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Found 42 results

  1. Dear WG, Could we please get more low-tier missions and campaigns? Most of them are for tiers VIII and up, which is very annoying for players like me - not having any high-ish tier ships despite the amount of gaming I've done (beta tester, FYI). If I compare to World of Tanks, where the player has way more opportunities at the lower tiers to battle, but reaching higher tier tanks is also faster there than in the World of Warships. This seems unbalanced to me. I know I could rush my ship research and just try to get the next ship as fast as I can, but I prefer getting used to my ships and actually playing with them - not just using them as stepping stones to higher tiers and forgetting them as soon as I get next one researched. There's a lot of thought about how to make tier I playable for new players (I find it better than WoT tier I), but then the game kinda forgets the low-tier players and focuses on higher tiers only. If it was as easy to hit those higher tiers as it was in WoT, I wouldn't mind. But it isn't, there's way more grinding to do so could you at least make it more enjoyable then? I don't know if I'm alone with my thoughts. How about other captains out there, are you with me or am I just blabbering for nothing? :-) Cheers, geekuma
  2. Hi all, From Reddit: Anyone seen this 30 day long Doubloon (=3000) Personal Mission? Leo "Apollo11"
  3. SkollUlfr

    stuck on loading screen

    just tried taking my QE into a ranked match, the map riposte came up, and the loading screen wont end to let me actually play. i can see the other players moving on the map, but i cant actually join.
  4. I was lucky to get a Tirpitz B in a container together with a mission for 10 times 250 Gold But its only for Tirpitz not Tirpitz B, so i cant complete it. Any help plz ?
  5. ThemistoclesGR

    Tirpitz B mission

    Hi fellas, Depending the pic i post, do i have to have tirpitz for the mission or i can do it with tirpitz b? Because i cant see it available since i bought the B version.
  6. EDIT, _________________________________________________________ As answered in the thread, the chance for missions was removed, so anyone stumbling upon this thread, you wont get missions from Freedom Containers. My problem was that I watched Youtube videos of these containers being opened, saw each and everyone one get missions with far lesser quantities, they also mentioned the missions themselves was not in the description of the item. So I naturally and completely logically as a new player who as entirely expected did not thoroughly read every patch note before him, got those containers with the expectations to receive the same rewards, I did not, the chance were removed. I'm fully aware that it is far-fetched of me to expect them to have considered this scenario, it was just after all an UNFORTUNATE situation, so I will recommend a small description to be added notifying any future costumers of it. As it so happens I'm a first time costumer in WoWS and hopefully my feedback will be helpful. _________________________________________________________ OP, Hello, I was gifted some $$ by a family member to help boost my start in our World of Warships adventures, among them 25 Freedom containers, few problems, but it's late so I thought I'd turn here for some guidance. It was mentioned to me they should contain a chance at some missions for Ships of various tiers and classes, having nothing better to do this late I opened them. To my dismay as I opened container after container I did not see a single mission. I understood later that I needed to progress my "Level" to use the other items which is fine, but fact remains not a single mission was to be seen in those containers, from my googling adventures it seems they should have a pretty high chance to "drop". So I'm wondering, by opening them at such a low level (level 4) did I inadvertently reduced my chance of getting the missions to zero? All the best Hanikamu
  7. ReapingKnight

    Boise\Julio Mission

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the correct place for this but it is a question so.... If I was to purchase either the Boise or Julio off the premium shop would I still get the mission to unlock the other, I understand the mission is still running but I believe that's only for those who bought it during the summer sale? Thanks,
  8. Tuccy

    Indianapolis Marathon

    The special combat missions marathon allows you to add the VII Indianapolis to your collection for free, and earn some great rewards, such as containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. The Marathon consists of 26 missions. Complete 21 of them to earn the final reward — cruiser VIIIndianapolis , a slot and a commander with 6 skill points. All Marathon missions can be completed with Tier VI–X ships in Random and Ranked Battles. You have 2 to 3 days to complete each mission. Reward for each mission: a container of the “American Cruisers” collection. Final Reward After completing 21 or more missions, you’ll receive the main reward of the Marathon — VIIIndianapolis and a commander with 6 skill points! If you already have VII Indianapolis in your Port, you’ll receive a commander, a slot and compensation in Credits equal to the ship's cost.
  9. zaaaaaaP

    Weekly Mission: Cleveland or not?

