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Found 15 results

  1. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    I played 2 game this early morning and already got 3 days chat ban... wow... and reason must be so stupid... yes i said stupid because I either get reported by a Yamato who was 'idiot' sailing, legit said for 'this team fill with 40% WR bot' or just plain reports from me simply just killing them... vid for Yamato: https://replayswows.com/replay/99477#stats all I said is "omg... move" follow by "i'm leaving this" OR i just get report by salty ppl who push on one side of the map and get crossfire by me in Shikishima. OR the game early which I said "omg this team fill with 40% WR bot" All of these doesn't matter which... for 3 days ban is seem pretty extreme to me. My real problem is not even that... you can't just have players get ban just because other player don't like them... is promote toxicity. Even if my ban is not from report which i highly doubt... since i have so many match were I legit just having war in the chat and i didn't get ban... let say it actually from me saying like "fking team fill with 40% bot" is ban still a fair punishment? To me this a lazy way to force player from speak up... I don't have any prove but I can't think of any benefit for player to code bot to play the game for them... especially bad one... you can't send money in this game anyway... no one gonna buy account with 400 PR stats. Again i don't have any prove for this but basic logic is still there... seem like WoWs just let these bot out just to make their playerbase seem bigger... Else these bot issues should have been fix long time ago... posting this properly eliminate my chance of me getting ST but i doubt i'll care about that anymore... no matter how much i love this game, is just hard when playerbase is not value. cause this issues is not just me that experience it... lot of ppl i knew having like 3 month chat ban... i dkn what they did but i know that these are good players... Also i won't submit a tickets... not sure why that are even open... i got like 20% issues solve success rate. They properly say "nah ah, sorry no can do"
  2. A_Cool_Beer

    Fix matchmaking

    So I just bought my second T8 ship, the Bismark. I've played six matches. In every single one there was at least 4 T10 ships in both teams. Sitting in a vanilla Bismark with the captain still in training after shifting is just not fun at all. Switching to the T6 Fuso after loosing any motivation playing the Bismark, the ridiculousness commences: three games in a row playing T8-T6 games. Now I'd be totally fine with this if I wasn't knowing that this will continue like that. For every T10-T8 match in a T8 ship, I'am approximately playing one thenth the amount of T6-T8 games in that tier. Yet in T6 I face T6-T8 matches about one game out of three. This cannot be fair in any way, so: Wargaming, why do you not balance your match making!? This issue has been around for years! So, what should you do? E.g: you could easily use a counter for each match category (T6-T8, T5-T7, etc.) per ship and reduce the probabilty for the player to end up in categories that have occured often recently. Maybe exclude that mechanism for T10 ships. Lastly, I wanted to say that I really enjoy the game. It's great. But what really made me stop playing one year ago, and probably will stop me soon, is the fact that I feel hoaxed while playing because of this horribly unfair match making.
  3. ThemistoclesGR

    -Worst Ranked season ever-

    Hi fellas, I wanna share my impressions from current Ranked season -by far the worst one for me. Being stuck to rank 5 for 350 battles i feel on the edge to quit playing since its by far away from fun and competition. Of course i wont put it to players as everyone knows a battle may go wrong or good for someone. Ill put it entirely to the match making and more precisely to the ships balance. I dont know if you agree with me but a win is 50% to the players and 50% to the ships, different ships with different gameplayes but specific capabilities and advantages. One huge advantage tho is the radar that balances the whole game no matter the ship or the player. Since i had another losing strike today i feel again that its pointless to get higher to ranks, for ranked 4 i needed 105 battles and im still at rank 5 at 470 battles (yesterdays stats) including numberous backs and forths to 6 and back to 4...if i remember well i reached 3 times rank 4 with 3 stars and fell like 6-7 times to rank 6 or 7 and back again to 5. As i believe many of you had the same experience and the common idea i think is the same with mine. For this reason i screenshot my todays progress, my overall stats to ranked and some match makings as an example. To all 3 screenshots i uploaded i marked the match making depending the radars at every team. No matter if its a loss for me or win, the winning team had at least one more radar to the losing one (including minotaur). I wont say much for this as most of the players here will agree that the more radars the bigger the advantage. Though i wish i had some yesterdays screenshots that i played 2 battles (ofc lost) with 3 radars vs one. As a subsubject of my first