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Found 4 results

  1. Bitte wählt euren Favoriten. Begründungen bei Bedarf gerne hier.
  2. ozgur7freeman

    Mini Harita Alternatifi Önerisi

    Merhaba arkadaşlar biliyorsunuz oyunda harita kullanımı çok önemli bende bununla ilgili bir öneriyi Wargaming'e fikir olarak yazdım. Onlarda olumlu yanıtladı ve forumda paylaşırsam daha etkili olacağını ve geliştirici ekibin göreceğini söylediler. Oyun içindeki mini harita dairesel ve gemi merkezli olarak da ayarlanabilir yapılabilir. Harita yönü dinamik bir şekilde kamera açısıyla veya geminin dönüşüyle beraber döner. Kare haritanın bir anda baktığımız yöne göre haritayı döndürmesinden daha iyi ve alternatif olur oyuncular için. Hem çevremize olan farkındalığıda artırır. Tabi bunu alternatif bir seçenek olarak düşünün harita istenildiği gibi değiştirilebilir olacak şekilde. Düşüncelerinizi lütfen yoruma yazın.
  3. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    MiniMap Last Known Position

    Isn't it about time the minimap showed the last known position of the enemy? I find this quite frustrating. I'm sure now that it has been done in W0T it could easily be done for W0W.
  4. Hi . the Israeli Naval Force officials have finally announced the development and production of the new SAAR 72 aka S-72 . the Israeli navy often operates in littoral combat zones so it uses corvettes for near shore and some missile boats . the current corvette in the Israeli navy is the SAAR 5 . it is not very famous , but it's currently the most advanced and best performing corvette in the world with unmatched weaponry and defence capabilities . the navy decided that it is not enough so they are launching a new mini-corvette called Saar 72 . it weighs 800 tons and the crew consists of barely 50 members , with the ability to carry additional 20 soldiers for special operations outside of Israel . the new ship's armament is not fully known since many of its weapons are still in development . it would be armed with the Gabriel V which was designed especially to avoid APS systems and EW countermeasures . the missile is using sea-skimming technology like the Gabriel 1 (1967) , it flies so low that it almost touches the water . the missile is using countermeasures to prevent enemies from detecting the missile before it's too late . also , to make sure that the missile will hit the target , it was designed with extreme maneuverability . this missile ensures extremely high hit-kill probabilities for a range of 250km (at least) the ship's main hard-kill defence will consist of the Barak 8 missile . this missile can destroy jet planes and supersonic missiles at a range of 75km and at an altitude of 15km . it would also use the Frigate Typhoon 25-30mm RWS , capable of destroying 9 inch(or smaller) targets at a range of over 3km . http://forum.worldof...__fromsearch__1 the ship is completely stealth , thus making it much harder for enemies to detect it and operates as another tier of defence for the ship . the ship's mission range is 3,000NM (nautical miles) which translates into 21 days at sea without refueling . this is a concept of the ship . as you can see , its size only allows medium size helicopters to land on it .