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Found 10 results

  1. Furius_Marius

    Mikasa protected MM

    Well... I have Mikasa for the collection and for the secondaries joke. But the ship main guns are a joke. This thing is slow, big and have a few armour for a bb, and takes a lot of torp damage. After speaking with some friends that have it for longer than me. If you get against a tier II battle and they allow you to get close you can do some serious damage. But you are slow, and they need to make the mistake to let you be in 2-3 km range. But usually you got in battle with 2, 3 or 4 tier III battleships that dont care at all about your Armour. And the angling doesn't matter at all. And you don't get in range to anything. Its ok the MM will pair you with a tier III armoured cruiser in a tier II battle. But when you are in those tier III battles with the few main guns and so poor accuracy you feel like a tier III BB in tier VIII battle. I think with some time each nation could get a pre-dreadnought. (Easy for American, Brits, French, Russians, Italians, Germans, Pan-European...) Every navy had at least one of this ships. But for the moment I think they should protect the MM in this ship.
  2. Ich hatte vorhin ein Spiel, wo ich den Eindruck hatte, mein Team will gar nicht gewinnen [Link editiert] . Wir hatten permanent die Schiffsüberlegenheit. Dennoch rückten wir nach Punkten immer mehr in den Rückstand. Bin ratlos. Ich habe lange versucht aufzuklären, Zerstörer zu jagen und darauf gesetzt dass die Low-Hps von meinen Dickschiffen rausgenommen werden. Immerhin kletterte der Schaden durch Aufklärung sauber hoch. Zwei nahe zusammen fahrende Kremlin sind eben doch kein First-Target für einen Träger. Den Kraken "verdanke" ich wohl eher dem zögerlichen Spiel meines Teams. Hat aber auch nix genützt. Bilderstrecke im Spoiler edited
  3. Bindolaf_Werebane

    I may have it, by George!

    So, I've been playing in the mid tiers, trying to level up Fuso, Langley etc. They are infested with seal clubbers. Losers putting 19-point captains on Clemsons and Kumas. So, how about this: People have a right to play low and mid tiers, of course. How about matchmaking according to captain level, though? Broad brackets. 0 to 9 point captains would never meet 10 point and up. There, problem solved. I'm pretty brilliant, you're welcome, WG.
  4. Hello there folks! Recently I've been playing a few low tier games in order to work on some new (for me) ship lines. While in Tier 4 Matchmaking there have been 1-3 Carriers on either team per match. As a Carrier main myself I have no issue with CVs in general, however, there are some MAJOR issues at Tier 4. The primary reason for this is the (almost) complete lack of AA defenses on ships which make all surface ships practically defenseless against aircraft. For the sake of my own curiosity, I decided to repurchase the Hosho since it has been quite notorious in its use as a "Seal Clubber" since the buff to its Torpedo Aircraft. And oh boy I wasn't disappointed! Not only is the Hosho Ridiculously strong at Tier 4 due to her damage potential, but there also is NO COUNTER to her since AA of ships are severely lacking and Carriers can't even put up Fighters to cover their allies. On top of all this, a lot of the players at this low tier are fairly new to the game, and playing against these blatantly overpowered Carriers isn't fun whatsoever, even for experienced players (And frankly they're quite boring to play as well). How are the newcomers supposed to want to stick around when they keep getting farmed by a Class that they have no counter towards? For all they know this issue could just keep getting worse the higher in the Tiers they climb. At higher Tiers, the AA-capabilities of ships at least make striking grouped up enemies a very costly endeavor. What I would do long term wise is Remove Tier 4 Carriers from matchmaking and instead have Submarines of Tier 2-4 as the "extra" class introduced during the lower tiers and have Carriers being introduced to the players at Tier 6 onwards where AA defense is more noticeable. This would also make sense from a historical point of view since Submarines have been used operationally far longer than Aircraft Carriers. This might have all kinds of balance implications we don't know about since Submarines are still in testing, but at least submarines were part of the equation when the earlier ships were built (Even though the earliest incarnation of Anti-Submarine Warfare may have been a bit flawed since it consisted of sailors in rowboats trying to destroy periscopes with hammers). I do think that the Carriers at Tier 4 are important for their historical value (being among the first carriers operational in the world) so keeping them in the game somehow would be preferable. Maybe they could be part of an extensive CV tutorial each player gets access to or have them present in Operations etc. Or turn them into Tier 6 Premiums with unique mechanics to offset their outdated equipment. TL;DR: Remove Carriers from Tier 4 and have Submarines be the extra class introduced at the earlier stages of the game (these were also historically operational long before Carriers). Introduce the CV class starting at Tier 6 where most ships were designed with the knowledge that aircraft was (a new) part of naval warfare since at these Tiers AA is more present as a counter to Aircraft.
  5. jonahemp_

