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  • English Speaking Community
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  • Polska Społeczność
  • Communauté francophone
  • Česká a slovenská komunita
  • Comunidad de habla española
  • Türkçe Topluluk

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  1. Dear Wargaming, please explain to me, why you consider this matchmaking as fair: The match type is Domination. My team is down 1 DD and 1 BB. And the enemy has a radar cruiser. DD is the most important class in Domination. So why the hell is there still a DD imbalance in this game mode?! Why is there a imbalance in ship classes anyway?! Also, the 3-tier spread (+2/-2) does not help. I would not mind longer queue times for a 2-tier spread (+1/-1). But please, please remove this bull**** class imbalance!
  2. So I just played a game in the Duca d'Aosta - nice ship and all. Domination Mode. Enemy team had: The ONLY destroyer in game The ONLY smoke-deplying cruiser in game The ONLY Radar cruiser in the game. HOW retarded is your MatchMaking-algorithm to let such unabated filthy disgusting cancer get through? Oh, and I censored all the player names except mine.
  3. Make T IX and X play in a separate chart, as it's HORRIBLE that I'm playing with a T VIII carrier and I'm the only one with T VIII
  4. i just started playing wows for about 2 weeks (here and there), after i just quited premiums every single day, and no other content, plus the very balanced heat spamming russian meds, just destroyed the game for me. now i start playing with the german BBs and IJN CAs plus a bit later i'll start the IJN BBs and german CAs...for start i'd like to get one premium ship mainly for training purposes and some credits...but i just can't decide which one to buy between scharnhorst and tirpitz. I keep watching youtube videos and forum articles on them but no specific info on which would be a better ship for the money i would spend on it. until i heard that scharnhorst has kind of a special matchmaking, as in it's most of the time top tier, but when i check the stats on wg's pedia, it has the normal is it just a thing of the normal tier 7 matchmaking, as in all tier 7 ships get mainly top tier matchmaking, or is it something particular to scharnhorst. Thanks for any answers you might give me.
  5. Yes once again a Thread about Matchmaking, but i want to point something out, which seems to occur more often lately, atleast i dont remember it being like that before. Ive seen one other thread about that, but since there were no pics it didnt lead anywhere. There are 2 big problems I think lately: - Uneven amount of the ship classes (1 Team has more BB AND DD than the other) - Uneven Tiers (One Team has more ships of the lowest Tier) Usually they also happen in combination (as u will see in the pics) and in favor of one team. The first 3 Pics all happened yesterday, and no, I didnt play many matches (first 2 are back to back games, third one was later that day) Third Match was also very nice where they got everything better on the enemy Team: Saipan > Ranger, 1 DD more > ours is one Tier lower, 2 Aobas (T6) substitute a Bayern and Maass or Blyska... 4th Pic only shows uneven tier distribution (3 T6 on enemy Team) I dont think MM should be based on skill what sometimes appear here on the forums... but somekinda fair MM would be great and i dont think it that should be hard to implement, then i rather wait 10 secs more that the match will start since u dont have to wait anyway.
  6. Siince years im wating for two patches eagerly... 1 is the clanpatch in which after so many time clans have something usefull to do as a clan like in WOT. Nevertheless they have chosen each and every patch for ages to ignore the clansystem. Restoration of the teambattle mode could be some kindof replacement for that; but its a riddle to me why the option is still there and mentioned on screen but it is Always out of order. Something like you buy a car which you never will be able to drive Then second why still WOW developers think tthey can still ignore the matchmaking like pictures show in which teams dont have a DD and other team has one and especially in a domination or Epicenter which is then a feast for the enemy DD to play. Chances to win....if you should implement XVM is imo below 20%.. Many patches were presented as an improved matchmaking patch but every time its a big dissapointment because they didnt tackle the main problem so far. Same suits the remark in which i was in a tier 10 domination t9 match with 2 Kievs with concealment of a BB and opposite site with 3 radarships while on our side we had of course NO single radarship and they have a few Bensons or IJN dd s. Its lost before it started. Cant complain when ppl gp AFK after seeing this kind of setup of a match. They can use their time better then this. Chances to win the match I guess below 10%. When does this madness end?????
