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Found 33 results

  1. Hey, guys and girls! To lighten up among all these weighty, ongoing discussions about things that have serious and far-reaching consequences for the game at large (no irony intended), I thought to bring up something completely inconsequential: I miss the little aikido-practicing, knife-throwing cook on the deck of my Missouri! To those of you who may not know what I'm talking about (and will be thinking that I have now gone completely off the rocker), there was at one time a little animated figure of a cook, that would now and then appear - in port view - on the deck of the USN battleship Missouri. This figure represented the character of the badass cook from the movie Under Siege (1992), which was played by the actor Steven Seagal. As the collaboration between Wargaming and Mr Seagal came to an end, and his in-game commander persona changed name to John Doe, the little cook sadly also stopped working out on the deck of the Missouri. I'm not asking for the cook to be reintroduced, as such. I must assume that this would contravene whatever deal Wargaming made with Mr Seagal. But wouldn't it be fun to have other such animations - possibly but not necessarily relating to irl phenomena - appear in our ports from time to time? For one thing, we now have a number of special captains - anime and others - that could star in their own little animations. These could be tied to various silver or premium ships, or even switch between them, as circumstances might suggest. (And I might finally have Captain Paul Hogan get to grips with that koala on board my Perth, although what the outcome of that would be is anyone's guess.) I am not suggesting that this is made a priority in any way. I know that Wargaming is currently rather busy, what with the CV rework and all. But as they say, there is a time for everything... perhaps even for silly, pointless funimations?
  2. NatedNation

    uss missouri

    Just got the uss missouri in a santa Box. Love it and all that, but since i got it ive experienced something wierd. I get alot of Penetration but no damage. I get the ribbon shoving that i got a pen on a ship, but i didnt damage it what so ever. Is this a bug or is it something with the shells?
  3. SmileForTheFlash

    When ships get removed

    Dear players, What is the point of removing ships from the game? Personaly i joined World of Warships to be able in the future to get the Missouri, the Mighty Mo....and what WG does, they remove it from the game.....WTH!!! ...and by the way, where did Atlanta go?
  4. Staubkappe

    Helping me to make a decision

    I don't have any of them by now but I tend to buy the musashi because of personal liking at the moment. On the other hand I run into credit trouble from time to time.... I am sure you see the problem here :D
  5. Halborn

    Missouri performance.

    How's Missouri performing for you, battleship captains? I mean recent performance. I don't want to suggest anything, but from my meager observations, and other reports from clans and forums, a lot of people started to complain about this ship. Dispersion, penetration and AP damage got worse - mainly that is what people often say about Missouri. Don't want to put a tin foil hat on my head, but I am just wondering whether there's more people who observed something similar.
  6. Hi all, Number of players playing "exotic" ships ("Missouri", "Musashi", "Nelson", "Kronshtadt", "Stalingrad", "Flint", "Black") in past week on EU and NA! According to most excellent MapleSyrup: EU http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180901/eu_week/average_ship.html NA http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180901/na_week/average_ship.html There were rather few players playing "exotic" ships last week: Missouri EU: 492 NA: 561 Musashi EU: 824 NA: 445 Nelson EU: 165 NA: 128 Kronshtadt EU: 232 NA: 136 Stalingrad EU: 127 NA: 84 Flint EU: 6 NA: 13 Black EU: 9 NA: 12 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread on Reddit:
  7. Hello guys, i've seen the freexp conversion discount and started to do the math. i'm about 300kxp away from missouri, so as of now 8600 doubloons (with the discount). However, i have a shitton of papa papa and ourobros (220 and 100), using them in the right days provides me with 5-7k freexp per win. What's youtr thoughts on what WG will do? Make another sale before removal, to milk last guys who don't have Mo, or don't and count on players who will want her anyway at 25:1?

    Schiffe für Free-Exp

    Hallo alle zusammen. Ich habe folgendes "Problem". Habe 750k Free Xp. Mussashi habe ich schon und es macht mir sehr viel Spass, und auch sonst bin ich mit dem Schiff mehr als zufrieden. Auf Kronschtadt habe ich allerdings nicht besonders viel Bock. Deswegen folgende Frage. Hat jemand eine Ahnung ob WG neue/andere Schiffe für Free-Xp einzuführen plant? Bzw ob Missouri wieder mal angeboten wird? Danke für die Antworten.
  9. aydyldz