    Gewertete Gefechte

    Moin, Freunde. Ich habe irgendwo auf der offizielle Webseite gelesen, dass es gewertete Gefechte, sowie Team Gefechte existieren. Aber nirgenwo in meinem Hafen finde ich die Abbildungen oder Bezeichnungen von oben genannten Speilmodi. Ich kann nur Co- oder Random Gefechte spielen. Könnt ihr mir bitte sagen, ist das Problem nur bei mir? Oder habe ich irgendwelche Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllt? Danke für eure Antworten.
  6. Hello Dear Team at WOWS, My name is Martin, I am a 36 year old divorced father of one who really enjoys playing World of Warships. I started by playing the German line purely because Bismarck was a ship I have heard. As soon as I unlocked Gneisenau I knew something was terrible wrong, the ships struggled to hit anything past 10km , Bismarck was better due to useful secondaries and better armor/HP pool. Soon i decided to try cruiser gameplay and really liked the Japanese line going as far as Tier 10 Zao. My next step after watching WOWS contributor Flambass, Flamu and Notser was to try the destroyers. So far its the class I like most. I have 56% win rate in Shiratsuyu and 51% in T-61 with destruction ratio of 3.12. Few days ago i decided to finish your "Happy Anniversary" campaign which gave me the T-61, after that i decided to go for the Hall of Fame. As of now I am in the Top 5%, which as you can guess costed me quite few hours to achieve, granted I go to work full time, have to look at kid etc. It is a fact nobody forces me to "grind" and I am not going to complain about it BUT I have a question for your developers - Do you even play the game? Have you tried taking a Tier 6 dd and play against not 1 but 2 CVs. Do you think you will make it out of the spawn with half of your HP? DO you think you can reach the cap? What are you people thinking? Just today I have had at least 5 games with 2 CVs - this is a joke. You are clearly not listening to your clients, how are we dd players suppose to have a "fair" fight? Looking forward to hearing from you, Sincerely Yours, Soon to be ex user.
  7. With the urge of WG to keep producing ships that increase in power via DPM, is it still fun to be in a tier 8 ship and encountering tier X OP ships? We already had ships you feared when being uptiered like the Yama and the Mino, but with the new tier X ships being released I absolutely DO NOT enjoy the game anymore when I up tiered. Encountering ships like the Kremlin, Smolensk, Stalingrad, Haregumo, Kleber, Yoshino, Colbert, Ohio, ships that outrange, outspot, outrun, outdamage you. The game really starts to suck big time being bottom tier and getting an arcade game experiences with the amount of daka daka or massive damage you take. And the matchmaking fix they did no long ago is simply not enough not to be annoyed. I know it's not good, but if I am in such a game, and the map is not good for cover, I try not to do it too conspicuous, but I yolo in so I can start another game without getting too many -1. Until 3-4 months ago, I loved the game, only game I played, I am now over 12.000 games but have recently installed EVE online and now I play 30% WOW and 70% Eve Online. I play for 3 containers so I get coal and my Clan gets 30 oil and I am done for the day. Sometimes I don't even make that anymore when I am uptiered too often. Of course, the weekend players and the Reseach Bureau (62.000 for the Ohio, seriously don't you know the effort that takes??) don't help.
  8. Hey folks, Of late, i've struggled with win rate. I can perform well in game, finish in the top half of the team or even top. I try to make sure I play for the team, spotting as a DD or CV, hunting DD's as a cruiser or providing heavy fire support as a BB. I had one game where we had 5 vs 1 ship, but lost despite me being vocal in game chat telling our DD's to stop farming damage and go and cap. We lost, it was a parody! I've held up a whole flank of attacking ships as 1 DD, just flooding it with torps, and spotting constantly, only for the other flank, with most of our ships on it, to melt away! I dont know if its me, or the match making, but I always end up on the loosing team. My damage output, experience and the like is improving all the time. But my win rate is terrible. I cant wait for ranked sprint actually, I played ranked and my win rate on that is over 50%, the teams actually play as a team. For instance in Randoms, you can have a player that finishes top, they should be the best player? But if they simply farm damage from whatever target they see, they are not focusing down the enemy ships that are an immediate threat. I've had games where i've had to leg it from one end of the map to the other then back again to stop an enemy capping the base. Now I have to take my fair share of the blame in some losses. I had a great game in my T61, caused a tone of damage, then fired at a low health DD, got spotted and a lucky hit on me detonated my magazine! I should have stayed stealth! I'm an average player, so not really going to carry a game much, but I'd have thought the laws of averages would give me a 50% win rate at least! I'll not even go into the crazy up tearing I get in my Kaga, although CV play win rate for me is around 52%, thats ok! I'd just like to get a feel for what peoples feelings are on randoms of late, whats the match making like, have you seen your win rate plummet? Stats in some sense shouldn't be to important, but people use them to judge a player and my say, ok, that player has a poor win rate, i'll not be able to rely on them for support, yet offering support might make the different!
  9. This matchmaking is ridicolous! I'm not a top player, but i can't lose every or mostly of the battles i play. So, this is statistics.... i don't want to play with super players, I want to play with players like me, because if i lose every or mostly battles i play, then i will no longer play this game. Very simple concept: Play battles > mostly lose > boring > stop playing > no money for you wargaming.
  10. Moin Zusammen, In vielen „Meckertreads“ kommen immer wieder gute Anregungen und Vorschläge, was die erfahrenen Spieler anders machen würden, damit das Matchmaking ausgewogener ist, die Entwicklung der Anfänger mehr Kontinuität und Qualität erfährt, der Spielspaß wieder zunimmt. Leider gehen die dort im ewigen „gemoser“ unter, also hier rein mit den konstruktiven Anregungen. Fürs meckern, haben wir genügend Treads.