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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I am thomaswp2706 or AssasinCreeper5 in game and i have recently started up my channel. I mostly focus on YTP and World of Warships content with the occasional dip into other games. I mostly do meme videos like with my World of Randomness series and YTP’s and i do occasionally livestream. I am always striving to improve my content in anyway how. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day and i will hopefully see you around. My latest video hope you like :)
  2. Guys i have started my Youtube channel "UrAvgWarGamer". If you can support my channel and like plus subscribe, much appreciated LINK for Channel=b https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFvOItBARa26bTgzuMIoNQ
  3. SirDixie

    Relearning the game

    I'm getting back into warships, I haven't really played since the RN cruisers were the shiny new thing and you could buy Belfast. The short version is that I'm finding it difficult to do well on a consistent basis against real opponents. One good game is usually followed by 3-4 (or 6) bad ones where I die early or miss every salvo. It's got so bad I am doing more damage in the St.Louis than any other ship, which is clearly not a good thing. When I'm spotting I'm not actually assisting as much as I think I am, when I go shooting stuff I normally get swatted quickly, when I'm keeping safe I feel like I'm not contributing to the team and when I play BB I just can't stand the glacial reload (probably because I need more practice at deflection etc). So, with that in mind where's a good place to be learning things and good vids to watch (watching Notser and Flambass on Twitch but most streaming seems to be high tier stuff)? Any particular lines and ships I should be aiming at or revisiting? I will say I'm not going back to the Emerald and if anyone does I'm going to be on your team being bad in the Atlanta instead... Also, which are people's preferred choice of crate? I've mostly gone for consumables up to now with the occasional flag/camo thrown in. In port atm (apart from tier 1 ships): Chikuma St. Louis (1/4 pt captain) S. Carolina (1/2 pt captain) Clemson (1/4 PT/SSE) Omaha (2/8 PT/EM/DE) Texas (10 skill capt PT/EM/BFT/AFT) Pensacola (1/4 PT/EM) Atlanta (1/11 PT/EM/BFT/AFT) mostly used for co-op and scenarios Dresden Emden Leander (Bert Dunkirk PT/SSE/SI/CE plus another with PT/SSE/SI who has been replaced for now) Also have the mission for the RN HMS Acasta. Long term plan is for Bert to go into the Fiji, but I'm not ready for real tier 7 games so that needs to wait.
  4. How does it work? Do you get the +Commander XP and +cash retroactively for the three wins? Sorry I am stupid.
  5. Aindd

    I just can't win.

    Hi! So, i just want to vent right now, that's all. The image speaks for itself really, and i'm on a borderline depression, because of todays matches. (There's more lost matches besides the ones in the pic.) I don't know how to put it, but i know i f***ing suck, and i've done everything to combat that (guides, tuts, info.) but it seems that i actually just suck. :,) I'm just a mess atm, and anyone that could provide me with anything, would be greatly appreciated in this dire time. I'm generally most interested in BB's ('cause Yamato). Cruisers etc. seems boring to me. (Well, it might just be, that i suck at BB's, and should try out the others, but it's just not really me. It might be more fun for me, but it's not what i want.) also how do i combat depression Regards
  6. FrimPing

    Update download a bit slow..

    Downloading the recent update and extracting files takes soo long, too long. Current download speeds reach peaks of 125 kb/s and sometimes go as low as 50 kb/s, my internet speed is decent on any other application apart on this launcher. Any reason for this, and possible fixes? Hours have passed by slowly and it feels like torture, info appreciated!
  7. jamesnightingale

    please please help me

    this is what i am getting http://gyazo.com/4386b5f7ac20f6536da8dd26b2595b96 when i click play on my fully installed world of war ships i have much above the system requirements and i do not know what to do please help me