impresson i want to say about destroyers and how they are matched to balance the teams. Since some dds have radar or hydro as well is an advantage too. Considering that already a cruiser with radar is big advantage then a dd with a radar (that you basically can transfer whenever you want unspoted) is even bigger. So my point here is the teams with yue yang balanced with gearings (i wont say with shimas cause shimas got awesome torps and can balance it to damage) since yue yang is basically a gearing with a radar. The rest comments on this are yours... Third point to match makings is the issue with minotaurs. How the hell a minotaur with smoke can be matched with a cruiser with radar? I've been in many matches that one team has radar (des moines, moskva, worchester) and its matched with a minotaur who -guess hat- he has smoke. Its another "given" advantage to the one of two teams and before yu run to talk about the "choice" to put a radar ill respond with his awesome paper armour... Final point-problem of the ranks are the overpowered ships. I've experienced many battles with a precise characteristic, a "new" ship to take the first position no matter the contribution to the team because of false game mechanic. As an example ill put on the table two ships, the worchester and the conqueror. I think the worchester as overpowered because it produces a lot of damage with a lot of fires (even you have just used repair) combined with a lot of overpenetrations from the shells fired to it even tho it has light armour. Its not reasonable to deal 3k damage on a worchester from a yamato shell. I think its a little bit shame mostly when there is not even a radar on the other team (match making issue again). About conqueror i have to say that its op as well for the simple reason that causes 10k dmg per shell and 2 fires even after repair and at the end it disappears from the "spotted" area after a few seconds, at least manage to balance it with another conqueror at ranked games. To conclude with, for those simple points i think this ranked season is a total mess, by far the worst of all the previous ones (even with the t7 i played lol). Bad players getting advantage of op ships to climb the ranks even they dont deserve it, match making makes better players to struggle to get where they deserved to be and generally all this is far away from the "fun" of the game. At least you could bring back the "irrevocable" stages after rank 10 so ppl wont damn the game for this situation and mostly they wont quit ranked season. Afterall if it was a fair season as pronounced before the beginning you should be able to keep the rank that you earned... I hope my English are good enough to make my points clear, Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, How do you like new Match Making (MM) engine introduced with v0.7.4 ? IMHO I like it especially because I don't recall seeing any DD number discrepancy in "Domination" games any more (which were present before 0:1 / 1:2 / 2:3 / 3:4 and if the weaker side lost 1 more DD the game was usually over for them)! BTW, and again IMHO, the one and only thing that is still requiring tweaking is the CV imbalance of experience. CV are so influential (in games where they are present of course ) that any big discrepancy in CV experience between sides usually means the difference between victory and defeat (i.e. the side with much less experienced CV usually hugely suffers). Would it then, perhaps, be possible to, somehow, introduce the "Experience Leveling" for only CVs in MM so that experience of CV is used for Match Making and that no big discrepancies are allowed (i.e. no more beginner "Ranger" vs. Unicum "Saipan" or "Kaga")? Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Dear war gaming, 1. Standard and domination game modes must be selective before enetering a random game!!! At least then whoever your team mates are will know and have chosen a game type to play and lose in !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. 2 cv's, 5 dd's and torpedo laden cruisers per random game .. Enough .. Too many torpedo laden ships .. Players dont even bother firing guns and just spam torpedoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2.5 one cv and 3 dd's per side is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (2.6 make dynamic aiming standard ..................... Enough of the guess work for new players .... Get them used to aiming guns rather than spamming torps) 4. Divisions must share there plans with the rest of the team 5. Stats over gamemode !!!!!!!!! Stop rewarding damage only and bad play ... What is the point of capping or defence ? If the only thing in a players profile that counts is damage done that prevents you from being called a edited or edited? (5.5 is it any wonder that cv's and dd's are favoured by new players and bb's are been shot to pieces ?) 6. Players know how to report before they know how to play the game .... Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.2 around the corner ffs .. Enough already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix what is broken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Motivation Killer

