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Found 5 results

  1. 300ConfirmedKills

    Gamescom 2019 flag mission

    Has anyone successfully completed this mission and received the flag? I just finished stage 2, but stage 3 is not visible to me anywhere in the client, and I don't have the flag yet either.
  2. Tuccy

    Indianapolis Marathon

    The special combat missions marathon allows you to add the VII Indianapolis to your collection for free, and earn some great rewards, such as containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. The Marathon consists of 26 missions. Complete 21 of them to earn the final reward — cruiser VIIIndianapolis , a slot and a commander with 6 skill points. All Marathon missions can be completed with Tier VI–X ships in Random and Ranked Battles. You have 2 to 3 days to complete each mission. Reward for each mission: a container of the “American Cruisers” collection. Final Reward After completing 21 or more missions, you’ll receive the main reward of the Marathon — VIIIndianapolis and a commander with 6 skill points! If you already have VII Indianapolis in your Port, you’ll receive a commander, a slot and compensation in Credits equal to the ship's cost.
  3. until
    From June 1 through July 25, 9:00 (GMT+3), all VII Indianapolis owners will be able to earn up to an additional 18 containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. All you need to do is to play with VII Indianapolis in Random and Ranked battles at least once every 3 days. Please note, that these combat missions will become available after a single battle on VII Indianapolis and remain accessible until July 25th. 2,600 Nautical Miles of Indianapolis Play a battle. Reward: 1x “American Cruisers” collection container. Types of battle: Random and Ranked Battles. Ships: VII Indianapolis This combat mission can be completed only once. A similar mission will become available every 3 days.
  4. Tuccy

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!

    Fancy a free Premium ship? Click the "Accept Mission" button in the Portal Article to kick off the mission to get II Tachibana Lima! Good luck!
  5. anonym_sngxMubCbqzo

    Freedom Containers, Level 4, Missions.

    EDIT, _________________________________________________________ As answered in the thread, the chance for missions was removed, so anyone stumbling upon this thread, you wont get missions from Freedom Containers. My problem was that I watched Youtube videos of these containers being opened, saw each and everyone one get missions with far lesser quantities, they also mentioned the missions themselves was not in the description of the item. So I naturally and completely logically as a new player who as entirely expected did not thoroughly read every patch note before him, got those containers with the expectations to receive the same rewards, I did not, the chance were removed. I'm fully aware that it is far-fetched of me to expect them to have considered this scenario, it was just after all an UNFORTUNATE situation, so I will recommend a small description to be added notifying any future costumers of it. As it so happens I'm a first time costumer in WoWS and hopefully my feedback will be helpful. _________________________________________________________ OP, Hello, I was gifted some $$ by a family member to help boost my start in our World of Warships adventures, among them 25 Freedom containers, few problems, but it's late so I thought I'd turn here for some guidance. It was mentioned to me they should contain a chance at some missions for Ships of various tiers and classes, having nothing better to do this late I opened them. To my dismay as I opened container after container I did not see a single mission. I understood later that I needed to progress my "Level" to use the other items which is fine, but fact remains not a single mission was to be seen in those containers, from my googling adventures it seems they should have a pretty high chance to "drop". So I'm wondering, by opening them at such a low level (level 4) did I inadvertently reduced my chance of getting the missions to zero? All the best Hanikamu