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Found 8 results

  1. forp007

    MM bizarre?

    Bonsoir. MM bizarre ce soir: 3 DD et 4 BB versus 4 DD et 5 BB!!!! Même les tiers ne sont pas avantageux
  2. ici un topic est proposé afin de mettre vos résultats en Low Tier et uniquement low tier. Que ce soit une Win ou une Loose vous pouvez échanger vos résultats afin de démontrer que même low tier il est tout à fait possible de faire quelque chose. Ce n'est pas un doublons du Hall of Fame ou des Fails. Juste le placard du low tier quoi. Seul prérequis être dans le top 3 en low tier (je l'ai assez dit là, non ?). Pas besoin d'exploit juste du résultat d'équipe ;). Allez je commence sur un fail puis une win, après à vous de vous défouler :
  3. Furius_Marius

    Mikasa protected MM

    Well... I have Mikasa for the collection and for the secondaries joke. But the ship main guns are a joke. This thing is slow, big and have a few armour for a bb, and takes a lot of torp damage. After speaking with some friends that have it for longer than me. If you get against a tier II battle and they allow you to get close you can do some serious damage. But you are slow, and they need to make the mistake to let you be in 2-3 km range. But usually you got in battle with 2, 3 or 4 tier III battleships that dont care at all about your Armour. And the angling doesn't matter at all. And you don't get in range to anything. Its ok the MM will pair you with a tier III armoured cruiser in a tier II battle. But when you are in those tier III battles with the few main guns and so poor accuracy you feel like a tier III BB in tier VIII battle. I think with some time each nation could get a pre-dreadnought. (Easy for American, Brits, French, Russians, Italians, Germans, Pan-European...) Every navy had at least one of this ships. But for the moment I think they should protect the MM in this ship.
  4. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    3 Smolensk's MM

    W.G...3 times today you want from us to participate in a battle with 3 Smolensk each side...I ll inform you that in the future i refuse to do that...if so...i ask from my teammates to forgive me (they dont...i understand that) but i press the W button and i offer FREE XP's to any opponent team player needs more.I know that you dont give a crap... if you were you should NEVER bring out shitboats like your Smolenk......at 9.2.0 you stop it but its TOOOOO late...any medium to bad player of your gets one just to take revenge...becouse he cant do any damage with any other decent ship!....
  5. Sturmsee

