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Found 5 results

  1. ProjectX2


    Hello E1 DR34D is the name of the clan The point with this clan, is to help people in this game So if you need someone to play division with, or need help with how to play your ship Cap points modules and so on, you are more then welcome to join Easy going, no hard cap or skill limited You are more then welcome to check my stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/550738642,ProjectX2/ Come on Discord for a talk https://discord.gg/yHJfAME
  2. Hallo meine freudigen Seemänner, ich plane einen neuen Clan zu erstellen/aufzustellen, in dem man sowohl spaßig Zufallsgefechte spielen kann als auch kompetitiv im Clankrieg kämpft. Da gibt es nur ein Problem, welches ich habe: Ich habe keine Genossen. Kurz zu mir, ich bin ein Closed Beta Tester in WoWS, welcher mehrmals pausiert hat und jetzt auf c.a. 800 Battles sitzt. Ich habe Erfahrung bis Tier8 und bin relativ spaßig, aber auch Tryhard ist bei mir möglich. Nun frage ich euch, bevor ich einen Clan erstelle, ob ihr Lust hättet. Voraussetzungen gibt es absolut keine. Ich werde in den nächsten Tagen einen Discord Server erstellen, auf dem jeder der Lust hat, joinen kann. Wenn ihr interessiert seid, einfach ingame oder hier im Forum melden.
  3. johangissberg

    [SVE] Njord_Tyr recruiting

    We are looking for active members to join our Clan [SVE]Njord_Tyr
  4. DutchDelightsNL

    Clan build costly

    Question; Why is it so costly to increase the HQ at the Naval Base? from 30 to 40 members will cost you 20.000 oil So suppose you have 30 members of your clan and want to increase to 40. That would mean, they have to farm 20.000 oil that they can not use for building something else. Normally they acquire about 20 oil a day for doing daily crates (2 crates so 20 oil) Let us suppose they are real salt miners and do 30 just for argument's sake! so that is 30 X 30 a day so 900 oil a day (without building something else) 20.000:900=23 days So you have to encourage people to work hard every day to accumulate 30 oil for about a month, without getting something extra, For an increase 0f 10 players so 300 oil a day. So then if you can keep them work the treadmill you are now with 40 members. You whip them up to keep working without rewards what so ever and keep farming 30 oil a day from each member that's 40 X 30 oil a day= 1200 oil now you want to increase to 50 members (10 more) so you need 100.000 oil So then you need 100.000:1200= 84 days ( without any reward what so ever) then you build your final stage of 50 members and you can reap the benefits of 1500 oil a day!!! So the original 30 slaves have worked for a minimum of 107+2 days straight (30 oil) for their first structure in the Naval Base 10% to the cost of researched ships of tier V Realy?..................... In the real world that is not going to happen so why not make it easier to expand the clan's force! For example, 1000 gold to increase from 30 to 40 members? 500 for 40 to 50 members? Make clan bonus stack with regular bonus so if you have an event where you have USN Cruisers II to V at 50% you give the extra 10% for clan members (stacking) Or is this just a crazy idea? DutchDelightsNL©
  5. Greetings captains, I am Varenity the owner of SPQR. I'm searching for new members for the upcomming clanbattles/wars. First I want to introduce myself and the clan, I'm Quincy 17 years old and love playing WorldofWarships. I wanted always to setup a clan and I did on 20 januari of 2017, I always wanted to do the competetive scene with my clan so thats why I'm searching new fresh members that can lead us to victory in upcomming clanbattles! SPQR, It stands for: Senatus Populus que Romanus (translated: The Roman Senate and People). So right now we got 29/30 members and got +/-51% WR, Not bad. But soon clanbattles will be released and we want to setup a good competitive team that represented SPQR EU. \ [CLAN STATS] So what do we want? New active members! Which stats do u need to join us? I dont care much about stats but at least you need a postive WR and 1000+ battles. Which stats for Compteam? 52%+ WR and 0.90+ F/B and 50K+ D/B. Which communication device do you need? Just Discord, and this link to join. You must be active? Yes! this is the most important one! Do you exclude current members? Yes, I am in the following weeks, for new fresh members! So after all, you can sent a application and i'll look to it. Any questions? PM me or just reply here Thanks for your time! And goodluck on the battlefield captians!