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Found 78 results

  1. Hey folks, Of late, i've struggled with win rate. I can perform well in game, finish in the top half of the team or even top. I try to make sure I play for the team, spotting as a DD or CV, hunting DD's as a cruiser or providing heavy fire support as a BB. I had one game where we had 5 vs 1 ship, but lost despite me being vocal in game chat telling our DD's to stop farming damage and go and cap. We lost, it was a parody! I've held up a whole flank of attacking ships as 1 DD, just flooding it with torps, and spotting constantly, only for the other flank, with most of our ships on it, to melt away! I dont know if its me, or the match making, but I always end up on the loosing team. My damage output, experience and the like is improving all the time. But my win rate is terrible. I cant wait for ranked sprint actually, I played ranked and my win rate on that is over 50%, the teams actually play as a team. For instance in Randoms, you can have a player that finishes top, they should be the best player? But if they simply farm damage from whatever target they see, they are not focusing down the enemy ships that are an immediate threat. I've had games where i've had to leg it from one end of the map to the other then back again to stop an enemy capping the base. Now I have to take my fair share of the blame in some losses. I had a great game in my T61, caused a tone of damage, then fired at a low health DD, got spotted and a lucky hit on me detonated my magazine! I should have stayed stealth! I'm an average player, so not really going to carry a game much, but I'd have thought the laws of averages would give me a 50% win rate at least! I'll not even go into the crazy up tearing I get in my Kaga, although CV play win rate for me is around 52%, thats ok! I'd just like to get a feel for what peoples feelings are on randoms of late, whats the match making like, have you seen your win rate plummet? Stats in some sense shouldn't be to important, but people use them to judge a player and my say, ok, that player has a poor win rate, i'll not be able to rely on them for support, yet offering support might make the different!
  2. Moin Zusammen, In vielen „Meckertreads“ kommen immer wieder gute Anregungen und Vorschläge, was die erfahrenen Spieler anders machen würden, damit das Matchmaking ausgewogener ist, die Entwicklung der Anfänger mehr Kontinuität und Qualität erfährt, der Spielspaß wieder zunimmt. Leider gehen die dort im ewigen „gemoser“ unter, also hier rein mit den konstruktiven Anregungen. Fürs meckern, haben wir genügend Treads.
  3. Who think the same as me over unfair battles from level 6 to 8 to fight against 2 levels higher. Level 6 have to fight level 8,level 7 fight against level 9 level 8 to level 10. Also when you have premium ships that we buy or win in the game, they are no match against two levels higher. We don't buy or win premium ships for filling up Higher tier matches. Hopefully you guys think the same as me and help me for more fair battles I wish you all good luck and fair seas!
  4. Yosemite_Sam_67

    Katastrophales Matchmaking

    Hallo liebe WoWs-Gemeinde, in den letzten Tagen hatte ich wieder einige Erlebnisse zum Matchmaking ... wenn Ihr ähnliches erlebt habt oder sonst ein paar Infos zum Thema Matchmaking habt, so würde ich mich dafür interressieren ... in der Hoffnung des jemand von den Verantwortlichen das liest und für Abhilfe sorgen kann. Mein Ärgernis ... 1) das in einem Tier 3 Match mit Schiffen aus dem 1. Weltkrieg Flugzeugträger auftauchen und ist schon mal nicht real und aus meiner Sicht aus Blödsinn. Das darf nicht sein ... 2) das dann in diesem Match gleich "3"!! Flugzeugträger auftauchen setzt dem ganzen die Krone auf. Auf Tier 3 sind überwiegend Schiffe aus dem 1. Weltkrieg ... Diese Schiffe haben keine bis ganz wenig Flak an Bord - wie sollen die sich denn wehren können. Ehe man 15 Meilen zurücklegt ist man zusammengebombt ohne eine Schuss abgegeben zu haben. So liebe WoWs-Freunde macht das Gaming keinen Spass. 3) Aktuell sind die Flugzeugträger bzw. Flugzeuge total overpowered. Nach Erzählungen meines Ur-Opa, er war 1944 Kampfflieger auf der USS Independence (CVL-22), hatten die Marine-Bomber bei Schiffen eine statistische Trefferquote von 1 Treffer bei 4 bis 6 Anflügen. Im Gaming führt fast jeder Anflug zu Treffern. Also ebenfall völlig unrealistisch! Also liebe WoWs-Freunde da gibt es dringend Nachbesserungs-Bedarf. Schönen Gruß ...
  5. This matchmaking is ridicolous! I'm not a top player, but i can't lose every or mostly of the battles i play. So, this is statistics.... i don't want to play with super players, I want to play with players like me, because if i lose every or mostly battles i play, then i will no longer play this game. Very simple concept: Play battles > mostly lose > boring > stop playing > no money for you wargaming.
  6. natswright