  7. Hallo liebe Community Das spiel hat mal Spaß Gemacht aber aktuell ist der Matchmaker ein bisschen bescheiden ich fahre aktuell nur Tier 8, aber komme nur in Tier 10 runden Zudem ist die Zahl der Zerstörer etwas übertrieben 3-5 dd´s pro Team ist schon Traurig Wenn so ein Torpedoteppich anrauscht und du sie so spät siehst das du keine chance mehr hast zu reagieren und zwangsläufig stirbst Klar sollen die Team´s chancen haben Schlachtschiffe zu versenken aber eine Shima mit 15 torpedos zu je 14k-18k schaden is echt zu viel, wenn die torpedos dein Schiff treffen hast du die shima vielleicht noch nicht mal sehen Naja is nur meine Meinung aber so geht der spiel spaß verloren...
  8. I am wondering why the algorithm managed me as it did during this season, because it did: I finished the last season in r1 so i started at the best position, r13, with some days of the start. Reached r12 at 3rd of july. R9 at 5th, r8 at 6th, r7 at 9th, r5 at 10th, and the struggle started, over the changed meta (fuso spam, some batles was needed to get it, but yet, when i am entered to r5, i had 73 battles in the season, and i had some things to do) r3 at 16th of july, r2 reached first time at 17th of the month. And the real struggle started... You can see i had a good ride or MM ... in the days down in the numbers, but usually when one star was needed to the next star i had bad kind of team mates, but mostly 1-2 tries was enough to step over, that was ok. But in R2 this was amplified. I had a series of games when i have the typical rushing and dying and the going around the map without knowing what to do players were my teammates from the session, over and over, until i fell out from r2... Once one wrote me a nice letter after a battle (...) [ in that battle surely he died first and spammed the whole battle], and i checked, he had overall double games (12* vs 240+ at the time, WR 58% vs 50%), and he was still around r5-r4. And he was the only one whom i checked, but usually the session names were the same, the only change was my "rankness" wich determined my side... There were 5 days when we played together (same part of the day, in a row) when if i died out from a winning r3**** game and started an other i was able to reach r2 (*) but instantly got the names from the other side while in r2, and started loosing again, with those who failed against me, opposite the better half. Once or so somehow with luck i was 2 or even 1 star from the end, but if that happened i started to fail mostly because the topic. I had to change "timezone" and try other ships to trick the system ,but it still was 26 games after each other in one session to get from r3*** to r1 in my last attempt. If i am high caliber in BB, but 10 or so more XP goes to a DD who capturing and spotting, then dying in the first half of the match, or in a DD against 2 more, one with RPF, when my buddies dies during the first attack, that not consolation, and with the bad half of the session its happens a lot more... I had bad runs sure, but if this happens after a defenetive border a lot more that, is showing up soon! And if it this much at the end of all of the whole thing like that, that is a real soul-killer... so thanks whoever wrote the algorithm, but could you revisit it?
  9. Was it so hard to put some people who don't "play for fun" in my team also? After 5 minutes my team was in 1 corner on domination mode :(
  10. Saludos! En esta otra adaptación de otro post de nuestro buen amigo Sharana describiré las tablas de Matchmaking en las que se muestran los Tier máximos de batalla en los que puede entrar un navío en el juego. Es importante tener varias cosas en cuenta: El MM es diferente para cada clase. Cuando se entra con división, todo el grupo se clasificará según el MM del navío que puede ver el Tier más alto La cantidad de veces que se es "Top Tier" (Tier más alto en batalla) o "Bottom Tier" (Tier más bajo en batalla), es aleatoria y se entrará en aquella batalla que permita rellenar la susodicha más rápidamente Hay planes para limitar las veces que se es "Bottom Tier" después de haberlo sido varias veces consecutivas A continuación las tablas de MM (con los Tier + que podrá encontrar un navío): Acorazados Tier del Barco / Tier de Batalla I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X