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Found 93 results

  1. Hello there, Captains! With update 0.7.4 the "matchmaking issue" is getting a bit of polish, and that is really good news! I really think this is a big step towards making the game more enjoyable by balance, yet there is a just as important thing that I hope is lurking in World of Warships developers minds: SKILL-BASED MATCHMAKING! I am also glad that one of my hopes is becoming reality, sending bad players (in any way "bad players" can be described) into forced Co-Op games, to chill their nipples or learn the basics! Question: would you guys mind if Wargaming made the MM more "skills" related? I personally wouldn't mind waiting for a couple of minutes to get players closer to my level, be it good or bad, than play with 3/4 un-carriable, suicidal, useless potatoes (or in the other case, players that wreck me with little to no effort). They can play and have more fun in their black-stats-league, at the bottom of the pit, that's the only way they can climb up... because placing them higher than what their little minds can handle... they just get 1shoted fast, ruin a game, get flamed/reported, claim the game is crap, make others claim the game is crap because of getting such creatures on their team. (just watch 1hr of decent steamers and you will be convinced for life). Skill-based matchmaking - using average XP/battle as the main differential (please don't use damage again, it's dumb) would make a huge impact on the quality and feel of this game. Being able to somehow-rely on one of your random team-mates is crucial in a tactical game like this. CRUCIAL! Just looking at the MM monitor, some players instantly realize they need to 1v23 for victory... and that is unfair after a few games where they are the only victory hope/condition. I think this will just improve the community as well, lower toxicity, by gathering players of similar skills closer, as they meet each other more often and so they can develop friendships and rivalries. Working examples are all over the online gaming world! It is discouraging and shameful to promote the game as anything else but a mediocre arcade game, as long as you can find crap and gold mixed in the same bowl and presented as a "working recipe of success and continuity". The games that are having the biggest success are those that combine multiplayer tactics with personal skill and... THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF GROWTH! Take Riot Gaming's League of Legends for example: players are separated into leagues, have an "MMR" that defines their skill and whenever they play PVP modes, they are set against players of similar MMR. The only chance of a Silver player to be placed against a Diamond player, while playing random matches, is if he or one of his team-mates of similar MMR is in a premade party with a Diamond player or two Platinum players etc. so that, in the end, the average MMR of both teams is almost equal. It should be the same in World of Warships, with the AVERAGE XP/GAME numbers. SOLUTION TO MAKE THIS CHANGE FASTER: This kinda' goes out to everyone that plays the game, we need to put a little bit of effort ourselves. Wargaming promotes the game as best as we can, but in the end, it's the players' community that draws most of the new members. Help expand the player base, help to guide new players into enjoying the game, give constant feedback about the game (good or bad, it will only improve the game overall), recruit friends that have lost their "gaming way" and need a new challenge. Anything that you can think of, in the end, it's a new game (2yrs only makes it fresh a.f.) that you should play with friends, in a fun or competitive environment, whatever rocks your boat! A bigger player base means more options when it comes to improving the quality of play. PS: If this change happens it doesn't mean I wouldn't flame a bad play, but at least I know that guy made a once-in-100-games-mistake and that's not his real level, inclining more towards irony than disgust and losing the will to play the game, like it happens when all my DDs are 30% WR/5k avg dmg in 1000 games and die in the first 2 minutes without any logical reason but complete lack of care or pure stupidity, or my top tier BBs are of my T1 ships average dmg and camp the edges of the map shooting HE from max range not to get their paint scratched by looking like a real threat to the enemy. I also bet that flaming somebody that understands their mistake and even accepts the critic is so much different that flaming a guy that has no clue what the game is about and gets back to you with some dumb offensive line or just... dumb, just because he has no clue what went wrong, he was doing so fine rushing the enemy team in his destroyer, guns blazing. (These situations happen too often for a decent player to really enjoy the game... and as the focus on the game is still on "DAMAGE = points and $, everything else is less rewarding", I don't see it improving as long as bad players can just shoot some shells at something and can "secure" a defeat with their bad play, but they get compensated, even in their utter uselessness.) PS2 (some older note I made on toxicity and the reason why it's so much a part of the game): The toxicity in WoWs in not that high compared to other online games and to be honest, it's mostly justified. 99% of the "flaming" cases I've witnessed or been a part of were justified by the actions of the player getting flamed. When you're such a mentally impotent person that you're unable to follow the very few but important general rules of the game and ruin the experience for 23 other people for up to 20 minutes, I believe it's not enough to get flamed and put in your place, I would even take it up a notch and temporary ban that person from Random&Ranked games and only allow him Co-Op for a while, where he needs to have a certain score to get out of. Some people can't even handle bots and you see them rocking their T10 ships (that they grinded for the past 2 years, 300xp/game, dozens of games/day, 30% win rate and 7k avg dmg) next to players and against players from the best clans out there, ruining their games, blocking them, ramming them, torpedoing them by "mistake"... You CANNOT NOT flame these guys, you're doing them a service and maybe you're pushing them towards wanting to improve and avoid getting verbally harassed! But when it happens, always the one to blame is... WARGAMING. Yes! Why? For not having matchmaking give a damn about players performance and mixing utter potato with super unicums just for the hell of it, for not punishing in any way players that are constantly reported for playing bad or unsportsmanlike, for not making a learning-curve-mandatory-tutorial and allow Random games only after you've proven to have more than 2 neurons, unfried. They don't have the resources fix these, yet. Resources = players. Everybody has a bad game or a bad day and I accept being insulted when I do something really stupid, but some guys have ONLY bad games and ONLY bad days, thousands of games in a row, but somehow, someway, through the power of not caring about this issue, they sometimes get to play alongside their man-crush Flarmu (just using him here cuz he looks good as an anime gurl), salute him, lavish him with fan-boy stuff, but during the actual game maybe ram him out of a good position, maybe hit him with some friendly torps or eat his torps and turn Flamu pink, as he's best suited. That is the sad/happy life of a really bad player in WoWs, and there are thousands of them out here, every single day. Can't hate on WG tho, not even a bit, the game is good even if it's a fresh game (2yrs online is fresh), the player base is quite small still and mostly mature because the game appeals mostly to this age. If they had a 35 mil. players/day like Riot's LoL they could do like they do: divide players according to skill in matchmaking, punish unskilled/trolls/intentionally suiciding, permaban utter toxicity and many more things to keep us happy. Even so, rude/ironic/toxic talk will and should never die! It's the spice of online gaming! If it's too spicy for you, chances are... you're a HUGE P***Y Sorry for the long post, here's a potato to... wait, I don't have any, you'll need to look in a mirror!
  2. Balancovaný MM