    Matchmaking for new players

    So far i'm doing ok in the game, but i'm not a skilled player yet. my PvP kill death ratio is about 0.75 if I remember correctly, I have a low hit accuracy too, 21%. With all these stats, you'd think you'd be matched with similarly skilled players, but often I find that i'm in a game with ships 2 tiers better and players with very accurate aim, like they are really good at predicting were i'll be! I have of course had games where the match making was better. One game last night that I streamed, had most of the enemy team chase my poor little T-61 (on low HP) all over, lobbing shells as I evaded most hits, even landing a few to boot! I thought i'd just keep evading as the rest of my team realized and whittled the enemy down to size as they all chased me. Eventually I took a fatal hit! Would I be right is guessing that sometimes i'll be matched against much better players as one of the players in my division is a good player themselves? I guess in that case, matchmaking can be a bit tricky.
  7. thunder3oo

    Clan Battles Matchmaking and Balance

    All right. We're all here because we like to fight with these digital ships. More that this, players enjoy Clan Battles, a way to prove their worthiness in team battles, which could be a nice experience. Some players choose big ships, big guns and accept the idea of being spotted (almost) all the time, while some players choose different tactics/ships, strategies. That's ok, as long things are balanced. Personally, I enjoy fighting a skilled and honorable enemy. What I do NOT enjoy - are battles where players make abuse of game's bugs or lack of balance (or both in the same time). I can understand the appearance of a problem in WoW's behavior because it's about programming. What I do NOT understand is this: how you get payed and still do a poor job, when your job is to test ships and think the principles of the game? How hard can it be? Why we, the players, can see it, and you, Wargaming developers and testers... don't? I assume the persons responsible for all the problems we had to face as players/customers, are payed, Right? Let's start with the oldest problem caused by the lack of balance in Random mode, one that everybody knows - one team had 2 or even 3 CV's, while the other team had only 2 CV's, 1, or even NONE. It took many months, if not a year and some, for this to be fixed. Let's continue by touching the destroyers subject. One team had 6 or 5 destroyers, while the other had 4, or 3. Or 3/2 destroyers in one team, NONE in the other. Again, it took a very long time to fix this. All right. Not only we had to play in these conditions for a long time, we also had a horrible lack of balance between the planes attacks (manual drops) and the defense provided by the automatic anti-aircraft guns. For a time there was some balance. Of course, it didn't last. Then there was the Flint, which had a very, extreme short smoke consumable cool down. Basically, Flint was able to pop up smoke after smoke. Then it was the Belfast, capable of HE, smoke and radar, so efficient that it had to be removed from the premium shop (you can read "efficient" as "poorly tested"). And so on, and so on... Coming back to Clan Battles, it seems that someone hasn't done his job (again). Yesterday, our clan had a battle with a clan from NA. Now... our guys play pretty well, generally speaking. We won some battles and we also lost a few. Everything was ok until we met these NA guys. They came in this battle with 6 (SIX) destroyers (4 Harugumo, 2 Shimakaze) and a battleship. Even we had radars and hydroacustics, and we took cover behind islands, all our ships were destroyed in a matter of minutes. Torps were everywhere, Harugumo's were shooting continuously from smoke while Shimakaze's spotted us, not to count the battleship who had no problem picking targets. Why all these happened? We played badly? No, I don't think so. It happened because you simply cannot beat this lack of balance. Because some people in Wargaming are not doing their jobs properly. Let's make something clear. Most problems in this game don't come from the visual designers. The problems are caused by the people who make inefficient tests and which have a vary vague idea about what "balance" is. So, Wargaming, what is to be done? Call it "World of Destroyers" instead of "World of Warships"? For all of us to play with destroyers, or for you to do your job the way you should? Really now, how hard can it be?
  8. SmokyButtons