    Hello everyone! Yesterday, Sunday the 30th of July, I had one of my worst days playing this game (if not THE worst). Started up the game after taking a short (3-day) break. Played my first match on Operation Dynamo, in Anthony. Loss. Everybody noobed along right from the start (how are there still noobs to this operation after a week?). Tried my luck in Gallant, one of the first ships sunk due to a sequence of like 5 bad moves in a row. Rest of team did nothing notable despite cap advantage. Loss. Went out in Kamikaze, last ship alive (apart from CV) against seven. Got routed at enemy base (panicked and popped smoke rather than engine boost ), saw Shiratsuyu rounding the corner THEN saw his torps, didn't even bother trying to dodge, dead. Loss. Tried Gallant again, I swear I cant hit single-fire torps for sh*t. Sunk a low-health Kirov with my guns though. Got routed by enemy Gallant. Enemy team capped all (4) points. Loss. Thought "Oh, it's a 100% bonus weekend, I'll take out my Atago, I've still got some Double-XP-on-first-win bonuses left for her". Came top of the team...it was a loss (duh). Tried Atago again (or possibly Neptune?). I don't recall how it went (that bad, huh?). Loss. Tried Nepnep. Stealth capped a point with an ally Harekaze. Tried stealth-chasing enemy BBs with no ally fire support (i.e. I didn't shoot). Decided "This is boring", started shooting, when I suddenly notice a large strike package of bombers/torp bombers heading towards me - I slow down and smoke up, take BIG damage from bombers THEN see the torps heading straight at me. Got smoked by a CV that just so happened to be prepping a strike package at that moment. Rest of team did nothing notable despite cap advantage. Loss. At least it was funny seeing allied CV and enemy Akatsuki agree to ram each other in chat. (match was already lost by that point) Neptune again. (Tried to) camp like a boss. Team (three of them) got overrun to west, despite being called back. Got routed from behind by a Russki with radar (don't remeber which). Loss. "I shouldn't be trying to play anymore, but I'd like to have at least one win today..." Atago. Mistakes. Lucky enemy AP hit. Didn't stick around to find out the result (had to go because of real life). I'm treating that last one as a loss. So, basically, I had the worst string of losses I've ever had in this game. I know most of my sinkings were my own fault, I can't blame my team for any of them because I can see the mistakes I made. But I feel like pointing something out: All of those battles (apart from Dynamo) were steamrolls. The best my teams ever did against the enemy teams was 5 kills. Compared with them getting total wipeouts or hitting the 1000-point limit. Like, even disregarding an average player should be getting roughly 50-50 wins-losses, I was always on the team that got steamrolled! My awful MM luck yesterday (as well as my own incompitence) has killed (outright murdered) my motivation to play the game again. I'm intending to try playing the game again this evening, just to see if I can actaully get a win in Atago and make use of an XP-double-mission, but apart from that I think I might be taking a break for a bit longer. Seems like I may be playing Splatoon 2 a bit more than intended for the next week...
  7. Au début du jeu je n'avais que quelques personnes autour de moi avec qui jouer et nos réflexions étaient "limitées" Depuis les clans, j'entend beaucoups d'avis négatifs concernant le match making +2 devenu récurrent.. Si au début le match making semblait bon et equilibré (aprés la fameuse mise à jour presque "miroir" des tiers) je dois avouer que depuis des semaines le match making +2 est plus que problématique et je me fais ici échos de ces mécontentements qui sont bien réels et de plus en plus remis sur la table et qui littéralement commencent sérieusement à pénaliser les joueurs. Personnellement je pourrais encore vous montrer des screens mais à quoi bon, certains diront encore "oui et alors " ou encore "ba c'est comme ca et point... " lol C'est vrai que se retrouver seul bb tier 8 en New carolina ou amagi face à 2 yamatos 1 Missouri et 1 F der grobe... c'est d'un raffinement et d'un équilibre trés travaillé... lol Du coup et meme si ce sondage restera un sondage limité (tous les francophones ne viennent pas sur ce forum), je pense que vu les circonstances et les nombreux mécontentements entendus (a juste titre) je vous propose en toute liberté de voter pour cette question concernant le match making. " Seriez vous d'accord pour un match making +1 tier du tier 5 au tier 8 même si vous devriez attendre plus longtemps ?" Voila c'est simple... si vous n'etes pas d'accord ou si vous voulez lancer une polémique ce n'est pas le but du tout. Mais il est temps je pense de demander un avis plus général en commencant par ce forum officiel de warships. Ceci est un sondage, pas autre chose. Soyez respectueux que vous soyez d'accord ou pas svp Merci ^^
  8. Well, decided to take out the Duca d'Aosta as I see a 'Win a Battle' Boost on my screen. Awesome eh! Lets hope to have a balanced game. But NOT a chance looking at the player stats (my ship had but one captain point and about 5 games). Still I play my socks off for a loss. What is the point of this rubbish match making? Its not fun to play in matches like this at all.