I II III ♦ ♦ IV ♦ ♦ V ♦ ♦ ♦ VI ♦ ♦ ♦ VII ♦ ♦ ♦ VIII ♦ ♦ ♦ IX ♦ ♦ X ♦ Cruceros Tier del Barco / Tier de Batalla I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X I ♦ ♦ II ♦ ♦ III ♦ ♦ ♦ IV ♦ ♦ ♦ V ♦ ♦ ♦ VI ♦ ♦ ♦ VII ♦ ♦ ♦ VIII ♦ ♦ ♦ IX ♦ ♦ X ♦ Destructores Tier del Barco / Tier de Batalla I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X I II ♦ ♦ III ♦ ♦ IV ♦ ♦ ♦ V ♦ ♦ ♦ VI ♦ ♦ ♦ VII ♦ ♦ ♦ VIII ♦ ♦ ♦ IX ♦ ♦ X ♦ Portaaviones Tier del Barco / Tier de Batalla I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X I II III IV ♦ ♦ V ♦ ♦ VI ♦ ♦ ♦ VII ♦ ♦ ♦ VIII ♦ ♦ ♦ IX ♦ ♦ X ♦ Navíos con Matchmaking especial y premiums: Tachibana (II): II-III Albany (II): II-III Mikasa (II): II-III Diana (II): II-III Aurora (III): III-IV Iwaki (IV) : IV-V Yūbari (IV) : IV-V Ishizuchi (IV) : IV-V Arkansas (IV): IV-V Warspite (VI): VI-VII Sims (VII): VII-VIII Atlanta (VII): VII-IX Atago (VIII): VIII-X Kitakami (VIII): VIII-IX Tirpitz (VIII): VIII-X IMPORTANTE: Toda esta información estará sujeta a cambios y correcciones que sean necesarios para mantenerla actualizada
  11. Je post ce commentaire suite a de nombreuses parties vraiment désequilibrées.... Je joue en tiers 7 (croiseur Pensacola) avec un ami en tiers 8 (cuirassé Bismarck) et je tombe 3 fois de suite face a tiers 10 et 9. Impossible dans ce cas de faire des parties amusantes (on perd le principe du jeu dans ce cas) vu que on se fait tuer en 3 salves...... Je reçois en cadeau le Dunkerque (cuirassé premium tiers 6) et je fais deux parties avec 2 amis qui possèdent également ce même bateau et résultat : 2 fois de suite face a des tiers 8.... Dunkerque ou non, impossible de faire une partie amusante, juste se faire tuer sans faire grand-chose d'utile derrière.... J'adresse ce message à ceux qui pourraient éventuellement remonter ce problème majeur aux dév, merci de faire des efforts sur le réequilibrage des parties, histoire de ne plus tomber contre des adversaires trop forts (quitte a attendre 30 secondes de plus pour lancer une partie). Merci d'avance !
  12. Not my first time to get this kind of MM... So any info about this? its intended? Redirect me if theres a thread about this. Thank you.
  13. Hey there! Some information about the MatchMakingMonitor initially released by jammin411: A new version is available at: I spend some time updating the user interface (ui) and the functionality and quickly want to showcase some of the changes: Changing a setting related to the ui triggers a redraw of the ui. Meaning if for example you change the color for "Unicum" it will change the colors of the current match displayed By default players with less than 10 matches in the current ship will be hidden for the simple reason that you can't really judge a player by the first few battles. This option can be turned off though The limits responsible for calculating the color are now customizable. Before they were hardcoded values in the app. Also now they are split up by Tier or Ship where necessary to be a closer representation of the actual game. ( For example a T3 DD shouldn't be calculated with the same limits as a T10 BB ) With the first start of the app the limits are calculated with the average ship stats from for all regions. You can always reset/resync the settings to default with a button. It will recalculate the limits from with the most up-to-date data and reset everything else to default You can now adjust the "weights" for the calculation of the seperate values. If for example you don't want the battles to affect the overall rating you can set it to 0 and divide the points to other the other values. The default setting is simply a suggestion i thought made sense You can now import and export your settings Future: I'm planning to adjust the design to the new design of the website.Also there is something i would like to get some feedback about.This goes mostly to single screen users but everyone is welcome to share his/her oppinion.Would someone be interested in having an android app connect to the MatchMakingMonitor, kind of like how WhatsApp Web is working, and show the stats on the phone aswell? I'm doing it anyways for my own experience and fun but if no one would want to use it i wouldn't spend so much time on it making it user friendly.
