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Found 7 results

  1. Cald0

    Where's my Warspite?

    Hi guys, I've had world of warships since the beta in 2015 - after a long break I re-dowloaded it to see what's new. Given that I've not played since late 2015/early 2016 there's a whole new bunch of changes. Most significantly my Warspite is missing from my port? Can anyone fill me in if this should be the case? I've read some posts about the Warspite being removed from the shop but I can't see any about it being removed from the game?! I also bought the Gremyashchy back then as well but its still here...
  2. Decko83

    Premium account missing

    Couple of days ago I bought Yubari premium ship package which granted me access to CBT. As you all already know, package also contained port slot and 3000 tokens. For those 3k tokens I bought 1 month of premium account and "Albany" premium cruiser. Next to my profile name was 29 days remaining, so that meant that transaction was ok. But as I logged in today, premium acc was gone,missing or whatever. "Albany" is still in the port. Did anyone else got the same problem like me aswell? If so, how did you solved it?
  3. ElmervanEngelenburg

    GUI is missing

    Hi, since last update my complete GUI has disappeared, making the game impossible to play. I have reinstalled the game, redownloaded the updates, started in safe mode, tried everything (including updating drivers, DirectX, etc.) Switching between full screen and windowed mode doesn't seem to help either. It looks like the picture below. Is there ANY solution for this? I can't play for over a week now
  4. lordofhavoc

    Wieso fehlen die Flugzeugemodelle...

    auf den deutschen Schlachtschiffen T8-10. Am merkwürdigsten finde ich dabei die Bismarck, da ja das Schwesterschiff das Flugzeug ja ordentlich zeigt. Ist etwas bekannt,ob und wann das geändert werden soll? Ich finde es jetzt nicht wirklich schlimm aber es nimmt ein bisschen von der Atmosphäre.
  5. herman89

    Belfast torpedo's missing

    On the HMS Belfast in the game, can someone tell me were the torpedo are ? if the balfast in the game is from the 1939s it had tropedos,or is it the one from 1959 as her torpedo armament was removed then?
  6. tadaMonika

    Bismarck- missing rangefinders?

    So, as you just read in the title, the german BB Bismarck is missing her rangefinders on turret "Anton" (the front turret). Why is it missing in game? Anyone knows? It is not a big problem ofc, but it would not take much to fix it, so why not say something lol PS: Dunno, if this really is the best place to post this, but I am doing it anyway
  7. Hi! I played the Aurora in some space battles and really liked the voice filter effect for the captain and the visuals of the ship (and firing lasers instead of shells too) ...So I bought it for my Moskva and was a bit disappointed when I saw that not only the lasers are gone, but the captains voice effect was gone too! I really would appreciate if the voice filter would be an option in the sound settings of the game and the lasers could be added too, since other players don't even need to see them - just show them on the local client. Cheers ;)