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Found 20 results

  1. Furius_Marius

    Mikasa protected MM

    Well... I have Mikasa for the collection and for the secondaries joke. But the ship main guns are a joke. This thing is slow, big and have a few armour for a bb, and takes a lot of torp damage. After speaking with some friends that have it for longer than me. If you get against a tier II battle and they allow you to get close you can do some serious damage. But you are slow, and they need to make the mistake to let you be in 2-3 km range. But usually you got in battle with 2, 3 or 4 tier III battleships that dont care at all about your Armour. And the angling doesn't matter at all. And you don't get in range to anything. Its ok the MM will pair you with a tier III armoured cruiser in a tier II battle. But when you are in those tier III battles with the few main guns and so poor accuracy you feel like a tier III BB in tier VIII battle. I think with some time each nation could get a pre-dreadnought. (Easy for American, Brits, French, Russians, Italians, Germans, Pan-European...) Every navy had at least one of this ships. But for the moment I think they should protect the MM in this ship.
  2. I know, she is tier 2, I don't know how many people have her, but sometimes I muse about what would happen if the Mikasa would get 2 extra kms on her secundaries. I personally love the ship, but as the only T2 BB, she doesn't see that many good MM. T2 seems to be torp heaven and many times shes up against T3 BBs, who outgun her with their main turrets in every way possible. So all that is left is het funfactor, which is her secundaries, but most of the time she lacks range to engage T2 DDs, T3 BBs or Cruisers from both tiers. And both her secundaries and main guns can't seem to hit the broad side of an appartement building when parked next to it. I'd like to see WG up the range of completely upgraded secundary range on Mikasa to 6 km and test that out with the Supertesters, see what it does. Any other Mikasa fans around having thoughts about the ship?
  3. KapitaenvonMueller

    Linienschiffe Im Technologiebaum

    DIe Mikasa ist das einzige Einheitslinienschiff und T2 Schlachtschiff. Wäre es nicht eine Idee, dem Tech-Baum mehr Linienschiffe hinzuzufügen, um der Mikasa eine kleine Chance zu geben? Ich dachte zum Beispiel an die deutsche Pommern, an die britische HMS Canopus, an die russische Slawa, an die französische Danton oder an die amerikanische USS Oregon. Ich denke, es wäre ein guter Anfang für die Schlachtschiff-Technologiebäume dieser Nationen als T2. Und die Mikasa wäre nicht mehr alleine ...
  4. KapitaenvonMueller

    Pre-dreadnought battleship

    The Mikasa is the only pre-dreadnought battleship and is a tier II battleship. Would it not be a good idea to include more pre-dreadnought battleships in the tech tree to create a little chance for the Mikasa? For example, I thought of the german Pommern,the british HMS Canopus,the russian Slawa,the french Danton or the amerikan USS Oregon. I think it would be a good start for the battleship tech trees of those nations as T2´s. And the Mikasa would not be alone anymore...
  5. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    Welcome to the Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet! Ahoy Captains! I bring you the second incarnation of the Official Mikasa Appreciation Society thread! This is a place for tips, gameplay, history and gossip on all things Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought! You can also check out our original society thread; which is literally brimming to the top with content and info! Never destined to set the game world on fire, she is still a fun ship and one I believe is greatly under appreciated by many. So whether you like her for game-play or historical reasons; even if you don't own her, join our society today and spread the word of this fun little vessel...or just talk about her with like-minded people. If you want to add her to your port, visit here: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/3214/ or purchase her in the tech tree for 2000 Doubloons. If you're interested in getting straight into the game with her and wrecking everyone with some serious lower tier firepower, check out my full Mikasa play guide here! Or, if you want to know more about what you're buying, then read the full premium ship review of her from the excellent NA reviewer, LittleWhiteMouse; just click here! Finally, if you, like me, LOVE the fact these ships had multiple calibres everywhere, check out my secondary sound mod here! We furthermore have an in-game chat channel for the use of the fleet captains.The hope is that it makes it easier for them to find one another and communicate; possibly even do battle together! The channel is called: Mikasa Appreciation Society (it should appear if you type "Mikasa" into the channel search) and the password for it is: tsushima Anyone who wants to join the fleet and have their name added to the member list below, please let me know in your comment/post. Thanks! HMS_Worcester (Society Founder) Cpt_Cowper_Coles (Admiral) 1MajorKoenig 506_Mephisto aguir Amon_ITA aquiles7389 AtomskHD Bellegar Bismarck_chan broja_jacra BrotherSurplice Carl_Edward_Sagan Chocan CLyDeThaMonKeY Combat_Hamster Condor1976 creamgravy DarthDon49 Defcon13 dr_julio84 Drunken_Jedi Egoleter Elbschlucker Elo_Naj Eloyan Exocet6951 Ferry_25 GhostRider_24 GoT_PcDealer Hanszeehock Ictogan imply_tha_best kfa Knightmare_Moon Kaseko _Kyoshi LadyJess lafeel Larky2k LordOzma MadnerKami Maximilian_Graf_von_Spee MaxxyNL mingbat MrFingers Namolis NyronGT orlathebeast peoplescavalry Petao_Sofronije PeterBrooks_1 Procrastes puxflacet RedStorm1 Robber_Baron RUMIRUMI SapperMark SBS Scipio_Africanus1829 ShockPirat Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty Sonic_157 soulmask Spuggy StringWitch Szatanshow Takru TeeKay_ Temeteus82 Tirande TMTNEZ Todger_Fairmile TopDawg triumphgt6 Tuccy Vanhal VonBroich Wargael Westyll WolfGewehr Xevious_Red
  6. Major_Damage225