    Ahoj, předpokládám, že se tato zpětná vazba s odezvou moc nesetká, ať už kvůli malému vzorku dat, nebo prostě proto, že nejsem dostatečně platící zákazník (alepsoň tak mi to bylo naznačeno na WoT fóru). Hlavně bych se totiž chtěl zeptat, kdy dojde k tvorbě bitev s vyváženým MM. Ve World of Tanks se jim to už povedlo a ačkoliv 3-5-7 systém není možná utopisticky ideální, nestává se, že by na jedné straně byly tanky vyšší úrovně než na druhé. Tento problém ovšem na lodích máme a to docela často. Tak například hned první screenshot v příloze. Vážně vám přijde fér, že jeden tým má tři osmičky a ten druhý má pouze devítky a desítky? Ten den se mi to stalo dokonce dvakrát (druhý screenshot jsem nedělal, měli jsme 2 osmičky, oni žádnou - tentokrát jsme to ale vyhráli i přes to, že nám MM hodil fůru klacků pod nohy). Upřímně, ale toto není ten největší problém, který mě trápí. Samozřejmě, že je lepší mít vyšší úrovně, ale když tam hodíte pár zásahů do citadel, tak je vám úplně jedno zda jste trefili Yorcka, Hippera nebo Roona... Jak jsem řekl hned na začátku, přítelkyně si dělala statistiku a skončila u čísla 36 protože toho prostě a jednoduše měla dost. Počítala bitvy, ve kterých nepřátelský tým měl více torpédoborců než náš... U čísla 36 přestala počítat s pár docela sprostými slovy... Ono ani nejde o to, že je to snad v každé druhé bitvě. Jde o to, že tým, který měl více torpédoborců ve 36 případech prohrál jen 5x... Stručně řečeno, pokud to ten tým nepodělal hned ze začátku nějakou torpédo-kamikazí a torpédoborce jim přežily první 3 minuty, tak jsme to měli spočítané. Mít o torpédoborce víc je mnohdy až neuvěřitelná výhoda. Poslední dobou jsou populární bitevní lodě a tým s více torpédoborci si je vklidu posílá pod vodu. Potřebujete obsadit oblast? Nevadí, tým s více torpédoborci je prostě flexibilnější a rychlejší. Samozřejmě to funguje i opačně. Má-li můj tým více torpéďáků, je celá bitva mnohem snazší (pokud nepadnou během prvních 3 minut). Z posledních 7 tkových, kdy jsme měli více těchto borců, jsem prohráli jen jednou... Já fakt nevím, kde je problém. Ve špičce je online až 27 000 hráčů. To je tak těžké zařídit stejné počty torpédoborců na obou stranách? Už jsem to zkoušeli i oblafnout tím, že jsme vzali do čety 3 šestkové torpé'ďáky a nepřátelé měli 2 šestky a 2 sedmičky... Nevadí mi mít celkově tým nižší úrovně, nevadí mi když mezi sedmičky někdo dotáhne čtverku (ve WoT to vyřešili), ale prostě tahle nevyváženost torpédoborců je stupidní a hru to vážně kazí. Máte-li více torpédoborců, je hra z poloviny vaše. Jen to totálně nepokazit... Vážně to chce už změnu. Nebo rovnou zaveďte 2 letadlovky proti jedné, vyjde to nastejno... (Jinak, než někdo začne nadávat, jaká jsme rajčata - jsme standartní normální průměrný vzorek s poměrem vítězství 50%. respektive 52% u ní...)
  3. Enough is enough.

