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Found 5 results

  1. Ginger_Merkin_RN


    SUPER CONTAINER meh... mediocre container super/ˈsuːpə/ adjective INFORMAL very good or pleasant; excellent. "SUPER" container... 25 flags = mediocre It's been so long since I had one from daily containers. I wondered if they were even still a possibility, all luck and increased chances considered, I have also discovered a phenomenon I call "SUPER CONTAINER SHOCK", in the excitement I bumped my knee! 25 flags wooohooo, well worth the money I put into the game Well done WG, BMW M5's for all
  2. Jethro_Grey

    Research Support Bundles

    So, curious what WG put up in the shop on this years Gamescom Friday, i skimmed over the offers. My first reaction upon seeing the Research Support bundles was 'YAY', as it didn't contain any silver ships which new players could have used to skip tiers. My second reaction was 'why WG, WHY?'. I know these bundles were introduced to 'help' players Advance faster through lines after they reset their progress in the Research Center thingy. Also, to make a quick buck for WG as potentially many players want to get back quickly to TX. But c'mon WG. Limiting these to two per player and bundle is ok, i guess as WG doesn't want payers to progress too fast. However, 22€ for a bundle that contains 15 of each of the Dragon Signals (with premium time) or 12 x Mosaic camos (plus 18 x Type 59 camos and the 40 x Type 6 camos)? Not enough bang for buck. I think it's a missed opportunity to both, 'help' players and make some cash. As it stands, only people with way to much money and not enough knowledge will buy these packages Personally, i'd rather see a bundle that contains only Mosaic camos, Type 59 camos or Dragon Signals, without the premium time fluff or the Type 6. Make it 25€ for 30 camos or 30 Dragon Signals and Limit it to 2 per player and you'd probably would have much more willing customers. Just an idea...
  3. so main news here https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-078-wows-birthday/ tldr; you can earn anniversary tokens with daily grind. you will need them to exchange for rewards i find this event lacking considering last year had SC per every t10 ship and you could get 10 special flags per every 1000 battles played. just introducing another daily grind for relatively lackluster rewards.
  4. cro_pwr


    Is there anyone that actually thinks Nurnberg is good? I mean, I don't usually complain about lost of ships being UP, but Nurnberg is just bad. Its like putting all the weaknesses of the ship into a one pile. I wasn't really that much fascinated with the rest of german cruiser line so far, but this thing is just painful to play. You have no armor. Everything deals massive damage to you. Your citadel is bigger then ship itself. Your HE deals no damage, and fire chance is so abysmal that relying on burning something down is like relying on scoring the jackpot on lottery to survive another month. Your AP deals SOME damage, IF whatever you are shooting isn't even slightly angled. And its good only to spam at the superstructure, since citadeling anything with those arcs is again next to impossible. Your AA is nothing to write home about. So whats the point of this ship except to frustrate the players that are trying to play her? And a big question, does it even get a bit better with Yorck/Hipper, or I need to wait till the Hindenburg to finally get a playable cruiser?
  5. I have the feeling that the tier VII Pensacola is the watershed in the american cruiser line: if you really want to commit to leveling up to VIII and above, you must also willing to convert free XP. Why? The Pensacola is bad. Being stock makes it a terrible ship in tier VII and to get XP to unlock the modules thus takes forever (even with premium). Even the unlocked modules won't make it a competitive ship. Turrets: 45s traverse time. It takes forever. Upgraded: 30s. Main guns: 15s reload for 8 shells. Half the amount when the aft or front turrets are still traversing. Damage is meh. Most of the time you just try to move out of the way of enemy fire while you wait for yours to be reloaded. Range: 14km unmodded, 15km with the second Fire Control System. You will be targeted by BBs and outmatched in range. Hull: Paper. You cannot go toe to toe with anybody. You WILL die first. A BB broadside will usually take your health to 50% in one salvo. From 15km. No kidding. AA: Decent, and pretty much the only thing it is good at being stock, so you cover the BBs or a CV and stay out of the fight. Maneuverability: Terrible. You eat every torpedo plane salvo aimed at you, for the rudder takes forever to get you turned. Funny enough, the Cleveland was a great turner and is the same hull... oh well. But that's what the Pensacola is supposed to do, you say? That's true, but you will never get anywhere for the small amount of XP you get out of it. So this is the point where I am supposed to buy doubloons to convert free XP to leave the Pensacola behind me as fast as I can. Definitely not fun and most of all it doesn't make sense to me at all.