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Found 12 results

  1. Llevo un poco jugando y estoy desarrollando la rama de destructores japoneses, ya que me gusta el gran alcance de sus torpedos y poder tirarlos sin ser detectado. Tengo suficientes puntos con el isokaze como para desarrollar el tier v, sin embargo, no se que rama de destructores es mejor. ¿Aconsejan desarrollar el minekaze o el mutsuki?.
  2. Cmd_exe

    Mutsuki oder Minekaze?

    Grüss Gott ihr wackeren Kapitäne Ich habe eine sehr lange WoWs Pause gemacht und als Wiedereinsteiger stehe ich nun vor der Frage welchen japanischen Zerstörer ich zuerst erforschen soll. Zur Auswahl stehen die Mutsuki und die Minekaze. Welche davon würdet ihr mir empfehlen? Freundliche Grüsse, Cmd_exe
  3. OttoKretschmer


    En vue du nerf qui va faire perdre son 2e set de TLT, je me suis dis que je vais retester pour voir ce que ca donne (et pour remplir ma mission quotidienne de torp). Et en fait je crois que c'est ma meilleure partie sur ce navire ! Le gain de vitesse des torps à 7km fait que c'est plus facile de viser, il y a moins de proba que la cible ai eu envie de changer de direction entre temps. Ce qui pose plus pb c le +300m de détectabilité par contre, parce qu'il m'arrive régulièrement d'être un peu juste, me faire détecter avant de disparaitre à nouveau
  4. Wyścig Minekaze! Sobota 16 lipca o godzinie 19:00 http://www.twitch.tv/stary_gracz/ Zapraszam na drugi wyścig na streamie, tym razem na okrętach Minekaze! Zasady: W wyścigu bierze udział 10 zawodników. Wchodzi pierwsza 10 chętnych, która w sobotę 16 lipca o godzinie 19:00 stawi się w utworzonym przeze mnie pokoju treningowym. Uczestnik musi stawić się na okręcie Minekaze (wyłącznie ten okręt, żaden inny) Uczestnik musi znać trasę wyścigu (polecam sobie przerysować/wydrukować) Wyścig trwa dwa okrążenia na wyznaczonej trasie. Nie wolno mieć założonej flagi sygnałowej zwiększającej prędkość. Konfiguracja ulepszeń/modułów dowolna. Kapitan dowolny. Organizacja konkursu przebiega na streamie http://www.twitch.tv/stary_gracz/ Będą tu podawane wszelkie sprawy organizacyjne i związane z wyścigiem. Można wpaść wcześniej, stream ruszy o 18:00. Osoby uczestniczące w wyścigu w celu uzyskania dokładnych informacji powinny być obecne albo na streamie, albo czacie streamu, ewentualnie na moim serwerze Discord https://discord.gg/0123mZfNQ0PH4sGO6 kanał tekstowy #wows, lub głosowy #Główny. Odzywanie się nie jest obowiązkowe ;) W trakcie wyścigu: Całkowity zakaz strzelania i torpedowania. Pomocnicza ma być wyłączona od samego początku do końca wyścigu (domyślnie wciskamy P). Można się zderzać i blokować innych. Można korzystać z Doładowania silnika, lub Doładowania silnika II (premium) podczas wyścigu. Nagrody: Pierwsze miejsce: 2500 dublonów + 10 wszystkich flag Drugie miejsce: 1000 dublonów + 10 wszystkich flag Trzecie miejsce: 500 dublonów + 10 wszystkich flag Trasa: Video z pierwszego wyścigu na tej samej trasie: Powodzenia! Wyścig prawdopodobnie potrwa około 20 minut razem z przygotowaniem się i zajęciem miejsc startowych. Odblokowanie pokoju treningowego:
  5. Capt_Atomsk

    1HP still sailing

    Hiya all, Just wanted to share a experience I had in my minekaze. Was having a fun match on my old laptop (Thats were the crappy graphics come from =p). But in the end I survived the match with 1HP left never seen that happen before. Did anyone have this happen to them?
  6. Dontgankmeplx

