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Found 20 results

  1. As the title, is AFT still recommended after all the changes to AA and carriers? (for any AA cruiser, but specifically RN - Neptune and Minotaur) I'm sceptical it's as much use as Radio Location would be, especially if radar is used now and again.. Any thoughts?
  2. GeoCruiser

    Bug Mino AA

    Bon, je vais passer vite fait sur le fait que les CVs ne sont pas balanced dans le jeu, pour arriver directement sur le fait que l'anti-air du Mino est buggée. Elle ne s'active pas en appuyant sur la touche de barrage "o". Ou plus exactement, lorsque l'on fait ça, elle se met en cooldown immédiatement. C'est déjà assez pénible de subir les tirs des alliés du CV parce qu'il me spot gratuitement, si je dois en plus le supporter plus longtemps à cause d'un bug.... Urgh.
  3. Hello and welcome once again everyone, I've been meaning to return to the Royal Navy cruiser line for such a long time now and in particular the HMS Minotaur. The Minotaur stands proudly atop the British cruiser line for many many reasons first and foremost it's an incredibly fun ship to play, when you add the best concealment for any cruiser at tier 10, machine gun like main battery reload speeds and the ability to mount either smoke or radar HMS Minotaur gives you all the tools to literally have a blast in this ship. I've included the full ship build and captain skills for your convienance. I hope you all enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7 My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito I hope you feel free to drop by check out this and some of my other videos and Good Luck and fair seas to you all.
  4. Sir_Grzegorz

    Minotaur with radar

    Hi, I would like to get some pointers from playerbase. I am not giving any replays, as first I would like to read general opinions. I am playing Minotaur mostly to get LM for it. I did resign from smoke as I was careless enough with it and got myself cornered a lot of times. Now I am using radar thus have to be careful where to position myself. I have seen some youtube videos or high level plays but that is of not much value. My main issue is how to recognize if it is time to push/hide. I am hiding to much (last on scoreboard) or not enough (dies first). I had quite a few battles and I am always surprised in how deep s**t I was able to put myself. Are the torps to be used for stealth torping or just to defend in desperate times? Should I daka daka in open or from behind islands? General opinions, as answer is always "It depends" :)
  5. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    Worcester and Minotaur Fake XP's