  14. Coś niedobrego dzieje się ostatnio z grą. Pierwszą kwestią, jaką chciałem poruszyć są cheaterzy, których WG powinno wyciąć w pień. W jednej z gier był Saipan, który stał jak osioł i był wykryty, podpływaliśmy do niego, a on po chwili teleportował się w jakieś inne miejsce (albo zniknął), nikt go już nie znalazł do końca gry. Zapamiętałem to zdarzenie, bo Saipan konsekwentnie atakował mnie przez całą grę i chciałem mu się odgryźć, ale zniknął, jemu natomiast udało się za siódmym zrzutem torped powalić mnie zalaniem. W następnej grze za to widziałem, jak Hiryu atakował Akatsuki torpedami. I co? Akatsuki ich nie wyminął, a jedna torpeda przepłynęła POD NIM. Po chwili Hiryu powtórzył atak I ZNOWU TORPEDA PRZEPŁYNĘŁA POD NISZCZYCIELEM. Czasami zdarza się też, że torpedy zrzucone z samolotów po dotarciu do burty okrętu znikają, nie wybuchając. Co jeszcze mnie boli to matchmaking, który jest jakby zaprogramowany, że ta drużyna ma wygrać, a ta przegrać. Albo wylosuje mnie w takim miejscu, że muszę płynąć kilka minut żeby dotrzeć do reszty, jeśli oczywiście dopłynę, bo to super cel dla lotniskowca, albo wrzuca mnie z ludźmi, którzy nie wiedzą po co grają w tę grę. Uciekają na koniec mapy, gdy zobaczą jakiś okręt, zamiast strzelać - to zdarza się aż zbyt często. Przed chwilą natomiast miałem kolo siebie 2 pancerniki 8 tieru które zaczęły się obściskiwać na linii H i nie chciały walczyć. W tej samej grze 2 krążowniki płynęły na cap A, a gdy do niego dopłynęły nagle zmieniły zdanie i zaczęły płynąć na C, zostawiając mnie i całą flankę na pożarcie. Tacy ludzie chyba grają tylko po to, żeby zobaczyć jak inni przez nich toną i jak cała drużyna przez nich przegrywa. Bo przecież nawet zarobku za to nie ma, jak ktoś nie robi obrażeń, tylko pływa chaotycznie jak naćpany. Gdyby to się zdarzało rzadko to jeszcze można by machnąć ręką, ale opisane przeze mnie przypadki i im podobne zdarzają się często. A MM firmy WG chyba kara mnie za to, że chcę grać w ich grę, jeśli losuje mnie kilka razy pod rząd do drużyn, topiących 2, 3, 4 okręty w bitwie, z czego i tak ja zatapiam jeden, gdy wyskoczy na mnie pół floty, kompani uciekają, a ja muszę bronić przegranej już sprawy. Jestem przecietnym graczem, nie statsiarzem ani graczem wybitnym, żeby MM takie numery robił i karał ludźmi, którzy nie wiadomo jak dostali okręty 7, 8 tieru (no jak, skoro nie walczą, albo nawet nie potrafią sterować okrętem. Ostatnią sprawą jaką chciałem poruszyć jest strzelanie. Zazwyczaj jest wszystko ok, ale czasem gra potrafi zastrajkować (cisnę lewy przycisk myszy, ale nie, nie możesz teraz strzelać, bo przeciwnik zbyt bardzo ci ułatwił odsłaniając całą burtę, będziesz mógł za chwilę, gdy już odpali w ciebie wszystkie torpedy i się opamięta z manewrowaniem), albo tzw. protectnoob (co z tego, że jest średni dystans i przeciwnik obrócony burtą powinien zejść na jedną lub kilka salw, wylosujemy ci dingi i przestrzelone strzały). Najbardziej jednak frustrujące jest gdy strzelasz, słychać huk, a pocisków nie ma, nie lecą (utknęły w lufie, czy przeszły w inny wymiar? a może są, tylko są niewidzialne?). WG, proszę, weźcie się za siebie, bo takie rzeczy wypaczają samą ideę tej gry, coś jak korumpowanie sędziów w sporcie. Chyba, że zarobiliście już swoje i zaczynacie zwijać interes. Pozdrawiam, mam nadzieję, że macie ludzi rozumiejących po polsku. Przepraszam za ostre słowa, ale piszę to w afekcie. P.S. no i oczywiście zgłaszanie takich rzeczy jest prawie niemożliwe, nie ma kontaktu z supportem ani możliwości nakręcenia powtórki bitwy tak na wszelki wypadek
  15. Guten Tag Community, Ich habe eine Frage über das Matchmaking, im Bezug auf die Verteilung von Divisionen und den Einfluss von Top-Tier Spielern, die im Ranked Stufe 1 erreicht haben. Und zwar ist mir aufgefallen, dass seitdem die Season zu Ende ist, die Verteilung der richtig guten Spieler (Rang 1-6) sehr ungleich ist. Da diese jetzt nach dem Ende der gewerteten Gefechte ja wieder Zufallsgefechte spielen, macht sich das erst jetzt bemerkbar. Bei mir äußert sich das darin, dass ich entweder 6 Spiele hintereinander gewinne oder verliere, je nachdem wie die Verteilung der Top-Spieler ist. So hatte ich Spiele in denen in einem Team 4 Spieler waren, die Rang 1 hatten, der Gegner aber keinen einzigen und auch sonst weniger Spieler mit besseren Rangstufen. Auch die Anzahl der Divisionen schwankte stark. Die Spieler im Gegnerteam haben sich, wie ich finde, auch zurecht darüber beschwert. In der Endabrechnung konnte man auch sehr gut sehen, dass die Top-Spieler verständlicherweise auf Platz 1-4 waren. Ist euch auch ähnliches aufgefallen oder ist das bei mir nur eine Anomalie bzw. ein Hirngespinst?