    Sonunda Missouri'yi aldım. Stress bitti , alırkende tek kuruş para harcamadım en çokta o hoşuma gitti.
  10. Ahoi alle zusammen, für die, die regelmäßig das Forum besuchen sollte unser kleines Projekt nicht unbekannt sein. Für alle anderen - hier unser erster Versuch: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/94052-vater-und-sohn-bauen-18m-lego-missouri/ Wie damals schon angekündigt haben wir die angesprochenen Punkte uns sehr gerne angehört und haben uns die konstruktive Kritik zu Herzen genommen. Danke nochmal an alle die uns damals mit Rat und Anmerkungen unterstützt haben. Es ist jetzt schon über 1/2 Jahr her, dass wir die damalige Version auseinander genommen haben um unsere Gedanken an ein neues Schiff (eine auch uns besser gefallende Variante) zu binden. Natürlich sind wir bei der guten alten Mighty Mo geblieben. Nachdem wir zuerst angefangen haben einen Prototyp einer neuen Kanone zu bauen - und alleine das kann schon verdammt lange dauern - haben wir uns an einen neuen Schiffsrumpf gemacht. Maßstabsgetreuer sollte er sein, weniger Durcheinander in den Farben haben und wohl überlegt zusammengebaut werden. Als wir dann gegen Ostern soweit waren die Kanone auf das mittlerweile auf 2,2m angewachsene Schiff zu setzen hat alles Probieren, rechnen und messen nichts geholfen. Wir mussten die Pläne wieder aufgeben... Es war einfach zu klein. Wir hatten zu viel Zeit (und auch schon wieder Geld) in die mMn. sehr gelungen Primärgeschütze gesteckt um diese jetzt wieder auseinander zu bauen. Also: Zurück ans Reißbrett. Nach Zwei Tagen stand dann der Plan und, naja, unsere Teile reichten noch nicht mal für 2/3 des Schiffsrumpfs. Also wieder zurück zum online-shop. Mehrere Bestellungen - und zwei Besuche im Legoland - später sind wir jetzt soweit, dass es langsam Form annimmt. Es sieht nun so aus: Würde es nach mir persönlich gehen, würden diese Zeilen hier nicht stehen. Aber aus unserem Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis haben wir nun schon so viele nette Worte zu dem Projekt gehört, dass ich mich dazu durchringen lassen habe zumindest schon ein paar Teaser-Fotos zu veröffentlichen. Ich bitte hier nicht um Entschuldigung, sondern um Verständnis, dass wir unser Projekt nicht schon in der Bauphase detailliert teilen möchten um Kommentare wie "das könntest du so machen" oder "das stimmt aber so nicht" zu vermeiden. Es ist nach wie vor ein Vater-Sohn Projekt. Allerdings habe ich nun etwas mehr Redefreiheit und wir möchten beide das Beste aus unseren Vorstellungen verwirklichen. So, das war jetzt wirklich etwas mehr Text als erwartet, aber nun zu den kleinen Teasern. Achja - für die, die sich für Zahlen interessieren: Wir sind jetzt bei 2,63 m
  11. Apologies for starting yet another thread about the Mighty Mo's departure, but most topics discuss the soundness (or lack thereof, depending on where you stand) of WG's decision...and I'd like this one to be about alternatives for this ship's future. I'm a relatively recent WOWS player in the sense that I've been playing on and off for a year, a year and a half, so...I wouldn't know about WG's practices and history, though I hear a lot of unpleasantness every now and then. However, is it possible for WG to alternate the Musashi and Missouri in the future as the T9 FXP ship, or bring back the Missouri at a later date but at a higher FXP tag price to keep pace with the Musashi? (920K FXP instead of 750FXP) I'm personally not enthused by WG's decision; it's very bad timing for me. It came at a point where I'm feeling quite burnt out by gaming as a whole, and I recently chose to take an extended break from PC games. Suffice to say, with only 113FXP in my EU account and not enough free time to dedicate to playing (the start of the year will be rather loaded for me), I believe I definitely won't be able to make it in time, even with premium time and signal flag witchcraft. I'm far from eager to dole out eighty euros to free-XP my way to the 750K mark. And, yes, I'd very much like to unlock the Missouri, even if it takes me a long time to do it. I already have the Yamato and, while its LOLpen guns are nice, I don't enjoy it as much (for some reason, manure flies around whenever I get in my Yammy - either I get teamkilled or my team just ignores my calls for support) as I did the Iowa, so the Musashi holds no appeal for me. So, could WG do any of the following rather than deprive us of this remarkable ship? - Rotate the Musashi with Missouri, let's say on a monthly basis. - Reinsert the Missouri at T9 but at a higher FXP price tag (920K FXP) - Make the Missouri the reward ship of a LONG, permanent campaign (like, a "capitulation of Japan" event)
  12. Missouri was implemented in a time when special flags and camos for boosting freePex did not exist nor the frequent opportunities to get them for free. Right now it is way easier to accumulate freePex, there are here users who farmed their Nelson (1/2 Missouri price) from zero over last weekend. Missouri being not only a T9 OP premium ship but the key for credit independence in the whole game ("buy a Missouri, get all the silver ships in the game for free"), I would say it is hard discounted by WG right now. Considering its strategic impact, I would value it at least at double the today's price. Are you not surprised like me about WG keeping its initial price ?
  13. Hi! I rebuilt my Missouri's captain skills and upgrades today and this new one is very impressive for me. I am courious for yours, what is your imagines.
  14. So i have been playing alot with my Missouri and i have been loving her. My favourite ship in th game. But after update 0.7.3 it just feels off. I cant really put my finger on whats the problem but it is definetively underperfoming. At first i thought it was just me, but after several games it just isnt. Not getting the citadel from a broadside cruiser 6km away while aiming at the waterline is something new in the Mo. I found this thread on the NA site but i can confirm that it is the same for me. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/153929-missouri-gun-misses-on-the-rise/?page=0
  15. MS_Surface