    Matchmaking rebalance idea

    First of, to get it out the way, The current matchmaking, does it work? To a certain degree you argue that it does, It puts you in to match, and fairly fast to! Is it fair, again you can argue it is since every is kinda screwed over equally! 🤔 Is it fun? Not really as it is the source of constant frustrations for most players, and is prone to exploits! Furthermore the current state of matchmaking, has large balancing isues, as the current Cv rework has highlighted, but is not limited to to CV’s and lit and ships suffers from this! I propose a 2 fold change! One instead of the current 10 tier system we have, We have a Beginner + 3 group system, Where beginner is only tier 1 ships, Group one is tier 2 to 4 Group two is 5 to 7 And group 3 is 8 to 10 Divisions can only be made within groups, And your are only match against ships from the same group The ships in each group are equal in strength, so they are more side grade to each other the upgrades, like one type have some consumables, some have longer range, some faster, better AA.. and so on! Giving much more specializations with each nation, and more fun! And making the game much easier to ballance, Secondly making it easier for players to reach a level where they can participate in clan battles and rank The second change is that each ship,a player owns, has mastery level associated with it, the higher a player can reach in the mastery he/she reach, should gain extra exp and credit per battle, plus barging rights of course! The mastery should be based upon your base score x win rate of the last 25 matches! This rating should also be used by the matchmaker when composing teams, this will give more balanced teams and more fun matches. A added bonus if there are ships there are a bit overpowered, they will naturally have higher mastery scores and the matchmaker will compensate for them! Lastly I know wargaming has an extreme no policy to changing the matchmaker system, giving no good reason as to why, if I where wearing a tinfoil hat I would say it's to make extra grind and to make tier 10 more “atractive” so players will pay to skib 🤔 Very last i will I really like playing World of warships, and just wanted it to be better for all, bring In new players, so wargaming keep development of the game
  9. Hiya, The limit of 3 ships a division makes it tricky to pay the game with my friends when there are more than 3, is there a way for us to get 2 divisions into the same game on the same side?
  10. Dear fellow warship captains and game responsibles, as we are currently encountering a lot of problems due to the changes in CV gameplay and their respective balancing issues I gave those problems some major thought and this is what I was comming up with: The concept and necessary steps: 1) Set standard values for CV planes according to the respective nation, duty and tier 2) Use those standard planes in conjuction with quasi-restriced matchmaking for CV's 3) Balance AA around the standard planes Ad 1) First of all I would start assigning standard values for CV planes according to the nominal tier they are going to be used at. This includes but is not limited to plane specific values like hit points, plane speed, damage resistance, ordonance damage values etc. Once CV plane parameters for each tier, nation and plane type have been set we can move on to 2). Ad 2) Currently top tier CV's are often devastating versus lower tier ships and low tier CV's can be entirely powerless versus high tier ships, which is mainly due to the power increase (or drop) that the ±2 matchmaking is creating. This has been the reason for many complaints from both the CV captains ("useless carrier") as well as the ships on the receiving end ("useless AA"). But how can we ease this issue a little? My solution would be to use the standard value plane idea as per 1) and introduce quasi-restricted matchmaking for CV's, making them weaker while being top tier and increasing their power while being low tier. How could this work in game? Once teams have been assigned the server checks the CV's tier position for the given battle and assigns the appropriate plane tier and values. Example: a) Shokaku in a game where T6 ships are present as the lowest tier => T7 plane values are used (CV planes are downtiered to lessen impact) b) Shokaku in a game where T7 ships are present as the lowest tier => T8 plane values are used c) Shokaku in an entirely T8 game or scenario => T8 plane values are used d) Shokaku in an T9 battle => T8 plane values are used e) Shokaku in a T10 battle => T9 plane values are used (CV planes are uptiered to highten impact) Note that the actual planes models do not necessarily need to change, however the CV's will always use the respective plane tier and plane stats as explaned above. For example if a full researched T6 Ryujo were to meet a full researched T8 Shokaku in any single battle, both CVs would be using T7 plane values, i.e. the Ryujo would be using B5N2 Kate torpedo bombers with T7 stats and the Shokaku would be using B7A Ryusei torpedo bombers with T7 stats. So you might ask yourself, if both CV's are using the same planes, what is their difference and why should I level up? One answer to this is to have the CV's balanced against each other not by the planes they use but by other no less important factors like the number of planes within each squadron (e.g. T7 Ryujo 8 vs T7 Shokaku 12), the number of ordonance used per attack (e.g. T7 Ryujo 2 vs T7 Shokaku 3) or the flight deck plane respawn rate (e.g. T7 Ryujo 50 secs vs T7 Shokaku 30 secs). Ad 3) As a result of our conceptual changes to CV's and their planes the spread of planes that can meet any individual ship (or vice versa) will be reduced from a maximum of 5 tiers to a maximum of 3 tiers. Sticking to our example a Mogami will no longer face the T6 planes of a Ryujo and the T10 planes of a Hakuryu, most probably easily swatting the T6's and struggling hard with the T10's, but will just face T7 to T9 planes (±1 spread) which in theory should allow for much easier plane versus AA balancing than we can do now. I know that this concept is not entirely foolproof and has its own drawbacks, especially if there is just a minority of low or high tier ships within any single battle (a lone Amagi in an otherwise T6 and T7 battle will up the planes of a Ryujo and a lone Aoba in an otherwise T7 and T8 battle will lower the planes of a Shokaku), however I do consider these drawbacks minor in comparison to the balancing problems we are facing now (and have been facing in the past) and that the benefits of using quasi-restricted matchmaking for CV's are worth giving the idea at least some consideration. What do you think? @MrConway@Sub_Octavian
  11. Linkaex