    Pre Drednought era Operation's mode

    As the title say's, after reading the topic about giving Mikasa protected MM i had a thought how to make these tipes of ships work, withough having to balance them around Randoms. Edit: Not a PvE mode but a mode PvP, pre-dred themed as a alternative to relular PvP randoms. I would like to hear you'r thought's to why it may or may not be a good option and to discuss the posible ways to make this mode work. I would also like for the WG staff here, Tuccy, MrConway, Ph3lan & co to give theyr thought's if sutch a mode would be a feasable/sencible move from WG's part, or why it would not and to pass on the idea to the developers and get theyr thought's and feedback about sutch a mode into Wows, would the mode be economicaly worth the development? Since operations were a sucess after implementation i though a new operation mode could be added in the future. So this op mode would be only for Pre dreadnought's and Armored/Protected cruisers. There are many pre-drednought era afficionatos here, me being one myself, i always found there ships interesting and beautiful, after geting Mikasa i though more would come but we all know that wasn't the case. A few bonuses of sutch a mode would be that all the ships in this mode could have working Main, secondary, perhaps even tertiary and even fixed torp tubes, ram bonus and more, there would be no restrictions to have to balance these ships around post-drednought. What do you guy's think? Also please feel free to add some pics of these ships to make this thread a bit more colorfull Here's are a few cruisers: -I dont know witch one this is, i'll find out. -The Edgar Quintet -SMS Roon Class -The Uss San Diego -SMS Blutcher Wouldnt you want to battle it out with these beauties, i know i would. EDIT: Perhaps the main and secondary armarment can be used simoutaniously and the tertiary armarment can function as the current secondary. How it would work? Exaple: Main gun range would be 15Km and the secondary range would be 10Km, you can controll both simoutaniously but the secondaries would fire only when a target is in range of them. Gun/torp ranges...just a example: Main guns 15-16Km range, secondaries 9-11Km range, auto tertiary guns range 4-6Km, torp range's 4-5Km? Just a though
  7. Bonjour/bonsoir. Depuis mercredi dernier, une mission intitulée "Bataille de Tsushima" est apparue. Une mission en 5 étapes ou la récompense finale est le cuirassé tier 2 premium Mikasa. Un lot final très alléchant pour les collectionneurs (car on va pas se le cacher, niveau statistiques, il y a mieux) Cependant, la mission devient très difficiles à partir du palier 3. "Infligez 100.000 points de dégâts aux navires russes. Pour ceux qui étaient là vers noël dernier, je vous laisse vous rappeler du navire Arpeggio NACHI dont la mission était également impossible a cause du manque de navires russes en jeu. Je ne vais pas parler plus sur la difficulté des paliers 3 et 4. Le réel problème intervient au palier 5. Et oui pour ceux qui se plaignent du 3 et 4, attendez de voir le palier 5 ! "EN UNE BATAILLE - Coulez 2 cuirassés ET être AU MINIMUM le 2e meilleur en terme d'expérience reçu" J'ai passé 4 jours (pas non-stop mais une grande partie des journées) a essayer de terminer la mission, mais non. Rien. Mon meilleur score a été : -2 cuirassé coulé -3e en terme d'expérience reçu Je n'ai plus jamais fait un score aussi bon par la suite Cette mission est tout bonnement IMPOSSIBLE ! Alors je sais que certains me diront qui ont réussi la mission mais bon j'en ai pas la preuve et puis même si c’était vrai, le nombre de personnes que j'ai vu se plaindre en jeu parce que un tel avait volé le kill d'un autre. C'est HALLUCINANT !!! Et je le rappelle, c'est pour le MIKASA, c'est pas non plus un super navire comme le Scharnhorst ou le Belfast ! on parle bien du Mikasa Bord## ! J'ai fait ce topic pour avoir l'avis d'autres joueurs et en espérant faire un peu réfléchir Wargaming sur la difficulté de leurs mission (parce que oui après, mettre un premium en jeu, c'est moins d'argent dans leurs poches) NOTE : Et pour rapelle, la plupart des joueurs jouent à World of warships pendant leurs temps libre et ont une vie à coté. Donc niveau timing je trouve sa injuste également POUR RAPPEL : POUR LE PALIER 5 VOUS DEVEZ OBLIGATOIREMENT UTILISER UN CUIRASSE !!!
  8. Maximurr