    Premium store on NA and EU

    Someone on Notsers latest stream said i could buy 100x Papa Papa flags for less than 3 dollars. So i went to my premium store in EU because i figured we should have it too. I was surprised at how bad the EU Premium store is! So if you're going for the mighty MO, better open an account on NA because EU doesn't even sell Papa Papa flags while in NA you can buy it in packages or alone, very cheap. I was also surprised by the fact that while NA has 8 nice packs of signal flags from €2,77 to €13.89, WG EU has 3 crap packs from €9,99 to €29,99. If i had an account on NA, i could buy 100X Papa Papa (+300%freeXP) for €3,77 but i have a EU account, and EU premium store doens't even sell Papa Papa flags, anywhere.
  16. jerkchicken

    Big Mo, DPM or Accuracy?

    For my last modification I always used APR (Accuracy), But I was considering to switch to MBM (DPM/Reload). I used APR Because you can only use it on USN BB's (T9+), which Missouri is the only one I've got. Always loved the disersion on the Big Mo <3 DPM over Accuracy?
  17. LastBoyKraut

    Macht die Missouri auch Spass?

    Hallo Hightier-BB Kapitäne! Eine Frage an alle mit wohl bestücktem Hafen: wenn ihr hightier-BB in solo-random fahren wollt, nehmt ihr gerne auch die mighty Mo, weil sie eben auch Spass macht, und wenn ja, was mögt ihr an ihr besonders,- oder nehmt ihr sie nur wegen credits & XP?
  18. NothingButTheRain

    Missouri, why am I so bad?

    So yesterday I had a game on Ocean, which I only noticed once I couldn't find any land features. I hear a lot of bad stuff about camping in a BB, but when I play missouri I try to play agressively and try to make use of radar. However, despite trying to teamplay I sometimes get results like this one. Would anyone be so kind as to watch my replay and tell me what I do wrong here? At the beginning I tried to push C and radar their DD, which worked. I did very little damage even though I tried hitting stuff, but gotten over 1m potential damage and even though my damage done is a paltry 15k or so, almost half of it is vs non-BB combatants. I managed to survive till the end and gotten that medal for surviving 120% of my hitpoints, but despite my efforts I ended in last place, getting a remark about camping the edge of the map in a BB by the person ending in second last place right before the game was won, so that might have something to do with it? I also included some screenshots from some of the highlightes of that particular game. Anyway, I want to improve my gameplay and I think this game should provide plenty of my mistakes to see, so there should be plenty I can improve I never quite got the hang on missouri, but lately it's been getting worse even though I gotten over 100 games in missouri already. There's basically no excuse except I must be doing something horribly wrong here or I wouldn't get results like this, right? I do find this game hillarious in some way, but of course I'd want to be able to get better results then this 20180324_014213_PASB509-Missouri_00_CO_ocean.wowsreplay
  19. jerkchicken