    Hello everyone! The newspost for the weekly mission "Battle of Kolombangara" went up a little while ago. But now i am confused as to what exactly the final reward will be. In the July event calendar, it says "What's in store: Cruiser chaos and the chance to earn a Cleveland with a 12 skill point commander!" But now in the newspost it says "Final Reward: 12-skill-point US Commander for the Tier VI Cruiser Cleveland" So what is correct?
  10. So.... finished the mission.. but the camo isn't visible in the camo section! I got confirmation that I got it, the camo is in the inventory list.. but not in the camouflage section for Kii.... WTF WG!
  11. nambr9

    Missions kill team play

    Dear WG, How much thought are you putting into mission requirements? They kill team play and selfish players are sponsored by you to kill the game for the entire team. Yesterday I had multiple occasions, where games (and my time + signals) were thrown away, because people were "doing missions". Can you please put more thoughts into the missions, so people dont do this to their own team? Its worse than TK in my opinion.... This is a screen of a guy admitting ... he did not cap, did not spot, ignored every objective (he left the cap at 99%, because he went chasing a Shima) ... actually he almost ruined the game for us ... and he admits it, because he had your blessing for it. Just stupid.
  12. Ares_de_Borg

    Szeneriovorschlag: Operation Cerberus

    Hallo liebe Leute, ich hätte einen Szenariovorschlag für das WG-Team. Falls es ihn schon in dieser Art gibt oder ich einen Thread übersehen habe, bitte ich um Nachsicht. Ich hoffe auch, dass ich ihn dieser Abteilung richtig bin. Dieser Thread ist als Gedankenexperiment und Ideensammlung gedacht. Meine Idee wäre ein an das reale Unternehmen Cerberus angelehntes Szenario. Zur Erinnerung: Die Rückführung der schweren deutschen Schiffe Gneisenau, Scharnhorst und Prinz Eugen durch den Ärmelkanal wurde von der deutschen Propaganda als Sieg verklärt, obwohl es nur ein gut geplanter und mit viel Glück gelungener Rückzug von den Liegeplätzen an der Atlantikküste war. Dennoch bietet das Szenario m.E. genug Möglichkeiten für ein spannendes Szenario. Ich habe bei der Idee dazu großen Wert darauf gelegt, dass der Programmieraufwand möglichst gering zu halten ist. Zum Glück hat die Dunkirk-Mission uns schon viele Elemente beschert, die man für eine solche Mission nutzen könnte. AI-gesteuerte Torpedoboote Küstenartillerie Minenfelder und Minentreffer Anfliegende Feindflugzeuge Zudem sind die meisten Fahrzeuge für dieses Szenario bereits als fertige Modelle im Spiel, so dass auch hier viel wiederverwendet werden kann (wobei man darüber streiten kann, ob man aus historischen Gründen eine weitere Scharnhorst als Gneisenau mitführt). Wichtig: Diese Mission ist nicht für die schweren Schiffe gedacht. Es macht m.E. wenig Sinn, eine "Schlachtschiffmission" daraus zu machen - die Hauptartillerie kam kaum zum Einsatz. Vielmehr würde ich mein Augenmerk hier - wie bei Dunkirk - auf die Eskorten legen. Sprich: Eine Mission für die Zerstörer, mit der man mit etwas künstlerischer Freiheit auch eventuelle Premiums (z.B. T61) promoten könnte. Die Aufgaben wären Absicherung der schweren Schiffe gegen Flugzeuge und Torpedoboote wie in der Dunkirk-Mission. Interessante Eckpunkte aus Spielersicht (nicht unbedingt der des Historikers) für das Szenario wären z.B.: Sicherung bei zunehmend schlechter Sicht (Dämmerung) Sicherung während eines Stillstandes (Minentreffer auf Scharnhorst und Gneisenau) Verlangsamung der zu schützenden Schiffe bei Treffern Zeitlimit, bevor britische Verstärkung herangeführt wird Was für Belohnungen könnte das Szenario bringen? Neben einem Kapitän und den üblichen Gratifikationen dachte ich z.B. an eine einfache Sondertarnung für die "Schwestern". Was denkt Ihr? Ich freue mich über konstruktive Ideen, Vorschläge und weiteres Brainstorming. Ich bin mir sicher, dass hier viele Enthusiasten sind, die mit ihrem Wissen dazu beitragen können (Hinweis: Die Standardwerke von John Deane Potter und Bekker habe ich natürlich gelesen)
  13. These screenshots are taken from my latest match. As I am grinding the Legendary Modules for each T10 I have, I might as well get some tasks done along the way, that I didn't do before- but there's one in particular I feel, I simply can't get by. Get 12 fires or floodings, be at the top of the scoreboard on your team, and WIN. These are the criteria. And while they might seem fair to most, every last one of them comes down to how lucky you are, and not how good you are - because a crap team almost always = a loss, fire flags etc. for more fires are still RNG based, and so on. I follow Flambass, Flamu, Jingles and so on on youtube, and I noticed Flambass had some severe problems with this task as well, because he almost always got 2/3 criteria per match, but because of either RNG or less-than-average player decisions, he either lost the match, didn't get enough fires or floods etc. - and he's a much better DD player than me... :D I'd rather have those "win" criteria removed from those kind of RNG based tasks with more than 2 criterias, so that even if you lose, but had a game like the one I had with almost 300k dmg, enough XP and fires/floods, you don't get 'punished' further, for having bad luck with the MM :P Killing 2 DDs in a CL/CA and getting a win in the same game is WAY easier than this :D And I know - it probably sounds like I just want the game to be easy to get through, but no, I'm fine with most aspects of the game and its mechanics - but considering how seldom games like these occur for the avg. player (and me too with the fire/flood numbers, not to mention the dmg) it might be something to look into :) So just a suggestion. not ordering WG to do anything specific :P
  14. redir_killer