    I just want to ask W.G a simple question: Why your Worcesters and Minotaurs are Sooo O.P?Captains of Henri's...Moskva's...Zao's and Hidenbourg's spent less money on the game to climb at Tier 10 ? I don't mention the complains for unfair battles from amost all DD's...CV's and sometimes BB captains! I unfair treatment ask you only for the unfair treatment reserved--EVERY other Nation- Cruiser captains. i don't think you didn't understand it. I don't think you dont have statistics SO....WHY so grossly unfair treatment? I ask a Worcester captain today and he answer"You know that you can stop playing the game!!!"...This is your official answer too? We have to get used to it ----Unafair battles---- or unistall your game? BTW....For the mentioned above (Woost and Mino) captains....You can do as many kraken unl.you want....you can gather 2.000.000 and more XP's with your"ships"...unfortunatelly most of thyem are FAKE.....GIFT from W.G XP's and have no respect from anyone!!! So continue!
  6. Hey everyone! Last week, I got my 2nd T10: Worcester. Such an amazing ship, I love her so much. The thing is: I don't know what line I should grind next. I'm doubting between these ships: Montana (currently at T7 Colorado) Conqueror (currently at T7 King George V) Minotaur (currently at T8 Edinburgh) Harugumo (currently at T8 Akizuki) Gearing (currently at T8 Benson) Midway (currently at T7 Ranger) Here is a link to my stats page, so you guys can see what ship class I like most and what ship class I perform best in (https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/). I like cruisers most, but I now own 2 T10 cruisers so I wanna try to get a BB, DD or CV next. Please answer the poll so I can see what you guys think of it :D. If there is another ship you think I should grind and didn't include it in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance, I'm really struggling on deciding :/ ~TheRedboss
  7. Minotaur is an excelent ship for spotting if Radar is used, like I do in rankend, and already highly situational since it can shoot only AP and cant really play on open water if there are BBs ore CAs that have crossfires. The problem however is the Stalingrad (Alaska and Kronshtadt as well but not that hard). The Stalingrad is able to overmatch the Minotaurs 16mm armour and is able to citadel it from every angle. In the current saison of ranked games I am already facing a matchmaking with an average of 3 BBs per team and now there is also a Stalingrad in quite a lot of games which makes 4 BBs from the view of a Minotaur player. But the Stalingrad is even worse than BBs since it has a 11,7km radar (10km Minotaur torps are unlikely to hit if Stalingrad does not push), far better dispersion of shells (compared to BBs) and a much better shell velocity (also compared to BBs). In conclusion: The Stalingrad is there on TOP of the whole lot of BBs, gets low damage by Minotaur AP-guns if angled a little, can get hardly hitten by torps and can outright delete the Minotaur from every direction. In my opinion the Minotaur is not longer a good ship for ranked or competitive in general with Stalingrad around. So i would like an armour upgrade to 22mm (edited). That way BBs can still do the same DMG to Minotaur and only the new 300mm gun-CAs can´t devastate an angled Minotaur. Maybe i am missing something, so pls tell me your opinions regarding this matter!
  8. Zapraszam do zapoznania się z moim najnowszym filmikiem Zapomniałem o Henry IV za co przepraszam. A to jego ulepszenie: -12% do czasu przeladowania bateri głównych +8% do ich zasiegu +5% do wykrywalności +10% do czasu przestawienia steru
  9. Hi guys , another CV topic from me :) so , in the past i started a topic about whats know as ' cancer divisions ' of CVs and AA ships , and i have been meeting alot of them lately an i am kinda sick of it . but what changed from my last topic is that i think i have found a dolution for the problem . first of all , i think the problem is not the AA itself , the AA doesnt matter even if its high , but the toxic cancerous thing is the AA RANGE . in general . in perticulare , the Minotaur AA range , its so high to the point that it make it absurde , imagine a ship with AA range almost equal at its detectably range , meaning to spot the minotaur your fighers HAVE to be in his range , witch is 2 / 3 fighters lost all the time , giving the enemy CV huge advantage , so pls WG nerf that , it makes meeting a CV division a nightmare . also the dds with defensive AA that spotting them cost you the full wave of fiighters , giving again andother Huge advantage to enemy CV . so pls nerf that and give the AA dds the ability to just panic the planes ( exactly like the carrier defensive AA ) last about the Midway nerf . i think its a step in the right direction even tho i am a cv main and i got midway last week and i enjoy it . but pls if you do reduce the hanger 40 planes , consider buff the tier of the TBs , because if you dont , the midway will be unplayble . and tell me what you think of my feedback guys . thanks
  10. Hello. As title says it, I am interested what build you are using on the Minotaur with Jack Dunkirk. I feel it would be a waste not to use the special skills. How does this look? http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000001101010000001010000000119 I cant seem to find an alternative where I could actually invest also into the AA. Thoughts?
  11. Theristiri

    Z-52 x10 Citadel to Minotaur

  12. jerkchicken

    Des Moines VS Minotaur

    I was wondering wich line is going to be next for me, so i wanted to play CL more cuz most of the time i play BB/DD and somethimes CV. Not that i play CL but i played it less. So lets make a straight line, IJN: Tanky, Strong HE/AP, Fires, Concealment pretty good, long reload, nice Guns, Great Arc's. USN: Less tanky(overmatch belt), Very strong AP at everything and HE also good. Consealment is OK, Short reload, nice Guns, High Arc's. USSR: Most tanky when angled, Very strong AP at every range and everything HE is very strong and much fires, Consealment F*king worse, Ok reload, Big Guns, Fastest Arc in the game. KM(germany): Tanky and most troll as all, Very strong AP if broadsite, HE ok, Consealment also OK, Nice reload (DPM), nice Guns, Great Arc's. RN: Paper armor, Strong AP and everything, Consealment is good, Best reload in the game for a CL, (best DMP), OK Guns, High Arc's. France Navy: Paper but trolly flat armor, very Strong AP and HE, Consealement is mwa to me, OK/long reload, BigBig Guns, Ok arc's (not the best) Soooo, i was considering for going these lines and choose one. 1. USN: (at T6 right now) des moines 2. USSR: (at T8 right now) moskva 3. KM(germany): (at T3 right now xd) hindenburg 4. RN: (at T7 right now) minotaur Which one you liked the most of these four T10's? The Des Moines, Moskva, Hindenburg or Minotaur? If i was wrong here and there improve me :p Thank you for your time, Varenity (SPQR)
  13. _SRM_