    Right, have to make a topic out of it.. I'm really getting sick of that horrible MM for tier 8. WG, please fix that horrible 'thing', i'm really tempted to just quit the battle, or just sell all my T8 ships. 90% of the battles i play in T8 ships are T10 battles. and though i don't mind being bottom tier, everyone has to be every now and then, this is way beyond the 'fun and engaging' part of the game. This has been going on for quite some time now, and really, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. please.. the difference between T10 and T8 ships is already way to big to be a fair fight in my opinion, certainly in cruisers. I know, 'L2P'.. and stuff like that. I'm not the best player out here, but i'm certainly not the only one facing this horrible stuff. I really like the T8 ships, they are among the most fun ships to play imo, but it's that MM that kills all the fun. I lost count of the times i was the only T8 ship in a battle, the other team did have a person that had the same bad luck, but i'm past believing this is just bad luck. I'd love to hear if there is something to do about this, and IF WG is actually going to do that... thanks for reading, and have a nice day.
  4. Hello all! Playing myself Charles Martel a lot, and being a great fan of it, I'm ok with bad MM. This means that my games will be possibly even whenever I play against T10 ships or T6 ships (nothing about how good are the commanders of the ships). THIS brought me to ask myself WHY I couldn t play with my friends that are playing god damn Yamato, with my Charles Martel? Because I could easily be in the same game as them by synchronizing the start of the battle... So, I m ok with banning divisions that have 2tiers+ difference between players, but to me, it should be allowed when you team up with T8-T10, since the MM is not modified by this : -the T8 ship cannot play against "fail division" T 11 ships -the T10 ship cannot play against T7 ships (I ve never seen a "revearse fail division") SOOOO do you guys agree?
  5. Hello all! Playing myself Charles Martel a lot, and being a great fan of it, I'm ok with bad MM. This means that my games will be possibly even whenever I play against T10 ships or T6 ships (nothing about how good are the commanders of the ships). THIS brought me to ask myself WHY I couldn t play with my friends that are playing god damn Yamato, with my Charles Martel? Because I could easily be in the same game as them by synchronizing the start of the battle... So, I m ok with banning divisions that have 2tiers+ difference between players, but to me, it should be allowed when you team up with T8-T10, since the MM is not modified by this : -the T8 ship cannot play against "fail division" T 11 ships -the T10 ship cannot play against T7 ships (I ve never seen a "revearse fail division") SOOOO do you guys agree?
  6. Je cite (la définition du matchmaking selon Wargaming): "The improved matchmaker builds two teams with several key criteria in mind: Comparable in their aggregate combat parameters. Diverse in vehicle types and versatile enough to provide an engaging gaming experience. Balanced in a way that gives both sides a chance at victory." Comment est il possible, alors que la 3ème ligne de cette citation indique que les équipes sont balancées de telle sorte qu'il y ait une victoire possible des deux cotés, que le matchmaking soit complètement péter pour l'équipe adverse? Parce que là, clairement c'est vraiment des foutaises!!! Wargaming, si vous m'écouter, expliquez moi???