    apr kongo

    today i finished my mission 4 APR KONGO and i find it in port, but when i click on him it swich on another ship what i need 2 do ? do i need 2 finish some other missions or what? plz help i am new in this game p.s. sorry 4 bad english
  15. until
    From June 1 through July 25, 9:00 (GMT+3), all VII Indianapolis owners will be able to earn up to an additional 18 containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. All you need to do is to play with VII Indianapolis in Random and Ranked battles at least once every 3 days. Please note, that these combat missions will become available after a single battle on VII Indianapolis and remain accessible until July 25th. 2,600 Nautical Miles of Indianapolis Play a battle. Reward: 1x “American Cruisers” collection container. Types of battle: Random and Ranked Battles. Ships: VII Indianapolis This combat mission can be completed only once. A similar mission will become available every 3 days.
  16. Tuccy

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!

    Fancy a free Premium ship? Click the "Accept Mission" button in the Portal Article to kick off the mission to get II Tachibana Lima! Good luck!
  17. Nowadays, Torpedo missions are making too many selfish idiots. They are not interested in Winning battles, but torpedeing to Battleships. 10 Shimakaze on the one battle? That's not matter, if they just do their roles. I can't understand the purpose of this missions. If WG just want to make missions hard, Here is many other ways. (Get potential Damage, Get spot Damage, base defense... and so on) hopefully, I don't want to see this idiot situation next thursday. Thanks
  18. Wedrikul

    New Daily missions, Missions etc.

    I was thinking about it a little and i find daily missions a little bit boring, what about some add-ons? I suggest these (please tell me WG, or any other player, if it is not acceptable or what would you like to change) And sorry for my english, if you find any mistakes. Daily missions Destroyer Captain Get 50000 credits for winning and surviving a battle in a destroyer. Cruiser Captain Get 50000 credits for winning and surviving a battle in a cruiser. Battleship Captain Get 50000 credits for winning and surviving a battle in a battleship. Aircraft Carrier Captain Get 50000 credits for winning and surviving a battle in an aircraft carrier. Destroyer Hunter Get 35000 credits for sinking enemy destroyer. Cruiser Hunter Get 35000 credits for sinking enemy cruiser. Battleship Hunter Get 35000 credits for sinking enemy battleship. Aircraft Carrier Hunter Get 50000 credits for sinking enemy aircraft carrier. Premium Ship Hunter Get 25 doubloons for destroying enemy premium ship. This one might not be acceptable, but in the amount of randomly picked daily missions, it could be possible (it would appear only once per half a month (max)). Boomer Get 35000 credits for hitting 2 citadels. Boomer Get 500 free exp for hitting 2 citadels in one battle. Purifier Get 35000 credits for setting 5 fires. Purifier Get 500 free exp for setting 5 fires in one battle. Hurricane rider Get 50000 credits for dealing 10000 damage from fires/floodings. Lightning attack Get 50000 credits for earning First Blood. Devastator Get 35000 credits for earning Devastating Strike. Team Player Get 500 free exp for solo capturing the neutral area. Team Player Get 500 free exp for solo capturing 2 neutral areas or assisting in it in one battle. Missions Maybe some different Boot Camps? Boot Camp: Destroyer Hunter 4 consecutive battles In one battle destroy 1 enemy destroyer. (reward = 35000 credits) In one battle destroy 2 enemy destroyers. (reward = 250000 credits) In one battle destroy 3 enemy destroyers. (reward = 1000000 credits) In one battle destroy 4 enemy destroyers. (reward = 3000000 credits) I think the last one is not possible to complete, so the reward can be incredibly high... This type of Boot camp can be made with every ship type (except aircraft carriers, these follows in another Boot Camp) Boot Camp: Aircraft Carrier Hunter 2 consecutive battles In one battle destroy 1 enemy aircraft carrier. (reward = 50000 credits) In one battle destroy 2 enemy aircraft carriers. (reward = 3000000 credits) Challenges This first one could be on air while the Boot camps above will be going on. Boot Camp: Destroyer Survivor Win and survive the battle in a destroyer. (reward = 30000 credits) This type of challenge can be made with every ship type (except the aircraft carriers, cause they are camping either way) Premium Ship Hunter Destroy an enemy premium ship. (reward = 10 doubloons) Premium Ship Captain Win and survive the battle in a premium ship. (reward = 500 free exp) Premium Ship Hunter and Premium Ship Captain should be on air together. That's all what is in my mind for now. Please leave a note what do you (WG) think of it. Thank you for reading.
  19. Dear WoWS/Wargaming people, i have been wondering for a while now, ever since the links on the site often link me to asia or us instead of eu (where i am at) without noticing, that the offers in premium shop are so very different. And not only those, but even more anoying,.. the missions and bonusses are also different. For US for example there are weekly weekend bonusses on certain countries being played or bought.. while on EU there is none of that.. why is this.. Do you allready earn enough from EU without that or dont you earn enough ? I think if there was a more similar treatment for all regions it could net you even more in the end. I found myself wanting to buy an offer that was on a different region more then once but since none existed anywhere remotely similar i decided against it. Same about playing the game more consistently.. if there is more incentive to play each weekend by filling special missions im sure people will.. and therefore spend more. so tldr: the main question is: why are there so many differences between region offers, missions and bonusses. kind regards, cpt. T
  20. Hello, Je viens de finir la mission Raid sur la Mer Noire en gagnant une bataille dans laquelle j'ai détruit 2 cuirassés. J'ai bien reçu un commandant de Budyonny spé avec 12 points, mais pas le navire. Evidemment on ne peut pas rretrouver une mission achevée, donc impossible de vérifier. N'était-on pas supposé gagner le bateau avec ? Merci
  21. HG_Bluthorst