    Sit back, enjoy, and LET THE AP SHELLS FLY WITH DANKNESS!!!
  14. _Xaero_

    Not sure what i'm doing wrong

    So it's been a while since I played the Minotaur, I always wait until i'm covered in smoke before firing, have hydro up, using islands for cover and have an exit plan etc,etc - yet still dying pretty early on - i've also found people to be rather accurate in blind firing into my smoke and just straight up deleting me altogether, rip
  15. Hi Guys, hope this is ok to post here, I've recently started editing gameplay footage of interesting or exciting matches and wanted to get it to a broader audience to see what people thought about it. Would really appreciate any feedback from the community! Regards, Longey
  16. nooberg

    Should I keep them ?

    Neptune and Donskoi - should I keep them once I have Minotaur and Moskva ? I've just unlocked them and I'm not sure what to do about tier IX's Both 9's are good cruisers in their own right. Neptune - is a bit easier to answer, I think - too similar to Minotaur in just about everything. Why play it when you have the better version. Only to save a bit of silver, perhaps ? A bit better MM ? I once asked the same question about Roon and the answer was clear - no point. Donskoi is a curious beast - more similar to Chapaev than Moskva. The guns are...odd. Less fire rate than Chappy with bigger caliber, which should make up for that, but they fail to do enough damage. Also less stealth that Chapaev. Slapping IFHE still don't make them more damaging that Chapaev's. AP is better, but the opportunities to use are scarce. Most of the time I find myself spamming HE from long range. I prefer to do that in Chapaev even against T10 MM - IFHE helped him a lot. In the end I'm also not sure why should I keep Donskoi when I have Moskva and Chapaev. Anny suggestions ?
  17. procrastinatingStudent

    Minotaur radar skills

    so at the moment i have the Minotaur as: 1- PT 2- Jack of trades, AR 3- Superintendent, vigilance 4 - AFT, CE right now this seems to work well but im thinking of dropping AR and vigilance for Manual AA and PM, i know the amount of CV is low but AR doesn't feel like it gives a lot and i don't find my self getting torped much (the vigilance would have helped), does any one have any good sets for the drunken sailor (19 points to use)
  18. I_Love_CVs

    10 Minotaur vs 10 Hindenburg!

    Last time I had a bot cruiser showdown the Hindenburg reigned supreme ( ), this time there is however a new kid on the block, the Minotaur! How will the Royal Navy fare against the feared Kriegsmarine!?
  19. Hatte kürzlich ein Duell mit großer Kurfürst gegen Minotaur, dieses Schiff war getarnt und schoss aus seiner nicht-Sichtbarkeit raus und dennoch blieb er unsichtbar, ich konnte mich mit dem großen Kurfürst nicht wehren. Woran liegt das? Selbst mit der Hindenburg nicht... Er hat mich aus 10km Entfernung mit Tops abgeschossen und getroffen. Da ich die selben Tops habe sind diese schon nach 6km ausgelaufen, mir sind schon mehrere Sachen aufgefallen und frage mich nun sind die Englischen Schiffe bevorteilt worden? Denn wenn sie bevorteilt wären, bräuchte ich kein Geld mehr ausgeben und könnte die deutschen Schiffe den Papierkorb verweisen. Das gleiche ist auch bei dem Schiff "Neptune". Wenn ein Schiff aus einer Unsichtbarkeit heraus schießt, sollte es danach klar erkennbar sein, so dass man sich wehren kann, ansonsten stecke ich keine einzige Dublone mehr rein, dann könnte ich auch Geld in den Gulli schmeißen.
  20. Charger76