    My team mates are broken :') All jokes aside, stop putting me only in games with [edited] and fix your match making to balance teams on skill level. Lopsided games are a common thing. But being put only in the loser team bracket is really frustrating.
  8. Schon wieder ein Matchmaking-Thread

    *Kurzes Mimimi* Der Matchmaker macht unfaire Teams. Die Anzahl an Low- und Midtier-Schiffen ist oft unausgeglichen und benachteiligt dadurch ein Team von Anfang an. Z.B. 2x T9, 1x T8 und 9x T7 gegen 2x T9, 4x T8 und 6x T7 oder 4x T9, 3x T8 und 5x T7 gegen 4x T9, 6x T8 und 2x T7 Das sind Differenzen von 3 Tierstufen, die eigentlich nicht sein dürften, da genug Leute online sind. (Denn diese beiden Beispiele stammen nicht von 3 Uhr Nachts, sondern Nachmittags zur besten Zeit.) Hier noch Beweis-Screenshots: Ich könnte ja verstehen, dass es manchmal zu Unterschieden von 1er Stufe kommt, aber 3? Warum? Kann der Matchmaker dann nicht einfach ein Midtier- gegen ein Lowtierschiff zwischen den Teams austauschen?
  9. Matchmaking Questions

    Hi, so i have to say im not the best player. I dont really care about stats too much but like everyone else i have goals and ships i want to grind for so winning matches helps :). My question is Does matchmaking pair you with players with similar win %? Heres my reason for asking. I have a win % of 44% Not too great but to be fair you could be the best player in the world but if you get put with a poor group you aint going to be winning battles. This isnt a solo game. Now ive just played about 10 games in a row with different ships and lost every one. My team has just been demolished. Now obviously this has again lowered my win % and this isnt the first time. Quite often im being put in teams that just gets destroyed, maybe a win here and there but its a regular thing. Now as a premium player i spend money on this game i also buy flags to help with the grind but when you lose almost every battle i cant justify spending more money and im starting to believe that MM is putting me with players with a similar and lower win % probably to stop the guys with high win % from crying cos they have not so great players on there teams. Anyone have any thoughts on this or even an answer?
  10. Bots in Random Battle ??