    My team mates are broken :') All jokes aside, stop putting me only in games with [edited] and fix your match making to balance teams on skill level. Lopsided games are a common thing. But being put only in the loser team bracket is really frustrating.
  12. Kerindor

    Karl Ranseier ist tot.

    Der wohl erfolgloseste Ranked Spieler aller Zeiten spielte schon im zarten Alter von 4 Jahren in der Badewanne Ranked. Schon damals versteckten sich seine Schlachtschiffe hinter ihm und versanken beim Versuch den Badewannenrand zu durchbrechen. Später versuchte er seine Strategie in WoWs umzusetzen und so schnell es geht mit seinem Schlachtschiff eine Map über den Kartenrand zu verlassen. Legendär sind seine heroischen Versuche als Zerstörer aus der dritten Reihe den Gegner zu torpedieren, was ihm wenig Applaus und oft einen pinken Status einbrachte. Auch seine Bemühungen als CV Spieler hatten wenig Erfolg, als er nach endloser Suche endlich einen CV fand und torpedierte, nur um festzustellen das dies sein eigener war. Einen Achtungserfolg erzielte er als er mit seinem Kreuzer es schaffte nach minutenlanger Bearbeitung einer Bergkuppe mit einer HE Granate ein Schiff in Brand zu stecken. Leider war das ein Teammember, welches ihn auch noch mit unflätigen Ausdrücken dafür im Chat bedachte. Unzählige Donnerstagsthreads über das mieserable Matchmaking, den Versuch Schlachtschiffe auf die Rote Liste vom Aussterben bedrohter Schiffsklassen zu setzen und diversen Ankündigungen nie wieder zu spielen, brachten ihm leider auch nicht die lang ersehnte Anerkennung als WoWs-Spezialexperte ein. Karl Ranseier starb nach 9834 Ranked Gefechten und -10298 Karma beim Versuch mit dem Kopf die Tischplatte zu durchbrechen um wenigstens einmal Sterne zu sehen.
  13. Dirty_Dunc