  16. I've been playing the game for almost a year now and my biggest issue are the amount of imbalanced games which usually end after 10 minutes in a crushing defeat of either your team or the enemy team. I feel the primary reason for this is the imbalanced MM, which only considers ship tier and type; not player experience. As a result it often happens that there is an imbalance between teams in terms of player experience which is the cause of these games where the outcome is predictable after only 4 or 5 minutes into the game. I presume I don't have to mention that these kind of games are far less interesting and satisfying than close games, where every maneuver your team does counts. So, I recently had an idea which I'd just like to put out there for discussion (please feel free to seek out weak points of my idea or factors that I didn't consider and don't be afraid to critizise): How about they introduce an option which puts only experienced players against each other (for instance a "Champions-League-Mode") that you can enable before you queue up for battle? Of course in order to access this mode, a player has to meet certain criteria (like no TK-status; minimum winrate; minimum average dmg;...) to ensure only experienced players can participate. They could even go further and make it necessary for a player to unlock this option for every ship individually. Mind that I'm aware of the existance of team battles, but these are not always accessible and not everyone has a team; additionally it requires a certain amount of organization and planning to arrange these battles. I propose this because in my experience, player skill can only have an effect on the outcome of a game if the teams are balanced (you can't do much as a skilled player if your team dies like flies or your team wins after 10 minutes). Player skill has more impact if the game is close and every players action counts. I feel the game would be much more enjoyable if the skilled players get matched up with equally skilled players (the same goes for less skilled players) as it provides a more challenging approach for good players and elongates the avg lifespan of less skilled players. Please give feedback and thanks for taking the time to read my post.
  17. Může mi prosím někdo vysvětlit jak je možné hrát na WoWS zapnout hru za úplně uselles VI Cleveland a chytit proti sobe VIII N.Carolina, 2x VIII bismarck, VIII Atago ? Nechápu proč tu nemůže být matchmaking nastaven aby VI mohlo hrát max proti VII opravdu neskutečný, Nejlepší pocit když někam jedete najednou se rozsvítíte jako vánoční stromeček ale nikde nikdo nehledě na to že mám vypuštěné letadlo, najednou kolonka odhalen zvážní a už tam svítí blíží se, a aby toho nebylo málo tak mě VIII Bismarck vypnul na 1 salvu ještě k tomu mi dal citadelu ze předu ale když já ho kropím se všech stran HE/AP municí (ono je to vlastně jedno) tak odráží vše a všude a nej na tom je že se o mě ani nemusí starat páč i jeho sekundárky ze mě udělaj ementál, jako srsly ?? Zamyslete se nad tím v dalším patchi
  18. Blade & Soul has a very unique PvP experience. It was welcomed because of it in Asia and it became huge. While i do not know or researched it's current status, i know it is one of the most fair MM i have ever played. I am talking about the Arena side of PvP in B&S. For people familiar with it, they immediately understand and prolly, as myself, hope for a more balanced experience in WoWs too. Yet, after the game being around for more than a year (including Alpha, Beta, Theta..) i have little hope anymore. The most concerning fact for me is the unwillingness of the Dev team to accept facts, truths, stats and data even. It's kinda like Trump that way and i guess ppl are getting used of that again. dark Ages all over again. Data and stats. Are Premium ships superior according to data? Too obvious. Have they ever balance those ships according to that data? Never. Will they? No because they can do whatever they want since the community just obeys and pays regardless. Money is power you see and ppl can buy their way in to top stats. That's huge for some, they call I guess i have different world views. What is a discussion? People communicating with each other, listening to each other and by listening they find what? Some civilized cultures call it "middle ground". In authoritarian cultures, not. The latest example for the use of the term "unwillingness" is RPF/RL obviously. Are there facts we should take into account? Official statement have said that 1 tier difference between 2 ships is (or should be) 100% in favor of the higher tier. This is not the end...There is also the difference of having a 19 point