ships in Japan - "Type 1" and "Type 2". Screenshot + Download: All good! My theme on a RU-server: http://forum.worldofwarships.ru/index.php?/topic/28747- Japan_Grey.zip
  16. MS_Surface

    Ships with Space Shields?

    Just come accross a standing still DD, launched 3 spreads of torps (10km torps) he was like 5 km away. All my torps exploded right before touching his ship. Then i started to fire but all shells hit this "invisible wall" right in front of him. Then i found out he was awake 'cos he torpedoed me and i sunk. Another player started complaining about having problems with his shells. Someone comments that maybe the guy has a Phalanx or whatever... Huum. It didn't looked like a bug to me as the player didn't even fire or move. He was just there relaxing, with his "space shield". He sunk me with torpedoes though so he was aware of what was happening. Is this a known thing? First time it happens to me. Good thing 0.5.1 is right around the corner. Here is the replay. Not a lot of time left to watch it. This happens 4 min or so into the battle. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2mhIs7k5Tx3ZEpGVThkMkw4N2M&usp=sharing
  17. ==> MESSAGE aux développeurs du jeu. Bonjour. Dans le fichier hud_lib.swf, la ressource Image143 sert à la fois comme icône pour : - Le signalement de détection de notre navire par un navire ennemi. - Le signalement d'obus ennemis arrivant sur notre navire. Vous serait-il possible d'ajouter dans le fichier hud_lib.swf un icône supplémentaire spécifique au signalement d'obus arrivant sur notre navire ? Cela permettrait de pouvoir le modifier, ce qui n'est pas possible dans la version actuelle puisque deux événements différents pointent sur la même ressource image. Merci !
  18. M4rsh4L

    [SKIN] Cruceros de la Royal Navy.

    Desde que me enteré del recopilatorio de skins de Edwaryth, siempre estoy instalándolo cada vez que el cliente tiene un parche. Y no es que juegue mucho con los cruceros de la Royal Navy, pero la verdad es que me deprime el pasar de un barco con skin americano, ruso o del imperio Nipón a mi pobre Danae y que esté desnuda. La verdad, uno nunca valora el verdadero trabajo que hacen los Modder hasta que uno lo prueba por sí mismo, ya desde la búsqueda de información hasta la recopilación necesaria de herramientas y el complejo trabajo de las descompresiones de los archivos del juego y su edición. Por eso mientras los más veteranos van terminando las ramas más antiguas del juego, voy a intentar de dar apoyo a este tipo de contribuciones y crear las skin históricas de la Royal Navy. Toda la información que me encontraba sobre cómo se hacía todo esto, desde links a los programas como a tutoriales, estaban rotos u obsoletos y me llevaron todo el día de ayer el poder buscarlos para comenzar a trabajar, pero eso es agua pasada. No sé lo que me llevará cada skin ni todo lo preciso que pueda ser con ellas, pero cualquier comentario ayuda, desde el código HEX del color histórico del barco (ya que las fotos son en blanco y negro), a cualquier detalle que crean que debería de mejorarse, como la cubierta de madera, color de cañones, lo que sea. Terminadas: La skin con el patrón de camuflaje es más el ORP Conrad polaco que el HMS Danae por eso me quedo con esta. Nuevo Proyecto:
  19. as the title says, i am new to the game and i feel i lack in aiming and properly shooting at the enemy. My shells dont connect as much as i would like to. I noticed others dont connect with me always either so to just figure out where i stand in terms of aiming as compared to other players (to improve my game) is there a way to display total damage done by each player at the end of the game? That way i can tell who is aiming better, who is not and where i stand in terms of skill, much more than just winrates and other stats. Thank you.
  20. It's come to my notice that some can't download my mods from the forum links, but others can. Does anyone have a clue as to what this issue is about? Is WG on it?
  21. Didn't like that it was sorted by country, so I changed it to be premium ships and non-elite ships in the first row and elite ships (non-premium) in the second row. Won't upload actual file, if you want it, just change it yourself (but backup your file first). In your game directory, edit file \res_mods\\gui\unbound\dock.xml go to line 22141 and change value="(shipInfo && shipInfo.country && (shipInfo.country != 'Japan' && shipInfo.country != 'Germany'))" to value="(playerShipInfo.upgradesInfo.isPremium || (playerShipInfo.upgradesInfo.isElite == 0))" then go to line 22216 and change value="(shipInfo && shipInfo.country && (shipInfo.country == 'Japan' || shipInfo.country == 'Germany')) || (shipInfo == null)" to value="((playerShipInfo.upgradesInfo.isPremium == 0) && (playerShipInfo.upgradesInfo.isElite)) || (shipInfo == null)" save the file and run the game. All credits go to Aslain and whoever did the original Carousel mod. edit: fixed for and Aslain 1.0, new mod changed line numbers to mods: what was inappropriate about colored code lines?
  22. MegaDommagam