    I managed to install WoWs via steam and created a new account. Nothing special so far. But unlocking the random battles and starting them, i noticed that there are bots in there. In both teams. Every team is also limited to ten members, on more, no less. Wait time for matchmaking is most of the time less than 30 seconds. Did i miss something? Random Battles are normaly suppossed to have flexible team size and only human members. Is this only for the steam client? Can someone confirm this behavoir for ships of tier V or higher? Thanks in advance.
  11. Matchmaking

    No se si es solo imaginacion mia pero el matchmaking lo veo algo desajustado. Es verdad que se encuentran partidas muy rapidas pero creo que seria mejor que tardaran un poco mas en encontrar partidas pero que juegues con barcos mas o menos de tu tier. Actualmente si tienes tier 8 sueles encontrarte en partidas tier 9 y 10 pero esque si te pones un Kaguero que es tier 8 la posibilidad se aumenta hasta el caso de que casi seguro tienes enfrente tiers 10. Acabo de jugar 3 partidas con el Mahan tier 7 e incluso salieron tiers 10.. ni te cuento lo que se disfruta una partida teniendo la ocultacion del mahan contra un flechet o un z46... En fin me gustaria que WG pensara en que en vez de encontar partida en menos de 5 segundos seria mejor tardar 15 pero que sean en tus mismos tiers. Es mi opinion. PD: Cuenta la leyenda de que a un tier 6 lo metieron en una partida de Tiers 8... ah no que esa fue mi partida de antes..
  12. Wtf Matchmaking?

    Was soll denn der schwachsinn? Wie arbeitet das Matchmaking? Joooo 2 Bismarks alles klar da müssn 7x10 2x9 rein, damits fair ist kommen noch 2 gegnerische 8er rein, den DD zähl ich nich. Repariert den schwachsinn bitte, danke.
  13. Dear Wargaming, please explain to me, why you consider this matchmaking as fair: The match type is Domination. My team is down 1 DD and 1 BB. And the enemy has a radar cruiser. DD is the most important class in Domination. So why the hell is there still a DD imbalance in this game mode?! Why is there a imbalance in ship classes anyway?! Also, the 3-tier spread (+2/-2) does not help. I would not mind longer queue times for a 2-tier spread (+1/-1). But please, please remove this bull**** class imbalance!
  14. When are you fixing MM ? WHEN ?!?

    So I just played a game in the Duca d'Aosta - nice ship and all. Domination Mode. Enemy team had: The ONLY destroyer in game The ONLY smoke-deplying cruiser in game The ONLY Radar cruiser in the game. HOW retarded is your MatchMaking-algorithm to let such unabated filthy disgusting cancer get through? Oh, and I censored all the player names except mine.
  15. Make T IX and X play in a separate chart, as it's HORRIBLE that I'm playing with a T VIII carrier and I'm the only one with T VIII
  16. help a poor guy. scharnhorst or tirpitz

    right...so i just started playing wows for about 2 weeks (here and there), after i just quited wot...new premiums every single day, and no other content, plus the very balanced heat spamming russian meds, just destroyed the game for me. now i start playing with the german BBs and IJN CAs plus a bit later i'll start the IJN BBs and german CAs...for start i'd like to get one premium ship mainly for training purposes and some credits...but i just can't decide which one to buy between scharnhorst and tirpitz. I keep watching youtube videos and forum articles on them but no specific info on which would be a better ship for the money i would spend on it. until i heard that scharnhorst has kind of a special matchmaking, as in it's most of the time top tier, but when i check the stats on wg's pedia, it has the normal mm...so is it just a thing of the normal tier 7 matchmaking, as in all tier 7 ships get mainly top tier matchmaking, or is it something particular to scharnhorst. Thanks for any answers you might give me.

    Siince years im wating for two patches eagerly... 1 is the clanpatch in which after so many time clans have something usefull to do as a clan like in WOT. Nevertheless they have chosen each and every patch for ages to ignore the clansystem. Restoration of the teambattle mode could be some kindof replacement for that; but its a riddle to me why the option is still there and mentioned on screen but it is Always out of order. Something like you buy a car which you never will be able to drive Then second why still WOW developers think tthey can still ignore the matchmaking like pictures show in which teams dont have a DD and other team has one and especially in a domination or Epicenter which is then a feast for the enemy DD to play. Chances to win....if you should implement XVM is imo below 20%.. Many patches were presented as an improved matchmaking patch but every time its a big dissapointment because they didnt tackle the main problem so far. Same suits the remark in which i was in a tier 10 domination t9 match with 2 Kievs with concealment of a BB and opposite site with 3 radarships while on our side we had of course NO single radarship and they have a few Bensons or IJN dd s. Its lost before it started. Cant complain when ppl gp AFK after seeing this kind of setup of a match. They can use their time better then this. Chances to win the match I guess below 10%. When does this madness end?????
  18. Zerstörer & Matchmaking im Spiel