captain, to having a one point captain. There is a difference to be able to afford match in match out all the premium consumables, cammos, etc. there is a difference between a Premium ship and a stock ship. Obviously someone with Credit Card will never in his life play a stock ship, isn't it? Other disturbing phenomena occurring in this game. Is "Seal Clubbing" ethical? Considering were the term comes from i would dare to say NO. Why is it allowed? Why the Devs ignore it. Do they promote it? I have been following this game since CBT, this Developer not from it's early states though. I won't go into depth or elaborate though, i understand why WoT was/is successful and i see the reasoning for their decisions here too. I am not hopeful of anything, same, i wouldn't be or try to convince Trump or a Nazi about facts and what is a good thing for the society or for a community of gamers. Even more since gamers themselves do not seee beyond their noses in many cases. I am not as polite as some Contributors and YouTubers, though what i know is, this game cannot afford to lose quality gamers. Contributors leaving the game is a huge loss for any game. I am full od questions, sometimes. Do i have suggestions? I do, many or sometimes. Do i feel it is worth it? Not in the least when it comes to WG. But, you can look what other games with serious issues are doing. Example, The Division. MarcoStyle provides for them feedback with facts and raw data too. He makes suggestions almost unthinkable for most. "Remove Armor", for example...the real question for the community is, "Do you want a fair and balanced game?". I won't answer for others. This game needs to find solutions, needs to resolve issues before it creates a new one, it needs to listen to Supertester and community feedback and not ignore it. "Ye we heard you" means you found a silver lining, it means you changed something. You didn't. So you hear, only to ignore. Eliminate the grind for acquiring points for Captains. Every Captain should have a flat 19 points and everyone regardless should distribute the points to his/her liking. that;s fair. Not that? Change the MM to take this into account. Anyway, not that anyone is going to read anything but, the last time i appreciated the Devs for constantly being there, being interactive, actively and honestly participating in the development of the game with it's community was in DiRT Rally. My experience with WG is the total opposite. I am 40yo. and i know how i will remember these ppl. Then again, i am not someone special, i am a part of the gaming community, hoping for quality over brainless quantity. Yet, again, quantity and brainless are their main source of income.
  19. Matchmaking confirmed....
  20. Or.. You know... rename it to World of Battleships (WOBS?)
  21. Hallo zusammen Irgendwie .. ich verliere seit dem neuen update 2/3 meiner spiele. Obwohl ich jetzt nicht der allerbeste Spieler bin, weiss ich nicht ganz warum. Tatsächlich spiele ich sehr teamorientiert, trete aber sehr selten einer Division bei. Ich befinde mich jeweils in einer angemessenen Positions fürs Gefecht, behalte die Minimap im Auge, handle dem entsprechend und kenne die Eigenschaften meines jeweiligen Schiffs. Dabei nutze ich alle Schiffsklassen, aber CV's eher selten. Auch Spiele, in denen ich persönlich gut abschneide, durchaus mal 3/4 Schiffe versenke und einen hohen Schaden verursache, gehen verloren. Obwohl ich in der Regel in den Top 3 oder 5 (je nach Schiff) meines Teams lande. In den Ranked Games von letzter Saison erreichte ich Rang 9 und meine Gewinnrate war bis dahin klar positiv. Was mir aber aufgefallen ist: Mit dem neuen Divisions- Feature bilden sich zahlreiche Zufalls- Divisionen, die dann leider oftmals auch dumm spielen. ZB: 3 Kreuzer bilden eine Division und fahren dann gemeinsam dicht an dicht an den Kartenrand. Genau das Selbe bei Schlachtschiffen. Meiner Erfahrung nach wirkt sich dieses neue Feauture (dass man Divisionen sehr einfach vor dem Match beitreten und zusammenstellen kann) KEINESWEGS positiv auf das Teamplay aus, weil sich die Divisionen bloss selbst helfen, nicht die Gesamtsituation beachten und sich dabei oftmals komplett ins nirgendwo manövrieren. Was anderes noch: Wirkt sich das Karma auf's Matchmaking aus? Mein Karma- Wert ist bei 27, was zwar nicht besonders, aber auch nicht sooo schlecht ist, da ich nicht (oder kaum) mit Freunden spiele und damit auch nicht grundsätzlich gepusht werde. In der Regel erhält man dann 3 schlechte Bewertungen für ein schlechtes Spiel, und alle 5 guten Spiele mal eine positive Bewertung. Wie sind da eure Erfahrungen? Was haltet ihr vom neuen Divisions- Feauture? Danke für eure Antworten
