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Found 22 results

  1. I'm going to keep this very short, since Mr. Conway has already stated this: "If our players deem this necessary, we can always re-implement this feature" in the very first CV Rework Livestream. We NEED (!!!!!!!!!!!!) manual ship control!!!! Period. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Constructive" feedback, for the people who absolutely don't understand my (our/us, CV players') frustration: Fellow CV players will understand what I mean. Properly positioning your carrier, and estimating distances and whatnot is near-impossible on minimap (auto)pilot, and I got myself killed countless of times since went Live because of my bow sticking out behind the island or whatever spots me due to the unavailability of manual steering, manual control, manual what-the-[edited]-you-want-to-call-it. Personally I don't understand ANY SINGLE THING of WG's reason to remove this essential key feature from aircraft carrier gameplay. The only way of manual steering is to recall your squadrons with F, then basically do nothing to help your team to spot or deal damage, no, you're simply positioning your damn ship, which got me reported multiple times with my teammates stating "Go play Ship Simulator", or "Bot CV"........ Seemingly WG developers haven't played CVs since they would know how essential such a small feature is. I like the CV rework, but I am unable to properly play without this feature. I've been spending thousands of Euro's on World of Warships since June 2015, when I started playing, and I was planning on getting Kaga and Graf Zeppelin day one after they'll be on sale again, but maybe you'll wake up after you'll flush about 200,- Euro's through the sink: I will not spend anything related to aircraft carriers without proper ship control! Angry regards, Sirion PS. I know that I'm not the only one with this problem, yet I haven't seen one single player that properly addresses this issue and why this shouldn't have been removed from the game. People say WG "dumbs down" CV gameplay while the CV players themselves could CHOOSE to USE or NOT USE this system; if they think it's too hard to manage, then they DON'T HAVE TO use it!
  2. mal wieder paar kleine Ideen: 1) könnte man alle Maps so drehen, dass sie horizontal sind? also auf der Map ein Team rechts, das andere links startet? Jetzt sind ja manche Maps diagonal, bei anderen starten die Teams oben und unten, und nur auf der Eiskarte (denk ich) starten sie links und rechts. Wenn man jetzt z.B. sagt: "deff left and attack right!" oder so - dann isses oft unklar, weil die Leute nicht wissen, ob LINKS und RECHTS auf der Minimap gemeint ist oder aus der Schiffsicht (beim Team, das von oben nach unten fährt, ist das beides ja entgegengesetzt). Aber OBEN und UNTEN ist immer klar = das würde die Teamkommunikation doch verbessern ... 2) könnte man beim Chat einen anderen Ton für "an alle" machen? Wie oft hab ich schon aus Versehen was an alle gepostet! Wenn man neben diesem kleinen "plupp!" das jetzt erklingt, sobald man in den Chat zu schreiben beginnt, einen anderen warnenden Ton hat, falls es "an alle" geht, könnte man das öfter vermeiden^^
  3. Chassadhi

    Wirk-Kreise auf der Minimap

    ist wahrscheinlich zu unübersichtlich, aber manchmal wünsche ich mir kleine Kreise auf der Minimap, die mir zeigen, dass ein Verbündeter gerade Hydro macht: - ein Kreis um das Schiff, wo die Hydro wirkt (wie weit) - und der Rand des Kreises zeigt, wann's abläuft (360° == 60 Sekunden) ähnlich für Radar und DefAA … 1. P.S.: voll ausgefüllt, aber ziemlich durchscheinend (und optional abschaltbar) könnten diese Kreise ja sein, um nicht so sehr zu stören 2. P.S.: Nebel (mit seinem Ablauf) auf der Minimap zu sehen, hätte evtl. auch was, aber da wärs ja kein Kreis, sondern so ein "Croissant" ^^ 3. P.S.: alternativ könnte man auch was über den Sound machen: dass ich Hydro höre, auch wenn der neben mir Hydro an hat
  4. Iceman477