    Mikasa do zdobycia

    W tym tygodniu chyba warto się zainteresować wykonaniem misji tygodniowej. Do zdobycia jest okręt premium Mikasa. Zadania są w miarę proste. Piszę tutaj, bo nie każdy śledzi na bieżąco misje tygodniowe i jakie są nagrody, więc łatwo przeoczyć, a tym razem chyba warto.
  9. ItachiZero

    Mikasa mission?

    already had a mikasa before this event and did think i would get doubloons instead but no that didnt happen. is it a bug or do i get nothing else exept a port slot?
  10. Their cruiser counterparts occupy tier II and some even tier III (Bogatyr, St. Louis) but we have only one pre-dreadnought battleship in the game - the infamous and misconcepted Mikasa which caused a lot of hate among players. Still these ships are in my opinion very interesting and beautiful and would be a shame if WoWs just skipped them. but there is a major issue what to do with pre-dreadnoughts if we shall ever see another. mikasa right now really struggles and that's just because her role in the game was not really thought out. these are my suggestions for mikasa and every other pre-dreadnought eventually: IDENTITY: DEDICATED BRAWLER item 1: strong secondaries ✓ done (almost) mikasa's secondaries were always considered strong except their range. no wonder - those 152mm were in fact not secondaries but primaries on pre-dreadnought battleships since they were still built around 19th century principle of "the more guns the better" which resulted in designs with even 3 different calibers for main armament. it is worth note that in reality those 152mm had same effective firing range as 305mm. however i think we should not argue about that these should be player-controlled because it would be hard to balance them (better armored st. louis with extra health and 4x305mm says hello) and we should reconcile with that these would be just secondaries. for the brawling purpose they are ok anyway. the only issue is their range. i personally think that their range should be increased to at least 5km base. another suggestion, which is worth to be mentioned, is different ranges for different calibers: give 152mm lets say 5km and 76mm 3km range. although both 152mm and 76mm had pretty much same effective firing range, nevertheless separate ranges for different sencodary calibers would be definitelly needed for semi-dreadnoughts (see below). item 2: torpedos ✖ missing there were already debates about submerged torpedo tubes for battleships and my stand to this issue is that pre-dreadnoughts should be the only ships which should have them. to balance this weapon we can stick with their historical performance, since torpedos at the beginning of 20th century were rather slow and short range, so pre-dreadnought's torpedos in the game would be something like 30-40 knots and 3km range. that would make them reasonably balanced since they would be useful practically only for brawling against battleships. fast and manouverable ships should not have much troubles to evade them. another issue is their aiming. placement of these tubes was usually 1 bow, 1 stern and 1 or 2 on each side (mikasa is exception with just 4 tubes - 2 on each side). there is frequently stated myth on the forum that these have to be aimed with whole ship, but in fact they were equipped with gyro-angle mechanism (like on submarines) so their firing arc was pretty much unlimited, however i'm not sure if they should have this ability in the game since it would make a precedent for other ships. maybe they could work even with very limited arc since the placement of those tubes is very convenient (...also, do you remember bathtub boats?) item 3: ram! ✖ missing another feature typical for pre-dreadnought battleships is bow strenghten for ramming with significant beak (exception are french pre-dreadnoughts which frequently lacked this feature). indeed in those times naval tactitians and designers believed that ramming the enemy is still viable tactic. that however never happend in combat since 1866 (but unfortunately several times unintentionally) but we have different situation in the game with lot of close fights, especially at low tiers. i think that pre-dreadnought should have permanent bonus for ramming - like permanent hotel yankee (die hard) signal. just look at mikasa's ram! i know early dreadnoughts still had something like a ram, but usually these were just fake shapes which were not from solid steel like on pre-dreadnouts and were there just for stability purpose or because of stereotype - however i'm not completely sure about that, so please correct me. with all these features pre-dreadnoughts would have identity as dedicated brawlers and would have an edge over dreadnoughts in close fight which would make them viable - hugging islands and guarding straits would be optimal use for them, while at long range dreadnoughts would have their edge over pre-dreads as they should have... WHERE TO PLACE THEM: clearly pre-dreadnoughts should cease in 1910 (app. T3) as it was superseded design, however i believe semi-dreadnoughts like lord nelson-class, satsuma-class, mississippi-class, danton-class, radetzky-class etc. would be still viable brawlers at tier 3 so what do you think?
  11. Iron_Walls

    Mikasa Stats

    The tier 2 Premium Japanese 1902 BB Mikas needs help. It is slow with a wide turning radius. it has 2x2 305 guns with a range of 11.8 Km with a reload rate of 30 seconds. it has 18x1 secondaries of the same caliber as The St. Louis 88 mm? with a range of 3.1 It also has 14x1 152 mm guns as secondaries with a range of 3.1 km. The American 1906 CA St. Louis has 14x1 152 mm guns with a range of 12 KM. it has 18x1 secondaries of the same caliber as The Mikasa 88 mm? with a range of 4.0 km Currently as a result it is easy meat for a tier 2 destroyer with Torpedoes as the two 305 turrets have a slow traverse with that 30 second reload as the DD has only to circle it and stay mere than 3.1 km away. It very often is put into tier 3 games where it is suicide to play it. What I propose is to move it to tier 3 with its 152 mm guns being treated as part of the main battery with roughly the same stats as the ST Louis. While that would give it 2 different ranges, the program requires the turrets being able to have the proper angle to fire on the target and a simple no fire protocol if out of the guns range as well.
  12. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Disliked Ship Guide #3: Mikasa