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    Dear Wargaming, You have for some reason, with two years to have thought this through better, released a terrible line of ships that you are ascribing to the Royal Navy despite the absolute supremeacy of the Royal Navy throughout the period on which World of Warships focuses on up to about 1944 when the USN overtook them. Now many Warships fans will not be Brits and therefore will not take this as a personal insult given that the worst Navy (if indeed it could be called such) of the same period is well represented in game (Russian of course) when the Royal Navy is a joke. They will however likely still be very disappointed that a Nation to whom the Navy were so important and whose lines of ships so diverse that you came with the rubbish you did. Now here is the thing: I actually get your idea as Kandly put it of "these ships will highlight the rock-paper-scissors principle more than others". I applaud this. No HE but AP that will work on thin skinned ships? Fine, very interesting, forces a different play style for sure, no spamming HE from behind / over smoke / cover, I like this, forces people to engage. "On the whole, the ships in the new branch are excellent for hunting destroyers. Their low detectability and rapid-firing guns with unique AP shells make them efficient in encounters with destroyers, the “natural” opponents of cruisers." Fantastic! Sounds like lots of fun! But in fact, complete rubbish in terms of what you have actually delivered. The thing is for "rock, paper, scissors" to apply, you must have strengths that allow you to be the paper to someone else's rock. These ships have no strengths and for the role you have ascribded for them are useless. Take "Fast firing guns"; they are not in effect fast firing at all because: 1. Turret turn speed is slow. 2. Round velocity is low. 3. Round flight arc is high. 4. Range is low. 5. Accuracy is poor. You can stick a gun firing at 1,000 RPM on deck but if it cannot turn to target and reliably put rounds on a moving and twisting target (such as the DD / CL that this line is dedicated to fight) then it's RPM / DPM is irrelevant. If I am driving a DD and see a RN CL for your idea to be working I should be at the very least wary of how I engage. Only I don't. In fact, in a Russian, Polish or American DD I laugh, switch to AP, close in (easy when enemy turret is slow turning and round velocity low) and unleash a stream of citadels: The US DD can get so many rounds in on target at 8Km or less with ease because their turret turn fast. At 6Km or less their shell's are flying pretty flat and the high rate of real world fire that fast turrets and high RPM create decimates your RN CL. The Russian DD (tier 5 up) / Polish Blys just eats RN CL's. Roughly the same or better turret rotation speed but much faster flying rounds thus much greater accuracy of fire and much harder hitting. In one game I got jumped by 3 Leanders in my Blys. About 45 seconds later I had 50% HP left and 3 full HP Leanders dead. In another took a full health Edniburgh with a near dead Benson because I could out turn him and my turrets could outturn him so I ambushed, drove counter to his line and switched to AP then put salvo after salvo into him at 4Km range for citadel heaven. I am not that good a player, the RN CL is just that unsuited to task as I hope you can understand - if you can't you should perhaps look to sell off this game as you have no hope of sustaining this. Your customers understand, hence the forums are filled with fury and there are relatively few RN ships in any given game. So how to fix this whilst actually REALLY implementing your excellent idea of creating a "rock, paper, scissors" game play and making a line that acts like a very capable DD hunter who can also ambush other harder hitting Crusiers without making the RN line OP? Simple: 1. Increase turret turn speed substantially. 2. Increase shell velocity to 950m/s so shell arc is nice & flat, round to target time is low. 3. Keep or marginally reduce the hit value. 4. Reduce range down to 14Km at most. 5. Remove smoke. It is useless anyway for the purposes of escaping as short puffs ensure that 270 - 300 dgrees of view can still spot you if you use it to cover an exit. Given the awful inertia of these ships, even at 10Kts and braking you will overshoot your smoke if the idea is to hide. 6. Increase rudder repsonse time but keep turning circle 7. Increase speed - 36 Kts for a DD hunter minimum.