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Found 2 results

  1. Minehunter "Frankenthal" Class (MJ 332) As part of the further modernization of the German armed forces 12 new mine minehunters the "Frankenthal" class were asked (MJ 332) in service. Using the "Hameln" Class (SM 343) imported unit forms the platform in a reliable way, made of non-magnetizable steel hull form the basis for an optimized overall system on the Mine Warfare. In addition to a sonar system for locating mine similar objects includes a guide and information processing system (SATAM) and two remote-controlled via a cable mine hunting drone (type "penguin" B3), with high-resolution short-range sonar and video camera. Previously geortete underwater objects can be visually identified with the aid of the drone and destroyed locally via a fernzündbare carried explosives. In order to reach the mine countermeasures are difficult to access and tight spaces, such as scan to port entrances and wharves may include an operational mines diving group and a pressure chamber to divers. The clearance divers have specific training in ordnance disposal of all kinds are in the search, rescue and recovery service, as well as for the recovery of the flight recorders of crashed aircraft used. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 54,4 m / 9,2 m / 2,6 m Load displacement: 650 t Power: 4080 kW (5550 PS) Speed: 18 kn ​Arming: 1 x 27 mm Light Navy Gun 2 x 2 Stinger Minelaying equipment Equipment: 2x underwater mine hunting drone "Pinguin B3" Telescopic deck crane Diver pressure chamber Mine diving equipment Crew: 42 Soldiers ​Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport M 1058 „Fulda“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1059 „Weilheim“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1061 „Rottweil“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1062 „Sulzbach-Rosenberg“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1063 „Bad Bevensen“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1064 „Grömitz“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1065 „Dillingen“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1067 „Bad Rappenau“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1068 „Datteln“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1069 „Homburg“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel Video: (Sorry this is in German but you can understand it ,too) Source:
  2. Minehunter "Ensdorf" class (352) Minehunter the "Ensdorf" class (352) by converting the "Hameln" class to replace the minesweepers the "Lindau" Class (351) formed in the Bremen shipyards Friedrich Lürssen and Abeking & Rasmussen. For protection against magnetic mines and splinter protection properties due to better pass the hull and all the essential facilities from non-magnetic and shock-absorbing materials. Alle Anlagen und Geräte sind darüber hinaus schockgelagert. Die Hauptminenabwehrkomponente des Waffensystems stellen die „Seehunde“dar. Das Einsatzverfahren TROIKA PLUS sieht prinzipiell vor, bis zu vier dieser Drohnen einzusetzen. The drones operate remotely from the actual unit (the hollow stick steering boat or the guide platform) on predetermined paths. There they simulate typical vessel noise and magnetic fields ship. Mines are detonated, this is done without risk for the actual unit and the crew. Due to the robust construction of the "harbor seal" this remains largely unscathed. In addition, all boats "Ensdorf" class uses a sonar to detect mines in the area ahead (ADS Ankertaudetektionssonar DSQS 11A). Together with the one also on board-art disposable combat drone "Sea Chase" can (remotely operated drone mine action with an explosive charge) localized mines are removed by blasting. In addition, all units also have the ability to classic mechanical demining moored mines. In this case try the boat by a few hundred meters behind the boat yielded hergezogenen and reamer to cut their cables. The emerged, floating mine vessels are made safe on the water surface. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 54.4 m / 9.2 m / 2.5 m Load displacement: 635 t Power: 4080 kW (5550 PS) Speed: 18 kn Seal: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 26.9 m / 4.6 m / 1.4 m Seal: load displacement: 99 t Seal: 328 kW (446 PS) Seal: Speed: 9 kn Arming: 2x 2 Stinger Demining equipment Minelaying equipment (60 mines) 1 x 27 mm Light Navy Gun Crew:38 Soldiers ​Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport M 1090 Pregnitz/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1092 Hameln/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1093 Auerbach-Oberfalz/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1094 Ensdorf/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1098 Siegburg/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel Videos: On the occasion of the Kiel Week 2010, we take guests on board the minesweeper "Ensdorf". With excellent summer weather it is from Kiel to Eckernförde and back. We meet all kinds of sailing boats and historic vessels that participate in the different sailing.