    Disliked ship guide #3: Mikasa – why don't people take her seriously? (For final comparison to the Tier III Battleships, skip to the ‘overall’ section) At a glance: IJN Tier 2 1899 British Pre-Dreadnought, the most unique ship in the game with an equally unique playstyle Most similar to South Carolina, though this is pushing it. She’s still a very different ship. Has more in common with HMS Warrior than HMS Warspite, and boy does she feel like it! Above average credit earner, with substantially less repair than tier 3 Battleships Available from the store or in-game, for £8 First- An Opinion Mikasa is a ship both veterans and total noobs will feel under-powered in. Many believe she can barely compete at the tier and that cruisers are generally stronger. Having bought her myself without knowing a thing about her beforehand, my first few battles in her were indeed filled with trepidation. In fact, it can be very hard to decide what Mikasa's place actually *is* within a fleet. She's not support (that's the cruiser's job), she's not a heavy hitter, she's certainly not recon, she's not a sniper, she's not mid range artillery support; she's not even *really* a brawler with so few main guns. So how the hek do you use her, then!? In all honesty she doesn't really have an assigned place within the fleet; and this is just one of the reasons she's so unique to the game. Play her as a normal battleship and you'll become out-gunned fast. Play her as a cruiser and be out-maneuvered fast. Play her as a Destroyer and prepare to get fat eating torps. This is the reason so many people sell her for credits after buying her; they simply don't get the use of such a ship and, feeling out of their comfort zone, rage sell then whine that WG miss-sold them a ship. This fickle attitude not only demonstrates a distinct lack of patience, but also of a foundation appreciation for how Naval Architecture developed in reality. Thanks in part to her Japanese ownership, Mikasa was far from 'useless' in real life. Just look up the 'Battle of Tsushima' for proof... Mikasa during her heyday under Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō So to understand why she is so different, let’s first see what Mikasa actually classes as. She’s a pre-dreadnought. Not a Battleship (at least not in the way the game categorizes it), not a Battlecruiser; not even an Ironclad Warship. A Pre-Dreadnought. ‘Why so large of a distinction, Cowper? She looks just like a Dreadnought!’ Thing is, pre-dreadnoughts represent the end of an era; a massive transition and shift in naval doctrine. Within a century prior of HMS Dreadnought’s launch, the navies of the world went from being formed of little more than wooden rafts with sails and guns attached, to metal beasts powered by fossils fuels, capable of demolishing entire cities. In fact in the space of about 40 years, naval architecture (most notably British) went from using wooden sailing masts for propulsion to radar masts for lining up 20-km shots! It was by a very far margin, the fastest progression of technology in history. World of Warships itself has taken longer to develop than it took the great powers to fully adopt the Dreadnought concept….seriously! Don’t believe me? Look it up! It was an arms race of the highest degree. However, my point is that no other ship class, extent or dead, represents the final stage of this shift moreso than that to which Mikasa belongs. Within years of her launch she was made utterly obsolescent. If not for her far Eastern ownership, she would’ve been scrapped long before her time. As it was, however, she served with distinction in many conflicts; proving to the world the Pre-Dreadnought still had something to say... Mikasa is a very unique ship in WoWs. With the coming of the all-big-gun ‘Dreadnought’s, gone were the days of the ram, of the broadside and of the humble cannon ball. Mikasa, and all ships before her, became overnight relics. We’re honoured to have her in World of Warships. Survivability There are two things which make Mikasa what she is; built by the world’s finest ship-builders (the British), and a Pre-Dreadnought. Incidentally, it is also both these things which mean she’s one tough nut to crack! To begin with, she has the same health pool as a fully upgraded South Carolina. People seem to assume this is down to either poor armour or heal ability. This is the first common misconception about Mikasa; that she’s weak against other Battleships. This is true in part; her low number of main battery guns does put her at an immediete disadvantage against other Battleships. But it sure has nothing to do with her armour! While it certainly won't stand up to higher tier Battleship fire (Tier IV and higher), Tier III's will have to learn to treat Mikasa like an equal; or face a very long and potentially very damaging fight! Mikasa’s armour scheme, clearly showing the sloping deck citadel; the same used on much later IJN ships, such as Fuso and Nagato. Whether or not this was a wise scheme to keep on those later ships is a debate in itself; however, on Mikasa it provides more than adequate protection: For tier 2, Mikasa’s armour is god tier. No AP fired from another Tier 2 ship will penetrate her hull. When you consider that most of tier 2 is cruisers, this doesn’t seem so impressive…until you realize she pre-dates the vast majority of them by at least 20 years! Mikasa’s armour scheme was designed in around 1887…yet it can actually stand up to surprising punishment, both in life and in-game. Aside from bouncing everything a cruiser can throw at you, battleships also have a hard time cracking her open. Not to say they can’t, as Mikasa can actually be penned through the bow by Nassau. But they’ll have a hard time of it, mostly due to your heal which is equally as potent as theirs. Add to this that her belt is almost the same thickness as South Carolina’s, and her deck armour surprasses it; and you have one tough little ship. Be aware though, that fire will burn her to the ground. It’s normally a good idea to avoid notorious fire spammers such as St.Louis and Kolberg, and instead focus on firing into the enemy battleships. GAMEPLAY STRATEGY: Angle her well and don’t attract too much return fire from battleships. You’ll do well against cruiser shot, and even soak up some 11/12-inch AP damage in the process. Her sloped citadel will give you surprisingly high levels of protection. Even plunging fire isn't such a big issue, seeing as her combined deck thickness is more than that of the South Carolina! Artillery ‘This ship couldn’t hit the side of a barn…from the inside!’ – The Mighty Jingles Firepower is where the biggest misconceptions lie; and for once, I must agree with them in part. Mikasa only has a 2x2 turret layout; pitiful for a Battleship, regardless of its tier. This wouldn’t be such an issue, however, if only her guns didn’t have such wonky dispersion! Let me give you an example. This ship can quite easily one-shot cruisers with HE. Seriously, ask any good Mikasa captain and they’ll verify this can and does happen. Sadly, though, this is the exception not the rule. Much more of your time in this ship will be spent ripping your hair out over a distinct lack of love from RNGesus. It doesn’t get much better in ergonomic aspects, either. Your turret speed will not allow you to do a full turn while locked on. Your range is thoroughly average for tier 2, and a little below average for tier 3. You can only fire both turrets while presenting an almost perfect broadside. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, the reload on the guns is the same as higher tier Battleships. Not normally an issue, but you only have four guns allowing for on average two shells a round…so…yeah. Having said all this though, reliable damage is possible if you learn her dispersion. Telepathy may help too, but in general, practice with the ship will definitely yield better results. My average damage per game is anywhere between 5 and 18k with the main batteries. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, it’s only normally possible to land 10, maybe 15 shells through the course of a battle. So yes…that is a lot of damage relatively speaking. So her guns really aren’t as ‘useless’ as everyone says. Just a little…temperamental…is all! HOWEVER. And this is what everyone reading this has been waiting for me to get to…. Notice anything a little odd about this Tier 2 Battleship? Yup! It has four more useable secondaries than Nassau! Remember how I mentioned that Dreadnoughts were special because they had ‘…all big guns…’? Well, Mikasa, not being a Dreadnought, overall has more gun batteries than Yamato. Yamato; 8 tiers above her, has (from a historical perspective) considerably weaker secondaries. In fact, if it weren’t for WG nerfing the living daylights out of Mikasa to stuff her into tier 2, she’d be the most powerful secondary machine in the whole game. She has guns EVERYWHERE; even some which are just for show! AA guns? Nope! Fun fact: Mikasa has 80mm deactivated secondaries in her masts, as well as many extras along her decks which aren’t even used by the game! Historically they’d have fired out to around 11km as well. It’s only for balancing reasons they don’t work this way in World of Warships. In fact, the mast guns are very often misidentified as early AA-guns. Furthermore, you know those ‘AA’ guns on top of Ishizuchi’s turrets? Nope! Deactivated 4-inch secondaries! Ok, so they certainly have number; but they’e not individually bad, either. Rapid reloading damage dealing 5-inchers line her hull while countless smaller calibres are strewn across her various decks, intended to harass and goad the enemy. In a pure secondary fight, Mikasa can beat Nassau at it’s own game due to the higher HE and DPM damage she deals. You’ll melt cruisers, especially ones inexperienced enough to wander into your secondary range. However, this is where I come to the one down-side of Mikasa’s secondary might; and it’s a doozy. They only fire out to 3km (3.8km up-specced). It does seem a bit of an over-nerf on WG’s part to do this, but I guess that just goes to reinforce my point that Pre-Dreadnoughts still had a place in a 20th Century navy! But even this isn't a big of a problem as it sounds...most of the maps Mikasa will be on are tiny by comparison to the later ones. For instance, on 'Polar'; a popular Tier 2 map on which Mikasa frequently finds herself, your 3km secondaries will actually reach all the way across the cap circle and even into the center of the map! By relative comparison tothe secondary range on other IJN ships, this is phenomenal! GAMEPLAY STRATEGY: You will consistently get damage by following your team into the fray and acting like the damage soaker for your allies. If your team plays well, you'll be in the heart of the action with both secondaries and primaries going off. Also, given the *cough* lower end player-base *cough* you'll come up against regularly, a lot of players will stray right into your secondaries. By which point, they'll either be sent back to port in very short order or will be very soon! Secondary range (in green). While they have a fairly poor range compared with the tier 3 BB's, given the right map, you can use them to control entire areas or even lay down defensive fire for your team! Also note that I am being spotted by everybody, with my detection range having gone far outside the map (bottom left light blue)! ∆ Me demonstrating Mikasa's explosive secondary potential ∆ To summarize, Mikasa is capable of murdering lower tier cruisers and destroyers alike, and has a good chance of setting enemy battleships alight with her HE shells. The only problem is you'll have to push hard to make light of these advantages. AA Mikasa has no AAA whatsoever. Given the tier she's at, she'll never meet a single plane unless a Katori happens to be on the enemy team. So this really doesn't matter one bit. Torpedoes Mikasa has no torpedo launchers. Given her lineage of having 4x 