    Hallo liebe Community Das spiel hat mal Spaß Gemacht aber aktuell ist der Matchmaker ein bisschen bescheiden ich fahre aktuell nur Tier 8, aber komme nur in Tier 10 runden Zudem ist die Zahl der Zerstörer etwas übertrieben 3-5 dd´s pro Team ist schon Traurig Wenn so ein Torpedoteppich anrauscht und du sie so spät siehst das du keine chance mehr hast zu reagieren und zwangsläufig stirbst Klar sollen die Team´s chancen haben Schlachtschiffe zu versenken aber eine Shima mit 15 torpedos zu je 14k-18k schaden is echt zu viel, wenn die torpedos dein Schiff treffen hast du die shima vielleicht noch nicht mal sehen Naja is nur meine Meinung aber so geht der spiel spaß verloren...
  19. Problems with Matchmaking

    Yes once again a Thread about Matchmaking, but i want to point something out, which seems to occur more often lately, atleast i dont remember it being like that before. Ive seen one other thread about that, but since there were no pics it didnt lead anywhere. There are 2 big problems I think lately: - Uneven amount of the ship classes (1 Team has more BB AND DD than the other) - Uneven Tiers (One Team has more ships of the lowest Tier) Usually they also happen in combination (as u will see in the pics) and in favor of one team. The first 3 Pics all happened yesterday, and no, I didnt play many matches (first 2 are back to back games, third one was later that day) Third Match was also very nice where they got everything better on the enemy Team: Saipan > Ranger, 1 DD more > ours is one Tier lower, 2 Aobas (T6) substitute a Bayern and Maass or Blyska... 4th Pic only shows uneven tier distribution (3 T6 on enemy Team) I dont think MM should be based on skill what sometimes appear here on the forums... but somekinda fair MM would be great and i dont think it that should be hard to implement, then i rather wait 10 secs more that the match will start since u dont have to wait anyway.
  20. I am wondering why the algorithm managed me as it did during this season, because it did: I finished the last season in r1 so i started at the best position, r13, with some days of the start. Reached r12 at 3rd of july. R9 at 5th, r8 at 6th, r7 at 9th, r5 at 10th, and the struggle started, over the changed meta (fuso spam, some batles was needed to get it, but yet, when i am entered to r5, i had 73 battles in the season, and i had some things to do) r3 at 16th of july, r2 reached first time at 17th of the month. And the real struggle started... You can see i had a good ride or MM ... in the days down in the numbers, but usually when one star was needed to the next star i had bad kind of team mates, but mostly 1-2 tries was enough to step over, that was ok. But in R2 this was amplified. I had a series of games when i have the typical rushing and dying and the going around the map without knowing what to do players were my teammates from the session, over and over, until i fell out from r2... Once one wrote me a nice letter after a battle (...) [ in that battle surely he died first and spammed the whole battle], and i checked, he had overall double games (12* vs 240+ at the time, WR 58% vs 50%), and he was still around r5-r4. And he was the only one whom i checked, but usually the session names were the same, the only change was my "rankness" wich determined my side... There were 5 days when we played together (same part of the day, in a row) when if i died out from a winning r3**** game and started an other i was able to reach r2 (*) but instantly got the names from the other side while in r2, and started loosing again, with those who failed against me, opposite the better half. Once or so somehow with luck i was 2 or even 1 star from the end, but if that happened i started to fail mostly because the topic. I had to change "timezone" and try other ships to trick the system ,but it still was 26 games after each other in one session to get from r3*** to r1 in my last attempt. If i am high caliber in BB, but 10 or so more XP goes to a DD who capturing and spotting, then dying in the first half of the match, or in a DD against 2 more, one with RPF, when my buddies dies during the first attack, that not consolation, and with the bad half of the session its happens a lot more... I had bad runs sure, but if this happens after a defenetive border a lot more that, is showing up soon! And if it this much at the end of all of the whole thing like that, that is a real soul-killer... so thanks whoever wrote the algorithm, but could you revisit it?
  21. MM at its "BEST"