    Iowa/Missouri White canvas

    Hey, So my question is: Why does WG make on the Iowa/Missouri arround the turrerts white canvas while they are in real black? I annoyed with it, Just the fact that the black canvas would look better than those white canvas Lets take a look, Ingame: Real: I've seen that they where in the past black (US T9 Iowa) -> So WG I will be pleased if they can fix it, otherwise i will search for skins and i change it by myself. (if anyone knows how to do it) [edited] Greets, Splire
  20. Hallo zusammen, mit nicht nur einem weinenden Auge musste ich die Nachricht vernehmen, dass Wargaming die Mighty Mo aus dem Shop abkündigt. Viele Monate Free XP sparen und am Ende hat es halt leider doch nicht gereicht. Mein Sohn (6) und ich haben dann beschlossen, dass wir die Missouri als Lego Schiff zumindest nach unseren Möglichkeiten nachbauen. Wir sind beide große Lego Fans. Schön früher habe ich mehr oder weniger erfolgreich mich an großen Projekten versucht. Doch als man dann die nötigen Mittel selbst heranschaffen konnte war Lego plötzlich nicht mehr so interessant. Mit der Geburt meiner Kinder ist dann die frühere Leidenschaft wieder aufgeflammt und mein Interesse wurde plötzlich das meiner Kinder. Zusammen haben wir nun über eine sehr lange Zeit viele Steine zusammengetragen um uns an ein (hoffentlich) würdiges Ergebnis zu wagen. Wer sich schon mit solchen Bauten beschäftigt hat weiß, dass sie im Grunde genommen niemals fertig sind. Dennoch könnt ihr anbei den aktuellen Stand begutachten. Und ja... leider ist nicht alles so maßstabsgetreu wie wir es gerne hätten. Da ich mir vorstellen könnte, dass aber auch viele andere Kapitäne der Mighty Mo nachtrauern wollte ich einfach unser Erlebnis teilen. Ein paar kleine Eckdaten: - Der Rumpf ist massiv mit Lego-Steinen befüllt. Das macht das Schiff sehr stabil - Ca. 181cm Rumpflänge - Ca. 5,0 kg Gesamtgewicht - Alle 13 Geschütztürme und die beiden Feuerleitanlagen, sowie der Flugzeugkran sind voll drehbar Über Eure Meinungen, Fragen und Anregungen würden wir uns sehr freuen. Bis dahin euch allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Allzeit gute Fahrt! Disclaimer: Mit Umwandeln in FreeXP würde es wohl noch gehen. Allerdings hat da nicht nur meine bessere Hälfte was dagegen. Der nötige Betrag übersteigt das, was ich für ein digitales Gut ausgeben würde nicht unerheblich. Da geht einem dann schon eher das Äquivalent in Lego Steinen durch den Kopf.... und eine größere Variante ist schon in Planung - zumindest in unseren Köpfen.
  21. HrS_Sylar

    Missouri grind?

    I am making such a slow progress towards the Missouri. What am i doing wrong? What can i do to speed it up without doubloons? How can i speed up the free xp gain? How much doubloons would i need if i want to go that way?
  22. B4karra

    USS Missouri vs Musashi

    Estando cada día (afortunadamente) más cerca el final de la disponibilidad del Missouri en el cliente del juego, me dispongo a analizar los pros y los contras de adquirir uno u otro barco e intentar ayudar a decidirse a aquellos que todavía no tienen muy claro si no adquirir el Missouri y hacerlo únicamente con el Musashi. Si eres un fan de uno u otro barco pues este no es tu hilo. Si eres un murrica pues ya te ha decidido y si tu novia es una waifu también. Un pequeño inciso, para mí el precio de 920000 Free XP se vuelve a salir una vez más de la progresión. En su día ya comenté que el Nelson estaba sobrevalorado en unos 25-30 k de XP libre. Aún así, si aceptamos como buena la progresión tier VII 375k - tier IX 750 k, y asumiendo que el Musashi es un tier 9,5 su precio debería ser de unos 890k, 30k por debajo del que parece será su precio final. En primer lugar analizaré el coste en Free XP. Para comparar utilizaré el coste de rushear con Free XP hasta sus respectivos hermanos en árbol tecnológico estándar, incluyendo los módulos que más se asimilan en prestaciones (rango, cascos, etc...). El coste del Iowa sería de 709170 XP libre y el Yamato de 781450. Aquí en mi opinión hace falta una corrección y es añadir la compra de un camo premium. En el caso del Iowa sería 4k doblones y el Yamato 5k doblones, que al cambio a XP libre y teniendo en cuenta el cambio 1 --> 25 serían 100 y 125 k más respectivamente con lo que quedaría: Iowa: 809170 Missouri: 750000 Yamato: 906450 Musashi: 920000 En mi opinión, todo aquel que pueda debe intentar si o sí ir a por el Missouri, evidentemente porque no va a estar disponible, y para el Musashi siempre vas a tener 1 años más (que es lo que estará aproximadamente el Mo en el cliente) pero en el hipotético caso que ambos estuvieran disponibles para mí el Missouri seguiría siendo el elegido por los siguiente motivos: 1) Menor coste 2) Menor coste con respecto a su gemelo 3) Versatilidad. El Missouri es un barco que lo puedes jugar tanto de lejos como de cerca, junto a la flota o en un pequeño grupo de jugadores. Y tiene radar, añadiendo daño por spoteo y muchas más posibilidades a tu juego. Por último esto no quiere decir que el Musashi vaya a ser un mal barco, su blindaje y sus cañones van a dar muchos sustos en tier IX y el hecho de ser premium + el camuflaje va a dar unos buenos créditos (menores que el Mo, pero aún así por encima de la habitual en tier IX). Lo que me echa para atrás es su excesivo coste en relación al otro premium y en relación a su gemelo, y eso sin contar que se podrá adquirir un camuflaje premium para el Yamato (reduciendo el "coste" a 140k de XP libre menos)
  23. loppantorkel