  9. GladXX

    Mon rêve pour 2017 ?

    Voila mon souhait pour cette année. SVP je voudrais un jeu avec des coéquipiers de mon niveau (qu'ils soient mauvais, moyen ou bon) Avec en face d'autres joueurs de meme niveau. Me parlez pas des ranked ou la part de chance est aussi omniprésente et ou l'on vous met avec tout et n'importe qui. WG svp, trouvez moi (nous) un nouveau mode de jeu dans lequel les parties seraient tendues, dans lequel tout serait un vrai challenge car nous n'aurions que des joueurs de notre niveau bien en présence. Nous pourrions enfin nous battre à armes egales et de meme niveau... Ha le rêve absolus... ^^ Enfin tout espoir est permis pourvu que l'on puisse y croire Qui sait ce que 2017 nous apportera ? Mais clairement, ce serait pour ma part la chose a faire pour re motiver les troupes et leur donner enfin un vrai sentiment de combattre contre d'autres joueurs tout aussi déterminés qu'eux à gagner la partie. HAAAA le rêve total. Et pourtant... quels changements cela apporteraient dans la conception du jeu et des batailles. Ou comment remotiver les gens à jouer et mieux jouer. Mouais... enfin je continue à rever... entre certains cauchemards que le ffa me propose depuis des semaines et qui dédruit mon envie du jeu ainsi que de mes potes de division... C'est de cette facon que l'on voit que le jeu se dédruit petit à petit, c'est quand vous avez un avis général, une déception générale de ceux avec qui vous bataillez et qui en arrivent à la meme conclusion et meme dégout que vous. Tout comme wot, le ffa est pourri. Vivement donc un autre mode de jeu peut etre moins abordable pour tous, mais plus motivant pour d'autres On a le droit de rêver non ? ^^
  10. Pour ceux qui doutent (car je vois encore par ci par la des comments négatifs sur les match makings) voici quelques screens d'anciennes parties de warships et le match making correspondant... certains sont assez fumés ^^ C'est juste un petit rappel pour ceux qui oublient vite et bien et qui ne voient pas l'évolution du jeu alors qu'elle apparait tout à coup flagrante au vu par exemple de ces quelques screens Il est bon parfois de regarder en arriére pour voir ou nous en sommes... Il n'y a pas à dire, c'est une belle évolution Meme si le match making des joueurs lui reste disons nébuleux Allez souvenirs du passé... Ne dites plus jamais que le mm actuel est nawak... ^^ Vous n'avez probablement pas connu ceux ci dessus Si vous avez aussi quelques perles du passé qui sont restés sur votre ordi... à votre bon coeur Edit : encore 2 screens pas piqués des vers... merci le mm de l'époque ^^ Bien non ? j'avais bel air avec mon shoka et un midway plus le reste... nawak ^^ Pas mal non plus... on etait loin du match making miroir actuel ^^
  11. Le topic sur l'économie du jeu étant locké (et pas trouvé d'autre topic existant qui corresponde), et cette version apportant des changements notables, je voulais évoquer un aspect que je constate depuis quelques jours (mon temps de jeu avant ayant été sérieusement amputé par une coupure de mon FAI d'un mois) : l'économie générale du jeu a été modifiée. Personnellement, je l'ai déjà écrit, je la trouve maintenant plutôt encourageante (hormis pour les CV sur lesquels je n'ai rien à dire, les jouant très peu et n'ayant donc pas compétence pour en parler). De plus, cette mise à jour a apporté de nouveaux camos pour les hauts tiers, qui permettent également d'avoir des parties moins coûteuses (à condition d'avoir de l'argent à mettre dedans et ce ne sera pas le cas de tout le monde). Le résultat, c'est que j'ai l'impression qu'on voit nettement plus de T9 et T10 en ce moment (et la "mission Takao" ayant été élargie aux T8 ce n'est pas elle qui est le facteur principal). J'en suis le premier ravi, par contre ça fait plusieurs fois qu'en jeu (ou sur TS) pas mal de monde fait la même réflexion, sous la forme : "" le T8 est en train d'en prendre plein les gencives, parce que maintenant en T8 on a une très haute probabilité d'être low tier "". Du coup j'y ai été un peu plus attentif, et en effet, environ les trois quarts des parties que je lance avec un T8, je me retrouve low tier. Dans environ une partie sur 5, non