18-inch tubes, this is actually quite peculiar. Anyway, Destroyers at this tier are pretty deadly if used well. They can fire fast and in some cases (looking at you, Umikaze), to not inconsiderable range, too; so they are definitly a foe to watch out for. Nonetheless, a good captain will know exactly how to negate their advantages, and press his own (here being, secondaries). Gameplay Strategy: The best way of dealing with a Destroyer in Mikasa is to go bow-in straight toward him. Your excellent maneuverability should allow you to avoid the vast majority of his torps; all the while your secondaries can probably get some pot shots in!. Of course, if you're at range from him, just sail in the opposite direction; you'll generally have very heavy cruiser escort at this tier, afterall, so this isn't difficult. Maneuverability This is one aspect in which Mikasa uncategorically shines. Not only is she fast (18knots is impressive both for the ship type and her age), but she corners like a US Army Jeep. Pre-Dreadnoughts were well-know for this particular trait, thanks to their short overall length and wide rudder allowance; as well an inane ability to shut off one of the two screws powering the vessel; something far harder on a ship with quad screws. You'll find yourself almost ignoring most torpedoes fired at you with impunity. In fact, you can quite easily surf between Umikaze torps from the same launcher! All that's required is good situational awareness on your part and, if possible, the Vigilance captain perk. When dropped into Tier 3, despite not being much slower than the majority of other Battleships, it is prudent to stick near base in case it need defending. In fact, base duty is perfect for an up-tierd Mikasa (especially since update 0.5.12, where people are now more liable to push each other's base). Your secondaries can cover the whole cap circle in shells, your maneuverability can make you a difficult target for DDs and your short silhouette means it's easy to stay within the circle and reset the cap. Gameplay Strategy: Mikasa is very competitive in this regard. Use this to your advantage! Close to secondary range with enemy Cruisers and Destroyers (albeit with escort where possible), all the while using your great maneuverability to be as elusive as possible for enemies lining up torp shots! Just beware of entering the sights of a Tier 3 Battleship too soon...as you won't come out on top if he has any support or brain cells at all. Simply asking at least one allied cruiser to stay near you will greatly increase the chance of survival for both of you. Because of this and the fact you can soak damage for them, they'll usually oblige; especially in tier II where you'll probably be the only Battleship. Concealment This is a bit of a pointless section, really. Mikasa's from a age where cannons barely reached 10km, so concealment didn't matter one iota to a Battleship. Be prepared to be instantly spotted; almost the second you load in in fact if it's a small map full of DDs. Your gun range is far below your surface detection range and while you won't have to worry about planes spotting you, Destroyers will always light you up first; especially if you're front-line. Gameplay strategy: Don't go out on your own as you're such an easy target to be focused and neutralised. In tier II matches, this is somewhat negated by your awesome secondary firepower. But in Tier III you'll struggle to push without at least some form of support. Mikasa loves showing herself to the enemy team; never expect concealment unless you're hard up against an island; and even then, don't rely on it! Overall Let’s see how she compares competitively with Kawachi, South Carolina and Nassau Survivability: 2/4 - It won't surprise anyone that I'm announcing Mikasa to be a tiny bit more durable than South Carolina, but a little less so than Kawachi and a lot less than Nassau. Artillery: 2/4 - This is a difficult one, but I have to give artillery to Nassau for its overall quantity of firepower and South Carolina for its super-firing layout. Kawachi's lack of range and average secondaries leave her bottom. AA: 1/4 - She has none to speak of. Not that this is in any way a problem. Maneuverability: 4/4 - Great for a Battleship, no matter how you look at it Concealment: 1/4 - She doesn't know the meaning of the word 'Conceal', let alone how to do it. Ideal Build (In my opinion; these are only recommended and you can do whatever you feel is best!) Captain Skills 1 Point: Basic Firing Training. The buff this gives your secondary reload alone should make it a no-brainer. 1 Point (optional): Basics of Survivability. Fire is your biggest killer in this ship. I'd say use a point on this in rank 14 until your captain hits rank 15. 2 Points: Expert Marksman. You'll want whatever you can get to speed up these turrets. 3 Points: Vigilance. Ensures better dancing with DDs. 3 Points: (optional) Superintendent. Extra heal is always a good thing in a BB. I'd say use 3 points on this in rank 13 until your captain hits rank 15. 4 Points: Advanced Firing Training. An extra 700 meters onto your secondary range isn't to be missed. 