    Remove Missouri radar

    Polling to see what people think. I don't have the Missouri. I don't plan to get Missouri. I'm all for removing the radar. No good reason to implement it in the first place. I don't mind being uptiered in cruisers, but playing Indianapolis or New Orleans and facing Missouris... At least let these squishy cruisers have one special quirk.
  24. Favuz

    Missouri: Moduli e skill capitano

    Buongiorno, Piccolo OT: Dopo circa un anno e mezzo ho raggiunto 750k freeXP (tra natale e la campagna di capo nord con una settimana di premium e le flag, ho fatto circa 350k in un mese). Il primo dubbio è stato scegliere tra Missouri e Musashi, ma visto che la Missouri sta uscendo di scena e guadagna meglio della Musashi, ho preferito l'americana (l'unica cosa che pendeva per la Musashi è che ho un capitano Giapponese a 16 punti e una volta raggiunto 19 potevo farmare Captain XP come non ci fosse un domani, ma ho già Il Kutuzov per questo). Adesso devo solo aspettare che ci siano i moduli in sconto, perchè sono comunque abbastanza povero in game e sto risparmiando per il mio primo tier X già sbloccato Comunque, la domanda fondamentale è: faccio una Concealment/tank build classica o specco per l'AA? Al momento ho a disposizione Seagal da 10 punti che uso sui cruiser (è sul Cleveland al momento, lo porterò in su man mano che sblocco le navi) Priority target Expert Marksman (buffato con Seagal) SupertIntendent Concealment. Pensavo di andare di AFT, Adrenaline Rush e poi con gli ultimi 3 sfruttare expert loader più un'altra skill da 2 (Jack of all trades) In questo modo sfrutto i punti forti di Seagal e ho una build ottimale per i Cruiser americani ma valida anche per la MIssouri. Con l'introduzione delle BB inglesi però fire prevention è diventata quasi obbligatoria, voi che consigliate? Ho un'altra domanda per i moduli. Le bb Americane hanno moduli differenti dalle altre, io pensavo di andare di AA per il modulo da 500k e Accuracy per quello da 3 milioni, è la scelta giusta? Inoltre ho l'eterna indecisione (per le BB) tra rudder shift e riduzione danni per il modulo da 1 milione. Il vostro parere? Grazie a tutti in anticipo
  25. Hola buenas, el motivo de escribir este post es para saber vuestra opinión sobre que habilidades son más eficientes para el comandante del Missouri. El caso es que la idea de una build a AA es tentadora, pero estando ausentes los portaaviones en más de la mitad de las partidas me planteo llevar el barco en modo tanque, ya que el barco de base tiene muy buenas AA. Unido al módulo de +20% de alcance de las antiaereas, puede que vaya muy bien sólo con esto. Bueno, la duda es si ponerle como última habilidad entrenamiento de fuego avanzado lo que le daría otro +20% de alcance AA o incluso meterle entrenamiento básico de fuego, o por otro lado, optar por prevención de incendios y una build más de supervivencia. Bueno, agradecería mucho vuestras opiniones al respecto. Pd: Os dejo las opciones que tengo en mente. Saludos. 1º Opción con prevención de incendios: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000100010100001000100000119 2º Opción con entrenamiento de fuego avanzado:http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000100010100001000000100119 3º Opción a AA: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000100010100010000000100119