    Besseres Pingen auf der Minimap

    Es wird Zeit, dass man auf der Minimap genauer pingen kann - dass das ganze Quadrat markiert wird ist schon lange überholt. Gerade bei Clangefechten ist es mega wichtig, Positionen genau(er) markieren zu können.
  5. mrk421

    scalable minimap

    When can we expect to get a properly scalable minimap in the game? Gaming at higher resolutions is becoming more and more common and even at maximum size, the minimap is far too small on resolutions above 1080p. So why isn't it in the game already and is someone at least working on it?
  6. In all other games the coordinates are at the left side and top. That is because as we write from left to right and top to bottom our eyes follow that same pattern to collect information. Every time i want to convey a coordinate to a divisionmate, I have to look long and hard to get my brain to untangle the information from their opposite sides. That is very impractical and serves no further purpose except for looking neatly aligned at the side and bottom of the screen. Actually it would be even better if the letters were at the top and the numbers at the side. That is the natural movement of the eye and lets me come up with a grid coordinate we all are used to: "Need help at E3!" (example) Remember this game?
  7. Hello, I'm reporting a bug where minimap is missing. This happened 2 times already in 3 days, espc. after long loading times. I have a hp elitebook and it usually takes longer time to get into battle (eventhough sometimes im 20-30secs before the timer ). Anyways, minimap is missing and I don't know how to make a screenshot (tried Ctrl+prntscr). But issue can also be with the mod I'm using to display ship names and detection circles on the map. I don't know the name of the mod, it's in the Aslains pack. Roger and out.
  8. I just thought about it, it would be great if your own planes have a different colour then the rest of the planes. I sometimes find it hard to see my own planes on the minimap. What is your thoughts on that issue?
  9. Aragathor

    Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    So, @wilkatis_LV has posted a video of the new ship detection changes that were teased before. Watch the video: Instead of solving the issue, WG again went for the dumbest solution and decided to punish people with minimap awareness. Because adding a delay to the minimap is the way solve detection issues. If this goes live, the first notification you will have that there's a ship nearby will be a dev strike in your side. My reaction:
  10. dasCKD

    Radar/Hydroacoustic circle

    I think the range for the radar and the hydroacoustics should be displayed as a circle on the minimap like gun ranges and detection ranges. That's all. It's a short post, sue me.
  11. There was a requirement of shooting down 20 planes for the October Revolution mission, so I brought out my Ryujo, in AS setup, which has 3 fighter squads. Trying to control them was a mess. I could not remember where each squad was, and often chose the wrong squad for the action, resulting to hopelessly slow reaction to enemy CV action. Since I was trying to control them from the minimap when possible, I often gave orders to a wrong squad, which made my play a mess. How do better CV players cope with this? Can we please have squad numbers shown on minimap for CV players, so that they can better keep track on their squads ands their locations? I think that this would be very helpful in organizing the squads.
  12. P2Win


    It's no doubt that the mini-map in this game provide valuable information that improve your game play. How many of you guys/girls don't pay enough attention to minimap? I am guilty as one of those person who sometime completely ignore minimap and it often lead to me having to load into a next game.
  13. ledgeri

    Costume range-ring to minimap

    Sometimes would be a wery usefull information to be able to set up a costume ring to the minimap: Soar/radar range, if i have, or the enemy wich i want to avoid; Range where i can be at full speed, by 1 minute (externally calculated, etc. I dont want to get rings for evetrithing, just one, wich is setupped by ships (as minimap-setups stored), and i would adjust it as i want. Is that possible?
  14. Wobbegong1

    Planungstool für Minimap

    Hallo Hier eine kleine Idee, die zwar nichts mit dem aktuellen Update zu tun hat, aber vielleicht künftig einmal realisierbar ist. Wie wäre es, wenn man die Minimap allenfalls als Planungstool benutzen könnte. Also zb: indem man Pfeile darauf "einzeichnen" kann (zB. mit Crtl.+Maustaste gedrückt halten), die dem Team signalisieren, was man selbst gerade zu tun gedenkt, oder vlt. auch, um einem Mitspieler darauf hinzuweisen, was gerade sinnvoll wäre. Etwa so, wie auf dem angehängten Bild gezeigt. (Bitte diese paar Pfeile nicht taktisch bewerten, das ist nur zum Veranschaulichen, was ich meine). Um zu verhindern, dass die Minimap unsinnig vollgezeichnet und die Funktion missbraucht wird, könnte man dies zB. so realisieren, dass ein eingezeichneter Pfleil fürs Team jeweils nur für wenige Sekunden sichtbar ist, und dann wieder ausgeblendet wird. Oder dass die Funktion vlt. nicht in Zufallsgefechten, sondern nur im Ranked oder in Team bzw. Clangefechten verfügbar ist. Oder dass nur der Anführer eines Teams zeichnen kann. Wäre vlt. eine Möglichkeit, das Teamplay etwas zu verbessern...? Nur so ein Gedanke, keine fertig ausgegorene Idee...
  15. sprototles