    The Truth About Ranked

    This Ranked season was the worst disaster I heard. Let me get this out first: I am NOT opposed to MM radar ship imbalance, not to SMOLs, nor CVs or to making whales happy at some cost to everyone else. This is also NOT about the last star and the behavior it incentivizes. All good. There is a lot to be said about all this. Not now. But WG whatever you did to Ranked, you should own up to it, let us know and then move on to a better future. I know some feel that it was always bad, I am not talking about the same bad possibly, and if you have decided to only play to 10 and then stop, you would obviously not have seen the C-beams, right, not this time. And if you remember the first Ranked season, you are also of no help because hopefully you are a sunicum. I am talking for the normal to good players. It’s possible that there is no fix. Maybe nobody understands the ML anymore that drives MM. But honesty about what happened might be the best way to, well, keep players in the game. Everyone I know is frustrated to the hilt about this Ranked season. There is always frustration with Ranked, of course. But it should be easy to see in your stats that I am right. Maybe if you look at it as "retention" its awesome that people are held within one rank zone forever. They keep grinding and the game alive. I sure payed real money to try to find different angles. But you lose them. If a poster here feels like piling on, and we are just all bad for whining, and have bad stats, hold it. No matter if you are so good at it, or just co-incidentally fit the luckier patterns MM rewards in your play style, or play at the right times of day: it’s not about you. I guarantee the confusion these weeks was common place. It was always toxic. It wasn’t senseless. And Gulv, this is not about WR. Particularly not about your WR. Try for once not to pull it there. I can explain WR to you another day. Ranked or not, most people can’t carry if the entire team tanks, even if they are decent players. My last 4 games in Ranked saw my team wiped out 1:7, 1:6, 1:7, 3:7. It was just a funny, fitting cap. Even if I was the worst player, this makes no sense. And I did, in all four, play with and for the team, with success on the wing we were, without outnumbering the reds. If you can't believe this, fine, don't, go away. It was just a fitting end to it. Nothing that I can do to end the losing streak. If it proves one thing for good: MM is not random. Of course it is not, because random would mean you would have different numbers of each ship type in every game. Of course you expect MM to NOT be random in that regard. It does not end there though. And how is it that the reds tend to have more radar ships more often? Really just an illusion? The problem very likely is that MM is ‘too clever’ but according to the stats seems to be doing a great job. It does not. At least not if making players happy is a goal. You are letting your AI crush a great game mode blinded by the numbers. I had streaks of 10 wins straight, statistically an impossibility if MM was in any way ‘fair.’ And streaks that long losing. The Ranked explainer video refers to losing streaks. It recommends to change the ship. Did work for me for 10 battles or so. The clip does not mention winning streaks. But why is this even a topic? By what logic do I fare better just by changing the ship? Could be benign. Could be a hint to why it’s so broken. Like not admitting some ships are OP and trying to find a clever way to prevent everyone using only that ship. This is just an example, I am not assuming this is the case. Just illustrating there could be good reasons. Or just forcing you to invest more in ships. I did. So this might cynically mean that 'it worked just fine.' But can you just say what the rules are? The feeling everyone seems to have is that the outcome of a match is predetermined going in. If it’s decided against your team, you will just not be able to score. I don’t quite agree, I think I can sense meanwhile where the occasions to turn the tide against the odds are. Before everyone and their dog start dying. But it only works when there is at least one more decent player in the team. I would not be surprised anymore if in fact there was a meta-RNG going on that decides which team will win on a much higher level than shots fired. One guy reported that of his 20 pals who always make it to #1, this time only one managed. Winning had become a complete gamble with no relation to your play left. But maybe we are all just stupid. Maybe sometimes MM switches to put you into an abysmal team and does that until you managed to preserve a star by scoring best. To filter out bandwagon riders. Wouldn't that make a lot of sense? Again not saying this is so, just making the point there could be good and smart reasons to do things. Could even be smart to not tell people so they can't duck it somehow. But don't be too smart. Who is to take it seriously then. People whine about MM a lot. But after thousands of games you start to have a feel how a SHIMA should melt under your hits, or a BB should light up. When it just doesn’t happen and others in the same game report the same feel of impenetrable opponents — it sure feels like RNG is, let’s say, dynamic. There are games where you hit but just don’t score. And then its reversed and the reds fall apart. It’s too extreme to be fun because of course it taints your wins, too. There is hardly a way to prove any single notion of this. Also, I can imagine a situation where manipulating MM and RNG to keep newbies happy enough and prevent people from all sailing SMOLs might make perfect sense. Fair enough. But you completely f* it up. Whatever you tried, it did not work. From what I hear, you are losing more folks than you are successfully trapping in the grind. Once it becomes clear that it’s too badly rigged, there is little incentive left to play. People now give the tip to only play to level 10. I know how fast my clan mates have learned to give up on Ranked. I can imagine that it might be very hard to judge how well ML works and you might have created an off-kilter feedback loop, it is obvious, where. I know you do the survey. I just hope enough people will speak up and bring the prior degree of survivable radioactivity back to Ranked. Or if you keep it the way it is at least tell us what the rules are.
  6. Xphenomenal

    "clap" smolensk

    Wargaming literally outdid themselves with this ranked season... Who would've thought that putting an OP ship into a ranked 3 times... Don't know if their braincells stopped working or something...
  7. Hi all, Statistics of 20 (almost back-to-back) battles in Tier VI RU BB "Izmail" in new MM... I somehow never found time to grind the new-ish RU BB line until now... started with "Izmail" (i.e. that's the highest I got via containers - bad luck as usual)... The "Izmail" is very very powerful when used properly and enemy is often left wondering what is happening (unfortunately the armor is not that great and if you are not careful you will be punished)... also you simply can't carry in her if the opposition is at least competent... Statistics (20 battles): 7x uptiered to Tier VIII battle (4 defeats / 3 victories) 5x uptiered to Tier VIII battle (3 defeats / 2 victories) 8x top tier in Tier VI battle (3 defeats / 5 victories) Leo "Apollo11" P.S. In my 2nd battle I got detonated... just 8k damage done...