    Was it so hard to put some people who don't "play for fun" in my team also? After 5 minutes my team was in 1 corner on domination mode :(
  22. probleme de matchmaking

    Je post ce commentaire suite a de nombreuses parties vraiment désequilibrées.... Je joue en tiers 7 (croiseur Pensacola) avec un ami en tiers 8 (cuirassé Bismarck) et je tombe 3 fois de suite face a tiers 10 et 9. Impossible dans ce cas de faire des parties amusantes (on perd le principe du jeu dans ce cas) vu que on se fait tuer en 3 salves...... Je reçois en cadeau le Dunkerque (cuirassé premium tiers 6) et je fais deux parties avec 2 amis qui possèdent également ce même bateau et résultat : 2 fois de suite face a des tiers 8.... Dunkerque ou non, impossible de faire une partie amusante, juste se faire tuer sans faire grand-chose d'utile derrière.... J'adresse ce message à ceux qui pourraient éventuellement remonter ce problème majeur aux dév, merci de faire des efforts sur le réequilibrage des parties, histoire de ne plus tomber contre des adversaires trop forts (quitte a attendre 30 secondes de plus pour lancer une partie). Merci d'avance !
  23. Who needs cruiser's...

    Not my first time to get this kind of MM... So any info about this? its intended? Redirect me if theres a thread about this. Thank you.
  24. Matchmaking Monitor Application *Update*