5 Points: Manual Aiming. It goes without saying that Mikasa requires a secondary build. This skill, while expensive, will ensure you'll punitively murder anyone who gets too close; even many Battleships (it's extremely rare to find BBs using this skill in Tier 3...consistent secondary hits will allow you to compete ferociously with both South Carolina and Kawachi in close-range combat). Upgrades 1st Slot: Secondary Armament Modification. Losing turrets on Mikasa doesn't hurt as much as losing a large number of secondaries then finding your weight of broadside lacking when it matters most; which *will* happen without this upgrade. Especially important to mount if using the 5-point captain skill. To be honest, I've always used this upgrade and never lost a main turret on Mikasa once. They seem pretty beefy! Repair Party II is also a very good idea if you don't mind spending money on this ship. It'll help with the fires greatly. Signals and Camo The only one I can really recommend for such a low tier ship is boosted secondary range (Close Quarters Expert) purely because A) You need as much secondary range as possible, and B) Mikasa will generate more of this signal pretty much every match anyway. Increased fire chance (Arsonist) can help you too, but I'd only use it if you have a tonne lying around; otherwise it's a bit of a waste of what is a very good signal. Mikasa comes with a gorgeous 'Titanic style' camo which you'll want to use 9 times out of 10. However, if you really want to be unique and don't care so much for the XP bonus, take it off! I'm guilty for using Mikasa extensively minus the camo, simply because I love how much more 'Pre-Dreadnought-y' she looks without it! All other camo is wasted on this ship, in pretty much every way. Conclusion Mikasa can be an extremly situational, awkward, punishing, at times sadistic, stressful, bullying ship to play and on the strength of these things alone, I can't recommend her to any competitive player. End of discussion. HOWEVER, I can utterly recommend her with all my heart to the following types of player: Those with an active interest in history Those who enjoy having fun with secondaries Those who just love the thought of bringing a Battleship into a Cruiser's domain Those who love admiring their ships (seriously...Mikasa is just gorgeous with a supplied premium camo to match) Those who are after a good ship-taming challenge! She's unique. Utterly, utterly unique in World of Warships. If you match any 1 of the above five parameters, you won't regret dropping £8 on her; I can promise you that now. Even in Co-op she's worth the money; letting those bots get close and watching your secondaries turn them into Swiss Cheese is truly a sight to behold. And you ain't seen anything until you experience a Mikasa on Mikasa duel... With help, you'll get into brawls with Nassau and win. With help you'll excel in this ship; without help you'll be focused and killed. She is truly a team-player's ship, designed with the close-quarters player in mind. Oh, and did I mention she's fantastic for getting the 'Close Quarters Expert' award? 'Cos she is! To conclude; buy Mikasa today, join the brilliant Mikasa Appreciation Fleet, add my and jump in-game! What are you waiting for? Another massive shift in naval doctrine? -----------------------------
  13. Salut les frenchis, Habitant la caraibe j'ai rarement l'oportunité de joué avec vous, mais plutôt avec les amériques. Néanmoins je vous soumet mon avis concernant ce cuirrassé, et attend vos précieux avis, histoire de comparé mon expérience de jeu sur ce navire. Il est tout migons ce petit BB, belle geule comme les grands. Mais je cherche encore ses points forts. Allez si, il est bon en combat rapprocher je me suis coulé 2 DD et 1 CA en évitant leurs torpilles de justesse dans une bataille de 0:00:50" Coup de chance donc pour moi. Tous coulé par les batteries segondaires sauf CA low-life par batterie pricipale puis coulé par la segondaire ensuite. Mais je déplore une batterie principale vraiment pas très précise surtout à longue porté. Un temps de rechargement trop long (30") surtout avec deux tourelles. la maniabilité est moyenne pour un BB (pourtant c'est un Japponais ça devrais être mieux). Et ou sont les torpilles de coques visible dans sa vidéo de présentation ? Je cherche encore la stratégies à adopté avec ce BB. N'ayant que du cuirassé dans mon port du rang III au rang VIII je suis un passionné de ce type de navire depuis 11 mois. Mais celui-ci je n'arrive pas à comprendre son coté fun dans le jeu. Certain cuirrasé sont très bon pour kill du CA et pas forcément du BB comme eux et je pense au Ishizuchi. D'autre ont une autre spécialité via leur vitesse ou leurs porté. Mais ce MIKASA je cherche encore. Merci pour vos avis.
  14. Nachdem im englischsprachigen Forum schon so einiges über die Pläne des US-Servers zu lesen war, kam heute von Ectar die offizielle Bestätigung, dass es demnächst möglich sein wird, folgende Schiffe ingame gegen Dublonen kaufen zu können: Auch wenn noch etliche Kandidaten fehlen, also die panasiatischen Zerstörer, die beiden großen Sowjetkreuzer und die USS Texas, ist das schon mal ein guter Anfang. Jetzt nur noch die unified accounts wirklich unifizieren, deutsche Schlachtschiffe herausbringen, die Royal Navy sowie ihre französischen und italienischen Kollegen, und dann wird das was.... ...dann klappt's auch mit dem Schotter:
  15. Und im Übrigen bin ich der Meinung, dass die Mikasa einen Buff braucht!!!!
  16. PointyHairedJedi veranstaltet zur Zeit ein WoWs Youtube Gewinnspiel. 1. Preis: Tirpitz 2. Preis: Mikasa + Diana 3. - 5. Preis: Diana Start des Wettbewerbs: 18.09.2015 Ende des Wettbewerbs: in 2 Wochen Die Preise werden unter den Spielern mit den meisten Auszeichnungen (*) in einem Spiel [+] verlost. (bei 2 Spielern mit der gleichen Anzahl von Auszeichnungen gewinnt der Spieler mit mehr Basis-Erfahrungspunkten) (*) Sturkopf, Unsinkbar, Detonation, Nur ein Kratzer!, Erstes Blut, Doppelschlag, Dreadnought, Nahkampfexperte, Unterstützer, Feuerfest... [+] ab WoWS Version 0.5.0 Sendet euer Replay + Screenshots der Persönlichen Wertung + Teamwertung an phj.wotreplays(at)gmail.comund gewinnt evtl. eine Tipitz! ;) Wie man die Replay - Funktion aktiviert: Quelle Viel Glück und viel Spaß beim Wettbewerb! Postet eure besten Spiele mit den meisten Auszeichnungen hier, da können wir uns gegenseitig motivieren / demotivieren. ;) [große Bilder bitte in Spoilern verstecken] Bilder könnt ihr kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung z.B hier hochladen: http://abload.de/ Replays könnt ihr kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung z.B hier hochladen: http://filehorst.de/ (hier dann Bilder verlinken / die download-links der replays posten) [...ich fürchte dass irgendein Midway-Replay gewinnt, aber schaun mer mal...] ;)
  17. lordofhavoc