    [][EN] 'Gun calibers in inches'

    WoWS 'Gun calibers in inches' mod Hi, Starting with client version [], a new version of the 'Gun calibers in inches' mod is included in Aslain's mod pack (v.7.5.0 #04 and later). Installation - if you are not using Aslain's installer: Download the mod from here: WoWS 'Gun calibers in inches' mod Make sure that the version of the mod and the version of the WoWS game client you are running are the same: 'WoWS Gun calibers in inches N.N.N.N.zip' works only with game client version N.N.N.N Unzip the mod Copy the 'global.mo' file from the mod to the '...\World_of_Warships\res_mods\N.N.N.N\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES' folder. Notes: The original standard 'global.mo' file is in the '...\World_of_Warships\res\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES' folder, do not move it or change it in any way. The mod is available in English only. [EN] If you install it, the language used by the game client for all displayed texts will be in English. The mod does not remove or replace the original metric gun or torpedo calibers shown in millimeters or centimeters (you need the metric values for penetration and over-match calculations), just puts them in parentheses, and inserts the caliber sizes in inches in front of them - please see the screenshot snippets attached. The mod is not code, it will not slow your game down, it is an enhanced compiled translation file. The mod is completely legal, and it will not help you win more battles or sink more enemy ships. The mod has to be updated for every new patch or release, actually every time Wargaming adds or changes any texts displayed in the game, even when the changes got nothing to do with gun calibers, e.g. new campaigns, collectibles, ships, etc. you name it. (This was a big reason why the previous developers of this mod faced so many difficulties trying to keep the mod up-to-date. I wrote a script to do it, time will tell how it will hold up to all the curve-balls Wargaming will throw at it.). Cheers! p.s. I am Canadian and I hail from Europe. All my life I always used metric. I like metric because it makes sense, and not because certain anatomical measurements sound bigger in it. But, I'm ancient and I know how hard it is to change, that's why I developed my version of this mod, mainly for the convenience of my fellow players in the UK and in the US. p.s.s. By the way, the US is one of the original 17 countries who signed the 'Treaty of the Meter' in 1875. So, who is to blame for the obvious failure of the US to adopt the metric system? Probably the Russians, right? No! It happened because of British PIRATES! (<- Not kidding. Click on the link to read up on it.) Technically they were 'privateers' supported by His Majesty's government, therefore us Canadians undeniably share some responsibility. We are truly sorry.
  23. danimollinato2

    Skin Budyonny Hellsing

    Hola de nuevo! hoy os traigo una skin para el tier 6 de crucero de la rama rusa de hellsing. Pongo video del modelo en 3d en world of warships, este barco de noche se ilumina! Descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qsrve8jch6snrw8/Budyonny+skin+hellsing.rar Imágenes: EDIT 10/4/2016 Retocado un fallo de iluminación atrás del barco. Pongo link de descarga. EDIT: 21:54 La iluminación de los cañones puede ir o no en algunos ordenadores. Si le aparece dichos cañones invisibles por favor borre el archivo : content/gameplay/russia/gun/main/textures/RGM063_152mm_57_MK_5_skinned.mfm
  24. Paceman12


    Hi Leute. Ich habe gesehen das man sich seinen eigenen Schaden im Spiel anzeigen lassen kann. Habe das Aslain-Modpack runtergeladen, finde aber nicht die richtige Option. Kann jemand helfen? Vielleicht mit Screenshot. Danke
  25. SkullBreaker007

    Tranparent map mod without transparent islan

    Guys I was looking for the tranparent map mod and found it but the one I found also lowers transparency for islands so it makes it harder to see I saw in the youtber flamus video he had the whole map almost transparent and the islands were fine. So where can I find that mod, is it in aslains modpack bcuz I use it?