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    Regardless of the upcomIng carrier update, I'd like to say that I think two CV's per side is too many and should be restricted to one carrier per team. In my opinion these games are not fun, occur far too frequently and even when your on the winning side it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. These games currently occur mostly at low tier where most ships are world war 1 vintage and have no AA guns to speak of. The whole situation is compounded when flawed matchmaking puts a novice against a veteran CV captain with thousands of games under their belt and a 19 point captain to boot. I've currently gotten to the point where by if I see more than two CV's in the player queue I just cancel and wait until the number drops because these games are so horrendous.
  14. So I started a random game and wargaming blessed me with this gem *edited* I see nothing wrong here, no matchmaking problem at all~
  15. Air_Cheese

    matchmaking in weekends

    EDIT I mean, just dont bame the matchmaking. Nothing will work well when everyone is about 30+% wr.
  16. Skitzo_Sam

    Matchmaking Questions

    Hi, so i have to say im not the best player. I dont really care about stats too much but like everyone else i have goals and ships i want to grind for so winning matches helps :). My question is Does matchmaking pair you with players with similar win %? Heres my reason for asking. I have a win % of 44% Not too great but to be fair you could be the best player in the world but if you get put with a poor group you aint going to be winning battles. This isnt a solo game. Now ive just played about 10 games in a row with different ships and lost every one. My team has just been demolished. Now obviously this has again lowered my win % and this isnt the first time. Quite often im being put in teams that just gets destroyed, maybe a win here and there but its a regular thing. Now as a premium player i spend money on this game i also buy flags to help with the grind but when you lose almost every battle i cant justify spending more money and im starting to believe that MM is putting me with players with a similar and lower win % probably to stop the guys with high win % from crying cos they have not so great players on there teams. Anyone have any thoughts on this or even an answer?
  17. procrastinatingStudent

    best MM 2016

    you got to love how drunk MM can get some times XD
  18. Kauvana

    Battle queue - nasty surprise

    Seeing as I unlocked the Budyonny only a few days back, I've been taking it into co-op battles and operations to grind XP for the upgraded modules (as one does). Twice today, however, I've been thrown into the deep end and suddenly found myself counting down for the start of... a random battle? I am dead certain I queued for an operation when I was sorted into a tier VII random. A couple games later I was 100% queueing for a co-op when I ended up facing a host of angry tier VIII BBs in another random. Do more people suffer from this glitch?
  19. Hallo Leute. Mir ist da die letzten paar Sessions seit dem Patch etwas aufgefallen- der Matchmaker funktioniert überhaupt nicht, sobald er Divisionen versuchen muss zu machen. Dazu gibt es Tierstufen, wo man entweder ewig warten muss bis man ein Match bekommt (~10k Spieler on; Tier 7) oder sofort als Auffüllmaterial gematched wird (T5/6 fast ausschließlich Tier 7/8). Was aber am meisten nervt ist die Tatsache, dass er ungleich matched- da kann es vorkommen, dass eine lowtier 3er-BB-Division gegen 2-3 Toptiers gematched wird, ohne Kompensation in den anderen Klassen! Das sieht dann teilweise so aus (1x Sonntag, 2x heute- als ich mal drangedacht habe nen Screenshot zu machen): Da wären noch mehr Fälle zu nennen, die ich aber leider nicht belegen kann. Gestern Abend zum Beispiel war ich mit Avenger in einer 2er Division Nagatos unterwegs- wir waren mit einer Tirpitz "Toptier"-BB, der Gegner hatte Iowa, Izumo und eine North Carolina. Zusätzlich hatte er noch mehr 8er Kreuzer, wir dafür eine Fletcher gegen 3 Gegner-DDs. Das Spiel ist vorprogrammiert zu verlieren. Und das war bei um die 28k Spielern, sprich der MM sollte besser funktionieren. Ich bin normal niemand der darüber mault nur lowtier gematched zu werden, oder wenn er mal in ein vermeintlich unterlegenes Team kommt (die können sich auch wehren- das Gefecht oben in der Nürnberg war ein deutlicher Sieg), aber die Häufigkeit, wie das derzeit passiert, passt einfach nicht.
  20. seXikanac