  22. I don't know if this suggestion has been discussed already, but I tried to search for it. - so forgive me If that's the case. Sometimes weekends are horrible, and this one is no exception. Yesterday my two div buddies and I, had quite a few tier X battles that lasted like 7-10 minutes. Its actually much much shorter than most tier 1-2 matches. When looking at the scoreboard after the game, either team had any player who made anything remarkable, in fact it was poor allover. The top player on the winning team had like 1300 XP´ish - in a tier X game! I doubt its satisfactory for any player, winning or losing regardless. Suggestion: If the game lasts XX minutes, under the full 20 minutes, then boost the XP proportionally, with xx percent. Maybe it could be tweaked, so the boost would not be 200% if the game only lasts 10 minutes, but 180%, as some games lasts 18 minutes.- It should be based on average/expected match duration. - I assume the credits, is linked to the base XP? I'm not a math guy, but I'm sure somebody here could make an equation, of how it should be calculated. Another solution could be a better and more fair matchmaking, but that's probably not gonna happen...
  23. Karma System: Rework the system, instead of only rely on compliments by players of the match.There should be a baseline of earned points every match.Players who complement you gives extra points to your Karma.As the system is now people can just abuse the system and report everyone for nothing.I don't like the system as it is now, doesn't encourage people of being polite and playing well.There should be a reward system if you are doing well. As I read it, only those who have really high Karma get's some kind of reward for it.If you did really well that match, you shouldn't be reported, those who complain would abuse the system. Matchmaking System: Have a skill point system, that can separate low and high skilled players.There is no fun playing with people who can't listen to the team and what we should do.The lack of teamwork makes the matches really hard.Endless matches like 7vs0 is ruining the mood to play for several hours. Matchmaking as of now makes no sense, and people who can't play their Tiers respectably shouldn't be queued up with good players.I know people can have a terrible match, being unlucky or push to much..But when half of the team doesn't care, there isn't a mood for teamwork when it continues with the same behaviour.Matchmaking system NEEDS to be reworked.I don't know if it should be based upon avg XP or battles played. But let's say battles played, you can have a system like this: Battles 1-300, Battles 300-700, Battles 700-1500, Battles 1500+ When there is not enough people the system can widen a bit for the matchmaking to work faster. As this game grows you can expand to higher battle count.I know this will put SOME restraints on the queue timer.I rather wanna wait a minute more than to queue up with people who can't play their respectable Tiers. Containers: I think there should be a little adjustment to the Signals.Bumping these up to 10x Signals instead of 5 would be a good boost. An option to those who don't want the animation of the Containers. Also the Credits I think it will be useful to have Doubloons in this rotation more often.Doesn't have to be in a Supercontainer, 100 Doubloons will be more appealing for those who have credits.This also serves the purpose of converting to credits if necessary. I really like some input on what people think about this, I know I'm not the only one feeling like this. But let's have a discussion about this, be polite and respectful!
  24. Now then hardy sea capt'n! Just food for thought, but as I've climbed the tiers and currently at 8 with both Destroyers and Cruisers. Does anyone find the matchmaking troublesome at high tiers? It's not a complaint, more of a 'discussion' starter but I found if I was in the now Tier 8 Kagero and I got into a mainly Tier X game, I just get bitchslapped in around 8 seconds, but not through my own stupidity (Broadside on or just sailing in straight lines without changing it up). I found one game with a particular heavy amount of Tiers X's (T-X for short) I used an allied smoke screen as cover as i try and pick of a lonesome BB to which I got detected. Before I knew it I had every ship and their grandmother firing from the limits of their range and I just get deleted. Just to compare, I even found that with a game heavy in T-IX' and no T-X's it was fair game, I just always find that last tier makes all the difference! Anyone else find this?
  25. Ich mein: An sich funktioniert es ja ganz gut, aber.... man achte auf die Zerstörer...