    Aurora vs. Mikasa

    Die beiden Schiff wurden beide etwa zur selben Zeit gebaut und nahmen beide an der Seeschlacht von Tsushima teil. Was mich aber hier frage, ist wieso ist die Aurora der Mikasa so haushoch überlegen. Die einzige Chance für die Mikasa scheint es zu sein, in die Kurzdistanz zu kommen, damit die Sekundärgeschütze das Feuer eröffnen können. Das ist aber kaum möglich, da die Pirmärgeschütze der Aurora mal kurz 1,8 km mehr Reichweite haben und so die Mikasa fröhlich abfackeln, bevor Mikasa auch nur die Chance bekommt, mit ihren miesen 12" das Feuer zu eröffnen. Mikasa als eines der modernsten Schlachtschiffe am Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts sollte eigentlich einem Kreuzer wie der Aurora der nicht mal die Hälfte der Tonnage hat, klar überlegen sein, aber davon merke ich in dem Spiel wirklich nichts.
  18. Svartur77

    Mikasa Tier2

    Mikasa, first tier 2 BB is in the premium shop with special MM as well. Itchning in my wallet. Anyone have some stats to share? If the range on the guns is like Albany i'll stay away.
  19. GuderianDK

    Mikasa not really worth it

    I do believe this boat is a duck, slow and sloooow, and very slow gunnery, and sooo unprecise and shortranged. Its a constant frustration to play this BOAT. So its not the nightly highligt. Hardly ever play it anymore already, unless I forgot why I hated it and then I remember as soon as the fighting starts and I'm still in the cap, paddling to catch up to a st. Louis (you know, the speedmaster). Please buff this boat or do another one that is actually playable.
  20. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Update: Offizielle Ankündigung verfügbar! siehe hier: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/16266-vorab-informationen-zum-patch-040/page__pid__293262#entry293262 ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Aus dem englischem Forum, übersetzt aus dem russischen Forum (Google Translator): Kurz zusammengefasst: - Ausrüstungsgegenstände, Verbrauchsgüter und Tarn-skins: * bis zu 4 Verbrauchsgüter pro Schiff, individuelle Verbrauchsgüter je nach Schiffsklasse; * Sonar-Ausrüstung für Kreuzer (zum früheren Aufspüren von gegnerischen Torpedos); * Geschwindigkeits-Schub-Ausrüstung für Zerstörer; * Tarnanstriche (skins) für Schiffe (1x Verbrauchsgut); - Fähigkeiten für die Kommandanten: http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/developer-bulletin-update-0-4-0/ - Schiffe und Karte/n): * Katori (tier I) wird ausgetauscht mit Hashidate; * Mikasa kommt als tier II premium Schlachtschiff; * Neue Karte "Zwei Brüder", - Danksagungen und Beschwerden: - Spieler können sich nun im Spiel über andere Spieler beschweren / sich bei ihnen für gutes Teamspiel bedanken, begrenzte Beschwerden & Danksagungen pro Tag, wird jeden Tag wieder aufgefrischt; - Interface-Änderungen + verbesserte Sounds; - verschiedene Verbesserungen ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Quelle: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/16235-meanwhile-on-ru-forums-patch-040-or-somethin/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ WICHTIG! Nichts davon ist "in Stein gemeißelt", es kann sich alles noch ändern! ______________________________________________________________________________________________