    About IJN Destroyers

    Hello Everyone, Before I start I want to caveat what I am about to write by saying I am really new to this community (this is actually my first post on the forum!) so I am not aware of similar threads (which I am sure there have been in the past) talking about the same thing. As I haven't played many other ships (in particular other nations DDs) its hard for me to get the full picture of how the IJN DD compares which is why I wanted to share my thoughts on the class that I really wanted to enjoy and hear other views from other perspectives. I am a pretty new player to the game and quite early on I decided I really liked the IJN destroyers style of skirmish game play, skirting around detection range and launching my torps then disappearing back out of sight while reloading my next volley. I have just unlocked the Mutsuki (it's currently my highest tier ship) and essentially this has suddenly killed the fun I was having with this class. This ship is not an upgrade in anyway to the previous tier, most disappointingly the torpedoes IMO are even worse. Sure they gain damage and 3 yards range (when upgraded) but we can only shoot 6 of the damn things every 72 seconds compared to the Minekaze shooting 6 every 47 seconds. This means we have less opportunities to fire and as well as this the faster ships at t6 make it even more difficult to hit. The gain in range is not a good trade off for the long reload time, all other ships are getting more and more manoeuvrable at tier 6 so the only way you would ever hit a max range torpedo is if by luck they are not spotted early and the target is silly enough to not change course at all. Given that I can only fire 6 torps every 72 seconds the risk of missing at this range is so high that I do not even bother most of the time. I also cannot blanket fire a patch of ocean to try get hits at this range for the same reason. The only reliable way to hit is to sneak up close to a lone BB with its main guns facing the other way, this rarely happens as I will usually be spotted by other DD or aircraft by the time I reach their back line. If I am needing to get close to guarantee a hit shouldn't I just play a USN DD? Given the bad offensive capability of the Mutsuki a lot of the time I feel all I am doing is scouting for the bigger ships which is not fun and nets me no credits/xp. I might as well be riding around on a jet ski with a pair of binoculars. Also if you do a quick browse of IJN Cruisers vs DD you will note that not only do they have VASTLY superior artillery capability even there torpedoes are a lot better! The only trade of is manoeuvrability and concealment. Looking further down the tier list this doesn't seem to get any better until the Shimakaze, until tier 10 none of the others look that strong to me either when looking at the cruisers listed next to them. I am not sure I will make it to the Shimakaze, the prospect of the painful grind to get there. What I am asking therefore is where do you think IJN DDs (from about tier 5-9) fit into the game? For me the class seems to lose its identity and fun in the mid to late tiers it does not feel like a quick, stealthy sniper any more, just a speed boat trying to hit darts in the dark. Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts ! Dontgankmeplx TLDR: For me mid tier IJN DD does not feel very strong, fun or rewarding to play, what do you think?
  7. Tatoosh

    Minekaze - Torps & Tactics?

    Question: IJN Minekaze DD - are the Type 94 (68 knots/7 kilometer) better to keep than the Type 89 (57 knots/10 kilometer) torpedoes? Speed vs Range? I've been playing the Minekaze for a bit and I simply love it! I started the game with the US Sims and played the US Sampson (Tier II) and Wickes (Tier III) before moving to Cruisers and working up through Omaha and Cleveland. In fact I had a thread moaning about the loss of torpedoes on the Cleveland. I learned to enjoy the ship but I seriously missed the torps even though it had some great buffs in other areas. And I whined about the US destroyers being destroyed so easy. By the time I could get into the 4.5 kilometer range, I was usually toast. More experienced players suggested the IJN tree destroyers, but I wanted to work with the US and try to hone my skills. Well, I don't think my skills improved but once I moved to the IJN and got passed the first Type 42 (no mod) torpedoes things improved. Even just a bit more range on my torpedoes made a world of difference in game play. Oh, I still get killed a lot. But going from 4.5 kilometers to 7 kilometers but now I often get to hurt my opponents in the process. The Question - stated above - should I mount the Type 89 torpedoes in place of the Type 94? The Type 89 has a 10 kilometers range but a slower speed of 57 knots. The Type 94 has the lower 7 kilometer range but a great 68 knot speed. With the turn buff the BB's have, it seems to me that a faster torpedo is a better torpedo! At 10 kilometers - You can fire an hope, but with the faster turn speeds now, mored distance covered slowly really just gives your opponent lots of time to react. I don't expect to survive battles. I like to get in and mix it up. At least at this point. Disrupting enemies, pulling their fire from my allies as I dodge and let lose torpedo barrages until someone nails me is my normal tactic. Sometimes I get whacked quick - either a destroyer gets me or a Cruiser/Battleship gets lucky with their fire. But occasionally I get the rush of holding 3 or 4 ships off, dodging repeated hailstorms of artillery and putting big dents into BB's and CA's if not actually sinking them. When I get into one of those fights, it is fantastic - all adrenaline and reactions - not much time to plan. I see other DD drivers that like to hang out, hide and ambush. Good tactics to be sure, but I like to try and sneak up on an enemy BB that is slugging out with one our big boys and make life miserable for him. And for that the Type 94 torpedo seems ideal. I have the Type 89 researched but not bought and mounted. I kind of doubt it I will bother with them. Tactics & Strategy, I don't see a lot of team play in the game at this point. No squadron or division alliances that pick duties and exploit enemy weaknesses. Do you think that will develop in the game in the future? Or will it be mostly single players with limited cooperation?
  8. Hatte heute Morgen einen lustigen Bug. Bin in der Hitze des Gefechts in eine untergehende Omaha (?) reingefahren, die mich einfach mal mit in die Tiefe gezogen hat. War bestimmt 30 Sekunden unter Wasser (ganz schön dunkel da) und konnte mich irgendwann vom Wrack lösen und bin mit einem schönen Hopser wieder aufgetaucht. Zum Glück hatte meine Crew ne komplette Taucherausrüstung an Bord, so ist keiner ertrunken. Wäre eigentlich auch ganz gerne unter der Wasseroberfläche geblieben, dann wäre aus der Minekaze ein schönes U-Boot geworden, Torpedos hat sie ja zur Genüge an Bord!
  9. Jiriakel

    Luckiest hit ever ?

    Well, they say the Minekaze's torps are OP, but what about it's guns ?
  10. jaamaan123

    Minekaze destroyer torpedo fun

    Some fun with the Minekaze
  11. Hi Guys my Name is Ko_Kaa and i make Skins for my self and other. My first Skin for the Minekaze DD I hope you like the skin...! Just unzip to the root directory The patch.xml was adapted to Version 0.3.1 minekaze.zip 1.69MB Regards Ko_Kaa (Senior Fleet Commander @ Kampfgruppe Ost) ps: sry my english is not good xD minekaze.zip