    Nevidno mys na minimape

    hram na dvoch kompoch, na jednom mi minimapa perfektne funguje, na druhom (W Vista) bohuzial nevidim mys takze planovat cesty je prakticky nemozne zobrazi sa len ked ukazem na ostrov
  16. Butterdoll

    wg, your minimap sucks

    Please, WG improve the minimap. At it's current state it's not possible to navigate trough the islands using the minimap.
  17. Yahliamir

    Problems with division and port chat

    Hello everyone! For the past couple of months I have had a couple of issues with divisions: #1) In port and when in-division, I will see my division-mate normally (logged in, ready for battle, will receive chat etc) but once in-match I will: (1) No longer see their icon on the minimap (At all, not just not golden) (2) Not see their HP bar and ship name above their ship (I will see a ship without any information) (3) Not see the message about them getting any kills or getting killed (xxx killed yyy) I can talk to them in division chat, but that's it. It is extremely distracting as I have a hard time keeping my eye on them while sailing around. #2) Usually I have no issue connecting to a match, but when I play in a division, every other game is a failed connection, forcing me to reset the game (*interesting note here is that when I log back in, I CAN make a new division in game and the above issues are gone) #3) In port, and when trying to get a division going, I will often get a "chat server unavailable" message in the chat window: (1) This will not let me send or receive chat messages (2) In the minutes before it appears I will see my friend as logged out when in fact he is online and trying to message me (this has caused us to miss each other out, and making us start separate games which is very annoying) Both issues 1 and 2 happen whether I'm the division leader or not. I have tried: reinstalling the game and reverting back to vanilla mod-wise. I have had CPU usage issues and lags in the past but that seems to fix itself up (still high CPU usage but no lags anymore) I really don't know what to do at this point, any ideas??? :( Thanks! ***Specs if relevant*** Intel i5 4690k (overclocked) Nvidia GTX770 8 GB ram Windows 10 64bit Both windows and WoWs are installed on a Samsung 850pro SSD (128 GB)
  18. Hello, since i skilled "Advanced Fire Training" on my Ognevoi, the main battery range on the minimap is not longer displayed for any of my ships. Im not running minimap mods. Added a screenshot below. Best regards
  19. Commander_Cornflakes

    Consumable-Circles on the minimap

    Hello WG Is there a plan to add more options for the minimap to display circles around your ship that show the range of your consumables like radar and sonar, maybe even smoke radius? If not, do you plan it now after you read this question? (This is very important to me, because after the last update, the detection range in smoke is shown as 2km circle on the minimap which means, I can't estimate the 8.5km radar range with the 8.7 spotting range on my Belfast anymore, making it absolutely unplayable)
  20. RNjisus

    minimap squares

    Do you think it would be beneficial for the gameplay if parallelograms were lit up on the main screen when we ping the minimap squares? That way we can ping that an area has torpedoes (moving towards our teammates) in it. Or if a noob goes to D in North/Northern lights we can ping him and he will see a parallelogram around his ship light up. Maybe it would make the game too arcade-y for those who enable this feature but it would facilitate communication.
  21. AllanKieffer

    Minimap coordinates, please change them

    Hi, Just a quick feedback and suggestion about an annoying thing in the Open Beta (it was the same in the Closed Beta). The coordinates around the minimap are messed up. Maybe there is an option somewhere to correct this but i didn't find one. Can you put the coordinates like in World of Tanks by exemple ? The numbers and letters should be at the top and left side and not at the bottom and right side. It's really counter intuitive when you are in a platoon and try to tell a friend where a ship or a map location is without having to spam the minimap ping and annoy teammates or distract them. Maybe this is a nautical thing and it's done like this in the navies but for us average player and Wargaming games veteran it's not easy to read. I hope you would consider this feedback and suggestion. If you are a player and agree with me, please show your support. This is only a small issue and i'm greatly enjoying the game so far. ;-) Regards. Kieffer
  22. Macbang

    Can´t click on minimap !

    logged in today, and found that i can´t click on minimap as before ( no cursor show up ). Asked ingame if player than me, had the same problem as me, which it was But if i press the M key, the map comes up all over screen, and then it works to click on map.