seulement je suis low tier, mais en plus on est un ou deux T8 tout au plus dans chaque équipe. Pur phénomène passager ? Ressenti personnel ? je n'en ai pas l'impression, même si ce n'est pas en quelques jours que l'on peut faire vraiment une statistique sur le sujet, pour en avoir discuté avec quelques potes visiblement il y a pas mal de monde qui voit les choses comme ça. Ça ne me gêne d'ailleurs pas outre mesure, quand on est low tier il suffit de s'adapter et de s'impliquer là où on peut être utile sans se faire démonter en cinq secondes. D'autant que par ailleurs le MM est globalement nettement meilleur maintenant. Par contre, le T8 est dans une situation un peu particulière : les T10 n'ayant aucun "prédateur" puisque les rangs s'arrêtent à 10, je me demande tout simplement si, les T10 et 9 étant maintenant plus joués, il n'y a pas une réelle tendance globale à ce que le T8 soit le plus souvent en low tier ... avec le risque, comme je l'ai déjà entendu dire par certains (même si je ne partage pas cette vision), d'avoir un certain abandon du tier "parce qu'à quoi bon jouer en 8 sachant que tu seras tout le temps low tier". D'où ce petit sondage. Avis ?
  12. I never agree players complaining about MM according to tiers right in the beginning of the match. Give a decent team T10 ships and the other team T8's full of good team players, who do you think will win? I believe the MM should be based mostly on player skills. What is more satisfying than a competitive battle with a tension holding to the end of the match. Even if you loose. And what is more frustrating than loosing with a huge margin? (8 against 2 ships etc...) I know this topic is discussed many times, I just brought back due to explanations in PT 0.5.8 regarding MM improvements that are solely focused on tiers.
  13. WarGaming please get your act together. This MM was horrible, disastrous, the kind of thing that makes me consider quitting the game and never giving you any money - ever. Actually I should ask for a refund of everything and payment for time lost. That's how bad it is. Did you ask the players about the MM? Nope. No questions asked, because the answer is too obvious... In case you do not know math: 5 DDs on one side and 0 (ZERO) on the other does not make a good match - ever. Period. The game was started at 23:45 on the 16th of May 2016. The map was Two Brothers Random Battle Game mode was Domination with 4 caps.
  14. Hello guys I am sure all of you got in at least one match daily where the MM is making some kind of weird teams. 1st case) TEAM A can get 3x t6 BBs some T8/t7 CA and again all t6 dds when TEAM B will get 2x/3x t8 bbs with t8 dds and t7 CAs, needless to say that if the team is not full of newbies you can guess who will win. So why not add some lines of code to check if there are more ships of higher tier of same type in one team, to just swap them with a lower one in the other team, so anyone gets the same chance to win 2nd case) Because I personally play CV most of the time, my Independence gets in a lot of T8 battes where there is a max of one more t6 ship in the team, the rest are t7-t8. Planes have no chance to get near NC, Tirpitz also can take all planes down if he has a CP, Amagi is like the only BB you can hunt if lucky enough not to be near pensa or myoko, or T8 CA where you will just run away. So couldn't it be better if CV went in teams with ships one tier higher at max ??? Those who play Independence know how easy it is to lose squads in T8 games. And it's really frustrating and a reason why people don't play CVs so much. 3rd case) Games where MM is trolling you so hard that you will just start laughing, 5dds in one team and 2dds in the other, 1bb vs 3bbs, or like in the bellow pictures BB nation So what do you think guys ??? Do you agree with how MM is working atm or would you like devs made some changes in the code????
  15. We should be thankful that MM has been significantly improved in this latest patch, where DDs are now kept in check... along with everything else apparently. Anyone else got shots of amazing MM in action, I don't know what's worse the games with 6DDs of the ones with 3 on each side?