    Hey there! Some information about the MatchMakingMonitor initially released by jammin411: A new version is available at: https://wowreplays.com/Downloads/WoWReplaysMatchMakingMonitor.zip I spend some time updating the user interface (ui) and the functionality and quickly want to showcase some of the changes: Changing a setting related to the ui triggers a redraw of the ui. Meaning if for example you change the color for "Unicum" it will change the colors of the current match displayed By default players with less than 10 matches in the current ship will be hidden for the simple reason that you can't really judge a player by the first few battles. This option can be turned off though The limits responsible for calculating the color are now customizable. Before they were hardcoded values in the app. Also now they are split up by Tier or Ship where necessary to be a closer representation of the actual game. ( For example a T3 DD shouldn't be calculated with the same limits as a T10 BB ) With the first start of the app the limits are calculated with the average ship stats from warships.today for all regions. You can always reset/resync the settings to default with a button. It will recalculate the limits from warships.today with the most up-to-date data and reset everything else to default You can now adjust the "weights" for the calculation of the seperate values. If for example you don't want the battles to affect the overall rating you can set it to 0 and divide the points to other the other values. The default setting is simply a suggestion i thought made sense You can now import and export your settings Future: I'm planning to adjust the design to the new design of the wowsreplays.com website.Also there is something i would like to get some feedback about.This goes mostly to single screen users but everyone is welcome to share his/her oppinion.Would someone be interested in having an android app connect to the MatchMakingMonitor, kind of like how WhatsApp Web is working, and show the stats on the phone aswell? I'm doing it anyways for my own experience and fun but if no one would want to use it i wouldn't spend so much time on it making it user friendly.
  25. Coś niedobrego dzieje się ostatnio z grą. Pierwszą kwestią, jaką chciałem poruszyć są cheaterzy, których WG powinno wyciąć w pień. W jednej z gier był Saipan, który stał jak osioł i był wykryty, podpływaliśmy do niego, a on po chwili teleportował się w jakieś inne miejsce (albo zniknął), nikt go już nie znalazł do końca gry. Zapamiętałem to zdarzenie, bo Saipan konsekwentnie atakował mnie przez całą grę i chciałem mu się odgryźć, ale zniknął, jemu natomiast udało się za siódmym zrzutem torped powalić mnie zalaniem. W następnej grze za to widziałem, jak Hiryu atakował Akatsuki torpedami. I co? Akatsuki ich nie wyminął, a jedna torpeda przepłynęła POD NIM. Po chwili Hiryu powtórzył atak I ZNOWU TORPEDA PRZEPŁYNĘŁA POD NISZCZYCIELEM. Czasami zdarza się też, że torpedy zrzucone z samolotów po dotarciu do burty okrętu znikają, nie wybuchając. Co jeszcze mnie boli to matchmaking, który jest jakby zaprogramowany, że ta drużyna ma wygrać, a ta przegrać. Albo wylosuje mnie w takim miejscu, że muszę płynąć kilka minut żeby dotrzeć do reszty, jeśli oczywiście dopłynę, bo to super cel dla lotniskowca, albo wrzuca mnie z ludźmi, którzy nie wiedzą po co grają w tę grę. Uciekają na koniec mapy, gdy zobaczą jakiś okręt, zamiast strzelać - to zdarza się aż zbyt często. Przed chwilą natomiast miałem kolo siebie 2 pancerniki 8 tieru które zaczęły się obściskiwać na linii H i nie chciały walczyć. W tej samej grze 2 krążowniki płynęły na cap A, a gdy do niego dopłynęły nagle zmieniły zdanie i zaczęły płynąć na C, zostawiając mnie i całą flankę na pożarcie. Tacy ludzie chyba grają tylko po to, żeby zobaczyć jak inni przez nich toną i jak cała drużyna przez nich przegrywa. Bo przecież nawet zarobku za to nie ma, jak ktoś nie robi obrażeń, tylko pływa chaotycznie jak naćpany. Gdyby to się zdarzało rzadko to jeszcze można by machnąć ręką, ale opisane przeze mnie przypadki i im podobne zdarzają się często. A MM firmy WG chyba kara mnie za to, że chcę grać w ich grę, jeśli losuje mnie kilka razy pod rząd do drużyn, topiących 2, 3, 4 okręty w bitwie, z czego i tak ja zatapiam jeden, gdy wyskoczy na mnie pół floty, kompani uciekają, a ja muszę bronić przegranej już sprawy. Jestem przecietnym graczem, nie statsiarzem ani graczem wybitnym, żeby MM takie numery robił i karał ludźmi, którzy nie wiadomo jak dostali okręty 7, 8 tieru (no jak, skoro nie walczą, albo nawet nie potrafią sterować okrętem. Ostatnią sprawą jaką chciałem poruszyć jest strzelanie. Zazwyczaj jest wszystko ok, ale czasem gra potrafi zastrajkować (cisnę lewy przycisk myszy, ale nie, nie możesz teraz strzelać, bo przeciwnik zbyt bardzo ci ułatwił odsłaniając całą burtę, będziesz mógł za chwilę, gdy już odpali w ciebie wszystkie torpedy i się opamięta z manewrowaniem), albo tzw. protectnoob (co z tego, że jest średni dystans i przeciwnik obrócony burtą powinien zejść na jedną lub kilka salw, wylosujemy ci dingi i przestrzelone strzały). Najbardziej jednak frustrujące jest gdy strzelasz, słychać huk, a pocisków nie ma, nie lecą (utknęły w lufie, czy przeszły w inny wymiar? a może są, tylko są niewidzialne?). WG, proszę, weźcie się za siebie, bo takie rzeczy wypaczają samą ideę tej gry, coś jak korumpowanie sędziów w sporcie. Chyba, że zarobiliście już swoje i zaczynacie zwijać interes. Pozdrawiam, mam nadzieję, że macie ludzi rozumiejących po polsku. Przepraszam za ostre słowa, ale piszę to w afekcie. P.S. no i oczywiście zgłaszanie takich rzeczy jest prawie niemożliwe, nie ma kontaktu z supportem ani możliwości nakręcenia powtórki bitwy tak na wszelki wypadek