    Hello, I'm playing with my friends most of the games and realized that most of time we are separated on different sides of map for most of the games. What is point of division if we can not have our backs?
  21. So, i was in que for co-op battles in my tier III st. luis. When i came into a match, i looked in the teams section at the loading screen, and saw that the matchup was "kinda" unfair: both teams: 2 tier III 3 tier IV 2 tier V 2 tier VI so, i almost ragequitted, but decided to fight turned out that i'd better not played it: allied tier 6 battleship shot me in the back (tunnelvision (duh)) allied tier 5 battleship rammed me for absolutely no reason came around a corner only to find out that there was an enemy tier 6 battleship and a phoenix, so i got torpedoed 3048 HP left shot into bits by the secondary fire from the battleship i hope wargaming implements a better matchmaking system in the co-op battles, to ensure a better gameplay, especially for newcomers who can't do random battles (note: sorry for potential bad English; i am not a English speaking person (yet))
  22. Make T IX and X play in a separate chart, as it's HORRIBLE that I'm playing with a T VIII carrier and I'm the only one with T VIII
  23. BigBadGunner

    Matchmaking fail

    So, that's how a maximum tier difference of 2 is supposed to work? Matchmaker, go home. You're drunk. Before anybody screams "FAIL PLATOONS!!!": No, tier 4 players not in a division don't belong together with a division with a tier 7 carrier. This would make the tier 7 division a "win platoon".
  24. Ich will ja jetzt nicht eine neue "aufkommende" Diskussion anstoßen, da das Matchmaking schon oft genug kritisiert worden ist. Aber hier aus dem Spiel "Total War Arena" habt Ihr mal das beste Beispiel, wie man es machen könnte und wie es aussehen kann. Den Rest kann man selbst dazu schreiben und ausdenken. Immerhin ist es genau dass wonach sich die Spieler in WoWs seit Jahren sehnen. Von daher die einfache Frage, warum schafft es TWA das zu testen und vielleicht (sicher) auch umzusetzen, aber WOWs schafft es nicht. Selbst wenn eine gute Divison aus T8 Spielern es schafft, sich gegenüber T10ern zu behaupten, wird man die meiste Zeit von denen eh nur noch zusammen geschossen... Von daher finde ich diesen Ansatz mal ganz interessant, wie Sies machen wollen oder testen. https://www.reddit.com/r/TotalWarArena/comments/90ety3/matchmaking_tests_2007/ Zuerst haben wir T8 aus dem High-Tier-Matchmaking-Band entfernt, sie existieren jetzt ausschließlich im T7-8-Tier-Band, ohne T8-9-Band, um T9s nicht aus dem T10-Band zu nehmen. First up, we’ve removed T8 from the high tier matchmaking band, they exist now solely in the T7-8 tier band, with no T8-9 band so as not to take T9s out of the T10 band. Also based on your feedback, we’ve increased the weighting of parties.
  25. Even in a Co-op, ridiculous!! Screenshot speaks for itself...