    Operation Dynamo

    Mit Patch 0.6.8 kommt nun also das nächste große Event für WOWS. Eine Mischung aus PVE Mission und "Jagd auf die Bismarck" Sammel-Event. Alle Infos zum Event gibt hier: https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/common/mine-your-own-business/ oder in den Spoilern. Neue Schiffe - Anthony und Cyclone! Ein neuer Hafen Auf Gefechtsstation
  22. NothingButTheRain

    What time do missions reset each day?

    At this moment there are missions that last until 29th of mai 7am. But at what time will these missions reset? Do these reset at the time of the main server reset at 4am as well? It would leave me with a window of opportunity to do a resetted mission from 4am till 7am (yes it's crazy but sometimes it's nice to know that I can do this on my more insomniastical nights )
  23. Rage_Unchained

    Makoto Kobayashi - "exclusive 20 euros"

    I'm guessing someone in WG is laughing at all of us idiots that shelled out extra 20 euros for an exclusive Makoto Kobayashi camouflage? Real nice move WG. Sell something as exclusive, and then few months later give it as nearly free gift...(you still have to get a Kii somehow, but...) 20 euros, WG. And then, on top of everything, a mission giving away that camo, and those who purchased it get a middle finger. (or wasted 20 euros, because it was gonna be "exclusive")... Not even a container, or god forbid - doubloons for the worth of camo...You know...To show you didn't real mean to mock the rest of us -.- The camo is tier X premium camouflage - +20% extra credits, -50% to costs after battle and 100%xp bonus. That is worth 5000 doubloons, and that's what we paid for... Another slap from WG. Lame, WG, real lame. Don't get me wrong, it's good for others that will get it, it would have been a real nice "gift" from WG for all those that bought Kii. Especially those that got it dropped from containers/gift boxes. Nothing for us paying for your exclusive products WG?
  24. KemoosilolzZ

    Rewards from missions

    I received the rewards from the mission, which are the mission that gives you ships and captain. But I can't find them anywhere in my port. Anyone know how to deal with that. HURRY!!!!!!!!
  25. Sicklehead

    Improve Mission bonuses

    Hello fellow captains, though this topic is not directly related to the gameplay, it's still something i would like to point out: The mission bonuses that are rewarded to you are way too low. The rewards one gets (50k credits for example) are comparable to the rewards you get in World of Tanks, yet a ship in WoWs costs approximately 3.5 times more than an equivalent tank. The credit and XP income per battle is also higher by a large amout. So in my opinion the rewards should be at least 3 times higher than what they are now. What is your opinion on that? Greetings, Sicklehead